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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 55

55 – Scar-9


People are afraid even when they see a being that is slightly bigger than themselves. Even with a 30 cm difference in height, I have to look up at his face.

However, the monster that the Magi gathered together and enlarged was unbelievably large as a humanoid creature with two arms and two legs.

If it could grow at that speed, it was understandable that Nerwen’s warning was late. On the outside, it must have been no different from other Orcs.


A huge greatsword strikes down. There was no room to escape. If I dodge, other adventurers will be caught up in that sword right away.


Holding the tip of the holy sword with one hand, I gnawed my teeth and withstood the sword strike.

“I’m sorry…”

Surprisingly, it held out. The stepping foot burrowed into the ground under the destructive power of the orc, and the two hands holding the sword burned painfully, but I was able to block it.

If the holy sword could cut humans, it seemed that my grip would have been torn apart.

Perhaps surprised that the sword attack was blocked, the Orc Lord turned its huge head and looked at me.

The hesitation was short-lived, and the Orc Lord swung the greatsword diagonally again.

Fortunately, all the adventurers who were surprised to see the monster were scattered left and right.

Other Orcs rushed down into the space, but the Oak Lord’s heavy greatsword mercilessly slashed even the green-skinned monster.

It was more like a huge stick than a weapon with a blade. Rather than being cut off, the Orcs caught in the attack of the Orc Lord were torn apart by the huge impact and turned into corpses emitting green bodily fluids.

And, it was an opportunity.

The difference in power is not so absolute. If you don’t get hit directly by the greatsword, your life isn’t in danger, even if you roll to the ground.

After I finished my calculations, I flew like a bullet before I could retrieve the greatsword the orc wielded.

It was not easy to lift a greatsword of that terrifying size. At least once, I was able to buy time for the sword to stab.


The Oak Lord hurriedly swung the greatsword in reverse, but once the weapon was fully swung, it moved slowly enough for me to see and avoid it.

Hiding in the shadow of the greatsword that stretched high into the sky, he rushed to the Orc Lord’s ship.


went in The holy sword swung from top to bottom drew a clear trajectory and swept across the Orc Lord’s ship.

Then, the orc’s greatsword hit my back.


My back seems to be crushed. The body twists.

It wasn’t that the sword was missing. However, hesitating for a moment at that moment was a failure.

Blood was flowing from the skin of the Orc Lord, but that was barely enough.

Compared to that gigantic body, my sword was too small. It wasn’t even deeply embedded. Even if it did bleed, it wasn’t big enough to die from excessive bleeding.

lack of restraint As long as you don’t cut off that huge arm or leg from your body, you shouldn’t be vigilant until the end.


I avoided the Orc’s greatsword, which came down from above, by taking a side step. However, considering the shaking ground and the wind pressure, it was impossible to say that it was avoided.

I couldn’t keep my balance, but I was able to move faster than that orc. Seriously this time, he slashed his entrails in order to deliver a fatal blow.

However, the holy sword was once again blocked.

It wasn’t hard skin. However, from a certain point the sword did not enter at all.

The layers of fat or muscle on the Orc Lord’s belly grabbed the knife as if it were alive and did not let go.

“That’s it…”

Even when the sword was stuck in his flesh, the orc did not stop. It was too risky to put more force into the holy sword here.

He clenched his teeth and drew out his sword. Even that was not easy.

A greatsword passed overhead. I’m used to avoiding it, and if I try to stop it, I can still block it.

“Anything useful… No, it’s too dull!”

She shouted at the holy sword in a voice mixed with irritation, but she didn’t seem to have the right way either.

-Is it my fault? This sword is originally an emitter that uses the power of a hero. Of course, apart from that, it’s a very hard and unbreakable sword, but…

“Then why don’t you cut me!”

– It’s not a problem with this sword! Are you good at begging? If you don’t have proper strength and attitude, you won’t enter!

“I never learned that!”

I knew how to dodge, but I didn’t know how to cut.

I had learned the basic concepts from Eleanor, but the goal of that training was my survival.

I still think it’s half mixed emotions, but right now it was.

I didn’t have to cut anyone down. Rather than taking such a risk, it was more reasonable to hold out somehow and hope for the help of a hero or archer.

Of course, I could learn how to dodge and parry, but I couldn’t learn how to cut.

“Should I stab him…”

However, with that huge body, it didn’t seem like it would be very effective to make scars with dots.

In the worst case, if you couldn’t draw the sword, you might have to spend too much time.

“In the first place, why can’t I use that power…”

-Well. I thought I could use this, but… I’m sorry. I really don’t know.

“Damn it, how were you fighting against a monster like this…”

The Orc Lord is obviously an incredibly strong corps commander level monster, but it is not the strongest monster.

There are not a few monsters that are as strong as the Demon King, and even among other monsters dispatched to the frontlines.

-Orcs are weak against fire, so use fire… Anyway, there has never been a case where a pure human faced that guy with swordsmanship.

“I see…”

-Usually the hero handled it. If that wasn’t possible, I used magic or prepared plenty of oil and fire.

“Aside from that, is there anything a normal person can do?”

While avoiding the greatsword, he created another wound on the giant orc’s body, but the monster didn’t care and continued to wield the terrifying piece of iron.

– There weren’t any people who faced it with swordsmanship, but I heard that it was a half-human, half-dragon. After several days of fighting, they said they finally fought and won.

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Just as an orc cannot kill me in one shot, I cannot kill that orc in one shot.

“In the end, that’s all there is…”

Keep hurting and never make a mistake.

I don’t know how durable I am, but I have no intention of testing it.

Eleanor was terrifyingly strong, but she still hurt when she got hurt and bleed when she got hurt.

If the orc’s greatsword had hit the neck instead of the back, the connection between the head and body might have loosened.

Besides, there are no saints or wizards here.

“…Can I do it?”

I dodged again and cut again.

I got used to the orc’s movements, but the orc also seemed to get used to my actions.

It was unpleasant, but those races were born for battle. In the fight between me and the Orc Lord, that monster was learning more than me.

The pattern of dodging the falling greatsword once and cutting the orc’s body once became distorted.

The Orc Lord used more restrained swordsmanship, and instead of using all his strength to smash the ground, he swung his greatsword continuously with moderate force.

There was a limit to avoiding it, and the orc’s movements were quite nimble.

The Orc Lord, whose wounds hadn’t increased for a while, struck the sword again with a smile of victory.


And, despite my small body, I was on par with that monster in terms of strength.

It was difficult to receive the impact of that heavy sword head-on, but it was possible to counter it if the attack was poorly controlled.

To the Orc Lord who lost his posture for a moment, he left a scar on his leg.


The wound he made on his stomach had already healed, and no more blood flowed out.

The monster’s belly was full of green blood, but it didn’t feel like it was killing it. How much longer do I have to go on with this? How many more minutes can I dodge this attack?


My posture was slightly disturbed by the crude spear stabbing me from the side. Unlike the human soldiers who made room for me, the orcs continued to fight and cut me down.

Most of them were swept away by the power of the Orc Lord, but there were some Orcs who took advantage of the gap and succeeded in attacking me.

“be careful!”

An arrow flying from behind filled the gap where his posture collapsed. It was an arrow that went right into the Orc Lord’s eye, but the green monster didn’t care and moved again.

However, through a slight gap, I was able to raise my sword again and block the attack.

“The main unit is also being penetrated! The commander is fighting with his own sword! If you want to live, you must run away!”

“I’m sorry…”

“No, it’s already too late! There are far more orcs than we thought. Retreat!”

I slightly turned my eyes and looked around, and before I knew it, I was surrounded by orcs. It was also possible to understand why Nerwen’s arrow support was not cool.

Standing on top of a wooden plank, Nerwen was slashing the crowds of orcs with his sword. A clumsy wire was built around it, but even that looked precarious and unstable.

“…Did I come here for no reason?”

I smiled bitterly, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the Orc Lord right away.

Ready for death, I hit the Orc Lord’s sword again.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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