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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 195

Chapter 195 – They Held Hands… But…?!

She drank the potion Cynthia gave her and confirmed it was true.
To be honest, the desire to make a slave was more advanced, but sometimes a normal ally is better.

“Okay. It’s the truth. There’s no reason not to trust each other now. I’ll protect you. I promise. You inform me for me. Right?”

“I’ll protect you from now on. What information do you want to give me?”
After Cynthia made her promise to keep her, she agreed to listen to the information she was about to give her.

“The gods are now gathering opinions to overthrow the human world. It’s because of the anxiety that you can conquer the heavenly world.”
At her warning, Cynthia chuckled.

“I don’t have the heart to do that, it would be nice if we just pretended we didn’t know each other… Why the hell? Because I absorbed the crystal? Because I’m Master’s disciple?”
“Both. Right now, the highest creator god in heaven is trying to give up his place… Originally, a god called the observer should take over the position, but the creator god thinks the observer is not suitable for the position of the creator.”
Cynthia asked, scratching her head at her story, which was so far removed from her own.

“The Observer’s seat is known as the second-in-command’s seat. He just watches over all the world. But he’s greedy for power. In particular, he’s an extremist who wants to recreate all life. The gods who follow him are quite That’s a lot.”

She went on with a pretty serious expression.

“Gods have been evaluating various races through trials since ancient times. The reason why dungeons appeared in this world and various races appeared as monsters. It’s a test to see if they are a savvy race. The system is a tool to effectively monitor them.”

She is the player’s history and Cynthia, who learned the truth, she didn’t know what to say, so she just listened to her.
She looked at Cynthia’s hard expression and looked at her.

“It’s okay. Continue.”
“The reason for doing this is to select a superior race and use the most outstanding among them as the next lowest god. It is a kind of test and entertainment. I attached it. Is there a past where mankind almost perished? You secretly intervened when mankind was in danger and managed to save their lives.”

Cynthia recalled a catastrophic incident that had occurred while she was being taught by her master.

“Human beings are a bit special. Not only do they develop their survival instincts and abilities, but they also don’t work well with the brainwashing of gods, which other races are easily subjected to. There are many problems to use as the next sub-god. Roamed the human world…”
She pointed her finger at Cynthia.

“I’ve chosen you as the next creator god. Otherwise, there’s no way to teach you powerful abilities without implicitly. Also, if you were defeated by the Slime Queen, you wouldn’t have been able to conquer the Slime Queen.”

Male players kidnapped by female monsters have a nearly 100% chance of becoming slaves.
Cynthia looked at Iris who hugged her from both sides.

“I don’t need any of my master’s double cocks.”
“Are you a slime with a baby from the owner? Ahh…♡”

Iris’ aegyo that shows no rebellion.
Cynthia chewed over what she said in her head and fiddled with the Slime Queen Iris for no reason.

If Cynthia hadn’t believed in herself…
Cynthia’s slime would have become her meat slave and become a bitch who lusts for her cock.

Considering how fortunate she was, she went on with her words.


“Ugh… Uh…”
Head-breaking pain.
Regaining her senses, Helga slowly got up.

At first, it was a pure white space.
However, when I looked closely, it was inside a temple made of marble full of divine energy.
It should be cold. However, Helga raised her body from the floor full of warm energy.

A vast space with no exit in sight.
Looking left and right, here and there, there was a pure white temple decorated with statues and patterns similar to this one.
Her confusion increased when she discovered that she was wearing a pure white robe, not her usual clothes or armor.

“Is anyone there?”
She is voiced by Helga, who remembers what happened to her.

I don’t know if it was voluntary by her guild members or if it was a betrayal she couldn’t help but she was infected with Matango’s spores.
And she doesn’t remember what happened next.

Her conclusions were again nuisance.
This time, she even thought that she might have died as a monster.
If so, she is rather lucky.
It is better for her to die clean than to continue to be a nuisance like this.

“You are a divine soul.”
The moment Helga meekly accepted her death. A clear, clear voice from somewhere awakened Helga.

Shoot aaaaa-
Feeling the divine light and divine power pouring over her head, Helga looked down at her as if possessed by something in her.

A female angel with three pairs of angel wings.
But… She’s naked. That’s a very sexy and voluptuous female body.
Helga witnesses the arrival of a silver-haired angel.

But her libido didn’t wake up.
Her look was so divine.
It was like a work of art born from the hands of an outstanding master.

“Who… Who are you?”
Asked Helga, her eyes haunted.

“You are a transcendent being who bestows power on you. You are a knight who has always served light and justice. I have called you to give you strength.”
Helga held her pose as she recalled her memories of being a player for the first time.
After that voice gave a revelation to him, he became a paladin.
It was definitely that voice.

“Ah… Ah… Goddess…”
Helga bowed her courtesy to her by getting down on her left knee.

“I will accept your greetings after hearing your confirmation.”
Her solemn voice made Helga bow her head.
She is a sin she doesn’t know about… No, she’s weak, so if she causes trouble to others, that’s a sin too.
Helga awaited her disposition, with her humility determined to accept her own guilt.

“Cynthia. The sin of believing in a sinner who rebelled against God! A holy and good follower like you is stained with evil!”
Hearing her Cynthia’s name, Helga involuntarily looked up at her.

“Cynthia is a sinner. If you punish Cynthia yourself, I intend to absolve you of all your sins. She must destroy evil to become an enforcer of the Divine Light. Do you understand?”

Helga couldn’t understand.
But she couldn’t help but be shaken when the divine angel who believed in herself and gave her strength said that…

“You are not dead. I have called you here myself. In order to acknowledge you as my heir, to give you strength… So you must kill Cynthia. Do you understand? Please do.”

Helga pondered.
Is Cynthia really evil?
I don’t think it’s evil…But it definitely has to be done.

“If so, please explain. Why did you take the system?”
“Cynthia. Because of that demon.”
The goddess answered without a second’s hesitation.

“That man rebelled against God. God blesses those who deserve it… Cynthia dared to go beyond that blessing and coveted the place of God. Enslaving women with forbidden power… That’s what it is. This is Cynthia’s ability.”
Having said that, the goddess made her own oval mirror.
A certain scene was played in an oval mirror made of light.

“Ah… Ah…!
Matango Queen. The nangjaae who is eating the culprit of this situation.
Anyone can see that Cynthia is eating Matango Queen, and Helga is speechless! And got stuck

“Be my slave! I apologize for being a slime slave in the future!”
“Yes… Yes! I am Cynthia-sama’s slave… From now on I will spread spores for you… Hah…!”
Junior position. Cynthia and Matango Queen continue to have sex like beasts in heat.

“You’re vulgar. As you can see, Cynthia’s ability is to turn the women she rapes into females. Do you think all of Cynthia’s dolls are made by herself? No. All… She raped living women and monsters and turned them into slaves and dolls. “Is that justice?”

“Aww… I… I’m coming… Take it all and get pregnant!”
“Yes… Yes! Master’s seed… Please give me… Ah…♡”

So far.
The goddess put away the mirror, frowning as if she couldn’t look at her anymore.

“If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask Cynthia right away. She thinks very well of Cynthia, so I understand that point. But if I’m right, we’ll have to judge her severely with the power of her light. .”

Helga with her half-fazed face.
There were two conflicting opinions inside.

In one, the goddess is lying on purpose to make Cynthia her enemy.
The other is Cynthia… She’s such a human being and somehow she only sees the good side of Cynthia.

“I can see the chaos that has still settled in your heart. At this state, even trying to take over my power is futile. So… Check it out and come back. I will, but I must hurry. My fate is coming to an end soon, and if you are going to become a god, you must hurry… Even more.”

Helga heard her urgent voice and nodded her head slowly.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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