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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 216

The border dividing the Union and the Southwest.

From the watchtower of Fort Pavar, characterized by its rugged terrain and arid climate, Vera looked into the distance.

‘That’s what I chose.’

There was something caught at the end of the line of sight.

A large beast looking at this fortress.

It was a monster that could only be called a beast because it had a bizarre shape that had no idea what kind of species to call it.

Long black hairs fluttering all over the body.

Aside from that, a large body comparable to the nature of this fortress.

The savage attack on him and a single golden eye that existed between his forehead stood out.

Up to this point, it could be said that it looked intact compared to other ancient species, but it was a word that would fit easily the moment I saw what caught my eye.

The most bizarre characteristic that stood out the moment he saw that disaster in the form of a four-legged beast was the white ‘human woman’ arm that stretched out from her spine.

It gently wrapped around Gorghan’s neck and brushed the fur of the beast.

“A wolf… No, buy?”

Miller, who was watching Gorghan from the side, murmured.

Because it was really difficult to classify the species of that beast.

Vera took a long breath and answered Miller.

“Whatever it is, it is the enemy.”

“It’s desperate.”

A smirk escaped Miller’s lips.

“You have to fight something like that… .”

A huge sense of intimidation felt even when looking at it from afar.

Its body was trembling like an aspen.

“Is there any movement?”

“Still, I have been staring at this place for three days.”

“Oh, it’s bloody.”

“Have the troops arrived?”

“Yes, the Archduke of Oben has just arrived, and all the troops have gathered.”

“Go. You must be waiting.”

After speaking, Vera turned around.

Miller looked behind him for a moment, then took one last look at Gorgan before he left.

So, he narrowed his brow.

‘What the hell is that arm?’

A white woman’s arm extending from Gorgan’s spine.

That was constantly stimulating Miller’s anxiety.


The head of a large conference hall.

Vera, who was seated naturally, was displeased with the subdued atmosphere of the conference hall.

‘The morale is off.’

It wasn’t very incomprehensible.

The place where Gorgan stood was as it was seen from the castle’s main gate, so there must be some who have not been able to confirm Gorgan’s appearance among those who have come to this place.

An ominous immortal.

Having seen the reality with his own eyes, it must not be easy to recall victory.

However, it was not something that could be avoided.

“Let’s start the meeting.”

Vera’s voice awakened the silence.

Dozens of pairs of eyes in the meeting room looked at Vera at the same time.

Vera said looking at Friede.

“Friede, tell me now. A way to seal Gorgan.”

“Ah, it should be.”

Friede stood up.

Immediately after, Friede looked around the venue once, and began to recite in her characteristic clear voice.

“First of all, I have to say thank you for coming together. It wouldn’t have been easy.”

Friede’s eyes narrowed.

Then, a shout came from somewhere.

A fairy that can only be seen in stories now.

It was the exclamation of a general who witnessed its beauty.

“You will see it when you come. A beast sitting on the border and staring at it. From now on, he is an opponent we must stop, and at the same time an enemy we must risk our lives for.”

The following words calm the atmosphere that had been ventilated for a while.

Lord Nedric of Horden asked.

“Can you get to the point?”

seemingly subdued.

Friede answered it with a smile and continued.

“Ah, so be it. Would you like to see this first?”

The attention of the left crowd turned towards Friede’s hand.

Above the index finger of that hand was a ring that looked like it had been carved out of a tree.

“It is a piece made by cutting the first branch of my mother. It is an item that is deeply imbued with the power of growth that a mother possesses.”

“Is that a sealing ball?”


“How to use?”

“It’s easy, just put this ring on Gorgan’s finger and you’re done.”

The word “finger” was really awkward for Gorgan, who took the form of a beast, but no one in the seat had any doubts about it.

Because everyone in the place already knew that the finger I was talking about was the tip of a white hand extending from Gorgan’s spine.

“Will that little thing fit in?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s the size, just put the ring in front of your hand and it will fit automatically. And I will play the role of getting there.”

speaks very easily.

It was Nedric’s idea.

Gorgan is a beast comparable in size to a fortress.

In addition to that, he is an immortal that cannot be stopped no matter how much he hurts, and he is a strong person who has built up his strength since the creation of the world.

The question arises as to how to approach him and put that ring on Gorghan’s finger.

“… The most important thing in war is to know your enemy.”

The incarnation of war, who had lived on the battlefield all her life and decorated all those wars with victory, asked the fairy who only seemed relaxed in the midst of this.

“We humans have no information about the ancient species. At best, the analysis of oral traditions and myths is over. I’ll ask you. Do you elves know how that beast fights?”

“I don’t know. But I’m not sure if I’ll still fight like that. After all, I’ve only seen Gorgan once in my entire life.”

“… Listen.”

“Basically, it follows the movements of a four-legged beast. The difference is that the leather is thick and each hair has a mystery.”

Friede turned to the wall on one side of the conference hall.

A wall lined with parchment paper.

There, Friede grabbed a jelly and started painting.

The rough shape of Gorgan was shown, and writing was written on it.

“The thing to watch out for is the hair. There is a very terrible curse in it.”

“Hoo… .”

Miller’s eyes lit up.

If it was a curse, he judged that he could be of great help.

“What kind?”

“Well, I’m sure it’s different from what you know. The mystery of Gorgan’s fur is that it adapts to its environment. The types of curses keep changing even during battle.”

“Adaptive curse… Yes, I will find out.”

“Basically it is. If we rush our troops for nothing, we will only end up with stupid victims, so we should focus on long-distance support as much as possible. Don’t worry about that part, as it’s the task of the special team, including me who is directly confronting Gorgan.”

A gentle explanation.

However, no one here was convinced by the explanation.

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On the contrary, it would be correct to say that it is only making the tension more intense.

It was natural.

Friede hasn’t answered the one question that worries me the most.

“What the hell is that arm?”

It was Vera’s question.

Friede’s gaze turned to Vera.

Immediately, Friede answered with a smile.

“It’s Gorgan.”

“what… .”

“Literally. Hmm… Is it correct to explain this way? The arm is Gorgan’s body. That body is one of the extinct races of the Gods.”

There was silence in the space.

Some have a frown on their face, others with a blank expression.

Meanwhile, Vera asked with a deeply subdued expression.

“… I think this should be explained first.”

“I didn’t say it because it’s not important.”

“I said that arm was the body. And he said that the beast was one of the extinct races of the gods, and even a little thought leads to the answer that Gorghan is a parasitic creature, is it not important?”

“It doesn’t matter. Gorgan can no longer parasitize other creatures. It is now the right situation to regard the whole beast as a Gorghan.”

Friede’s smile was so peaceful.

“Just because it’s a gorgan doesn’t mean it can parasitize any living thing. That ability has a fatal flaw.”



Friede’s hand painted Gorgan’s painting on the wall.

Among them, he turned to the part of the arm that was wrapped around his neck.

“An entity that shares blood with itself. In other words, it can only be parasitic on siblings or children. That beast was one of Gorghan’s offspring.”

“… Now that there are no more parasitic offspring left, it’s not a problem. Are you saying that?”


Friede smiled and nodded at Miller’s tidying up.

“It has to do with the reason Gorghan was asleep until this time. that beast… So, at the end of the new era, Karel was already close to a corpse. Gorghan was still asleep to restore Karel’s body.”

“Hey, if it wasn’t for times like this, I’d be writing this as the subject of a thesis.”

Miller’s words mixed with laughter.

The atmosphere was a little lighter due to his own kindness.

Friede, too, sensed his intentions, and said with a smirk.

“The ability of Gorgan’s body is something that only the special group needs to know. So, in this meeting, wouldn’t it be appropriate to discuss how to roll the troops first?”

A word to Vera.

Vera frowned, then nodded slowly.


A barracks in the citadel.

There Renee greeted Vera.

“Did the meeting go well?”

René, who did not participate in the meeting, was assigned a rear support mission during this expedition.

All I can do is support Vera.

Vera felt the snow melted away the moment he saw Renee, exhausted from the long meeting, approached and hugged him.

“Yes, the rough policy has been set.”

“Thanks for your efforts.”

Renee wrapped his arms around Vera’s waist and patted him on the back.

So he smiled softly.

First of all, it was because of the thought that Vera, who had never done a lot of skinship, was so glad that he approached me first.

“Vera was a special group, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it looks like we will be facing Gorghan first.”

“It could be dangerous.”


“It will hurt.”

“… Maybe it will.”

At the hesitancy that was transmitted, Renee recalled the idea that Vera was watching her.

‘I’m afraid I don’t like it.’

How long do you think you’ll just be a pamper?

Renee sighed.

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Of course, he didn’t want Vera to get hurt.

Except for Vera, I didn’t want anyone to get hurt or die in a fight.

However, it was impossible to stop them because of such greed.

Renee knew it all too well now.

“I’m OK.”

“Lady… .”

“Come alive.”

In addition, I knew what was most important to me in an unavoidable situation.

“As long as you’re alive, I can help you somehow.”

Rather than sit down and fight, stand up and fight.

Find what you can do and do your best.

René knew that it was important.

“And just because I’m far away doesn’t mean I can’t do anything.”

“… Yes.”

“Shall we drop some lightning?”

“Wouldn’t it be a big deal if I was right?”

“What are you talking about? Have you ever seen me miss something while shooting?”

“So is it.”

An absurd story ensued.

Vera closed his eyes as he felt the uncomfortable feeling that had been sitting inside of him slowly subside as Renee moved to pat him.

As he did so, he gently spit out what he had been thinking about the whole time.

“It’s Gorgan.”


“For what purpose, Saint-sama, are you expecting it?”

There were many strange things.

Gorgan, who had been advancing all the time, suddenly stopped in front of the fortress.

And from my experience so far, I feel like the Ancient Species, who must have disliked Alaysia, seem to follow her intentions.


“… The legacy is responding.”

A heritage that was found at an auction house in the Islands.

It had been beating continuously from the moment it saw Gorgan until now.

“Hmm… .”

Renee was worried.

If it was a miscarriage, he had one on his neck, but there was no response like Vera said.

“… I said that it was made by Ardain. The original owner was Gorghan.”

That was the only answer I could think of.

“Maybe there was something Ardain intended… ?”

The answer was given under the judgment that we should think about it in a simple way.

At that moment Vera was about to continue his thoughts.

[Not wrong.]

A very old-fashioned voice echoed through the space.

An existence that appeared without a sign.

It was a voice Vera and Renee knew.

In addition, it was the voice of someone who could not even imagine being here now.

Vera’s head turned quickly toward the door.

I looked at the black seal there.

“… Orgus?”

There was a man who walked through time.

The inside of the hood, which seemed to wrap around the endless abyss, was pointed precisely at Vera.

His hand was raised.

[now… .]

The straightened fingers are folded one by one.

Five into four, then three, then two again.

and one.

[…] There is one left.]

Soon after, the world turned upside down.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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