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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 186

Chapter 186 – Unidentified Horn Spore Female + Male Advisory

“Help me… Ah…!”
“Hee hee… We are one… Oppa~ Let’s do something nice with me? Are we going to be one body for the rest of our lives?”
“That… Stop it…!”
“Honey! You were a virgin to dedicate your virgin pussy to me? Okay… Let’s work hard and become one? I’ll let you have a baby… I’ll tell you the joy of pregnancy~”
“I don’t like it… Because of the pleasure… My body… Ahh…”
“Everybody’s having fun… Everyone’s joining us… Now… Just feel the pleasure. That’s it… Don’t think about anything…”

Rice cake! Rice cake! Rice cake! Puck! Puck! Puck!

The realm of mankind that is rumored to be safe.
But… Now, since the yellow dust-like airflow has invaded the human realm, it has become farther away from safety.

Beauties and handsome men with really diverse appearances and personalities flew by the air current.
They flew as if they were ignoring gravity, and were only wearing strange underwear. As soon as they found humans, they immediately turned into horned beasts and immediately attacked them.

While the entire city is in a panic over a mysterious sex raid…
Players and people who had already entered the building or sheltered in were devastated by the situation outside.
But… Time didn’t even give them time to despair.

Air is essential for human life.
No matter how tight a space is, there is a gap through which air enters from the outside.
Air currents like yellow sand, not in the shape of a person, squeezed through the fine cracks of the building or the ventilation system.

Dark dust gradually spread inside the room, but no one noticed it.
Those who were gripped by insecurities completely trusted the players…
The player hoped that a stronger player would appear and solve the case.
And in the meantime, the players with their own powerful abilities and skills, who had been mixed up in the middle of this, were constantly putting their heads together and thinking about what to do.

Shyyyyyi profit-
There was a faint sound like gas leaking somewhere.
However, due to the urgent situation, no one noticed.
Even players with a keen ear. And the result of not recognizing the subtle changes…

A large, warrior-type player suddenly trembled and groaned in pain.
A man who had been roaming the corridors with too many people in the building. All in all, it was near a room with a machine that filters the air.

“A… Are you okay?”
This 10-story building is predominantly used for offices.
A female employee wearing a semi-suit saw him and approached…

“Ha… Ha uh… ♡ Uh uh…!”
As an ordinary person, not a player, she breathed in the strange air and reacted immediately.

“Kuh… Kwaaaaagh!”
A man howling like a beast. Suddenly, something popped up in my pants…

The crotch of his thick pants was torn, revealing a black tanning cock that matched his skin.

“Ha… Ha ha… Cock! Cockhee hee!”
The female employee who saw that gasped like a dog with her food in front of her eyes, and sucked the cock without hesitation.

A female who revealed her condition without shame and became heart-eyed.

People and players were taken aback by the sudden erotic situation… But the air spread faster than expected.

“Kyaaang…! Ah… Haa… Haaaaa… Ah…!”
The male’s heat and the female’s heat quickly occupied the floor.

“Sa… Save me! I… I’m not! I won’t change like that!”
A man who was at least far away jumped out, covering his mouth and nose with a handkerchief.
The elevator has already stopped working.

I tried to get out of this floor through the emergency stairs, but the quick-witted players sealed the door.
It even created a barrier of ice and sealed it.

“Open! Open this right now! I don’t… I don’t… Uuuuu!”
The cold gaze of the player looking at him through the ice barrier.
He tried to show that he was fine, but he too was infected with an unknown air current.

“Hey~ Sex… Let’s have sex… Feel good together with us~”
“Please taste my pussy… It’s my first time… Haha…♡”
When the undressed females cling to you from behind…

His cock was maxed out… And he began to gorge on the females clinging to him.

Players and people who thought they had taken a breather. But… Due to the nature of the building, the air flow was spreading to every corner of the building.


“Ah… Aang… It’s coming out… It’s coming out…! Warm semen… The thick dick is the best!”
“Hey! Let’s become one with us? Let’s live with oppa doing good things?”
“Ugh…! Ugh… Stop… Ah…”
“Oh my gosh~ There’s so much semen coming out, is that enough? From now on, I’ll only have sex for the rest of my life~ You’re my only male… Whoop…♡”

A safe zone for mankind and a sex phenomenon that is happening all over the city.
Cynthia’s workshop located in the forest, far from the city center. And Helga’s new guild, which has settled in front of Cynthia’s workshop.

As the situation was, Cynthia and Helga urgently gathered to discuss the situation.

Cynthia and Helga watch a video airlifted by someone.
I couldn’t hide my discomfort as if my mother had caught a pornographic video that I had been secretly watching.

The entire city became Godom and Somora.
When Cynthia saw her sex fest unfolding within her video, she remembered the orgy beast sex she had been having a while ago.

A catastrophe just right for that level unfolds.
Cynthia felt very uncomfortable with her, but she did and she couldn’t tell Helga.

“Master. And Cynthia-sama. All the cities are said to be in this state right now. The cause is the excessive airflow similar to yellow dust. What’s unusual is that while flying in this airflow, if you see a person of the opposite sex, you will descend suddenly.. . They say they will commit such a thing. If this continues, humanity will be hit by that mysterious yellow dust stream.”

The report felt urgent, and Helga couldn’t think of a sharp move.
Mask. Even wearing a gas mask can’t stop that airflow.
Due to the nature of human beings who breathe air, they have to inhale that current at some point.
However, it is impossible to leave the city center… Abandoning everything that mankind has built.

It is frustrating. But the last remaining hope. There is Cynthia.
Helga looked at Cynthia with a one-dimensional idea of ​​blocking that air current with a shield of light.
Cynthia is seriously struggling with her cute appearance.

“Cynthia-sama. Can’t you do something good?”
“I don’t know because I don’t have the exact data yet. Looking through the video I found with difficulty, the problem is the men and women who arouse that sexual desire. The moment when handsome men and women with countless shapes cling to each other, not only people but even the player can resist. It looks like there isn’t
Besides, when that airflow enters the body through breathing, it seems to go into heat.”

Cynthia calmly put what she was thinking into words.

“You are dangerous. I am immune to such phenomena, so I will go to the scene and investigate.”
“Yes? Even so, it’s dangerous alone.”
“No. It’s because I also believe in it. That’s obviously the work of the gods. The White Missionary Church’s momentum has weakened, so now… They’re trying to attack us with their undeniable nature. We have to investigate this. In that case, we’ll have to remove the cause. We’re trying to fly in the direction this airflow started.”

Since becoming a powerful slime, it has become highly immune to status ailments.
With the power of the crystal and the slaves, there is nothing to be afraid of. The only problem was that the time was too tight.

If we continue like this, this place is also not safe. The whole of humanity may fall into the swamp of sex.
Players must act quickly in this situation where they are also being infected one after another.

“Helga-sama. Do you have a sample of that airflow?”
“Yes. Somehow… I did.”
“If you share some of that with me, I’ll do a separate analysis or investigation.”
“All right.”

Helga, who trusts Cynthia 100%, nods her head.

“Then what should we do?”
“Seize this area. If you are also infected by that air current, it will be very difficult for me to solve this situation. Do not choose any means or items. “

Cynthia couldn’t waste any more time.
I jumped up from my seat, received a small test tube sealed with yellow dust-like airflow, which was handed to me by a guild member, and immediately went outside.

“Master. Can we really just stay still?”
As soon as Cynthia went out, she asked Helga if there was one female guild member with an innocent appearance.
In her eyes, she judged Cynthia to be acting too assertively.

“Yes. There’s nothing we can do even now. If we get infected like that, later, when Cynthia-sama needs us… We can’t do anything. No matter how strong we are, if we get hit by that unknown current, we’ll become beasts. ..”
“Helga-sama. I’m sorry.”

The guild member who was going to ask Helga a question took out a test tube from her subspace inventory along with her apology.
“Muh… What!”
Before Helga had time to do anything, she burst the test tube.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

인형사 다시 플레이어 되다
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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