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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 63

63 – Patience-3

Travel is inherently boring. The trip, where you just had to sit still, was more boring than usual.


Thankfully, the lord treated me kindly. I thought he might not like me for not participating in the victory banquet, but that was a misnomer.

Hearing that I was traveling on foot, he prepared a horse, and when I said that I had no intention of riding a horse, he even prepared a carriage.

The princess’s participation in my trip must have influenced his decision, but even taking that into account, it was too much kindness.

“How long can I use this…”

It was a self-talk, but Nerwen, who had a clear ear, was listening.

“At least until the beginning of the world tree, you will be able to use it. From then on, there will be no roads because of the forest…”

At least with this power, there was no way the wagon would be damaged by halfway bandits or wolves.

If you think about physical strength management, it’s faster to ride a wagon. Going around with her is, in the end, efficient and the right choice. I didn’t like it though.

It was my decision, but it didn’t feel so good to be together with people who didn’t want to see each other.

I’d rather just see an empty road when I’m walking, or the back of the head of the person in front of me.

But in the carriage, we must face each other, whether we like it or not. Eleanor in front of me was lying with her eyes closed as if she was about to collapse, while Farseer and Nerwen were gently watching me.

Ceres, who was a little better, rode the horse for good reason, as he had no coachman. In the end, only me and the three women were left here.


Even just sighing, the eyes were focused enough to be burdensome.

It would be a lie if I said there wasn’t even a bit of jealousy when they got along amicably without me.

But I didn’t want to see everyone hardened because I was paying attention to myself.

But I didn’t want to see them laughing while ignoring me, or me and her laughing together.

what the hell am i wanting?


“We’ve arrived! Let’s rest in this town today!”

Hearing Ceres’ lively voice helped him breathe a bit.

When Enerel got off the wagon, Eleanor stumbled along.

The distance between the carriage and the ground, which was not so high, felt like a huge precipice.

She was the one who fought the Orc Lord with a body that was not normal. He was not in a state of endurance.

But it was her job to herd the horses into the inn’s stable. Leaning against the horses, she moved and put them into the stable.

When Ceres and Enerel entered the inn, Farseer spoke to her.

“You made a pretty difficult choice.”

“It was something I had to do. Apologize to him and what comes with this trip.”

I doubted it several times. I had even thought of telling him that I would just cancel and go back to the imperial palace.

But once he said it, going back like this might give him a bad impression.

I didn’t like that.

“He hasn’t changed.”


Even if Enerel had avoided fighting the Orc Lord, no one would have criticized him.

But he fought. He didn’t know if Eleanor’s words had energized him, or maybe he still had a desire to help others after all that.

“Are you feeling better?”

“When Celia comes, we’ll be able to fight again.”

It wasn’t just a fight you could win. His body was already tattered, but not to the point where he couldn’t move right now.

“The Emperor must be very worried.”

“He will understand.”

At any moment, he was the one who thought of the empire as his top priority.

Even if Eleanor were to die, the emperor would be able to use it again to create the foundation for a stronger and more stable empire.

As long as he is not openly hostile to the imperial family, it is difficult for the aristocratic criticism to be more than moral criticism.

The case that the princess, who once took away the ball from him, sacrificed herself for the real hero’s goal, would make it difficult to criticize the imperial family for moral reasons anymore.

“Well. I thought I understood him…but now I’m not sure. You are the emperor’s daughter. To him, you could be much more important.”

“The imperial family has many daughters.”

“You are his only real child.”

The age of the emperor is not small. In ten or twenty years, to the point where you have to accept death by aging.

If he had been an ordinary emperor who enjoyed s*x and fathered children, Eleanor in her twenties would not have been able to ascend the throne.

The middle-aged prince and princess must have already built a strong base of support and are fighting for the right to succeed.

However, the reason she was able to take over the throne even at such a young age was because all the members of the other imperial families were collaterals.

“Please save your life.”

“I knew you would be angry.”

“I don’t want to get angry. If you had told me a little sooner, who the real hero was, and whose power you were borrowing, a little earlier, this uproar wouldn’t have happened.”

However, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for Farseer. If you force yourself to think of the good points, it was.

Enerel was the one who told her that she was wrong from the beginning, in a very devastating and cruel way.

“Can he go back?”

“If we can get even the remains of a phoenix, then there’s a bit of a possibility.”

However, everything cannot be established unless it is premised on his return.

“How far can I trust Nerwen’s words…”

The wisdom of the elven elders is beyond imagination. The knowledge and wisdom gained from their lifespan is not small, and among them, they are those who have accumulated wisdom beyond getting older.

Among the older elves, those who enter the World Tree, realize the truth, and train for the lifespan of an ordinary human earn the title of elder.

Regardless of their strength or weakness, they know more than the Empire when it comes to seeking ancient knowledge.

“…something is coming.”

“I can’t hear it yet… can you hear the sound of horses’ hooves?”

“Yes. It looks like a guest is coming.”

Eleanor’s face straightened slightly.


“I have no face.”

The princess’ bodyguards were on their knees begging the emperor for forgiveness.

It was their mistake to think of it as an ordinary knight’s training or journey. I never thought that I would run out to fight against the Orc Lord and pass the risk of death.

Having become accustomed to the warrior Eleanor, her vigilance has loosened. With that power, Eleanor wouldn’t have needed an escort.

“I have no intention of blaming you for your sins. But I don’t see Eleanor.”

“They said they had already left. The dragon… said they would leave to help Baron Enerel on his journey… I couldn’t stop him.”

“is it.”

The emperor sighed deeply. It was not a sigh over a bad situation, but a sigh filled with self-loathing.

Enerel tried to help others even in this situation. he hasn’t changed

However, the emperor himself tries to take advantage of his actions even in this situation. A feeling of disgust for such a self filled up, and he could not bring a smile to the corners of his mouth.

“I will somehow convince you to return. I sent the saintess for treatment…”


However, the emperor, whose decision was over, cut off his words resolutely.

“Publicly announced. The saint, the elven warrior, the owner of the mage tower, and the princess all left to help him on his journey.”

“Yeah… that’s it?”

things get bigger

When the princess leaves her responsibilities behind just to help someone, her presence grows.

Considering that there is a warrior’s power, it becomes so vast that the emperor can no longer control it.

It’s just that they didn’t announce it openly, but it’s no different from openly declaring who was the real hero.

“It’s dangerous.”

The princess is a huge force. Either by its symbolism or by force.

It was a job that was done within the authority of the emperor, but on the contrary, it was difficult for the emperor to intervene in details without her.

The knights and soldiers who were officially under the direct control of the princess would have to start weighing who would benefit from taking their side.


His presence grows even more. The nobles spread the fact that he had killed the Orc Lord, and he was already known as a hero who saved the capital.

At the extreme, even if he raped the princess and made a child and then asked to make the child the crown prince, the emperor would have no choice but to nod. It would be better than having him join the aristocracy.

“If he is captured by the aristocratic faction right now, His Majesty the Emperor may be in danger! At least wait for a year or so…”

When the chaos is over and the soldiers return, they will be able to establish authority through it again, but for some reason, the monster’s movement did not subside easily.

“I’ve lived a long time. And, he’s a proven man. If it’s evil… he won’t do it.”

The emperor had thought countless times of what was an illusion and what was truly important.

“So. Send the best wagons and send the guards decently. Does the saintess herself seem willing to follow him?”

“…it seemed like he wasn’t sane, but if we ask him, he’ll do it.”

“Then send them all away. Give him back the glory he never received.”

The knight nodded his head with difficulty. The emperor straightened his beard with a smile mixed with relief and sadness.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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