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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 19

19 episodes

Jake slowly scans his index finger at the damp sensation in his nose, then examines the dirt.

“… … blood.”

When was the last time you saw blood in a fight with someone your age?

There weren’t many situations where he could fight so fiercely, but he never gave enough space to allow for such a wound.

‘I dug into it exactly.’

If he hadn’t been vigilant, the phrase is meaningless. Sehun Lee must have attacked with that in mind too.

Instead of making lame excuses, Jake remembered the last blow that made him bleed.

‘That attack. no way… … .’

It was so sudden that I couldn’t understand it properly, but I think I know what kind of ‘feel’ it was unfolding.

How did the smelting school cadets use such technology? Jake, whose eyes twinkled, looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“I… … .”


Ma Gwang-soo, who interrupted the words, pointed with a calm expression.

“leaving out.”

“… … Yes?”

“You were right first. I would have said that if I win, I will teach you.”

“Oh, no. that… … .”

At the moment when Jake remembered his situation and was bewildered. Sehun Lee, watching the situation, opened his mouth.

“Because it was right for me, shouldn’t it be taught instead?”

“… … what?”

Ma Gwang-soo stares at him with sharp eyes as if he dares to intervene. But Sehun Lee answered without blinking an eye.

“You are the head of Akalkuf’s department who was beaten by a cadet of Borsippa. Isn’t it serious just to hear it?”



Jake’s expression darkened at Lee Se-hoon’s story, and Ma Gwang-soo made an interesting expression.

The chief of Akalkuf’s department is the strongest of the riders. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the face of the rider in question.

But the head of the department was hit in the face with a Borsippa cadet in Dalian, and he bled a nosebleed?

If any cadets, professors, or graduates who were very proud of Akalkuf heard it, it was a matter that would literally bubble in their mouths.

“Hey, aren’t you going to tell me? Is not it?”

Jake looked at him with a desperate expression. Sehun Lee didn’t even think about it because it would only bother him to wander around.


Jake’s restless expression was funny and he smiled meaningfully.

“ah… … Ah… … .”

At that time, Jake was embarrassed with a pale blue face.

“… … You are right.”

Ma Gwang-soo, who looked at the two of them, opened his mouth.

“If I leave such a far-fetched guy, I’m sure there will be another accident… … You should make enough for the price of food.”

“then… … .”

“I’ll send you a set time, so come on time.”

“Go, thank you!!”

Ma Gwang-soo glanced at Lee Se-hoon again, who looked at Jake, who shook his head as if he didn’t like it.

“… … stop go I have something to tell you apart from the guy here.”

“Oh, yes. All right!”

Jake, who nodded his head slightly at Sehun Lee, hurriedly left the classroom, leaving only the two of them.

Ma Kwang-soo looking down with a sullen expression and Lee Se-hoon looking up calmly while sitting. I wondered if the subtle confrontation would continue, and the person who ran out of patience first opened his mouth.

“Just that skill. Did you learn it or made it?”

“I made it.”

This was also one of the self-defense techniques that Ma Gwang-soo taught before returning, but since it was received in lieu of interest on arrears, the copyright belongs to this one.

Ma Kwang-soo gave a strange expression to Lee Se-hoon’s dignified answer.

‘How did this guy create such a technology?’

The technique that Sehun Lee just showed to Jake wasn’t really that original.

The shock that occurred when Jake struck his sword for the first time. He sends it to the other side, his left arm, through his talismanic force, and collides with it with his own magical power.

It was a technique that accelerated the attack with the anti-resistance that occurred in the process, and it was common enough that heroes with a certain age had something similar one by one.

‘For the older guys… … .’

It sounds simple when you hear it, but even the slightest mistake in the distribution of power can cause the impacted part to be shattered.

So, unless you are a hero with a lot of experience, it’s a skill that you wouldn’t even dare to dare to do, but the cadets of the Borsippa, who entered this year, do it skillfully?

It was such an absurd story that I heard people say that I was senile when I talked to people I knew.

‘There is no way a young man would have had that much experience… … If that’s the case, then you have the ability to accurately ‘calculate’ enough to replace the experience… … .’

It was only now that I understood what he meant by the ability to capture, which was written in Lycaros’s letter of recommendation.

Ma Gwang-soo, who had a certain estimate, looked at Lee Se-hun with an inappropriate expression, then strode to the side and brought two training swords.

“Take a look at the sword that you spread out to Lycarus.”

“All right.”

At the same time as Lee Se-hoon took a stance, Ma Kwang-soo lightly rushed in, and the swords of the two men were entangled in a strange angle.


Lee Se-hoon’s sword bounces away with one collision.

Se-hun Lee rubbed his numb right hand and glared at Ma Kwang-soo at the overwhelming result that it was embarrassing to even call it a match.

‘I’ll control your power, you’re like a damn old man… … .’

When Sehun Lee is pouring swear words inside. Ma Kwang-soo, who had been deep in thought, opened his mouth.

“It’s crude.”

“… … Is that so?”

“The idea is good, but the perfection is too poor. No matter how specialized it is to kill the first dog, do you think that swordsmanship, which becomes a weakness from the second time, is normal?”

“… … .”

“It’s a shame because you wrote it by yourself, and if you had taught someone that you liked this, you would have broken your limbs.”

Seeing Ma Gwang-soo’s harsh criticism, Se-hun Lee looked at him with a strange expression.

“Isn’t that because it was made for me?”

“It’s all excuses made by the incompetent. I don’t know how to make it properly, so I’m talking about specialization or something like that.”

“… … okay.”

How could it be so easy to spit in your face one after another?

When you are holding back the twitching corners of your lips. Ma Kwang-soo crossed his arms and ate.

“Leave it. I will make a proper body for the technology that has only the skeleton.”

Seeing Ma Kwang-soo talking while holding his form, Se-hun Lee calmly looked at him and nodded his head.

“All right. So, did you sign up for the class?”

“uh? Well, yes… … .”

“Then let’s go today.”

Sehun Lee nodded and walked out of the dinning room. Ma Gwang-soo, who was looking at the back, narrowed his eyes.

Shouldn’t it be that you’re more thrilled that you’re going to guide yourself, not someone else, or something like that?

“It’s hard for a young man to be blunt… … .”

It feels like something is twisting in my stomach, but should I just ignore it? Ma Kwang-soo, who was so worried, suddenly remembered the bracelet that was on Lee Se-hoon’s left arm.

‘Come to think of it, that technique. Did you use it by colliding with the magic power contained in the bracelet?’

It is certain considering that the magic power came out of the bracelet before using the technique. Ma Gwang-soo’s expression, which had reached that point, became more subtle.

It’s a difficult skill to develop even using your own magical power, but did you use your equipment’s magic to unfold it? Unless I could really handle the equipment like my own body, it was several times more difficult.

“… … tt I have to be patient.”

There is nothing to do anyway, so you can think of it as a momentary entertainment.

Thinking like that, Ma Gwang-soo looked at the sword in his hand, and for a moment, pondering the techniques that Se-hun Lee had unfolded, he was immersed in thought.

* * *

“While AS, it’s hard to eat anything… … .”

Lee Se-hoon, who remembered Ma Kwang-soo’s face, grumbled dissatisfiedly.

I wasn’t expecting it to be a skill that I created in just a few minutes, but I’m sure it was made so roughly that I could swear like that.

‘Let’s see where we are.’

If you don’t make it properly again, this time around, I will cut the sword of Ma Gwang-soo in two, which I couldn’t break before returning.

When Sehun Lee is grinding his teeth inside. A man waved his hand outside the classroom.

“ah. Here here!”

Jake pretends to know by waving his hand in case he passes by. Sehun Lee approached with a puzzled expression on his lively appearance.

“What’s up?”

“ah. It’s nothing special, there’s something I want to give you.”

Jake takes out a square envelope he’s seen somewhere and handed it to him. Sehun Lee’s eyes widened at the familiar design.

“this… … .”

“An invitation to ‘Noblesse’ to be held later. Oh, do you know what it is?”

“I’m hearing this for the first time.”

I think I’ve heard it before, but I can’t remember. Jake pondered for a moment in response to Sehun Lee’s story.

“Well. Well, you can think of it as a gathering place for cadets who think they have a good family.”

“Ahh. I know what it is.”

After learning the identity of the envelope that had been torn and eaten several times, Sehun Lee made a strange expression.

‘Erica that guy… … Did you mean to give it to me?’

But to say that, didn’t he very openly recommend it, such as tearing it up? Seeing that the relationship was not established, there is a possibility that the invitation was simply left behind.

“There are a lot of unlucky guys, so it’s a bit bad… … I think it might be a good opportunity for you. We haven’t decided when it will open yet, so think about it.”

“I don’t know if I can just accept this.”

At Sehun Lee’s answer, Jake laughed.

“Thanks to you, I was able to take the class, and I have to show this kind of sincerity. There is no need to be burdened.”

“… … It’s exciting.”

He had a better personality than I thought, but unlike his friendly attitude, the notification window that the relationship was established does not appear.

‘This guy also seems to have strict standards.’

For some reason, the standards for both the head of the department are unnecessarily strict. With that in mind, Sehun Lee took the invitation.

“okay. Then see you next time.”

“Let’s fight again when we have time.”

Lee Se-hoon, who was walking while receiving Jake’s see-off, grinned at the gaze from the back of his head.

‘You seem to have a stronger desire to win than you think.’

At first, he smiled and sent it away, but seeing this tickling feeling, I feel resentful that I ate one shot at myself.

Perhaps in order to establish a relationship, it is important to know exactly what kind of emotion it is.

‘It’s not easy for all the department heads… … .’

In the eyes of others, Lee Se-hoon was the most difficult person, but the person involved is not unaware of that fact.

While putting information about Jake in his head one by one, Se-Hoon Lee reconfirmed his situation one by one.

‘The minor I applied for was barrier construction and body control. The relationship was established between Kim In-cheol and Ryu Yeon-ha. The most likely ones are Erica and Jake.’

And the first target to aim for is Seongha Yeom, one of the three dogs. It’s not easy to meet them since they’re in 3rd year, but after looking at the tower, it seems like there will be an opportunity at least once on the weekend.

After completing the simple confirmation, Sehun Lee recalled the one he was most concerned about.

‘Is two minors enough?’

You can apply every semester anyway, so there is no need to rush, but I think it’s a bit disappointing to finish with just two.

Sehun Lee, who was contemplating what to do, quickly made a decision.

‘Let’s look for it on the side of Borsippa.’

If you think it will be helpful before your return, you can learn a lot and know a lot, but it’s too messy because you learned it too recklessly.

Whether you’re looking back on things you’ve learned in the past or learning something new, you’d better learn a few more minors.

‘The only thing that comes to mind right now is the curse… … alchemy… … Enchant… … Ah, the spirits aren’t bad either… … .’

At that time, Lee Se-hoon was immersed in deep thought to choose his next major.


The shoulder collided with the opponent in front.

Realizing that he was blind, Lee Se-hun reflexively tilted his head toward the other side.

“I’m sorry… … .”


His left hand was caught before he could even finish speaking.

Lee Se-hoon, who naturally tried to pass by the unexpected touch, looked at the person holding him.

“… … .”

Hairpins tucked in thickly braided brown hair that fell over her shoulder. Both eyes had a greenish tint, but the slightly cloudy color gives the impression that something is not right.

In addition, because of her outfit wearing a white robe instead of a jacket over a shirt, I felt that she was a geek rather than a beauty.

“Hmm… … .”

As the unknown girl stared intently at the rosary ring on her left arm, to be more precise, Sehun Lee made a trembling expression.

‘What else is this?’

The eyes looking at the rosary ring are unusual to say that they are protesting by bumping into them. When Sehun Lee, who felt something unusual was looking at him carefully.


The girl opened her mouth for the first time.

“Did you make it?”

First of all, let’s see what the common name is and what it is.

It was an act of no frivolity if there was no frivolity, but Lee Se-hoon was interested in the strange heat shining in his hazy eyes and asked again.


At that question, the girl also smiled.

[The relationship with the target ‘Lea Claudel’ has been established.]

“Would you like to enchant me?”

An odd relationship was formed.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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