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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 197


Renee replied loudly to the soft words.

“Oh, no!”

“No, it’s all written on my face.”


Renee covered her face with her hands.


repeated words.

Vera’s smile widened.

Laughter was a form of outright expression of joy.

Vera, who had been laughing for a long time, continued to speak, just as Renee began to tremble in shame.

“I’m sorry, I had a chance to tease you like this… I don’t have time.”

Vera’s arm stretched out.

He removed Renee’s hand that was covering his face, and looked at the exposed red face and spoke more.

“It’s time to keep your promise. Ask me three things.”

Renee’s body trembled.

His head slowly lifted and turned toward the front.

Again, Renee wasn’t an idiot.

He is a person who can fully feel that the ‘three questions’ he emphasizes are not just words.

Renee’s mouth opened.

I spit out an assumption that immediately came to my mind.

“… Restrictions?”

He wants to say something to himself.

However, it violates a certain point.

So Vera was trying to take advantage of the expedient.

“This has not changed. I mean, the head turned really well.”

The return is a dubious affirmation.

That was enough.

Renee could see why Vera was so obsessed with giving information in the form of answers to three questions.

“warrant… You have created a situation where you have no choice but to answer with your authority. You have temporarily lifted the restrictions placed on you.”


It was a bunch of words, but Renee could see that this was an affirmation of its own.

It’s probably because you don’t want to put the previous sentence into the category of the answer.

Renee accelerated the accident.

‘Obviously there was no clue that this place was in a different time zone.’

Yet he noticed it in a short moment.

Then they seized the inheritance and made them escape from here.

‘… I know about regression.’

It was an act of someone who already knew that the world would return once.

confirmation is needed

The moment Renee opened his mouth with that thought.

“think carefully.”

Vera stopped talking.

“The question is. It’s not something you can figure out, it’s something you can’t figure out.”

Renee’s mouth shut.

Now to find out what Vera’s words meant.

After a brief thought, Renee immediately remembered an overlooked fact.

‘Memories, when Vera returns, the memories will be absorbed.’

Whether he really knew about regression could be known from that memory.

So, asking this question would be an act of wasting an opportunity.

Renee nodded her head.

Vera smiled and stroked Renee’s hair.


It’s like handling a child.

Renee wrinkled his expression as he thought about it for nothing.

“Hey, you don’t like this?”

“… .”

I didn’t reply back.

He was an Vera from the previous episode that was so different from the Vera he knew, Renee didn’t want to show him hello.

“… I’m assuming you know the facts about regression.”

“However much.”


It was obvious which of these would take priority.

“What is the legacy? Why do you need to collect them?”

Now the legacy of collecting five.

Considering that there are a total of 8 and Alaysia is holding one of them, there are now 2 left.

Why do I have to collect them and how do I use them all together?

Vera answered Renee’s question.

“That’s a great question.”

Having said that, Vera took the necklace he had stolen from Nertania from his pocket and hung it around Renee’s neck.

“The legacy is proof of the existence of Ardain. It is the only record that he existed in this world.”

“A record?”

“Yeah, take it easy. By analogy, it is like a history book. Now that no trace of him can be found, it is for the purpose of leaving a record of his existence for future generations.”

Vera stared for a moment at the necklace sitting straight over Renee’s neck, then tapped the center of the necklace and continued.

“The reason we need to collect is because we need those records. The purpose of Alaysia is to become one with Ardein and become the owner of this immortal land.”

Renee’s fingertips trembled.

This is because he now feels that Vera is implying another clue to one question.

He was now revealing the identity of the enemy that he had only vaguely known, wrapped in a veil.

“Let’s think about it. Alaysia has to become Ardain, but there are records to prove that Ardain already exists separately. So what will happen? That whore is not going to be a complete Ardain.”

“Can I just hold it?”

“It’s okay, but wouldn’t it be much better to be able to use the items that you have obtained? Each Legacy contains the power to compete for power and gender. wake it up.”


“You will find out.”

As Renee’s eyebrows narrowed in response to the questionable answer, Vera continued with a smile.

“The first one ends with this. Go second.”

Words that draw a line as if it can’t be more than this.

Renee was about to add more words of protest, but soon gave up and nodded.

Because he is well aware that his inability to speak now is due to restrictions.

‘Second… .’

From the first, I was able to get a rough idea of what the legacy was.

In addition, I was able to engrave the enemy I had to face once again.

The next thing to ask, there was no need to worry.

“How do you stop Alaysia? How to defeat the Ancient Species and how to destroy it?”

A smile crept across Vera’s lips.

“Seven great souls, eight legacy, nine powers.”

An answer that pops out as if waiting.

Vera then added further explanation.

“We need the souls of the heroes, proof of their existence as Ardain, and the miracles of the gods who built this land. None of these must be left out in order to hope for the extinction of the ancient species.”

Renee’s eyes widened.

Because when I heard those words, something came to my mind.

‘therefore… .’

There was a hero.

Friede and Aisha, Albrecht and Miller and Hagrion, up to himself and Vera.

‘… Also Vera was with me.’

This must be the reason why heroes from all over the continent had to gather.

This must be the reason why he gathered them from all over the continent instead of being an apostle.

“What about after you collect them all?”

“I have one thing to say about this. that you will find out naturally. Now, the last one.”

Renee nodded her head.

In doing so, I gathered all my thoughts into one and came up with the most legitimate question to ask.

a moment of silence.

Then Renee’s words rang out.

“… What should we do now?”

Renee thought.

At this point in time, if there are any words that you are trying to convey even by summoning consciousness through Nertania, it must be the reason why an urgent event is happening at this point in time.

That’s the one thing you should really ask him.

Renee was right.

Vera licked his lips for a moment, replied with a smile deeper than anything he had ever drawn.

“From now on, I will tell you what you asked me to do.”

What he said to Vera in Round 1.

What this meant was clear.

It was the person in the last episode who created this situation.

It was the second help she prepared with Grimour.

“I don’t know what the future holds. Wouldn’t it? Right now, I’m just thinking right after I signed a contract with Netania. You only know what will happen after this.”

“… How do I know the future in the past?”

“Well, I don’t know for sure.”

A giggle escaped Vera’s mouth.

“I believe in you just because you are. Because you always made the right choice.”

The answer that comes back is such an irresponsible form.

Hana Rene could immediately feel what was in it.

‘… I believe.’

This Vera does not doubt himself of the past time period.

Whatever she does, she has confidence that it will be the right path.

Ironically, Renee felt at this moment more concerned with the three important questions than on them.

Thinking that the perfect trust for each other and the love that only feels so dazzling seemed so dazzling, the accident began to look only in that direction.

It was Vera’s words that woke Renee like that.

“Go back to the Holy Land now.”

Renee’s accident froze.

“Alaysia will try to reduce the number of apostles. I don’t know when exactly that is. So, go back to Seongguk before it’s too late and stop that bitch’s tricks.”

The mouth opened slowly.

“Wow, what… .”

“As it is the northern and southern ends of the continent, it will take a long time to get there. So, you’d better go to Lokrion and ask him to send you to the Holy Land. He can fold the space and send you there.”

Say so and be silent.

Vera held Renee’s hand tightly as if he couldn’t say any more, and sighed in regret.

“… It’s over. There is nothing more I can say.”

“Wait, wait!”

“It won’t be easy. But I believe.”

Vera’s divinity trembled strangely.

As if the bird would scatter, it began to take on an unstable light.

“Whatever it is, you will find the answer. It will be… .”

The voice faded little by little.

“… Because he was the one who taught me love.”

Renee’s fingertips stopped.

The hand that had reached out to grab him stopped in the air.

“Because even a bad guy like me did this, you can do it.”

In a tone that looked somewhat sad, Renee felt that one word was about to push away the urgency of the previous one.

damn it didn’t stop it

“… It is not evil.”


“Vera is not a villain. The Vera I know… .”

A slid hand reached the back of Vera’s.

“… He is the best person in the world.”


Vera’s hands shook.

Then there was a small laugh.

“That’s a shame.”

Vera turned and took Renee’s hand.

Hearing it, he kissed the back of Renee’s hand and said.

“I know it by glory.”

Soon, the divinity fell.

Vera fell.


With a blank mind, Vera looked at the landscape that caught his eye.

‘… here.’

a mansion somewhere.

The snowy field outside the window.

And, unfamiliar sights.

“Aisha, this is water lily.”

Hegryon tells Aisha.

To that, Aisha, who had grown up lying badly on the sofa, answered.

“go away.”

As he flicked his tail and turned around, Albrecht got up and approached Hagrion.

“kyung! Then with me… .”


Albrecht stiffens.

Miller burst out laughing at the sight while sipping, and Friede, as if familiar with it, kicked Albrecht into the corner of the car.

In a corner of the mansion, Vera frowned at the sights.

… I didn’t do it on purpose, it was naturally crumpled.

Vera was aware of this phenomenon.

‘… memory.’

A phenomenon that always happened when recalling the memories of the last episode.

I don’t know why this suddenly comes to mind, but Vera focused on the scenery that caught his eye.

‘I was here.’

I traveled with them.

Those memories were creeping into my mind.

Renee, who came to the gutter saying it was time to keep his promise, led him.

He wanted to help in just one battle, but at some point he joined the party, and went around the world like that.

The place to go from now on is the Citadel of the Black Night.

This was the scene where he was taking a break before leaving in Oben, the hometown of Hagrion.

Vera refocused on the body in motion.

Exit the living room of the mansion and go up the stairs to the corner room on the highest floor.

What caught Vera’s eyes as he opened the door.

“What are you doing here alone?”

It was Renee, who was sitting on a chair with her eyes closed.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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