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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 22

22 episodes

[The relationship with the grand prize ‘Erika Inoue’ has been established.]

“… … what.”

Lee Se-hoon’s eyes widened at the contents of the notification window that appeared as soon as he left the forest.

Why did Erica’s relationship, which had never been heard before, come to fruition all of a sudden?

At that sudden situation, Sehun Lee just naturally remembered the situation.

‘Have you ever stolen?’

His evaluation, which had been ambiguous for a while, was upgraded after seeing the battle with a guy named Seits, and a relationship was established.

It may seem like an exaggerated imagination, but considering the appearance of Erica, who appeared from time to time and stared at her, it was plausible.

‘But, I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking.’

Seeing that the relationship was established when he revealed his abilities, he seemed to have a pragmatic tendency, but I had no idea what the reason was.

Sehun Lee, who had been thinking about Erica for a while, quickly erased the thoughts in his head.

‘How are you?’

Anyway, the relationship has been established, so when we meet again later, we will find out.

Se-hun Lee, who decided to check the condition first, looked at Ryu Eun-ha’s edge stone, which he had on his right arm.

[Relationship – Tamcheol]

[Rating: Advanced] [Quality: Best]

Iron consumes iron and produces calories.

It erodes the iron it touches and melts its core inside itself.

* Predates iron to create ‘light blood’.

*Remaining Durability: 78%

‘It’s because of the high quality. It wasn’t cut as much as I thought.’

If this is the case, I might be able to use it two or three more times in the future. Lee Se-hoon, who smiled at the consumption, which was not as big as expected, recalled the sensation he had just felt.

‘That must have been the ‘taste’ Ryu felt while eating radish.’

The moment you ate the radish, the taste ran through your body. I’ve eaten expensive foods a few times in my life, but the structure itself is completely different.

A presence that cannot be replaced by ordinary food. Lee Se-hun licked his lips involuntarily at the thick and thick taste that still remained in his mouth.

‘He said there was a reason why he was expressionless… … .’

In a way, it is only natural that we live while feeling this intense taste every time, and our response to ordinary stimuli becomes dull.

Se-hun Lee, who came to understand more about Ryu Eun-ha before returning, continued to ponder the taste of the radish.

‘Hmm. If this is enough, I will be able to target my taste buds in the future.’

As the most difficult thing when making a weapon for Ryu Eun-ha was to match her ‘taste’, it is a huge benefit to feel the taste of the weapon.

If you use this part well, you will probably be able to get the edge stone smoothly as well as level up quickly.

‘These also look good enough to use.’

10 daggers received as alimony from Seits.

It’s too crude to write as it is, but if you try a few things, it will be quite usable in connection with the Black Spirit Temple.

Although it was a little annoying, Lee Se-hun was satisfied with the income that was not bad and looked at the time.

‘It was mineral analysis in the afternoon.’

This class was taught by Professor In-cheol Kim, and was one of the most popular majors in the Faculty of Refining.

‘It’s because he’s the 100th artisan after all.’

Among the many craftsmen around the world, he is one of the top 100 skilled craftsmen. Although the hero grade was A grade, the actual value would be practically equivalent to the S grade.

‘How are you going to teach? … .’

Sehun Lee, who arrived at the main building of the smelting department with various thoughts, went straight up to the classroom.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The classroom, which had been noisy to some extent, suddenly became quiet, and all eyes poured on Lee Se-hoon.

Seeing the gaze he was now unfamiliar with, Lee Se-hoon turned it over and sat straight down in a corner and sighed.

‘I’m a little tired… … .’

Following the battle with Jake, the battle with Seits. My body throbs all over, perhaps as a reaction to the rapid increase in physical ability by using the tam-cheol.

A symptom of exhaustion that slowly rises due to lack of stamina and magical power. When Sehun Lee sits blankly at the floating sensation.


The classroom door opened and Kim In-cheol entered.

In the back, a large wagon followed alone without anyone pushing it, and Sehun Lee made an interesting expression on his face.

‘Is it a golem?’

It is often thought that blacksmiths only make weapons, but in reality they are involved in anything that deals with ore.

In particular, the golem was popular because it was made in collaboration with a wizard, and Sehun Lee had made it several times before returning.

‘By the way, Louise also made a good golem.’

That time when Sehun Lee, who thought of Louise Valente, the gangster among the three dogs, thought of her.

“I’m going to start class. Everyone, turn to page 16 of the textbook.”

Kim In-cheol, who was standing at the school table, started the class immediately, and Lee Se-hun, who was listening to it, quickly put on a bored expression.

‘what. It’s just a theory class.’

Kim In-cheol, who adequately explains the contents of the textbook by adding his own experiences.

There were some useful contents, so the other cadets listened with concentration, but in terms of career, it was a tedious story for Lee Se-hoon, who was no less than Kim In-cheol.

‘I was expecting too much… … .’

Metal smelting and understanding tools were worth doing because even the body was moving, but it was not difficult because I had to just listen and listen.

When Lee Se-hoon is casually listening to Kim In-cheol’s class with an indifferent expression.

“I think this explanation is enough, so let’s get started.”

Kim In-cheol, who covered the textbook, took out small iron ingots from the cart next to them and placed them on the table in front of them.

“As I explained, even the same metal has different shapes depending on how you transform the magic arrangement.”


Magic power surged with Kim In-cheol’s fingertips, and then he lightly tapped the iron ingots on the desk.


Then the iron ingots vibrated faintly, and each began to change, causing different phenomena.

Wow! Flick! Kiggy gig!

Iron ingots that change in various ways, such as shrinking inward, twisting spirally, or spreading out wide.

The cadets looked at it with a curious expression, and Lee Se-hun raised the corner of his mouth.

‘you are good.’

This was possible because he perfectly understood how to arrange an iron ingot of that size to change like that, but it was possible because he had age and excellent sense.

“How to apply this shape change determines the versatility of a weapon. So, as a blacksmith, you need to fully understand the potential of the metal you are dealing with.”

Tuk Tuk!

When Kim In-cheol tapped the iron ingots again with his finger, it was restored to its original shape as if it had ever been.

“Wow… … .”

It doesn’t look like he used a separate skill, but to restore iron ingots so perfectly. The cadets poked their tongues out at the sight, and Kim In-cheol continued to explain it insignificantly.

“Today, we will practice how to transform metal through this iron ingot. It has been adjusted to react more sensitively than normal iron ingots, so handle it with care.”

One iron ingot was distributed to the cadets, and Lee Se-Hoon also received one and looked at it.

‘Hmm. It was made to be sensitive to deformation by connecting the magic array and the photonuclear.’

Deputy Principal Michael Michael said that Kim In-cheol rejected the magic smelting method at all because he was grinding his teeth, but it seems that was not the case.

When Sehun Lee is looking at you with an interesting expression. Kim In-cheol lifted the iron ingot.

“I will start with the basics first. Manipulate the magic arrangement to create a 3cm-wide scratch in the center of the iron ingot and try to repair it. The time limit is 10 minutes.”

Following Kim In-cheol’s instructions, the cadets placed their hands on the iron ingot and began to transform the iron ingot by manipulating the magic arrangement as previously taught.

“Uh, uh… … Why is this?”

“… … Doesn’t it go back to normal?”

There’s a difference between hearing it verbally and doing it in person.

Most of the cadets didn’t even succeed in transforming, and even the top cadets had trouble adjusting the location and depth of the blemishes.

But there were two people who didn’t belong to that chaos.

“it’s over.”


It was Lee Se-hoon, the chief, and Hans, the second-in-command.

“Then the two of you move on to the next step. I’ll show you an array as an example, so let’s apply it.”

Kim In-cheol immediately showed the transformation of the next stage as a hologram in the air, and the two changed the shape without delay by manipulating the magic arrangement of the iron ingot.

Two people who complete the arrangement at about the same speed. Although Lee Se-hun was a little faster, there was no significant difference, and the silent competition drew the attention of other cadets.

‘do… … I can do it this time… … !’

There is only a slight difference in speed, and the perfection is not too far behind. This time, in order to catch up with Lee Se-hun, Hans clenched his teeth and transformed the iron ingot.

Kim In-cheol, who was looking at the scene, calmly reflected the next arrangement in the air.

“… … Here is this array: Let’s apply it.”

An arrangement so complex that it is impossible to guess how it will transform. In front of him, the reaction of the two finally differed.

“… … .”

“This is it… … !”

Lee Se-hoon looks at the iron ingot without deforming it. Conversely, this time, Hans immediately started to transform the iron ingot.

The iron ingot split into an X shape is slowly rolled upwards in a curved line. A small sphere made of four curved bones. Hans was delighted to see that.


A perfectly deformed form of iron ingot.

On the other hand, Sehun Lee still looked at the iron ingot and showed no movement, but Hans made a confident expression on his face.

And the moment I was about to say that I had completed it like a triumph.

“Hans Barmut.”

Kim In-cheol called out his name in a cold voice.

“Return the iron ingot to its original form.”

“… … Yes?”

“It is literally. Let me go back.”

While panicking at the sudden instruction, Hans placed his hand on the iron ingot he had transformed, and his eyes widened.

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No matter how much you try to restore the transformed magic arrangement, it will not return to its original state.

“this… … This… … .”

A completely ‘damaged’ iron ingot.

Hans stared blankly at the scene, and Kim In-cheol spoke calmly.

“The iron ingot could not withstand the transformation method just before. That means it was a ‘wrong’ processing method from the beginning. Did you know?”

“Me, I was just ordered by the professor… … .”

“I should have told you before. We need to fully understand the potential of metals.”

You have to see if you can handle it, not just transform it. Hans bit his lip at Kim In-cheol’s story.

“If it is impossible to restore the manipulated arrangement, the equipment becomes ‘transformed’ rather than deformed. This creates a big variable in quality and performance, so let’s take a closer look at these aspects in the future.”

At Kim In-cheol’s point, Hans nodded with a gloomy expression.

“I will keep that in mind.”

How could you squander the opportunity you created for so long in such a vain way?

Hans, whose tantrums grew intense, looked at Lee Se-hoon, who still showed no movement.

‘Did he notice that at once?’

Maybe it’s because I just can’t follow the transformation, so I’m just idly getting caught.

That time when Hans looked at Lee Se-hoon with a dissatisfied expression.


Sehun Lee, who muttered a little, made the iron ingot in his hand into a sphere like Hans. Everyone looked at the sudden action with a puzzled expression.

“I will.”


The deformed iron ingot was restored as if it were purple.

“… … .”

“… … .”

A strange silence flowed through the lecture hall at the sight, and then a sound broke the silence.

“… … Sehun Lee’s cadet.”

He spoke as calmly as possible, but all the cadets felt a strange trembling in it. At that tense call, Se-hun Lee looked at In-cheol Kim belatedly.


“Come out with an iron ingot.”

“ah. Yes.”

Se-hun Lee with a puzzled expression went down to the classroom, and In-cheol Kim looked at the iron ingot in his hand with a firm expression.

“The transformation we just unfolded. Can you try again?”

The red light and magic in Kim In-cheol’s eyes. Whether he was trying to check it properly or even using his skill, Sehun Lee realized how things were going.

‘Ah, this… … Did you make me mistaken?’

It seems that he was a little confused by the unexpected situation.

I wanted to explain it in words, but I thought it would be quicker to show it than that, so Sehun Lee immediately transformed the iron ingot in his hand.


An iron ingot that splits into four parts and gathers at one vertex to form a sphere. Then, as if rewinding the process, the iron ingot returns to its original shape perfectly.

A transformation with some variations on the first one. It was so perfect that it was unbelievable that a freshman made an on-the-fly correction, so Kim In-cheol gave a look of admiration and disappointment.

“… … Right. Was it possible because of this ‘iron ingot’?”

The transformation shown by Kim In-cheol was made on the basis of internationally distributed iron ingots, but the one used in today’s practice is an object with some additives added to make it easier for cadets to handle.

Therefore, a transformation that would have been impossible with a normal iron ingot unfolded in Lee Se-hun’s hands.

‘I was so surprised that I didn’t even recognize it… … .’

Kim In-cheol smiles bitterly at his ugliness. But he had a reason for being so surprised.

This is because the person who created the transformation formula for the iron ingots in the textbook was no one else, but a successful ‘Sacred Fireworks’ like Dean Ludwig.

‘Even so, it would not have been possible.’

Distributed in the days of S-class heroes, before climbing the tower, the ‘Iron Truth’ that has not been broken even after several decades have passed.

It was this transformation that was treated as both a difficult and fundamental problem for all blacksmiths.

‘Did you think it might be possible with this guy.’

It may seem like an exaggerated expectation to have for a freshman who has just entered the school, but considering what they have shown so far, you may not know what will happen in the future.

Kim In-cheol, who had become convinced of what he had been thinking about all this time, made a decision and looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“Even if the existing transformation formula was applied, it would have been difficult to change it according to the state of the iron ingot. Good job.”

“thank you.”

“Please go back to your seat.”

When Lee Se-hoon, who took the iron ingot, returned to his seat, glances were pouring from the surroundings.

To be praised so much by Professor In-cheol Kim, who is not anyone else. It was to feel once again how great Lee Se-hoon’s technique was on the spot.

“… … .”

Among them, there was Hans who lost his vitality because he felt the gap so much that the grass died.

‘Iron challenge… … .’

Kensee Lee, the torchbearer and the best blacksmith.

Lee Se-hoon, who remembered the noisy inspiration, smiled involuntarily.

‘If it breaks this time, it will be the second time.’

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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