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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 195

At the words of Nertania who grabbed Vera and handed him, the eyes of the party turned to Vera.

Vera looked at Nertania with an expression of great bewilderment.

‘… You know me.’

knows your own name

It gave off a nuance as if we had already met.

Vera felt confused.


Naturally, this was Vera’s first meeting with Nertania.

From the point of contact with her, the chase with her minions ended 4 years ago.

While the worries continued, Nertania opened her mouth again.

[Do you know how long I waited for you?]

There was a big hole in the middle of his face.

Black blood poured down and covered her body.

“… I’m seeing you for the first time today.”

[Yes, it must be the first time.]

Netania laughed.

Then he stretched out his five arms, pouring out darkness.

At that moment Vera unknowingly tried to hug Renee.

[In this episode.]

There was a whisper.

Vera’s body stiffened.

The pupil constricted.

Shortly thereafter, darkness fell.


Renee’s surprised voice.

Vera’s eyes turned to it, and a group of people looking at each other entered.

Vera took a deep breath, recalling what had just happened.

‘… He only spoke to me.’

The darkness was the darkness that blocked the ears of the party.

Vera’s gaze turned to Nertania again.

So innocently, she was telling me one thing.

‘Do you remember your past life?’

It wasn’t just a memory.

Now that she has given me a clue that should never be overlooked.

‘… Did I meet you?’

In the last round, he met Nertania.

She said she waited for herself, so there must have been some kind of deal between herself and her in the previous round.

Vera accelerated the accident.


What did you do to deal with this attitude?

What the hell happened in the last episode, so his memories are clogged up here?

Vera’s expression rotted in the growing confusion.

The party also began to feel something strange about Vera’s appearance.

Meanwhile, Nertania opened her mouth.

[Vera, let’s fulfill our promise.]


[Yeah, you definitely promised me. To join me in my entertainment.]

Nertania’s shoulders shook.

He seems to be very happy to say this right now.



Renee hit the floor with her cane.

A wave swept through the space.

The space was reconciled with information and entered into Renee’s head.

Renee’s body trembled.

When he recognized the true nature of the being in front of him, an instinctive sense of rejection came to mind.

[What’s going on?]

Rene’s expression hardened at Nertania’s clever question.

‘calm down.’

It is nothing.

She, too, is just one of the ancient species I’ve ever met.

The attitude of knowing Vera well is questionable, but that’s also something to get to know from now on.

Renee made up her mind and said.

“Nertania. May I think you know the purpose of our coming here?”

It didn’t take long for the questions to come together.

First of all, the most fundamental reason for coming here was to receive Ardain’s legacy, and also to uncover the veiled affairs of his past life.

Nertania answered in an atmosphere of supremacy.

It was the answer he gave by erasing all the signs of joy that had appeared before, as if he was losing steam.

[I’m not interested in such frivolous stories. Mother’s daughter, what is important to me is that your lover now keeps his promise to me.]

“… yes?”

[It’s Ardain’s legacy, so I’m asking you to stop the conflict with Lokrion. I am saying that I have no interest in such stories.]

Netania straightened her back.

Dressed in dead blood like a dress, and wrapped his arms over it, he continued.

[you know that? Eternal life is really boring. You lose your curiosity about everything in the world, you lose your passion, and you just go on with your life. To compare… Yeah, it’s like drifting in the open sea without a destination.]

The flesh trembled.

started to shrink.

[So I need entertainment. I want a pleasure that makes my heart race so that I can go on with this long, long life.]


The shrunken flesh burned.

The dead blood that flowed out of his face took the place of the flesh and turned into a long dress.

[The conflict with Lokrion is like that. That arrogant and stupid lizard is like a nutritious food that can be enjoyed for a very long time. But think about it.]

iron puck. iron puck.

The hem of the dress hits the floor.

Nertania approached Vera.

[Won’t you get tired of eating the same thing every day? No matter how delicious the food is, if you eat it for ten, one hundred, or a thousand years, you will not get bitten.]

Twelve hands move individually.

An arm attached just below his left chest reached out and brushed Vera’s cheek.

Vera’s body stiffened.

[Vera, child of promise. You are a snack to prevent it. It is entertainment that will make my life more enjoyable for a long time to come.]

Vera’s body staggered.

The footsteps staggered back.

The moment she approached, it was due to the sudden onset of dizziness.

[Now, keep your promise.]


Vera’s soul burned.

A single line of text hidden under the dark soul began to become clear as it absorbed the golden brilliance.

“Sigh… !”

A big goosebumps.

It was already known by its taste and smell that it was fresh blood that came up through the throat.

Vera’s body twisted.

René, who felt it through Rosario, exploded the divine in his whole body.


[Like that.]

Nertania swung her five arms in the air.

What came to mind was a black curtain.

The divinity that Ren had exploded was absorbed into the black shroud and disappeared.



Renee hit the floor with her cane.

exercised power.

What he wants is the disappearance of the obstacles between himself and Vera.

The change was quick.

The divinity absorbed by the veil glowed again.

He made a long incontinence in the veil and then split it.

The new curtains revealed were Vera, who was kneeling and vomiting blood, and Nertania, who placed her hand on Vera’s head.

The men drew their weapons.

The twins were the first to swing their halberds.

Then Hagrion lowered the Claymore.

A total of three slashes.

Nertania blocked it by distributing two arms to each slash.


Behind the small noise, the bodies of the three people bounced off.

Nertania, who was exposed, was holding a seal with her fingers.

A harbinger as if he was trying to show off something.


Miller shouted at it.

Hundreds of anglerfish that had just been summoned were sent to Nertania.

[Oh, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them.]

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One hand this time.

When Nertania stretched out her index finger and drew a hole in the air, all the caterpillars were torn apart.

[I remember the old days. Terdan would always sleep when these children were riding. It clings to one’s own body and gnaws at the flesh, so I’m going to die of itching or something.]

While Nertania, who gave a giggle of laughter, continued to say that, the offensive did not stop.

[Kid, shoot.]

Annielis instructed Jenny.

Jenny activated the cube magic that had been woven up until now.

The black flames began to gnaw at Nertania’s dress from the very end.

The twins and Hegryon, who got up again, rushed at Nertania.

Miller performed another spell, and Jenny and Renee followed suit.

White thunder crashes.

Black flames soared.

Two halberds and one claymore sweep the space.

Collision and explosion. And there were screams.

The tenacious hand of another world that dug through the gaps interrupted Nertania’s movements.

Netania laughed.

[That’s a pretty good combination. This is enough for me to use seven hands.]

It was the highest compliment she could possibly give.

It was only the third time in her long life that she had used more than half her hand against a human who was not of the same ancient species.

[However, this is not enough.]

Nertania signed the seal with eight hands.

A black ring rose above Nertania’s head.

[Stay away for a moment. I have business to see with this child.]

The two arms on Nertania’s shoulders, the hands at the ends of them touched.

It looks like they are putting together.

darkness swelled

Dead blood ran down Nertania’s face.

The moment the ring trembles, and the party prepares for a shock.


Aisha exclaimed.

All eyes turned to Aisha.

“Kill it!”

Vera, who was stunned, was on the back of Aisha, who was so strong.

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On either side of it, Norn and Hela were taking a defensive posture with their swords drawn out.

What lies on the floor is a short-range teleport scroll.

While the party and Nertania continued to fight, it was an achievement achieved by the wit of the three who still lacked strength.

[This is amazing.]

A long laugh flowed from Nertania.

With a relaxed attitude as if they had seen a very enjoyable spectacle, the party made their impressions harsh and attacked again.

Again, mana and divinity rage.

Netania laughed even louder.

immediately after.

[But, it’s too late.]

Suddenly, all the powers of space were destroyed.

“what… !”

It was Miller who let out a startled moan.

Miller’s eyes widen! and turned to Vera.

It is because he was in the direction that this strange change began now.

woke up in silence

Aisha’s tail stood tight.

Intuition close to that of a beast of beasts reacted.

Unknowingly, her head turned toward Vera, and Aisha was shaken by what she saw.

“Vera… ?”

Vera had his eyes open.

was staring intently at himself.

An eternity passed, and Vera’s eyes scanned the surroundings.

First to the people, then to Renee, and finally to Nertania.

After examining them all, Vera came down from Aisha.

[Long time no see?]

Nertania said hello.

Vera put his hand once, the holy sword around his waist once, then turned his gaze back to Renee, and then spoke.

“… It was jingly jingly twisted.”

A tone full of annoyance.

Confusion appeared on Renee’s face.

It’s because I’ve been through Vera like that before.

‘Last life… .’

It was Vera before the return.

It was the Vera of the past, summoned through Miller’s magic.

Everything from the irritable tone of voice, the subdued voice, and the atmosphere full of life.

It was a sign that Vera of the last round was giving off.

Vera’s expression crumpled.

“Yeah, that’s how it ended up.”

[Yeah, that’s it. So, you must keep your promise to me.]

A series of words that the party did not understand in English.

Nertania didn’t seem to care about such signs, just made a happy tone and continued.

[Now, it’s play time.]

All twelve arms outstretched.

Astonishment appeared on the faces of the party at that.

It was because it was an action they had never seen before while dealing with them.

Naturally, the atmosphere stiffened.

The moment when the party saw Nertania’s hand turn into a beast and raised their weapons.


Four of Nertania’s right arms were amputated.


A white arm fell to the floor, and blood poured down on it.

There was an eerie, creepy silence.

In it, Vera said with a smirk.

“Oh my gosh, a mistake.”

His eyes focused on Vera.

Vera left those gazes behind and added a word.

“I was trying to pick a twig.”

He grabbed the holy sword.

“I’ll try to get it right next time.”

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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