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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 179

Chapter 179 – A Dirty Slime Woman Wearing a Cock Case and Infiltrating Baekseon Bridge!

– The intruder is heading this way.
– Cynthia. He is the enemy of God. The gods will bestow great blessings on any follower who captures or defeats Cynthia.

“At last. A chance to show your faith in God!”
The player who received the notification window and the head of the branch that leads part of Baek Mission.

He was a player
A D-class player who handles the power of light exceptionally well and has firm faith.
Just an average player, not too strong and not too weak.

But a special opportunity came to him as well.
The existence of God chose himself!

He received the power of a god and instantly became an A-level player.
He has a newly awakened ability to brainwash and seduce others with the power of light.

As soon as he had this power, orders fell from Baekseonkyo, a religion that worships gods.
Become the head of the first branch and secure followers.

He decided not to miss this opportunity.
He could do anything for the god who chose him.
And this time, a more special opportunity came.

‘God will be pleased if we do things well this time, right? I must… I must win. This is because there is a sanctuary where countless followers and powers are concentrated!’
A man wearing pure white armor rose from his throne-like seat.

“It’s light…”
“The light that guides us is eternal…”
“I will purify the darkness with the power of the brilliant light…”

A pure white space made of sacred marble.
A space that transcends sunlight and is enveloped in pure white light made of mana.
A space where human statues, not angels, are placed in an orderly manner.

Countless members of Baek Seon-gyo were praying, and when the leader stood on a high platform…

“Ohh…! You are a messenger of God… I will follow you.”
“The light that guides us. Messenger of God who creates something out of nothing!”
“Give me strength! The power to embrace the light…!”

Everyone is impressed.
Outwardly, it spits out luxurious, ideal, and righteous words.

But all eyes were dead.
All of the followers of light here.

In the empty eyes, only the instinctive greed for power remained.
Indeed, they were fanatics.

Under blind faith, orders from above are ready to be ruthlessly carried out.
Even if it’s a really ridiculous order to think about rationally.

“Now. There is an evil man invading the realm of God. The one who dares to tarnish the name and deeds of God. It is Cynthia. He is heading here to destroy our white missionary school and to insult God. … God is in control of everything. We will judge Cynthia.”

The headman explains the imminent threat like flowing water.
The followers held their breath and listened to the leader’s words.

And… Among the countless believers, there was one with a twinkle in his eyes.


The chief is aware of Cynthia’s intrusion.
However, Cynthia had already broken in.

It is also wearing the pure white robe worn by the followers.
Taking advantage of the fact that it is difficult to recognize faces among the followers, Cynthia succeeds in infiltrating wearing a robe.

In a place like a chapel, I watched the followers praising the chieftain all the time…
Everyone listened to the leader’s order and even confirmed that they were scattering.

The reason why I killed the signs of mana with Oyuni’s teachings and mixed with the followers…
“There are so many good things here? Can we steal some?”
“Of course!”

Cynthia communicated with Oyuni telepathically.

Expensive masterpieces and sculptures that are widely spread. And jewelry and ornaments.
The followers had no interest in such things and just focused on praising God.

“Master. The treasures here are important, but the most important thing is to steal the Green Crystal.”
“I know. But puppetry is a skill that surprisingly requires a lot of money! You have to have enough money.”
“Yeah. When things get done later, everything… Ah… I don’t think it will work.”
“Why all of a sudden?”
“These offerings… All of them are money and goods extorted by brainwashing people…”
“How do you know that?”

Cynthia said in a croaking voice that she didn’t like her slightly.

“It’s my ability! While they were brainwashed, the belief was deeply embedded in them that they could only go to Valhalla by offering sacrifices. All seemingly luxurious things… Are the blood and sweat of the brainwashed people.”
“Chit…! Okay. Then… I just have to eat the blood and sweat of that chieftain!”
“Master. Then there’s no need to disguise yourself as a believer, is it?”
“Huh! It’s just for reconnaissance. I’m hiding mana, so I don’t have to worry about getting caught… I’m going to go to an important place soon.”

The mind that has to leave money in front of its eyes.
No matter how much she pursued art, she couldn’t help but feel like an animal.
With Cynthia guided by Ouni, she headed to a place where she felt the energy of the Green Crystal.

The pure white hallway was also filled with expensive art and ornaments.
It was like watching a 5-star hotel or an exhibition by a billionaire artist.

But… The more you go inside, the more that feeling disappears and the vigilance and the latest alarms increase.
Now, there are almost no places to walk around wearing this robe.

It is highly unlikely that he would have kept the green crystal in a place where lay people were.
You have to exercise your skills to get inside.

“Master. How about using slime bodily fluids here?”
“Yeah. Slime bodily fluids are… Literally liquid, so they can do anything by getting in between the cracks, right?”

Cynthia took out her slime fluid and looked around her.
There are no believers passing through this place. There is no such thing as a surveillance camera.

This is the perfect time to push the slime bodily fluids through the iron doors that don’t suit this place.
The very moment Cynthia approached the crack in the door!

“An intruder who has entered the Church. Listen Cynthia.”

Like a guillotine judgment, the bulkhead came down in an instant and blocked the corridor Cynthia had passed through.
At the same time, a man’s voice echoed from the ceiling.

Caught? Where are you from?
Cynthia did everything she could to make sure she didn’t get caught.
Using the camouflage of slime bodily fluids, she succeeded in passing through the main gate and passing to the inspection table.

“I already knew that you would come. I have a blessing from the system. It is a blessing from God. Thanks to you, I also had a chance. God… Chose me. You are a fool, a blessing from God. Kicked. That wasn’t enough, God…”
Cuckoo coo…!

I also couldn’t take them lightly.
With the power of God, they already knew that Cynthia would come.
At first, I tried to handle things secretly like an infiltrator, but since I got caught like this… It worked rather well.

Cynthia did not waver one bit. Neither she nor Cynthia had any desire to prolong her time here.
Cynthia released all the mana she had been hiding and storing up all at once.

“You’re that far. God told you what kind of abilities you have. You won’t be able to use puppetry in such a small space. All believers have already evacuated. I’ll make this place your tomb.”

Either way, his voice was full of confidence.
What if he got the full power of the Green Crystal… Or even absorbed the Green Crystal?
Cynthia decided that she needed to find and kill the author sooner.

Believers evacuated. If so, you can summon a powerful doll without worrying about it anymore.
The true identity of the doll is…

“Come out Seul-a!”
A dragon-type living doll. If you use more mana when summoning, a more powerful sulah will be summoned.
As if to prove those words, a summoning circle appeared in front of Cynthia, far exceeding the width of the hallway.

The whole white hallway began to shake with the runaway mana.
Then, the confident voice that came from the ceiling disappeared.

Pood de deude deuk!
Seul-ah revealed her face in the magic circle.
Maybe it was because he used most of Cynthia’s mana, but even his head was quite huge.

“Come on! Seul-ah! Come out and rampage to your heart’s content!”
At Cynthia’s cry, Seul-ah pulled herself out of the magic circle with all her might.

As Seul-ah’s body came out of the summoning circle… The narrow white hallway began to collapse because it was not full.

“Master…? This might be a bit dangerous, right?”
The hallway has changed like the epicenter of an earthquake with the appearance of Seul-ah.
Ouni, an all-around cock case that not only protects Cynthia’s body but also balances her, said anxiously.

“No. You’re safe under your body. Trust me.”
Even in the dark, Cynthia quickly hid under the dragon’s body.
With Seulah blocking her stomach and Ouni holding her center, Cynthia had nothing to fear.

“Breath! Fire your breath toward the other side that has become a multi-device.”

Earthquake and roar. The roar of Sul-ah resounded in the midst of large and small debris collapsing.
At the same time, a bluish flash of light and cold air quickly gathered in Seul-ah’s mouth.

“Do your best! Think this is the end and blow it all up! Sul!”
As if responding to Cynthia’s desperate attempts, Seul-ah fired a blue breath of ice with all her might.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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