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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 197

Chapter 197 – Who Will the Paladin Helga Trust?!

So, so, so, so, so! What a bummer!
Cracks on the wall of the studio?
A studio created by Cynthia’s teacher?

A moment of surprise…

The entire facade with the door collapsed, revealing the hazy morning sky and background.
However, the pure white divine power dyed even the hazy sky pure white.

The main character of that divine power was, of course, Helga.
But something was strange.
Helga, who had always been on Cynthia’s side, was now heavily armed, and she glared at Cynthia while spewing more powerful light-attribute mana than before.

Helga’s gaze moved into the open workshop.

The interior of the workshop covered with bluish semen.
And many slime female slaves who enjoyed sex for a while.
Helga’s eyes narrowed at the sight that it was hard to say that it was on the side of justice.

Besides, some slimes are players who have disappeared.
Confirming the appearance of her battlefield idol, Envy, Helga turned her doubts into certainty and glared at Cynthia.

“Could you explain what this is about?”

Cynthia didn’t know what to say, so she hesitated.
The females who had been having sex quietly stood in a line against the wall.

“I saw it as a monster… The female monster is a slime. The missing player is a slime. If I don’t understand this situation, I will have no choice but to punish you… In the name of the Goddess.”
Helga’s voice is heartfelt.
Now that this had happened, Cynthia had no choice but to explain everything.

“No! Isn’t that too much? Is it okay to tear down other people’s houses like this?”
At that moment, Iris, who has an S tendency, jumped up and argued with Helga.

“We just serve and stay by his side because we like him. And… They all conceived new lives! Honestly, isn’t it a nuisance to break into the house?”
“That’s right! This is love!”
“We don’t hate each other and we’re happy… But I’m not in a position to tell you what to do!”
All of Cynthia’s female slime slaves began to argue with Helga.

“Hey~ What’s the best way to be around such a cute and dignified male? This is my choice. Don’t judge yourself!”
She went out to defend Cynthia even to Envy.
However, Helga’s expression did not change.
The gaze of Cynthia as her criminal also did not change.

“Quiet everyone!”
A roar like the howling of a beast.
Waves of light swept around and spread out.
Everyone covered their ears in agony at the loud screams.

“Cynthia. You tell me. Your physical condition and even the female slime monster that follows you like a master… Everything! Right now!”

Helga slammed her floor with a mace of light.
She confirmed that anger had settled in his eyes, and Cynthia put on her normal clothes.

Now that it’s like this, I’ll have to convince Helga.
And I should also ask about the identity of the goddess.

Just as the full-scale confrontation between Cynthia and her god was about to begin, Helga had a change of heart.
Isn’t that exquisite timing?

“Sit down on the bench. I’ll explain everything. You guys organize this place.”
Cynthia reached out and stopped the actions of the female slime slaves.
She pointed to her bench in plain clothes.


The appearance of being possessed by a goddess.
Choosing Helga means that the existence of the goddess also recognized Helga.

No half-hearted excuses or truths here destroy Helga’s faith.
Cynthia made that decision.

The system was gone, but Cynthia could feel it.
Helga is a level 7 player.
Except for Cynthia, she is a player with almost top-notch abilities and power.

And at least she has a relationship with Cynthia and is a player who gave Cynthia her trust.
If you lose Helga’s trust here… It’s clear that it will be a significant blow later in one way or another.

If Helga gets into a situation where she is hostile to Cynthia, she… She really has no choice but to use her TS potion.

“Where… When was it…?”
So Cynthia explained her whole story, starting with her own body being turned into a slut by her Slime Queen.

A long, long time for Cynthia.
30 minutes. Cynthia puts all her heart into explaining the situation to Helga.
Helga’s expression subtly changed every moment as she listened to Cynthia’s explanation.

“…So that’s how it happened.”
Cynthia explained the whole story and the incident truthfully without leaving out one by one.

“Hellga-sama. I know very well that I am a player with… Strange and embarrassing abilities. But… I have no remorse. I will stop the extreme thoughts and actions of the gods. Humanity… Is such a proud race. It’s not a bad thing, but there are definitely good people. Isn’t it too much to punish even those who live diligently and diligently every day?”

Cynthia let out a plea that came from the depths of her heart.
Of course, it may be in vain.
Helga may have already lost her mind.
However, Cynthia could not give up on Helga because she had more advantages when Helga was her ally.

“Helga. I don’t know who the goddess is. But the majority of the gods are plotting a drastic way to exterminate the human race. In a week, the annihilation of humanity, called the Other World Dungeon, will begin. Helga-sama, please trust me completely! Now Only the gods like it when we fight divided.”

Helga’s expression was long and tense.
Cynthia puts the worst and prepares her TS potion. And…

“If you, Helga-sama, try to attack me, arrest Helga-sama by any means. Never injure or kill!”
“Yes, Master!”

He gave orders to the female slime slaves in advance.
I don’t want to even think about it, but isn’t it the attitude of a true player to be prepared for all possible situations?
Cynthia fervently prayed inwardly that Helga would not become her enemy.

“Helga. Follow Helga’s idea of ​​justice. I believe in Helga. Whether God’s way of cleaning us is right… I don’t know.”
After hearing Cynthia’s words, Helga pondered for a long time.
There is only the silence and the sounds of nature.

“I’ll tell you what I’ve been through.”
Helga, her voice lighter, finally opened her mouth.
She then went on to explain what had happened since she had been knocked out by her guildmates and had come back to her senses.

“…Goddess. She was definitely the goddess who gave me strength. Whenever I was in trouble, she gave me revelations. She had no choice but to follow such a goddess.”

‘Damn it. Did something come in the end?’
She wanted to say that if she believed in that goddess too, she would never… But Cynthia calmly prepared to fight Helga.

“He said God was the main culprit in the Matango Queen case this time. Then…”
Helga gathered her light attribute mana, which is a dark divine power.
Cynthia quickly gathered mana.

“Goddess! Your servant is here. Please come down and release my doubts, confusion, thoughts and mind trying to go into darkness!”
Helga threw her abruptly down on her knees and took up her prayer pose.

Shoot aaaaa-
Above Helga’s head, a curtain of pure white light, resembling an aurora, broke through the hazy sky and descended.

A sacred and holy phenomenon no matter who sees it.
However, Cynthia generates more mana…
“All of you, prepare for battle! We may soon fight a divine being.”
He urgently gave orders to the slime slaves telepathically.

Helga hesitates.
As proof, she called the goddess, who gave her strength, and at the same time recognized Cynthia as her hostile being.

“It might not be easy this time. Be strong!”
No matter how strong Cynthia is, there can be many beings more powerful than Cynthia.

It happened in an instant that the hazy sky turned into a space of pure white light.
And… A white portal resembling a wizard’s wide-area magic circle appeared in the sky.
When the intensity of light grows stronger…

“Why! Do you lack faith?”
A goddess appeared in the portal… But she’s naked?

The appearance of a goddess who descended to Helga, which Cynthia saw for the first time.
A female angel with long silver hair and three pairs of angel wings.
Seeing her beautiful but voluptuous naked body, Cynthia unknowingly launches her slime bodily fluids or nearly captures her with tentacles.

‘For a moment? That figure… Looks like a saint? Is that one stronger because it has more wings? Are you by any chance a saint or priest’s high-ranking angel?’
Cynthia was nervous.
Thinking that she could, of course she could, she looked at the saintess and the priest who had become female slime slaves.

Both are perplexed.
Awkward posture. As she tried to kneel, her eyes met Cynthia’s, and she quickly straightened her stance.

“Come on, Cynthia. Punish that demon. Without Cynthia, all humans would be blessed by the system. Also, there would be no more tragedy. Helga. You who inherited the will of the goddess. Come on! Come on, show your faith! “
The naked, voluptuous, silver-haired goddess who approached Helga before she knew it, scolded Helga.

“Cynthia. You bastard…! How dare you enslave an angel, my messenger and descendant? I will not forgive you.”
Then she gave her hysterics to Cynthia, who stared blankly at her own body.

Her hasty use of her power here might make Helga decide her mind on her goddess side.
Cynthia thought for a moment about how she should respond.

“Helga. The will of the goddess is boiling. Come on! Come on! We must punish Cynthia.”
“Helga-sama. That’s a fake. The demon that will destroy mankind is over there.”
Cynthia, who had been glancing at Helga, exclaimed. At the same time…

“You guys say something! Tell me she’s a goddess or something bad!”
A saint and a priest. They both sought help from the female angels, who had now become slaves to the slimes.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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