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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 100

100 episodes

“Great… … !”

Pain piercing the eyes. While Ahn Gil-hyeon screamed, he quickly swung the Eonwoldo again.


Lee Se-hoon stepped back slightly at the exploding flame, while his right eye, which had been pierced through the Yeongam spear, trembled.

Even though it was pierced by the spear blade, the shape was intact. It looked as if the attack didn’t work, but in reality it was a little different.


A faint flame felt from the inner pocket of the shirt. An amulet that absorbs damage has just been consumed by an attack.

‘How the hell did this kid get here? … !’

I saw with my own eyes what Jeok Young-dae had suffered without even using my hands, so why am I standing here so perfectly?

He wanted to figure out what had happened, but Lee Sehun wasn’t stupid enough to wait for it.

Kaga River!

The blades that had been rushing in silently from behind fell all at once on Eonwoldo, and Ahn Gil-hyeon’s eyes widened when she discovered the appearance of the enemy who was about to surprise him.


Her whole body became blurry like a shadow, and her physical abilities were increased, but the faint signs and movements were clearly the same as those of the enemy bands she had seen earlier.

A new possibility appeared in Ahn Gil-hyun’s mind at the unexpected appearance of the enemy.

‘Is it possible that I was the target from the beginning?’

If it wasn’t for that, there was no way that kid named Lee Se-hoon, who he thought was dead, would attack him with Jeok Young-dae.

limited information. And the sudden situation shook Ahn Gil-hyun’s head, making him imagine an absurd situation.

“I have a lot of misconceptions!”

Sehun Lee, who was holding the hammer of extinction, swung it with all his might.

“ね… … ?!”

In response to Lee Se-hun’s attack, Ahn Gil-hyun reacted quickly even though he was surprised.

Even if they took the lead, the overwhelming difference in physical ability. The gap was filled at once, and Eonwoldo was swung like a hammer.

‘If you’re craving for the first attack… … !’

I don’t know what happened, but I kill him like this and deal with the enemy squad as well.

Ahn Gil-hyeon’s eyes looked at Lee Se-hoon, who was going to be split with a hammer.


The scarlet flame that rose from the hammer of extinction slashed the day of Eonwoldo accurately.


Eonwoldo slid slightly to the side and a hammer that bounced back hard. Ahn Gil-hyun’s eyes widened at the sight that was so different from his expectations.

“what… … .”

Did you fail to control your power because you were too embarrassed?

Without even looking for an answer to that question, the enemy forces attacked again from all directions.

“It’s clumsy!”

Kaga River! Kaang! Whoops!

Ahn Gil-hyeon defeats the four undead assassins and Lee Se-hun’s attacks. At first, the flow was taken away, so it was a little chaotic, but as time passed, the posture became more stable.

If you hold on like this for a while, you’ll be able to use your proper technique to sort them out in one blow. However, despite such an advantageous situation, Ahn Gil-hyun felt something unknown and ominous.

‘why… … What’s the matter?’

Why is it that the guys who should have died sooner are persistently clinging to him? And why do you get attention by yelling before you attack?

Ahn Gil-hyeon’s eyes strangely listened to him and turned towards Eonwoldo, as if he was ‘inducing’ his own counterattack.


He found that the shaft of the spear was twisted by the scarlet-hot hammer.

“Such an idiot… … !”

From the beginning, the target was Eonwoldo, not himself.

The moment Ahn Gil-hyeon, who realized this belatedly, was about to explode the remnants he had spread around to widen the distance.

‘I got caught.’

Sogwang’s hammer struck the spear of Yeongam Spear and scattered a strange ‘wave’.


A terrifying explosion erupted from Ahn Gil-hyun’s surroundings.

Se-hun Lee, who had been watching Ahn Gil-hyeon’s battle with a tuan before the surprise attack, mimicked the magic wave ‘water explosion’, just like when he first met Seong-ha Yeom, and exploded the afterglow first.

Unlike Seong-ha Yeom in the past, who controlled her power, Ahn Gil-hyun did her best as much as it was a real battle. For any hero, it wouldn’t be strange if he was in a moribund state.

‘The preparations over there are thorough.’

He told me that the movement of magical power that exploded beyond the smoke didn’t end so easily.



The dust flew away from Eonwoldo, which was swung like an explosion, and Ahn Gil-hyeon, whose body was tanned by scorching, glared at him with bloodshot eyes.

It looks like you’ve already been careless and your thoughts are completely blown away. Without hesitation, Sehun Lee threw the white dagger that he had hung on the waist dance he had prepared.

“Ugh… … !”


A white dagger that bounced off and smashed without even looking at it. However, aiming for that gap, the undead assassins rushed in at once as Lee Sehun wanted.

“I can’t come here!!!”

Kaga River!!

Ahn Gil-hyeon, who stopped all the attacks of the undead assassins, started to be pushed out because his breathing was disturbed.

Her eyes and face seemed to have lost her reason, but in her mind, on the contrary, she calmly grasped the whole situation.

‘The amulet of the amulet has just run out. The odds are still good enough.’

Since the enemy team specializes in surprise attacks, they could not overwhelm themselves in a head-on match, and Zanhwa can also be prevented by changing the pattern of the number of attacks.

The moment when Ahn Gil-hyun, who had grasped all the circumstances, cleared his breath and then went on the offensive again.


His feet stepped back and touched the transparent wire.


“this… … You cowardly bastard!!!”

An explosion erupted from inside the forest and Ahn Gil-hyun’s screams. After confirming that the pre-installed trap had been properly activated, Sehun Lee sighed in relief.

“Once you have time… … .”

If the undead assassins drive towards the remaining traps and bite and droop like that, they will be able to buy time to rearrange themselves.

Se-hun Lee, who took a rough breath, looked at Seong-ha Yeom behind him in order to get a clear victory.

“hey! I’ll give you a window right now, so… … what.”

Se-hun Lee widened his eyes when he saw Seong-ha Yeom, who hasn’t moved a single step since he appeared.

A face staring at the floor helplessly. Lee Se-hoon asked as if he couldn’t believe it when he saw that pulse.

“you… … Have you given up now?”

“… … .”

“Wow. it’s real Oh my God.”

Lee Se-hoon exclaims with exclamation as if he had seen even a rare object. Seongha Yeom’s eyes were slightly distorted in response to that reaction, but it was not easy for her will, once collapsed to the floor, to stand up again.

Of course, Lee Se-hoon, who thought he would shout and grab her by the neck, made a shaky expression in response to the non-response.

‘It’s not a rabid dog, it’s a completely wet asshole… … .’

It was a story that didn’t need to be listened to to hear from the side, but it seems to have made Seongha Yeom have many thoughts.

After confirming that he was not in a condition to send him out to fight right away, Se-Hoon Lee stepped forward and stepped on the blade of the spear for four days.

“what… … .”

The moment Seongha Yeom tried to look up at the incomprehensible behavior with questionable eyes.


The tip of the spear pierced the Myungchi vigorously.

“ね… … what are you doing… … !”

Seongha Yeom bounces back without a pulse. Since it was a push rather than a hit, he quickly settled his posture, and Lee Se-hun picked up the spear blade of 4 days.

“you. He just died.”

“… … What?”

“So this is mine.”

Se-Hoon Lee, who shook the spear blade of the four days, lightly threw it upwards.


The hammer of extinction slashed four days’ spear blade.

Fireworks exploded and red fragments intermingled. Seongha Yeom’s eyes widened when she realized that the spear blade had been completely broken.

‘why… … .’

In this situation, why do you have to break things down?

When Seong-Ha Yeom felt shame at her incomprehensible behavior, doubts, anger, and the image of herself who was helplessly taken away.


A red piece fell on Lee Se-hoon’s hand, which he reached forward.

A form in which both wings were cut off from the spear blade of the silo and stretched straight. Seongha Yeom, who realized that it was another spear blade, put on a surprised expression.

“It’s okay… … .”

There are a lot of sloppy parts that should have been scraped off little by little at once, but I have no choice but to use it as it is now.

Sehun Lee, who hung Sogwang’s hammer on his waist, took out the red salt paste from the pocket of subspace and replaced it with a new spear blade.

woo woo

A scarlet light filled the inside of the faded spear blade, and soon it subsided little by little and began to take on a vivid red color.


Se-Hoon Lee, who was holding the Hong Yeomjang and Yeongam Spear, took a breath and looked at Seong-Ha Yeom, who was staring blankly at herself.

“what are you doing? Don’t be stupid and go.”

“Go… … .”

“You said that you are dead.”

Sehun Lee, who turned his body, spoke indifferently.

“Go down like this and ask Moonju to save you. If you look at that little guy, the person will look at you too.”

With those words, Se-Hoon Lee ran in the direction Ahn Kil-Hyun disappeared, and Seong-Ha Yeom’s head was dyed pure white as the back figure was gradually getting farther away.

‘I… … dead?’

Those words, which were nothing more than a game of words, pierced the spear that had been engraved on the spear, and made a question come to mind.

‘Why did I fight?’

Because the master told me to become the master. But if that’s all there really is, there’s no need to use this method.

It would have been good to hide his power, or it would have been possible if anyone had joined hands with someone who was hostile to Lee Won-ryong.

But why did he choose the inefficient and risky option of not hiding and fighting from the front?

‘Because I wanted to prove it… … .’

I wanted to prove myself that the spear technique I learned from my master wasn’t wrong in that life.

So, without compromising, he wanted to overcome all obstacles from the front and become the master of the gate.

That’s what Master really wants from himself.

“… … shit!”

Because it was the path he swore to achieve.


Seong-ha Yeom, who hit the floor, ran into the forest, and saw the back of Lee Se-hoon, who ran first.

Beyond that, Ahn Gil-hyeon, who had killed three of the four undead assassins, was seen.

Seong-ha Yeom shouted with all his might at the sight of him starting to fight at any moment.


Even if you could hear the sound, Sehun Lee’s body didn’t stop.

Seongha Yeom bit her lip as if she was really treating herself as a dead person.

What should I say to him, to get another chance? At the same time as that thought, a word came out of Seongha Yeom’s mouth.

“It’s a deal!!!”

Sehun Lee’s body stopped running, and then he turned his head to look back. He cried out with a determination to be fervent at the sight.

“I’ll pay double, so give it to me!!!”

Sehun Lee laughed at that desperate cry.

“Three times, you bastard.”

Both spears were lightly thrown.


The two spears thrown into the air were caught by Seong-ha Yeom, and they ran past Lee Se-hun and ran towards Ahn Gil-hyeon, who had even dealt with the last undead assassin.

“me… … How ridiculous are you looking at me!!”

Ahn Gil-hyeon, who had been messed up by all kinds of traps and surprises, looked at Seong-ha Yeom who was running and immediately hit the floor.

What does it mean to change from one worn-out spear to two worthless spears?

This time, Ahn Gil-hyeon swung Eonwoldo, vowing to cut off Seong-ha Yeom’s head as soon as there was a gap.


The blade of Eonwoldo was lightly bounced off Seongha Yeom’s double spear.

“… … ah?”

The black javelin grabbed the blade of the Unwoldo, and stretched out, causing the track to hang down, and the red javelin exploded and destroyed the gap at once.

Ahn Gil-hyeon’s eyes widened at his Eonwoldo, which was thrown away so easily, and Seong-ha Yeom dug into the gap at once.

Kaga River!

The distance narrowed by the first move.

The power of the existing Yeomryun Remnants, whose domain was narrowed, decreased, and Seongha Yeom’s Yeomryun Remnants, who had been drawn into her domain, digging into Ahn Gil-hyeon’s gaps without a break.


Eonwoldo, swinging down, was hit by two spears on both sides and stopped, followed by Seongha Yeom’s foot trampling on the spear.


Two spears are shot aiming at the head and heart while the Unwoldo is fixed below the ground. Ahn Gil-hyun hurriedly put his fists in his magic power and slapped him at that horrifying succession.


“ね… … !?”

A gauntlet that was neatly cut in exchange for turning the track.

Ahn Gil-hyeon, sweating in a cold sweat, hurriedly kicked the spear of Eonwoldo with all his might at the sight that occurred despite the fact that it was loaded with magical power.


Seong-ha Yeom’s body, which was stepping on the spear, bounced back, and Ahn Gil-hyeon, who grabbed Eonwoldo and adjusted her posture, looked at the enemy in front of her.

“Huh… … Huh… … .”

I thought that if I miss Seong-ha Yeom today, I might become a threat to myself in the future.

However, Ahn Gil-hyun, who had just gone through a brief workshop, realized that his thinking was completely wrong.

‘already… … It was already a threat.’

When he didn’t cut Seongha Yeom’s head in the first workshop, and when those two spears fell into Seongha Yeom’s hands. He had already faced the future.

From now on, it’s not about the assassination of Seong-ha Yeom, but about her own survival.

Ahn Gil-hyeon, realizing that fact, swung the Eonwoldo as hard as he could with all his magical power.


A ring of flames that surrounds the body along the trajectory of Eonwoldo.

The spear blade of Eonwoldo was swung again towards the flame that started to glow with rapid acceleration in the air.

Flame Remnant Fire Spear

One-wheeled scars

Following the trajectory, a slash of flames swept forward.

The secret skill of the flamethrower spear that explodes with a slash of magical power compressed during battle. Seongha Yeom grabbed the two spears at the flames covering their eyes.

‘You can’t win by force.’

What he is promoting is technique and compatibility. And only talent.

Recalling the strange wave that Sehun Lee showed at the training ground a long time ago, he drew a ring on the front with dark magic power and dark soul in the Yeongam spear.

Then, he poured all the fire elemental magic and the red flame soul into the red salt field and stabbed it with all his might toward the center of the ring.


The two attribute magic resonated as one.

Flame Remnant Fire Spear

Japanese-English-gwan faction


The huge flame that covered the battlefield pierced the center and scattered in all directions, and Seong-ha Yeom’s spear blade of Hong Yeomjang pierced through Ahn Gil-hyeon’s abdomen.

“Cuckoo… … this… … what… … .”

A strange flame wrapped around a black haze. Ahn Gil-hyun gave an unbelievable expression to the power that ripped it to pieces because he couldn’t overwhelm his own flame.

Obviously, his flame must have been more pure and powerful, but why was it pierced? In a situation that he couldn’t understand, his eyes stared at Lee Dan-ah in front of him.

“The old ones are you.”

Seongha Yeom’s wrist twisted the spear half a turn.


Ahn Gil-hyun’s body disappeared without a trace. Seongha Yeom pulled out a spear from the wreckage of the flame.

[The weapon ‘Red Yeomjang’ is changed to ‘Gwanil Chang’.]

[Kwan Il Chang]

[Rating: Heroic] [Quality: Severe]

A window made by heating special wood for a long time.

It has the property of absorbing and storing flames and can be used as nutrients to regenerate damaged areas.

The output can be efficiently maintained by the magic circuit circulating inside, and the strength increases in that state.

All the given flames can be emitted by focusing on the tip of the spear blade, and the range can be controlled according to the adjustment.

* You can play with the flame saved in the weapon. Current storage: 0%.

*If the weapon is endowed with magical power, its strength will increase.

*You can use the skill ‘Red Flame 紅焰’.

A new spear refined with the flames of black salt appeared.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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