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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 2

2 episodes

“This one-time warning is over. Please note that if there is another disturbance, you will be asked to leave.”

The test supervisor, who warned in a cold voice, left the seat, and the gazes that had gathered around him for a moment immediately dispersed.

As it was an important test for admission to Babel Academy, there was no need to pay attention to whether others made a mistake or not.

Rather, thinking that one of the competitors had fallen, the candidates spurred on the weapons they created.

“… … .”

A cautioned candidate, Lee Se-hun, looked down at his hands with a blank expression.

‘Are you back 31 years ago? why? why?’

I wonder if it’s a pole light before I die, but to say that, the senses felt through the five senses are too clear.

Flicking the cheap hammer in his hand, he recalled even a little bit of his memory, and after a while, a faint memory came to mind.

[The image of the armed ‘───’ has appeared.]

[The image skill ‘Return to Origin’ is forged.]

‘okay. image expression… … .’

A phenomenon in which powerful skills reside in weapons created using edge stones.

I was familiar with it because I experienced it often while making a lot of weapons, but there was only one peculiarity.

‘It’s the first time it’s been expressed in my yeonseok.’

Even if he made thousands or tens of thousands of armaments with his own stone, an image that was never revealed.

But why did such an image appear at that time, and he is returning to the past?

In a situation where he could not understand the reason even after thinking about it, Sehun Lee thought deeply and came to a conclusion.

‘… … Is it a coincidence?’

Come to think of it, when image expression first activated, when the workplace was attacked, didn’t it happen in a hurry while making it?

So this time too, the expression of his image happened by chance, and thanks to that, he accidentally returned to the past.

At that poor conclusion, Sehun Lee made a blank expression for a moment and then burst into laughter.

‘I’m crazy.’

Either your head is crazy, or the world is crazy. either one

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No matter how much I think about it, I can’t understand it, but anyway, now I’m back in the past.

It was also at the very first moment among the many regrets I looked back on at the end.

‘What to do… … I have nothing to think about.’

Sehun Lee, who finally had a refreshed head, turned his head to check the remaining time.

‘An hour or so.’

Looking around, I saw that the other candidates were almost finishing their forging. Sehun Lee, who was looking at it, looked at the iron he was forging in the past.

‘It’s like a sick bastard.’

The center of gravity is messed up and the shape is not even as they beat it randomly.

Sehun Lee stroked his chin at the level of garbage that would not be sold even for decoration.

‘Are you going to go straight ahead?’

The evaluation may be a little low, but anyway, as long as you pass the exam, that’s enough.

With that thought in mind, Sehun Lee’s hand picked up the hammer lightly again.

* * *

“It’s miserable.”

Professor Kim In-cheol, a middle-aged man looking at the candidates, muttered with an annoyed expression.

I didn’t expect much since it was a group of 3 candidates, but the level was lower than I had imagined, and my eyes were closed.

‘No matter how low the smelting department’s status… … .’

Fire skills and hammer striking posture. He doesn’t even have such basic skills properly, he just pours his magic and skills and hits the iron.

Can you really say that it is ‘forged’?

‘It wasn’t going to be solved by recruiting a lot of candidates.’

When Kim In-cheol bows his head and touches his eyes in a situation where he sighs.


The sound of steel resounding in the examination hall.

Kim In-cheol’s eyes widened at the sound that pierced through the hammers made by dozens of candidates and penetrated into his brain.

Kaang- Kaang-

A gentle sound that seems to be slow, yet regular, and without noise. At the unusual sound, Kim In-cheol lifted his head and looked around.

‘Who is it?’

Kim In-cheol, who had just felt the melancholy disappeared without a trace, looked around the examination room to find the owner of the sound, and soon found a person.


A young man wielding a hammer calmly without any tension.

At first glance, it seems like a random beat, but the iron underneath it was ‘forged’ more definitely than anything else here.

‘… … It seems that he has become a different person.’

Although the level of the candidates was pathetic, I looked at all the basic postures for scoring.

And in Kim In-cheol’s memory, Lee Se-hoon’s skills are low-middle-class. It was also an evaluation in Group 3 where there were replacements, so it was absolutely impossible to enter Babel.

‘Come to think of it, I was scolded by Inseong a while ago and sat there blankly.’

It’s not common, but there have been cases where skills have improved so much that you don’t even know they’ve awakened their skills without any warning.

Maybe that candidate is in the same situation.

‘That’s fun.’

It seemed like it would end with all the members failing without the need for verification, but maybe they will be properly judged.

The moment Kim In-cheol, who had been sitting idly, changed his posture and looked at Lee Se-hoon.


The best piece of work in the testing room was smashed.

* * *

When I first started forging. Sehun Lee started with a really light heart.

Babel’s name value is not low, but it is a training institution. It was because he was confident that he would pass even if he closed his eyes if he considered his fame and ability before returning.

“… … .”

This forging is a kind of check that confirms the state of the body 31 years ago.

As a blacksmith, it was impossible to create as much as it did when he was at his heyday, and it was definitely a wise choice to compromise to some extent.


But, seeing the swords made by his own hands, no, the garbage pretending to be long and pointed, reason could not stand it.

Her body wasn’t properly trained, so she couldn’t even hammer a hammer properly, and her magic power was only like a rat’s tail, so she couldn’t use it for forging, let alone quenching.


Can not help it. For now, this is the best.

Even though he clearly understands it with his head, he tickles like hives all over his body, and blood rushes to his head and his face is horribly distorted.

A true craftsman who did not compromise on even the slightest error of 0.01 mm, no, even invisible to the naked eye, and broke even billions of weapons without hesitation.


The so-called ‘debt blacksmith’ did not tolerate it.


The knife smashed into the anvil was cut in two very neatly, and the eyes of all the candidates, including the supervisor, widened.

This is because there have been times when candidates are frustrated because the results did not come out the way they wanted, but there has never been a case of smashing them like that.

‘How dare that child… … !’

Examiner In-seong Han, the examiner who first paid attention to Se-hoon Lee, had a contorted face.

How dare you act like that in front of Professor In-cheol Kim, who is the advisor of the smelting department, not anyone else!

Promising to leave the room this time, Inseong Han approached Sehun Lee with a bang.

“viewer… … sir.”

His body stiffened at the dazzling glow of Lee Se-hoon’s eyes.

He was a nephew-like young man, and he was a poor candidate in the middle and lower ranks of this 3rd group, where there were only substitutes and specs.

“… … .”

Even so, when I stand in front of it, I can’t get my mouth to fall.

It’s like having a senior in front of you who was just looking for things to say that you felt bad when you were at Babel, and you can feel that kind of pressure from Sehun Lee in front of you!

“I have something to tell you… … It is.”

Han In-sung swallowed his saliva and asked, seeing Lee Se-hoon speaking while holding on to the half-talk that was about to leak out reflexively.

“Uh, what’s going on?”

“I want to recreate the assignment… … I did. My ingredients… … Can you give it to me?”

Han In-seong’s eyes trembled at the sight of Lee Se-hoon, who did not know whether he was asking for a favor or threatening.

Originally, I would have killed my spirit by asking where I was doing something like that and making such a blatant request, but for some reason, my mouth doesn’t go away.

Reason says refusal, but instinct is stymied. At that time, Han In-seong was worried about Lee Se-hoon’s appearance, which would kill him immediately if he didn’t release it.


Kim In-cheol, who was approaching me, picked up the broken sword piece.

Kim In-cheol looks around the sculpture as if it’s interesting. The candidates around him, who had been secretly staring at him, murmured.

Unlike her assistant Han In-seong, Kim In-cheol is an advisor who can be said to be the head of the smelting department. It was because he was a tycoon who was also listed in the world’s top 100 craftsmen.


Kim In-cheol, who placed the broken sword fragment on the anvil, looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“Do you think it was right to break this?”

A meaningful question that can be interpreted in many ways.

If it had been another candidate, I would have panicked, wondering if I had done something wrong.


It was a question that Sehun did not need to worry about.

“I don’t want to submit something like that.”

“… … Right.”

Kim In-cheol pondered for a moment at Lee Se-hoon’s resolute answer, and then looked at Han In-seong, who was staring blankly from the side.

“A teacher. Do you have any materials left?”

“Yes? Oh yes. there is.”

“Bring it. There’s no problem with the rules anyway.”

“That, but… … .”

Anyway, the moment when Han In-seong was cautiously asking if this wasn’t the case.

“Should I bring it?”


In a short word, Han In-seong ran to the burinake material room, and after a while came back with a large box.

“Heh heh… … I also brought iron ingots and ignition stones.”

“Good job.”

Kim In-cheol, who patted Han In-seong’s shoulder, checked the remaining time and then looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“I only have about 40 minutes left, but will these be enough?”

“enough… … do.”

It may not be possible in a normal way, but there is a way to make it all work. Kim In-cheol smiled slightly at Lee Se-hoon’s twinkling eyes.

“Don’t expect it.”

The supervisors went back to their seats, and Sehun Lee looked at the ingredients in front of him.

The quality of the iron ingots were equally excellent without looking into detail, and there were several types of ignition stones that were of good quality for those used for testing.

In order not to give an excuse for insufficient preparation for the exam, Lee Se-hoon gave a satisfied expression.

‘This should be enough.’

It’s a bit rough, but it’s bound to be a pain in the ass to create something.

Having brought out some new iron ingots and ignition stones, Lee Se-hun stood in front of the slowly cooling furnace.

Then, after concentrating a small amount of magic in his right hand, he collided with the ignition stones in his hand.

Tap! widely!

Popping sounds and sparks like flint hitting.

In some cases, a light flashed in his hand like a flickering lamp, and the bizarre sight was watched by everyone in the testing room.

‘If you put magical power into the ignition stone, it would be very hot… … .’

‘Where is the smell of burning… … .’

something happens When everyone felt it.


A resonant sound that was completely different from the previous collision sound, which all the ignition stones sounded at once.

At that sound, Sehun Lee blinked his eyes and threw the ignition stone into the furnace.


Five colored flames burst out from the entrance of the furnace.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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