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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 202

202 – Duty-5

“I’ve hated it for a long time. It really annoyed me to the point of grinding my teeth.”

And that feeling has not changed that much even now.

that hasn’t changed Didn’t get cut out. did not grow

“Everything you do is duty, duty… Really, disgusting to the point of being disgusted with it.”

Maybe it was jealousy.

Compared to me, who only talks about what is right and what is right with her mouth, she was steadily doing things that benefit the world even at the cost of a little sacrifice.

However, I was on the victim side. Either emotionally or physically.

Maybe that’s why I hated it even more.

“It was my mistake. So, I want to apologize.”

Eleanor blocked the merciless sword attack coming down from above with perfect posture.

I pulled out my strength to the fullest, but the me who wielded it was still clumsy and weak.

The sword was unstable and ineffective even in a calm state. If the emotions were agitated, the sword’s trajectory was bound to be more messed up than before.

But its weight is not light.

It is the strength of the warrior. It is the power of those who want to protect it, even if it is a weak sword.

There is the power of Erinis. Even though we parted once, I was still her chosen warrior.

With the right purpose, the right emotion, the right belief, and a little respect.

If I called the name of Erinis for revenge, to harbor anger, and to penetrate my feelings.


The power of the goddess dwells in my body.

No matter how clumsy that sword attack was, no matter how perfect posture she blocked my sword at the perfect moment.

A power so great that it could crush her with even more overwhelming power.

“Similar, but different!”

Eleanor, too, has not changed.


When I gave up on being an empire, I thought it was a bit fortunate. However, in the end, she didn’t change.

“No, I will accept any resentment. It must have been me who made you that way.”

“Don’t accept resentment, just change!”

I hit the sword without stopping.

“Duty, good. Anyone running towards it? It’s cool. But… but you, look at the people around you!”


“f*ck, I’m not asking for a lot! Just, sympathize! If you don’t like that, at least feel sad!”

Even if it was just a small word of comfort.

Or, if she only comforted those who died along the way a little.

Maybe I’m asking too much.

Empathy and consolation cost money. You have to accept the mental pain.

The journey of the warriors’ party was not easy enough to allow such ‘flesh’.

At the end of the journey, I was so concentrated that I had to silently accept the fact that I was treated as a public enemy and vomited out stress.

“From here to here, it’s my duty, so I grit my teeth and keep it, and the other way around, I cut it like a knife. I hate that in itself!”

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Just as during my journey as a warrior party, I was harshly accused of abandoning humans who had no choice but to die.

“So, to atone for that mistake…”

“Atonement is for those who have changed. You haven’t changed. They just put me in the position of ‘duty’.”

That is a huge shock and a huge change. Because they threw away the values I had kept all my life in an instant and put me in that position.

would have thought a lot. For my pain, for my pain, for what she did to me, she must have been hurt too. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have changed.

However, the structure has not changed.

“Now I’ve become your target. My return has become your duty, and you don’t even care what happens outside for that?”

The chaos of the imperial family, the division of the empire, the lives of Celia and Farseer.

Eleanor will be sick too. But, it endures. Because that’s all too familiar.

To do her duty, to cut off what’s left.

“…we had to prioritize.”

“I really hated that way of thinking.”

The red aura becomes stronger. Now, it illuminates the surroundings brighter than the moonlight.

“Come to think of it, I guess I haven’t beaten you enough yet.”

“Enerel. But… such a weak mindset will only end up hurting someone.”


“Like the emperor and my mother did. In the end, the fate of those who turn their backs on their duties is only miserable.”

are struggling

Cracks were slowly forming in her sword, which was as strong as a huge castle.

Between the words, the sword is inserted and blocked.

Even she couldn’t last forever. Wounds were oozing from his body.

“Are you selling your parents now?”

“Even as parents, human to human I can no longer respect them.”


“Desire gave birth to me. Greed raised me. Born that way, I meet you and cause you pain!”

“It’s more painful for you to grit your teeth here!”

Eleanor’s sword slows down.

Now I am a fighter of God. No matter how much she was, holding a sword was her limit.

No, even this shouldn’t be happening. It is an unrealistic situation for any human, any swordsman, to wield a sword in front of a being with this power.

“What did that mean? I don’t know the details, but couldn’t a person who devoted his life to duty love someone else so much that he couldn’t help it?”

Well, the results weren’t good. Had they been a little wiser, the situation could have been dealt with without harm.

I can’t say it wasn’t a stupid move. However, I couldn’t say that it was a wrong move.

Her mother, who forsook wealth and glory, and cheated on both of them, staying true to the one she loved.

Even though she wasn’t his own daughter, the emperor couldn’t help but love Eleanor.

I wished I was a little more rational, but I couldn’t bear to say that the action itself was wrong.

“That’s Bangui.”

“Even so!”

Little by little, I could understand the Emperor.

“Didn’t you reject it too! His Majesty the Emperor’s plan to create the next emperor by combining you and me!”

“f*ck, the emperor and I are strangers. I’m okay with that guy. But aren’t you not okay? You’re my father!”

“That duty…”

“In the first place, the reason you had to keep that duty might have been you!”

Responsibility is painful. It is inconvenient, cumbersome, and boring.

What makes him able to do that is his own desire.

“Neither do you! Because they treated you with love, because your mother cared for you, your father-Emperor cared for you! So, duty could bind you!”

Eleanor clenched her teeth.

“Even those people threw them away like a devoted couple for me. Then you think I’ll admit it with a ‘Oh, thank you’?”

The human Eleanor was too complicated to hate.

No, he was a very clear person. A being too gigantic to hate, whose merits and demerits are obvious.

However, it is not Knight Eleanor.

“Duty is not something you do for a reason.”

“You said. You weren’t even the emperor’s daughter, you were just a product of desire. Nevertheless, you fought for someone else.”

“That’s because I’m a knight…”

“No, it’s because they loved you. They kept you, even though it was not their duty.”

And Eleanor tried to crush their emotions in the name of duty.

As it was for me, this time for me.

I couldn’t have wanted that.

“It was pointless! If it was just me who was born that way, it’s better not to have it in the first place!”


When I was in the capital, before going on a trip. I admired Eleanor.

That would be the case, because all the stories around her were filled with stories of her exploits.

When I went out on the street, there were people who said that she was kind to her, and there were people who said that her life was saved.

“To say that it was better not to have it from the beginning, that can’t be the case.”

Eleanor’s past could not be denied. Me, who loathes her present, even herself.

“But, you point your sword at me too…”

“This is revenge.”

Revenge of the humans crushed under her duty.

It was none of my business how much Eleanor now felt indebted to me or how much she valued me.

Huge power hovers around the sword. The red aura and anger, and the determination to protect her nonetheless.

“I’ll try to be as careful as possible, so take one hit and come to your senses.”


Eleanor’s expression darkened. It seemed that he had no intention of stepping back.

Well, I didn’t think I could convince her with these few words.

“Not yet!”

Eleanor desperately sought my gap and stabbed me.


I laughed and raised my inner strength. The holy sword wriggled.

Soon, the holy sword moved and oscillated, stretching out like dough. In the end, it became a giant red plate.

I raised a shield large enough to cover my body, and while holding it, I rushed at Eleanor.


A huge shock was felt.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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