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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 58

58 – Scar-12

“As you like…”

Certainly, it doesn’t suit her. I hate Eleanor.

There was not one word I liked. Even in this situation, I didn’t want to mention the duties of the imperial family, and I hated trying to save me on my own.

I got up and brushed off the dirt. However, I had to stop for a moment when I heard a voice behind me.

“Wow, he must have been a high-ranking person. He was a real baron…”

That legless adventurer luckily survived.

The few adventurers who came out with her were filling the distance between the Orc Road and the distant battle lines.


There was no time to stop. I needed time to think, but even at that moment, my hands shouldn’t be idle.

Immediately after cutting down two orcs, he shouted at her.

“don’t mind!”

“Even the princess came, and if we saved our lives, it would be a serious crime. Even the maids are fighting with swords over there because of your worries. Just go, run away.”

Little tears welled up in her eyes.

“He said he has a lover! You’re running away…”

“It’s… not anymore.”

I’m sure you met him with such a friendly face a while ago, and you can say that you don’t have it firmly and calmly.

But, that would be normal. Death is a daily occurrence in this world. If you were an adventurer, you would have known that you or the person next to you could die on a battlefield like this.

Still, that calm attitude made my head ache like it would break.

could it have been saved?

If only I had gotten to the forefront and caught the enemy’s attention, as Eleanor had done.

It was a body that would only hurt quite a bit even if it was properly hit by the Orc Lord’s attack. It can survive even when surrounded by Orcs.

If only I had been in the lead first and had focused my few firepower on it.

It’s a clumsy assumption. He might have been able to reduce the number of victims, but if he did, he might not have the stamina left to fight the Orc Lord.

However, the reduced victim may have been her lover. What happened to the adventurers at the tavern and her father?

already dead

“You think you’re going to run away…”

He had already run away.

Normally, I would have chosen that method without hesitation. However, I did an ambiguous mate.

I was afraid of people dying, but I didn’t want to step forward and do something.

They were right. Eleanor was right.

Even those who can survive must flee. I have to abandon everyone here and survive alone.

“Never, I will never do that…”

I didn’t like that ‘right’ judgment. It was unacceptable. I couldn’t see the lives of everyone here being disparaged as ‘things that could be given up’.

“I can hold on…”

No, that’s not enough. Even if I grit my teeth and endure, there is no warrior party here. Eleanor, who gained the strength of a hero, is nowhere to be found.

We have to move on. You don’t have to hold on, you have to do it.


Seeing me running from behind, Eleanor’s posture shifted.

“Why haven’t you left yet!”

“Because you will win!”

He cut down the two orcs who had gathered around him and aimed his sword at the huge monster.

she was wrong That choice can’t be right. I will prove it.

No one will die anymore, no one will be sacrificed.


With all his might, he cut off the side of the Orc Lord.

As it had been so far, the sword, about a knuckle in, was stopped by the gigantic muscles.

However, I had no intention of stopping here.

Even if the Orc Lord strikes you down with your fist, you can withstand it once.

As time passed, the war situation became unfavorable. If I wanted to save even one more person in this fight, what I had to do was clear.

To somehow kill this monster with this attack.

“It can’t be! You don’t have to go that far!”

Everyone was stopping me. Perhaps this action will make even their sacrifice meaningless.

However, I want to keep it. I want to save even one more person who is left behind me.

want to deny I want to refute. Even in the midst of this, I want to shout at Eleanor, who says that it is unavoidable for the safety of the empire, making an insignificant sacrifice, that she is wrong.

I want to prove it.

The Orc Lord shouted, but I gritted my teeth and didn’t let go of the sword.


can do. I didn’t know the exact reason, but an unknown energy was pulsating in my body.

I don’t know how far this power will end. It could easily be blocked unexpectedly, or it could be knocked down by the number of orcs after cutting down the orc road with difficulty.

But, you have to. Even if you can’t do it, you must do it.


In an instant, the sword glowed magenta. The grains of light that had been protruding from my body disappeared before I knew it, and the holy sword shook and shook.

The Holy Sword did not advance further. However, the light emitted from the tip of the sword was more than twice the size of the sword.

And the sword energy that leaked from the front of the sword slowly burned the Orc Lord’s flesh and moved forward.

As if it had been cut in half by a huge iron plate, the massive monster’s body was slightly displaced.

It was a noisy battlefield, but at that moment it was quiet.

The upper body of the Orc Lord fell to the ground. Dust spread with a great sound.

“Look. It works…”

At some point, I felt that I could do it.

But even if I didn’t have that certainty, I would have rushed at this orc.

Because it was something I had to do. Because it was something I had to do.

Still, when I saw Eleanor’s face staring blankly at me, I felt a strange sense of triumph.

Of course, I didn’t have much time to enjoy it.

“Everyone, get out of here! Because I can hold out longer!”

“What is that…”

I don’t know what power it was, but something was boiling inside me. At this rate, I could have lasted another hour.

That magenta sword, no, the plate of light that was too foreign to be a sword disappeared in an instant. I tried to blow it out again, but it didn’t come out easily.

Of course, the remaining orcs could easily be cut with a holy sword, so there was no problem.

“It’s not dangerous right now, so join the ranks first!”

The maid, Ceres, was cutting down an orc with her sword drawn somewhere. As soon as he heard me, he guided others as quickly as possible, which I really appreciated.

“No, just that, how…”

The prosthetic leg adventurer and the other knights were just staring at me as if they were dumbfounded.

“I don’t know! In the first place, it’s not the time to think about that!”

The situation was urgent.

After pondering for a moment, I remembered how Eleanor moved in this situation.

‘Starting with the commander, shaking the enemy camp as much as possible…’

From the moment I put it into action, there was no time to empty. Since he was in the middle of countless hordes of Orcs, he had no choice but to concentrate.

I was doing my best


Enerel’s sword energy remained in Eleanor’s retinas. She was staring blankly at the light.

“…wasn’t it possible.”

Maybe she didn’t need it. If he had just left him alone, he could have realized the power of a warrior and become a hero himself.

It was a handshake. Rather, if he had led this battle to victory alone, he would have been able to receive the fame and glory alone.

But, she came here. While not actually helpful in battle, only the result of ‘participated in battle’ was left.

Even in what might be the last conversation with him, he put the Empire first. Obviously, he didn’t like her attitude.

“It was… what was it?”

Her ominous imagination was gradually becoming a reality.

It may not have been a wise choice for Eleanor to obtain the power of a hero.

The gigantic black energy he emitted was of a size she had never reached before.

If that sharpness was at the same level as hers, and considering that this was the swordsmanship of a novice warrior who had been gaining the power of a hero for less than a month, it was an unbelievable achievement.

“I wonder if the quality was lacking.”

He had the ability to protect everyone. It was a bit unsettling that the sword was magenta instead of blue, but the power was real. Considering that a hero’s strength is also affected by emotions, he must have made a decision as strong as the size of his sword.

Occasionally, even if he was corrupted or the hero’s power was corrupted, she had no right to criticize him. If he had fallen because of his agitation or anger, the culprit would have been Eleanor who came here.

She was useless to the end. If he had been a hero, he might have been able to save more people sooner.

However, she held on to her exhausted spirit and stood up again. There were still many orcs. If the hero decides to fight here, as a knight of the Empire, she must follow the instructions.

“Somehow, I have to move…”

And, all too suddenly, I smelled it.

The smell of burning oil and magic vinegar. It was a smell I couldn’t get used to, but unlike before, it was worth looking forward to.

“Did you come to apologize to Enerel too…”

On top of the hill, a small figure appeared. A small being holding a staff the size of himself with both hands, looking more like a dwarf than a human.

Light emanated from the wand. fire fell from the sky

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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