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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 174

Chapter 174 – We Need a New Strategy… That Strategy… TS?!

– In front of the instinct of survival, humanity may have become an idiot.
-Unknowingly, we have become slaves to lead as the system follows.
-Cynthia Player’s declaration. And the truth. In the midst of spreading one wave… Concern about friction with this tribe.
-Which way should humanity go? Gods and enemies? Or obey God?
– Player’s choice. Rushed tide. Attention focused on top players.

With Cynthia’s revelation, a new torrent is flowing…
Even in the midst of this, the player who wants to gain power by following the god, and the player who resents that they have been used so far, have split into two players who are hostile to the system and the existence of the god.

As a player, there were also players who thought about the safety of mankind. Most of them seemed concerned about humanity.
But my heart was different.

Obsessed with each other’s interests, they caused big and small conflicts, which took root in the inner world of mankind…
It served as an opportunity to further widen the narrow gap between players and ordinary people.

Naturally, the distance between the top and bottom players has also increased.
The lowest players accuse the top players of caring only about their own safety.
The top players accuse the bottom players of being too selfish for name players with no skills.

Opinions are clearly divided among people…
Perhaps this is what God was aiming for.


The system has been trying to appease the players for a long time, but…
Since Cynthia and the other races were holding on so hard, she couldn’t agree openly.

As time passed, the system stopped persuading me from some point.
Instead, the system crashed.

– Stupid human. You dared to climb when you gave a lowly race a chance! Get ready to meet the end. I will no longer guarantee a future for races such as humans and hybrids.

After the ultimatum, the system left the player like a lie.
Hearing words like a declaration of war, the player’s opinion gradually narrowed to believing Cynthia’s words and acting like a different race.

I thought the purpose was for humanity to divide itself, but it seems that it is not.
Humanity began to come together again, but Cynthia sensed the real danger approaching by every minute.


There was an uproar outside, but Cynthia had work to do.
She was doing this and that test to come up with various ideas and apply them in order to defeat the god she absolutely wanted to deal with.

You have to become stronger.
He currently has the Navy, Red, Purple, and Orange Crystals in his hand and has absorbed all three.
She wanted to absorb more crystals, but the whereabouts of the rest of the crystals were very unclear…

Cynthia gathers all her female slaves to Aurene’s cave and holds a meeting.

“Come on! From now on, we have to fight against a stronger enemy. But… They all have children of mine… Uhh… Oops…”
Somehow, everyone’s stomachs started to swell a lot.
The child is growing up

It’s just… I didn’t know when I made her a conceived slave.
But seeing it now, Cynthia felt something strange and tearful.

At first, she tried to tell everyone to join this battle, but…
Cynthia couldn’t bear it.

In particular, the moment she looked into the eyes of her wives, the female slaves who looked at her and the child in her womb with affectionate eyes… No… Cynthia recalled a feeling she had forgotten about.

Thinking that far, her heart, which is the concentration of mana in her body, vibrated greatly.

Cynthia pretends to be thinking about something to control her puzzling, tickling feelings…
She tried to control her emotions.

Fortunately, many females who could do anything for Cynthia calmly waited for her.
Then, after she calmed down, Cynthia calmly opened her mouth.

“You guys won’t be directly involved in the fight.”
Cynthia revised her plans.

“Instead of that, I have to come up with that much idea. Now I’m here in earnest, right? That’s why I have to take on the role of preventing the gods from attacking on the front line. There’s a limit to how you can fool people. It’s over when you kill them. As long as you don’t know what they’re going to do, well… Any useful idea is fine.”

Cynthia’s worries. It was like the worries of slaves.
The female slaves who had been corrupted into slime each concocted an idea for her Cynthia.

“Master. Hee hee… I have a good idea.”
Senna, an alchemist who has become a female slime… She is still active as an alchemist and mother of Aurne’s eggs.

“Tell me.”
“It’s using the slime nature!”

Saying that, Sena smiled strangely and pulled out a potion of slime-like blue liquid from between her breasts.

“The master’s slime nature makes all females his slaves, right? So… If he can turn a male into a female… There’s a good chance he’ll become your master’s slave… That’s what it means.”

That makes sense, but makes a male a female?
No matter how much alchemy reached its extreme, wouldn’t it be too much?
Let Cynthia think…

“Can you turn a male into a female by drinking this potion? It’s called… Male-only TS Corruption Potion!”
Hearing that, Cynthia widened her eyes.
She then fingered her chin with her right hand and rolled it, giving it a serious look.

‘So cute…♡’
‘I want to leave it as a picture… Then the owner will hate it, right?’
‘Ah… I hope my child is as cute as the owner… Hehe…’

While her slaves are enraptured by the sight of Cynthia, Cynthia…
‘He’s a man too. If she can make her a woman, she might even have a slime depravity ending! Hehe… Hehe…!’

He can live forever with a shame worse than her death.
When she thought of him screaming as a female, even the stress she hadn’t had before was relieved.

“Yes? But the efficiency isn’t very good? She has to drink a potion to become a woman, right?”
“If you can feed it, the male will become a female right away… Then… You can corrupt the slime and the master will be able to use it at will.”
“Okay. Then let’s test it.”

Malevolent malevolent-

While everyone has different opinions, there is a subject that is just right for an experiment.
Cynthia didn’t know what to do with her, so she left her alone for a while, but she was able to use her just in time.
Cynthia immediately summoned the crazy arsonist player who had been imprisoned in a slime prison.

“Eup! Eup!”
She bound her limbs with slime tentacles, covered her eyes with eye patches made from her slime bodily fluids, and plugged her ears. She covered her mouth with a stopper made of slime bodily fluid.

“Let’s feed him a potion. Let’s see if it works well or not… How quickly it appears… Let’s see that.”
“Are you okay? You’re a player.”

Slime Aurene Queen asked carefully, thinking of Cynthia.

“Uh. It’s an arsonist. What did you fight against me… It’s a trick of the system, so you can understand it? But he tried to burn all the players, too. So I tried to deal with it properly… Well done! Go ahead and feed it.”
“Whoa… I see.”

As the slime slave Senna approached, Cynthia removed all slime bodily fluids except for the slime tentacles that bound her limbs.

A psycho player gasping for breath when his mouth was opened.
But let’s check where she is and the way she looks at her…

“What… What! What are you guys! What is this place… Slime all over… You… What is it! Missing players. Here… Are all of them?”
There are celebrities and unknown players, but I do know that Cynthia is the culprit behind all of this.

“What the hell did you do with the slime! You… No… No… I will follow you. Please accept me as a subordinate.”
For some reason, he suddenly changed his tone to politeness.

“A strong player like you would think there must be a reason. So I will follow.”
“Yes? All of a sudden?”
“Yes. Since you are strong, I will serve you as my older brother.”

Have you made up your mind? No.
It’s just that Cynthia is strong and grasps the surrounding situation and lowers his tail.
I didn’t mean to look at it anyway.

“Feed it.”
Cynthia looked at Senna and nodded her head.

“No. I will feed myself. Give it to me.”
Cynthia used the slime tentacles to force the potion into his mouth.

“What do you mean? Big!”
He couldn’t react to the surprise-like speed and was forced to drink the potion.

“What the hell are you doing! Such an unknown potion… Kkeaaaaa!”
He drank a bottle of potion in an instant and made an expression of regret… But suddenly screamed in pain.

“Uhhhhh! What the hell… What kind of medicine… Did you give me… My body… Uhhhhh hot…”
The figure of him twisting his body here and there, moaning and screaming.

Cynthia later imagined a god in the form of a doctor looking like that.
My stomach is empty just imagining it! It was a refreshing feeling.


It was then.
His sleek, slender body… Began to show changes.

First of all, the waist was narrowed in, and the whole body was thick.
His chest came out, his hair grew longer, and the shape of his face changed.

“Uh… Heuuuuu…!”
The voice that came out of his mouth turned into a female that he felt before he knew it.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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