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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 253

Lokrion’s breath was the beginning.

Black hands rose from the air.

A delicate roar filled the space, and the roar of animals covered it.

The space was shaken by the large fist that fell with the vibration.

It was an attack of the ancient species towards Alaysia.

The apostles and heroes fled to the corner to avoid them.

Among the dogs, the only one remaining in the middle is the right one.

“Noisy… !”

The mace he wielded while wearing a blood-colored deity all over his body smashed through Alaysia’s bones.

Rene, who moved to a corner with Marie’s help in a landscape that was literally an apocalypse, had to work hard to clear her confused mind.

‘Vera… ?’

The truth he faced was quite shocking.

There were also clues intertwined over the shocking truth.

Vera is the reincarnation of Ardain.

In the last round, Vera died.

And he was temporarily revived by himself.

There was something that came to mind when I added the word that Ardein would be the tenth, which Alaysia had mentioned earlier.

If you didn’t stop the process in the last round.

If Vera was to be the tenth sacrifice.

‘… What killed Vera.’

it was himself

The sudden surge of emotion was like a burning fear.

He burned down all his thoughts and engraved in his heart the pain he couldn’t help.

‘You have to stop… .’

had to stop

must not be blocked

If Vera becomes the tenth sacrifice, we must kill him.

Aren’t you supposed to end the life of the one you love with these hands?

Renee couldn’t do that.

“Lady, come here!”

“for a moment… !”

He tried to move forward, but his movement was stopped by Albrecht.

“No! Gotta get Vera… .”

“I can’t reach you! It is unreasonable to drill through that place with our own strength! Since the Holy Spirit is left, you must evacuate first!”

I had to move on, but I couldn’t even walk properly on my own, so Renee was just poorly led by Albrecht.


The binge drinking that shook the whole body was a form of arousing René’s anxiety to the maximum, and what followed was a form of realizing it.


“late. stupid guys.”

A strange thing happened.

In the midst of the loud noise that seemed to tear the eardrums and the vibrations that shook the whole body, the low voice stuck in her ears made René feel dignified.

“It’s time to go back.”

A voice full of laughter.

After that, a distant despair came to mind.


At the same time as the clap of hands, all the noise ceased.

[What… !]

Gorgan’s startled groan rang out.

Alaysia smiled with a half-collapsed body.

“From the beginning, everything was ready.”


Vera’s body shook.

It was an obvious oddity.

The fact that the human being unable to open their eyes now shakes their body, Alaysia’s smirk, and this ominousness that stimulates the survival instincts of those sitting there.


Albrecht’s hand, which was holding René, relaxed.

However, Renee just sat down on the spot.


There was one who was closest to Vera.

no other than putting on.

He looked at Vera with an unmatched startled look.


Vera’s joints were all reversed.

As if squeezing a mop, his skin and muscles began to spin and twist.

The body gradually twists and becomes united as one.

Things like clothes and armor are already gone.


Vera’s body was united into egg-shaped flesh.

In the midst of this disgusting phenomenon, only a distant silence lingered.

“beautiful… !”

Alaysia called out his name in a voice that seemed to be overwhelmed.


The flesh was split in half.

In the stillness that fell quietly, the only thing that came out of the flesh made a muffled noise.

[ah… .]

It was a skinny arm.

A pure white arm, which was not enough to say that it was white, slipped out of the gap in the flesh, and then the head was pulled out.


Black blood hit the ground, making a sticky sound.

“The tenth… .”

Trevor’s murmuring revealed its identity.

A human head with no features.

Ten horns rising irregularly above it.

The faces of the six were drawn out next.

What came out was the tenth, no longer a fetus.

In an infinitely blasphemous and ugly form, it began to rise up.

[iced coffee… !]

It trembles like a newborn foal.

The black blood dripping down his body seeped into the six faces that were attached to his body.

[iced coffee… .]

The tenth crawled towards Alaysia.

Alaysia greeted it with open arms.

“beautiful… !”

With a crushed body, her eyes filled with love, she called out his name.


Lokrion opened his mouth toward the tenth.


My head exploded due to an incomprehensible phenomenon.

The glacier and seawater that made up the body pours down.

They swept under the body of Alaysia and the tenth.

The puddle of water mixed with black blood took on a shape that even looked like a swamp.

The tenth arrived in front of Alaysia.

[Ahhh… .]

“Yeah, are you hungry? you’ll be hungry Because I haven’t eaten anything.”

Alaysia slowly got up and held the tenth in her chest.

Then he said with a bright red face.

“bon appetit.”

The tenth hugged her.

Then, all seven faces of his face with mouths popping open and chewing on Alaysia.

Crackle, crackle.

In the midst of the sound of flesh and bones being cleaved, the ancient bells started to move one by one.


Terdan’s outstretched fist pressed the tenth.

exploded soon

[You can still stop! in action!]

Gorgan’s white arms stretched out to grab hold of the tenth, and soon became flesh and blood, flying through the air.

The beast sword that Nertania made with all of her twelve hands, the wedge that Maleus drew out from the deepest abyss, and the mace of Bargo.

Nothing touched them, but they didn’t stop.

“incomplete… Yes, it is still unfinished.”

Trevor told his companions.

“You must stop now! Join us!”


“That’s a bowl! The proof is that we still have the power!”


Miller’s eyes twinkled.

‘… Yes, what is needed for the completion of the tenth is Ardain’s nine powers, soul and body. Even if the body belongs to Lord Vera, the power is still here, and it is impossible to even estimate how many souls have gathered.’

In other words, it could have been prevented now.


A shattering scream resounded in an instant.

At that, the group’s eyes turned to Renee.

“Vera… !”


At Renee’s words, their movements stopped.

The expression that came to mind was in the form of a collapsed face.

However, this was an unavoidable case for them as well.

“… It must be stopped.”

It was not that they could understand this situation.

If so, what do you do?

Now the tenth has come out, and Vera’s body has been defiled.

It means that if you let go to find a way, the world will be destroyed as it is.

Albrecht spoke first.

“… sorry.”

Saying that, he drew his sword and ran.

Hegrion, the twins, and Friede also ran.

At the same time as the sound of footsteps moving away, Renee could feel the divinity around him changing into a specific form.

This was a change that occurred as colleagues weave the wine.

“sleep… !”

“There is no room for hesitation!”

At Miller’s words, Renee felt her heart stop.


Vera dies.

If we go on like this, the same situation as the last round will happen.

‘How, how should I… .’

There must have been a clue.

If it was her in the last episode, she would have prepared countermeasures in such a situation if she had prepared bluntly until now.

‘You have to think about it!’

The combination of clues had to create causation.

I had to infer what she meant.

As long as it is not impossible, it will be possible to realize it somehow with power.

Renee’s accident was taut.

My head heats up from the continuous concentration to the extent that all the transmitted sensations are far away.

His face rots in nervousness and anxiety.



The ticking hand sounded.

All the noise, vibrations, and the flow of transmitted power stopped.

There was something I could be sure of even though I couldn’t see it with my own eyes.

‘This time… .’


In a world where everything stopped, Renee heard a voice.

[This is the last.]


It feels like walking in a fog.

Vera expressed the current situation that way.

No, it was a situation that had to be expressed that way.

‘here is… .’

Nothing was visible.

Also, I didn’t feel anything.

All there was was a hazy fog.

The moment he thrust his sword into Alaysia’s heart, he was suddenly transferred to a space.

Vera, walking there, forgetting how much time had passed, suddenly stopped and breathed.

“Who is there!”

I screamed so much, but there was no answer.

This space, where there is not even a direction, did not give Vera any answer.

‘how… !’

impatience arose.

I felt like I was out of breath as I was walking blankly in a situation where my colleagues didn’t know what was going on.

‘Have you dealt with Alaysia? Any other ancient species? Legacy and soul… .’

In the end, there is only one thing at the end of the endless troubles.

‘… Holy Lady.’

is it unharmed?


Vera’s fists clenched.

The gray pupils looked around, overflowing with anger and impatience.


At that moment, a voice was heard.

Vera turned his head.


He looked at the source of the voice and frowned.

Then there was a faintly rising Inyoung.


The fog was too thick to see clearly, but the silhouette was clearly human.

Vera’s feet stretched forward.


I followed the voices getting closer.

so I thought

Wandering in a dream must be just like this.

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Obviously, the distance between him and Inyoung was not narrowed if he was playing diligently on his feet.

Even if I focused my eyes, all I could see was the silhouette.

His sense of time was hazy, and there wasn’t even a gust of wind hitting his skin or smelling through his nose.

In a space I can’t understand at all, it’s been a long time since I’ve walked along with that voice.

‘… !’

The fog has faded.

A landscape emerged from the hazy fog.

‘This place… .’

It was the same battle he was in before.

There, there were those who faced Alaysia.

‘This is not a sight of the present.’

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One reason I knew it right away was that it was only seven who faced Alaysia.

It was also because their behavior was a little different from what he knew.

Albrecht was still there, but the uniform he was wearing was tattered.

Hegrion had ugly swords all over his body, and Aisha was much more mature than now.

Friede had one ear cut off, and Miller had an unsightly beard.

There was something about them, and with it, that revealed that that was the scene from the last episode.

‘… It’s me.’

A man wearing black armor standing in front of them.

It was the self of the last round.

The thought did not last long.

He was shot towards Alaysia, and Alaysia blocked it.

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Others followed and attacked, and Renee was praying at the very back.

Then something popped up on Renee’s head.

‘… The coffin of eternal life.’

A crown that glows in pure white.

She has a divine substance that holds the soul that should be extinguished in this world.

Are you showing how you blocked Alaysia in the last round?

As I stared at the scenes that followed, I remembered a truth that Vera had been trying to ignore.

“Cuckoo… !”

Alaysia pierced herself in the last round.

He squeezed his heart and burst it.

Then, the body twisted back and forth and turned into flesh.

A situation that raises doubts by itself, even though the ambiguity is neglected.

As Vera gasped for it, Renee’s voice pierced Vera’s ear.

“Sorry… .”

Vera’s gaze turned to Renee.

What caught my eyes was Renee, who shed tears and activated the coffin of eternal life.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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