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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 207

207 – ending-5

“I’m a little late. I’m sorry. I needed some time to get this.”

With a short apology, the unicorn dropped a cloth bag it was holding in its mouth.


I remembered. A familiar box fell out of a cloth bag on the ground.

It was the remains of a phoenix.

“It’s hidden somewhere, so I had a hard time finding it.”

“That, how…”

The last person to have it was Farseer. Finding it wouldn’t have been easy.

“I don’t know why, but the humans are pretty kind. They said it was for you, so I obediently told them where it was.”


Did the rumor spread that I brought a unicorn? If so, it would not have been easy for someone related to Farsi to be hostile to her.

If he thought she was running errands, he would have handed over the noble without much resistance.

“But why did you bring it?”

It wasn’t something I needed right now.

“Well, think about it. I am always ready to give my life, ‘according to your will’.”


When she said this, it didn’t seem like she just needed the remains of a phoenix.

A unicorn, a living unicorn and what its life needs.

“Return… I gave up. I just couldn’t find the last thing.”


“You stay still.”

The whole body was covered with scars, and I gently pressed and stepped on the Farseer’s forepaw.

“The dragon’s heart could not be obtained. It does not exist.”

I can’t kill her Celia cannot be killed.

That’s how it happened.

“Ah, I thought so. Ever since that mage excitedly confided his plan, I thought it might end badly.”

But the unicorn didn’t show any signs of surprise, and repeatedly asked me questions.

“So, you’re saying you don’t need this? You’ll need it…”


I caught my dizzy mind and thought about what the unicorn was trying to say.

However, my knowledge was one thousand.

If it wasn’t for the ingredients I needed for my return, I wouldn’t have bothered to find these precious magic ingredients.

“You don’t intend to live like that for the rest of your life, do you?”


No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t understand it.

The remains of the phoenix I knew were just a medium to maintain their existence.

A material that preserves and revives the existence of a place where the body is burned and the soul is burned and nothing remains.

But for me to stay in this world, I didn’t need such a grandiose defense device.

“Dirty words… How dare you seduce anyone…”

Hostility lingered in Farseer’s eyes. The eyes fired at that dragon’s body were quite fierce.

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“Enerel, don’t listen to that cunning horse’s voice. That’s… hope. Anytime, you can change your mind… Kheuk!”

I tried to avoid organs as much as possible, but I drove my sword deep into Farseer’s body. If you move wildly, it may have been inevitable to vomit blood.

If it was the dragon’s resilience, it would be fine in less than a day or two, but… not right away.

“Even if you say cunning, it’s hard to admit that it’s dirty.”

However, the unicorn gently accepted the hostility with a nonchalant face.

“If you call an impure, polluted state dirty, this body isn’t enough to hear you say that.”


Farseer was agitated. She seemed to understand the unicorn’s words.


Unicorn blood is a symbol of purity.

A medium that infers the body, stained with numerous contamination and mutations between dimensions, with the essence of the ‘soul’ remembered by the remains of the phoenix, and above all, restores its pure form.

However, it was still meaningless.

Right now, I had no reason to die once through dimension shift, nor to restore the body to its pure form.


not. not me What I need is not me.

You don’t need these materials to overcome the commonsense circumstance of dimension shifting, where you have to ‘die’.

“I see…”

I looked at Farseer.

“Did you realize it? If so, you must have felt how absurd this is.”

Opposite. I don’t need these ingredients to protect myself, I need them to bring someone back.

“Mare. There shouldn’t have been a clause like this in your contract with Enerel!”

“Well, I already owe him the cleanup of the cave. It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t commit slaughter or spread filth.”


“From the beginning, I just said I’d do what Enerel wanted.”

The unicorn continued with a smile on his face, as if he was enjoying this situation.

“If it’s to make the impure pure, this level of change is acceptable.”

If so, you could


Power the sword again.

“Eh, Enerel. Are you really going to do that!”

“of course.”

is an application It’s not actually doing the dimension shift, but it’s using the necessary restoration and immortality powers for her.

The remains of a phoenix that will maintain the mover’s existence even if his body is completely burned during dimension shift.

And when its existence is confirmed, the blood of the unicorn that will restore the mover’s body to its purest state.

Using that power, I was able to reverse the Farseer.

“…This is crazy. It won’t work.”

“It’s possible if you help me.”

In the end, all that was left was Farseer himself.

“What a painstakingly gathered material! Even if you choose to leave it here, if you ever change your mind! It’s better to collect one demon dragon’s heart than to collect three ingredients…”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Is it okay to ruin your journey like this! In order to save the one person who deserves to die, no!”

Farseer howled.

“…It was broken from the start.”

Maybe it wasn’t the journey I took with the strength of the warrior, but even the journey I took as a porter for the warrior’s party. It was broken.

I didn’t grow at all. Perhaps, it may have degenerated.

I gained strength, shattered everything around me, but nothing was left of me.

Even so.

“…I’m leaving for the next trip.”

But that didn’t mean I could just let Farseer die right now.

“Use magic. You can do it, right?”

“This is not right! It’s the blood of a unicorn, it’s the remains of a phoenix! Even if you sell this material in hundreds, it could save thousands of people dying of poverty!”

She was still worried about the person behind me.

“That’s something I’ll try to do with my life.”


“Well, you can think of it as a debt I owe. I, who couldn’t see you die here, sacrificed the people I could save out of personal greed.”

She was still thinking of everyone’s interests. However, it wasn’t necessarily wrong. In order to realize that plan right away, there was an existence that had to be sacrificed right before my eyes.

I looked at the unicorn with pitying eyes.


“What are you hesitating about? Didn’t I say that this body would disappear soon? I have no regrets in life… And, this is something worthwhile.”

someone must die For the life of Farseer, there is a person who sacrifices.

Even so, I had no intention of quitting.

Because it’s my job. because that’s what i want

It’s for the people I want to protect, for the people I don’t want to kill.

Enormous energy emanated from the high-stretched sword.

“Use magic. It will be over in an instant, so it won’t hurt that much.”

Destruction equivalent to the impact of dimension shift must be done with my sword.

The energy that rose from the tip of the sword rose endlessly and shook as if it would tear the earth into pieces.

“…I’ll believe you.”

If the magic of the Farseer is not performed, there will be only destruction. I will kill her once more with my own hands.

The shock must be so overwhelming that the remains of the phoenix cannot restore ‘she in the form of a dragon’.

In the end, her life was in Farseer’s hands.

“It’s not worth it… why…”

While the farseer howled, the unicorn cautiously poked out its head.

“Be careful. This body can die on its own, so don’t worry.”

“…thank you.”

The holy sword glittered. The desire to save Farseer created a clear and pure blue light.

Farseer hadn’t prepared magic yet. I looked at her and said the last words.

“Let’s see the stars again.”

I couldn’t hold the sword any longer. It was such a huge power that it seemed like it would burn my body, and holding it up was a pain in itself.

I faintly felt her mana moving. I felt the unicorn’s breath stop.

Without any regrets, I fired the hero’s power at Farseer. A beam of light emanated from it, as if thousands of huge shields were overlapping each other.

The earth shook. forest was destroyed My vision blurred, and I couldn’t see anything.

Only the immense power emitted from my sword was destroying the world. Anticipating the regeneration that would follow the destruction, he was shattering Farseer.


Power has gone down. The body that had reached its limit was broken.

Before I had time to see the destruction I had created, I let go of my sword and collapsed. I couldn’t open my eyes or look ahead.

The sky came into my shabby, collapsed eyes.

The same sky as a few minutes ago, with countless stars twinkling.

“…Rell! Enerel!”

It wasn’t the dull, low vocal cords of a dragon, but the voices coming from the human body.

I heard the sound of my feet tapping the ground, and Farseer rushed to check on me.


Seeing her face that I thought I would never see again, I could finally feel that it was all over.

No, it’s not over. It just lasted one more day.

Living with the trauma in my head, with the anger and hatred, the pressure of revenge, and the sadness of not wanting to forgive.

“Don’t scream. I’m dizzy…”

Still, the sun rises.

Dawn was coming.

“You did it…”

It’s the next day.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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