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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 22

22 – Revival-5

Rumors that the princess had drawn the sword had already spread widely in the streets. There were too many witnesses, so it was inevitable.

And secretly, that opponent is an elf. Those who knew the rumors that it was an elf who was also in the hero’s party knew.

It wasn’t even that she covered her face. The entire party of warriors was gathered together and a banquet was held to celebrate their return, and those with good eyesight could tell that the two elves were the same person.

And at the center of the incident, there was an aristocratic man.

A man who was rude and bold enough to go on his way as if nothing had happened even with the help of the princess, and was worthy of the elf’s obsession and kidnapping attempt.

Those rumors were processed and inflated. When it reached the saintess’ ears, it was hard to recognize the original.

“Celia! It’s true that the princess and the elf are fighting over the same man!”


With her white priestly robe drenched in sweat, the saintess came out of the prayer room.

The goddess didn’t always answer her prayers, but at least I could hear her voice once or twice a week, until she entered a warrior’s party.

This phenomenon, no matter how you think about it, was strange.

However, in her head, the option of blaming God did not exist.

I just prayed more sincerely and faithfully, which was lacking.

Because if I didn’t meet God, this pain wouldn’t be healed.

“Uh, what does that mean…”

However, the news that greeted the tired saintess was even more shocking.

“You really don’t know? You know everything, but you won’t tell us it’s a secret?”

“Well, if it’s the princess’s secret, it’s something I can’t tell you. I understand everything!”

The saintess held on to her dizzy spirit and struggled to open her mouth.

“That, that’s not it, what I said earlier… That’s…”

“You haven’t heard yet? No, you really don’t know?”

“Since yesterday, the saintess has been up all night. Let her rest for a while.”

I was sleepy and tired, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if I lay down with that question. The saintess held the nun’s shoulders tightly with both hands.

“Again, tell me…”

“The princess and the elf are fighting for love over the same man…”

Surprised by the force, the nun obediently revealed the information she knew.

“What happened?”

“Last night, the elf who entered the warrior’s party… Nerwen? He tried to kidnap the baron for an escape of love, but the princess who was stalking the baron pulled out a knife to rescue him and imprisoned the elf. Did you throw it away?”

The words didn’t fit properly in the saintess’s head. The noun was understandable. Nerwen, Baron, Eleanor.

However, what he did for what he did, he was not connected to the character at all.

“Huh, that must be nonsense…”

“There are many eyewitnesses? The elf just shook off the guards and tried to hug the baron, but the princess pulled out her sword and aimed it at the elf, and the baron went back as if nothing happened…”


It was too large to be a rumor, and the description of the situation was precise. In the first place, there was no atmosphere for such nonsense to spread.

It wasn’t the princess’s lack of popularity, or the atmosphere where bad rumors about elves were circulating.

The information that she was marrying a baron had been released in quite a few places, but it was only among the upper class.

It is hard for commoners to even imagine walking around the city. However, if they can conclude that it was a fight for love, it is certain that something happened.

“You two, you two, are not like that…”

I could guess who the baron was. The fact that he was a descendant of the Leodrin family was only known when I tried to meet him after the adventure.

In the first place, if it weren’t for him, there was no other man the two of them met in common.

Eleanor treated him like a pack mule. Maybe, it could have been worse than that. There’s no way a madman would give a mule to do a knight’s training.

Nerwen grabbed his nose whenever he saw him. He was belittled and belittled as a human being, an ordinary person at all times.

Celia, who thought humans were equal in front of the goddess, didn’t like it, but no matter how many times she tried to stop it, it was no use.

Maybe it was her desire to be recognized for her superiority. Because none of the saints, princesses, and wizards could be judged by the elf race alone.

“That can’t happen, no…”

But, if that’s true.

If they have romantic feelings and have been trying to hide them all this time.

“Ah, then why are you two fighting over a man?”

“That’s… but…”

I. why?

It is understandable that he hates himself.

He always smiled and said it was okay, no matter how hard he was ordered to do. At one point, the saintess forgot to ask for his permission and only offered empty thanks.

It was arrogance. himself, he shouldn’t have done that. He is human too, and his dedication had limits.

It was her negligence, her lack. I couldn’t deny that.

I thought that when this war was over, we would all laugh together again. He thought that the hardened expression on his face was just stress from the battle with the demon army, so he believed that he would come back after all this.

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Just like when we were just starting out on an adventure where we didn’t hate each other.

Back when the man joked around, when Eleanor respected him, when the sorceress listened to him with interest, when Nerwen put vegetables in his mouth, when he laughed himself.

“Saintess, are you okay?”

“Hey, I need to go to the prayer room.”

The saintess staggered back to where she was, enduring the shock that swept through her head.

“I’m hurt, since I was there just a moment ago…”

“Just a little bit, just a little bit.”

But that was his own delusion. Enerel hated her. As if it wasn’t even worth talking to, he desperately pushed Celia away.

It was sad. However, I thought there would be an opportunity to make up for it someday.

If you pray to God, have a good heart, and don’t forget to apologize to him.

Since no one died, it was considered a relationship that could be reversed.


The saintess, who entered the prayer room, knelt in the pitch darkness of an empty room. She suppressed the doubt that there might be no one in front of her, a doubt she had never had before.

I needed to control my mind. Because what was growing in her heart now was the feeling of hatred.


I knew she had no right to think like this.

However, they are.

“Why, do you let them take Mr. Porter… Mr. Enerel?”

She is a saint so kind as to be foolish.

She found it more difficult to treat people with kindness than to treat them with kindness and laughter.

However, when several people are confronted, she has no choice but to choose one side, even if she does not want to.

When he comes back after meeting him, Nerwen silently curses with his eyes and grabs his nose.

A Farseer who used to say, ‘Think about whether that’s what you really need right now’ whenever she uses divine power.

And whenever she said something nice about him, even Eleanor treated the saintess as a ‘kind child’.

The saintess hated being hated, and unless the opponent was a heretic or demon, she hated being angry or making her suffer.

He was the more patient. He was the one who was less angry, and he was also the one who was outnumbered.

In the end, the saintess made a comfortable choice.

“If it wasn’t for those people…”

The saintess could have helped him without any remorse.

If I had met such a devoted person at a place other than a warrior’s party, I would have brought him to the Church somehow.

Or at least, he wouldn’t have come to hate himself.


Ever since the incident that happened a few days ago, the saintess has been shutting herself in the prayer room and praying. I fell into asceticism to the point of losing my mind.

I knew that it would be meaningless if it wasn’t an apology in front of his eyes.

Still, that was all she could do, so she prayed. Taking his word not to meet, I just prayed that he would soften his heart.

“I’m here…”

If the.

I know this is a selfish idea, but really, if the other warrior party members didn’t hate him.

Nothing to regret or be sad like this would have happened.

“How could they…”

If Eleanor and Nerwen wanted him, it might be because they didn’t want anyone else approaching him.

I knew it was an absurd delusion. No matter how you look at it, the elf really hated him, and the princess truly despised him.

If he had done that, even if he succeeded in knocking out another woman, he would not be able to win him.


But, what if you had no intention of winning his heart from the start?

The World Tree is a holy place, and it is a war for humans to set foot there without permission. If Nerwen somehow manages to kidnap him and get him into the World Tree, the Empire will only have to weigh a baron against the elves.

Eleanor is a princess. More or less ‘differences of opinion’ can be suppressed with power.

Even if the emperor, who is blinded by sensuality, touches a married woman, it is difficult to punish him easily, but he can do something about getting the baron as his spouse. Right now, the princess is stronger…

The saintess bit her lip. In the sacred space, filthy anger and jealousy mingled.

“The person who liked you first, would have been me…”

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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