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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 28

28 episodes

Arya Myers, the head of the 4th grade department at Akalkoop. And Seongha Yeom, a senior in the 3rd year of the Changsoul Faculty.

The heat of the stadium heated up even more with the appearance of two cadets with the greatest fame and power among the current students of Babel.

-ruler! Before we start the match, let’s take a look at the stats, shall we?

Whether he was excited by the atmosphere, Lan Fang smiled and opened an information window in the air.

[Aria Ayers] – 932 matches, 932 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses

[Yum Seong-ha] – 1,238 matches, 714 wins, 128 draws, 396 losses

The moment when the record of the two of them floated in the air. All the cadets gathered in the stadium exclaimed and looked at Arya.

Seongha Yeom’s win rate was also not low considering that she was ranked 10th, but it was because it was impossible to compare with Aria, who had won all matches.

-For reference, these two cadets had a lot of fights with each other, but officially only 256 times. Including the unofficial battles, it is said that there are over 400 battles! And the odds are… … .

After a moment’s rest, Lan Fang slammed down the table with his palm and shouted.

-The Succession of Arya Myers!!!

Arya didn’t even give up a draw in over 400 matches.

Hearing the story, the people in the audience admired each other, and eyes filled with countless emotions fell on the two of them.

Sehun Lee, who looked at him, naturally found out who today’s protagonist is.

‘That guy is treated like this.’

Seong-ha Yeom is definitely not lacking in talent or ability, but this time, the only thing that comes out is that her opponent was really bad.

-ah. This story is too long. So, let’s talk about the miscellaneous stuff… … .

A moment of silence lingered in the arena, and Arya and Seongha Yeom raised their weapons and aimed at each other without anyone saying who came first.

And the moment when the golden and dark red magic that rose from their bodies burned the atmosphere.


At the same time as Lan Fang’s command, the two collided.


Seongha Yeom’s spear wrapped in dark red magical power ripped through the air. With that terrifying force, Arya swung her sword with a relaxed smile instead of stepping back.

A sword covered in golden magic. Its movement was light and smooth, like a hand turning the pages of a book.


Seongha Yeom’s spear blade bounced like a bomb.

A loophole that quickly became apparent. Arya tried to dig right through the gap, but Seongha Yeom’s magic moved before that.


The trajectory passed by the spear blade. The magic scattered there exploded in flames as if they exploded all at once, and Arya slightly braked the intense momentum and swung her three swords again.


This time, the sparks were scattered in the light sword, but it was enough for Seongha Yeom to get her posture right.

The returned spear blade was swung violently again, and the thin and thin sword moved softly and slashed violently.

Kwagga River!

A spear of flame that dominates the center of the arena and a golden sword that flies between them.

The spectators, who had been staring blankly at the enormous level that could hardly be considered the level of a cadet, came to their senses and cheered.

In the heat of the stadium, which was heated from the first match, Se-hun Lee looked at Seong-ha Yeom, who was fighting with all his might.

‘You’re too young to be young.’

From basic physical abilities to skills, nothing can even compare to the days of rabies.

It would be natural if it was 31 years ago, but the problem was that the level was lower than I thought.

‘I thought he would have received a lot of support since he was the successor of Yeomryun Zanhwachang… … .’

Did I not receive the full support I expected?

Even considering his age, Se-hun Lee watched the game change little by little in the strangely disappointing condition of Seong-ha Yeom.

‘Is the distance already narrowing?’

The biggest advantage of the window, the distance, is gradually disappearing.

Seongha Yeom also knew that fact, so she tried to keep the distance somehow, but Aria lightly overcame the resistance and caught up with it step by step.

‘This is true. Where to start… … .’

Because he was closer to Seong-Ha Yeom than anyone else, Se-Hoon Lee could see details that needed to be fixed.

Seongha Yeom’s chronic habit and the shortcomings of Yeomryun Zhanghwachang. And the resulting dissonance, etc.

There were a few things to point out, but the thing that bothered me the most was his own field of martial arts.

‘A cross-shaped form capable of skillfully attacking and defending. By adding flexibility to the spear, I made it easy to respond when the opponent has narrowed the distance like now.’

Judging by the dark red magic swirling around the spear and the waves that burst out from time to time around it, it seemed to have the effect of scattering the stored magic in all directions.

In terms of completeness alone, Sehun Lee also had no major criticism, but it was a decently usable spear.

‘Because I don’t have eyes to see anyway.’

When it comes to asking if I get along with Seong-ha Yeom, the rabid dog, it wasn’t at all.


The spear blade was struck once again, and the magical energy scattered along the trajectory as in the previous battle was about to spit out flames.


But before that, Arya’s golden hand blades cut through the remaining magical power and compressed the streets at once.

The posture collapsed, and the ‘trajectory’ of the flames created by the flames was also cut off.

Seong-ha Yeom’s eyes lit up in a situation that seemed to have already reached a conclusion.


Seong-ha Yeom, who boldly gave up the spearhead, swung her fists in her posture. It was a move that showed his obsession with victory.


Before her body could move, Arya’s golden sword reached her neck.

He tried to resist until the end, but even he was not allowed. In that situation, Seongha Yeom quietly looked at the three swords pointed at his neck and slowly opened his mouth.

“… … lost.”

“Thanks for your work.”

Arya, who spoke briefly, drew her sword, and at that moment, Lan Fang roared as if waiting.

– End of the match!! Winner Arya Myers!!!

A loud roar erupted at the same time as the declaration.

The cadets could not hide their excitement with their eyes twinkling in the high-level Dalian, which was unbelievably high for a cadet of the same Babel.

If the active heroes had come and fought the same battle, they would have reacted only to thinking that it was a distant future.

However, the two are the same cadets with a difference of only two or three years at best. The familiarity felt from that position stimulated the desire to compete and improve the people in the audience.

‘Everyone is in good spirits, yes… … .’

Some people will realize the difference in talent later and be frustrated, but still, as they are Babel, some people may follow me.

Sehun Lee, who looked around for a strange place, suddenly looked at the strangely quiet side.

“… … .”

Erica looked at him indifferently without any change in expression. At that dry reaction, Sehun Lee made a strange expression.

“Isn’t it fun?”

“yes. It’s a different field, so there isn’t much to reference.”

“… … Then why did you come?”

When Lee Se-hun asked a question as if it was ridiculous, Erica answered calmly.

“I was wondering who you came to see.”

“… … .”

He was a little strange from the beginning, but after some reason the relationship was established, it seems to have gotten more and more strange.

When Sehun Lee is looking at you with a confused expression. Lan Fang’s voice echoed in the stadium.

-ruler. So, from now on, the two players will be interviewed… … We made the decision, but it is unfortunate that cadet Seongha Yeom had a personal situation, but we will only interview cadet Aria Myers and move on to the next Dalian.

With Lan Fang’s guidance, Seongha Yeom nodded her head, and the spotlight disappeared, and all the light on the rosary fell towards Aria.

It was as if she was the real protagonist. Actually, the name of the event held today was ‘Arya Myers’ 9 streak’, so in a way it is natural.

“It’s hard to fight against the ninth place in a row… … Instead of skipping the empty interview time, shall I replace it with my Q&A?”

At Aria’s question, cheers erupted from the audience, while Seongha Yeom trudged down the dinning hall.

On the surface, it looks similar to usual, but Lee Se-hoon, who had been watching Seong-ha Yeom for a long time, immediately recognized that it was the way he walked when he was upset.

‘young… … .’

It seems that it was a time when I was immature in many ways.

Lee Se-hoon, who smiled and turned around, asked Erika with a puzzled expression.

“You want to go?”

Did he not even think that he had come to see Seongha Yeom? At Erica’s question, Sehun Lee turned his gaze toward the bottom of the dungeon.

Aria standing brightly under the bright light. In the days of future s*x prosecutors, who were called the hopes of mankind, or when they were still cadets, their presence was still there.

A charisma that makes even those who see it for the first time in awe. If you were a cadet of Babel, you couldn’t help but admire him.

“I don’t really like that style.”

Lee Se-hoon looked down at Aria, who was waving with a smile with reluctant eyes.

“It’s unlucky.”

Sehun Lee turns his head and goes outside as if there is no need to say any more. Seeing that back view, Erika’s expression softened a little.

In the meantime, has Sehun Lee ever showed such intense emotions? It felt even more strange because it was Lee Se-hoon who always felt relaxed.

‘I’m glad I didn’t come to see my brother, but… … .’

It’s a little bit like that right now, but I’m concerned. The moment when Erica, who changed her plans and decided to follow her, was about to move.

“… … .”

A strange sensation from the back. At that, Erica slowly turned her head toward the gymnasium.

“An interesting freshman? I do not know… … .”

This way, to be more precise, he made eye contact with Aria, who was chasing Lee Se-hoon’s back, who had already gone out.

“Maybe it may have been.”

* * *


Cheers echoed from behind. It seems that the battle with the 9th place has begun, but that side was far behind in priority, so Sehun Lee looked around.

‘Due to his personality, he can’t go back right away… … .’

When his ferocious eyes turn, he turns into a completely crazy dog as his nickname is, but he was usually a good-natured guy with strong self-esteem and no frills.

And because I value face so much, I had a habit of being alone until it all went down when I was not feeling well.

‘A place he might like… … .’

Recalling his memories before returning, Sehun Lee wandered around Muhakgwan, and soon found a young man in a corner of a nearby park.

“Whew… … Whoo… … .”

Seongha Yeom, holding her breath with her eyes closed. Sehun Lee, who saw him from a closer place, felt a bit strange.

‘Are you alive? … .’

Although he was a little dog-like, he was one of the pillars of the death squad, and in the end, he even gave his life to defeat the Demon of Destruction.

Regardless of his personality or behavior, he was a person who shared the same thoughts with him, so it makes him think of many things.

‘What… … However, it’s not yet crooked, so this time I’m going to be a little smoother.’

As long as you turn the tide of the conversation to a certain extent, you will be able to use the information you know to establish a relationship as before the return, and you will be able to obtain a stone.

At the moment Lee Se-hoon was just about to approach.

“Are you a freshman?”

With both eyes closed, Seongha Yeom calmly opened her mouth.

“Did you watch Dalian?”

“… … Yes. What.”

To Seong-Ha Yeom’s question, Se-Hoon Lee slightly twisted his eyes and answered with difficulty.

‘I have to respect that guy.’

It feels like it’s twisted because it’s uncomfortable to plant, but it may be different from the Seongha Yeom you knew right now, so you have to deal with it carefully.

While Sehun Lee was holding on to himself, Seongha Yeom slowly opened his eyes.

“You find me. Pretty good… … .”

Seongha Yeom, who was speaking calmly, looked at Sehun Lee’s face, then stopped talking and frowned slightly.

‘Why are you there?’

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Not a very good reaction for anyone to see. The moment I felt that Lee Se-hoon was wrong in the strangely changing atmosphere, contrary to what I expected.

“Are you the head of Borsippa’s department?”

Seongha Yeom’s voice, which had subsided a little, resounded.

“What did you come here for?”

“I just wanted to talk a little bit… … yo. this.”

Seong-Ha Yeom is the future of Chul-Moon Moon. Improvements to the flamethrower window. And the special ‘qualities’ that only the three dogs possess.

It’s not something that can be said all at once, but there were a lot of things that had to be solved in the future.

So, Sehun Lee wanted to start the story as soon as possible.


He didn’t even have the slightest hint of such a thought.

Seongha Yeom started to catch her breath while turning her head and closing her eyes again. Lee Se-hoon’s eyes were slightly distorted at the way he treated this side of the person as someone who didn’t exist at all.

“line… … Not bad for a ship either. Hear it once… … .”

“You don’t seem to know, so I’ll just tell you once.”

Seong-ha Yeom cut off Lee Se-hoon’s words and slowly opened her mouth as she closed her eyes.

“I hate weak guys.”

“… … .”

“It’s even worse for a guy who thinks he’s similar to or equal to me, who has some sort of talent that he can’t do anything on his own.”

With a calm yet resolute voice that felt contemptuous, a memory from before returning suddenly flashed through Lee Se-hoon’s mind.

‘Your role is only to make weapons from behind. Don’t go ahead presumptuously.’

before return. The story I heard when I first met Seong-Ha Yeom, who came to the United Front of Humanity. At the time, I thought it was just a dirty personality, but Lee Se-hun realized that it was his mistake.

“So, no matter what you want to say, go back.”

Yeom Seong-ha was not simply a dirty character.


He must have been a filthy bastard with a narrow mind that would not even treat him as a human if he was weaker than him!

‘… … okay. I guess.’

the moment I saw it. Lee Se-hoon burst out laughing involuntarily.

The three dogs may have been fine when they were young. I believed so, but looking back, it was a really easy thought.

There’s no point in being nice just because those greedy people are young. Lee Se-hun, who felt that fact, looked at Seong-ha Yeom again.

‘But compared to the days of rabies, he’s a yangban man.’

If it had been before the return, I told you to go, but when I spoke to you again, you would have stabbed your stomach with a spear, but you have the patience to explain it one more time.

Se-Hoon Lee, who had a glimpse of the possibility of a dog and cheonseon, pondered how to respond.

‘Looking at that thorn, there is no chance that it can be solved with words.’

The conversation can be established only if one of the Yeomseongha is honed. The question is whether he can grind one for Seongha Yeom.

If you want to aim for gaps, you can aim as many times as you want, but your physical ability is holding you back.

‘Even if it can be pulled up with a tam-cheol, it’s a decent thing… … ah.’

His eyes suddenly turned to his right hand, and Lee Se-hoon naturally thought of the ferocious girl he had just met.

A personality who does not hide his talent and approaches without hesitation to those who will be of help. He still had a faint distrust of himself, but now it is disappearing.


Following the understanding, a soft light flowed from Lee Se-hoon’s hand, and it was soon molded into a single ore to reveal itself.

[Relationship – Conflict Explosion]

[Rating: Advanced] [Quality: Best]

A colorful ore mixed with many colors.

It has excellent performance as an amplifier that pushes the potential of mixed materials to the limit.

* Raises the potential of synthesized materials.

A colorful ore that looks like a bunch of magic stone powder from the enchantment palette. Sehun Lee raised the corners of his lips involuntarily at the miscellaneous but luxurious look.


If this is the case, it will be useful now and in the future. When Sehun Lee is smiling at the gain that exceeds his expectations.

“… … I guess you don’t want to go.”

Seongha Yeom, who felt the movement of magic, opened her eyes again.

“It’s your fault.”

Seongha Yeom turned around as if she couldn’t stand it anymore. That alone weighed heavily on his whole body, but Lee Sehun looked at each other without blinking an eye.

“I’ve heard something, so I’ll tell you just once.”

Seongha Yeom walks indifferently as if she doesn’t care what she says. Sehun Lee raised an eyebrow at that calm and heavy look.

“The history of the flamethrower will be cut off because of you.”

the moment that word ended. Seongha Yeom, who was walking slowly, stiffened, her eyes widened and her breath stopped.

It was because he never imagined that he would hear such a word from a junior who entered this year, who was far weaker than him.

But for a while. Seongha Yeom’s body, fully understanding the meaning of the words without any misunderstanding, moved again.


With just one step, it rushed to Se-Hoon Lee’s nose.

The fists clenched tightly and the magic that followed the trail and scattered. If you hit it like this, your head will be shattered and your body will explode without a trace in the flames that follow.

[The bond engraving ‘Tamcheol’ is activated.]

Assuming that you were treated like an idiot.


Se-hun Lee’s outstretched palms touched Seong-ha Yeom’s fist, and at the same time, the attack flowed gently to the right.

After draining the power with the magic power in his palm, he then pushes the wrist with his left hand. Seongha Yeom’s eyes twitched at that neat defense.

‘Did you spill it?’

Even if it was a light blow, a fist that contained his own magical power. If you were the head of Akalkuf’s first-year department, it was not at a level that Borsippa could stop.

But the blacksmith in front of him let it go very calmly, as if he knew everything about his attack.

‘I’m still the head of the department, this is it.’

The tips of her hair fluttered like flames, and the faint heat felt inside her body, which must have strengthened her body.

Seong-ha Yeom, who had finished understanding the situation, belatedly admitted that Se-hoon Lee had the qualifications to talk to him, and his eyes lit up.

‘That’s it.’

The fist deviated, but the magical ‘remnant fire’ that follows that trajectory still remains. The flame that rises and explodes from here is the true power of the flamethrower spear.

So I naturally thought of the cheeky freshman who was swept away by the explosive explosion and tossed around the floor.


Lee Se-hoon’s right hand, who lifted Hong-ryeon, touched Zan-hwa, just before the explosion.


A huge flame erupted between the two of them.

Seongha Yeom controlled the magic and lowered the temperature, so there was no scorching around, but only the shock wave broke the flowers and the leaves fell.

The aftermath was as noisy as if a bomb had exploded. The smoke rising from the center gradually subsided, and soon the two of them were revealed.

“Whew… … .”

Lee Se-hoon’s hair and clothes were ruffled by the shock wave.

“… … .”

And Seong-ha Yeom, who is swept away by the explosion and has tan all over her clothes.

When Seongha Yeom is hardened by a result that is completely different from what she expected. Sehun Lee ruffled his messy hair and smiled.

“Is that right?”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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