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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 192

192 – reverse-11

Dozens of arrows flew.

You have to think. There is no time. 1 second at most. Even that would be an overly generous amount of time.

Nerwen wasn’t an elf who could use clone magic. Even though I can fire multiple arrows at once, the number of arrows that can damage me is limited.

The rest is just a fake. Two or three at most. That much would have been the arrows she really shot, and the rest would have been just weakly scattered arrows, or even tree branches containing her energy.

There is no avoiding it. Numerous arrows were flying, and the moment I moved my legs thinking I was going to dodge them, there was no time to slash them or defend myself.

We have to figure it out. What is her real arrow.

Ignore arrows flying into the eyes, head, neck, or heart.

Considering her intentions, the most significant blow would be the legs. However, even that may have been played by Nerwen’s plan.


Out of dozens of arrows, I knocked out one that flew into my stomach. I moved my legs slightly to avoid an attack that was likely to hit my leg, and then slightly turned my body to catch the arrow that was about to hit my stomach with my back.


The prediction was not wrong. Countless arrows failed to pierce my skin and fell powerlessly.

There were three real arrows. One arrow that went into my stomach that I knocked out, and another arrow that was aiming for my leg.

However, he couldn’t avoid the real arrow that flew into his left waist.

“Are you serious?”

As soon as the arrow was roughly pulled out, her series of attacks continued.

It was the first time he had received Nerwen’s arrow from the front. Most of the time, arrows flew from behind my back.

It was a chilling experience to move in the line of fire of my allies, but I never thought that the arrow would hit me.

Regardless of her personality, that arrow always pierced the monster’s vitals.

And now it was flying toward me.

“I’m serious… Even if I’ve never been sincere with you until now! Now, only now, I’m sincere!”

That shouldn’t be said. Even with a hero’s senses, it took time to figure out her location in such a dense forest.

Revealing one’s position with one’s voice couldn’t have been a strategically correct decision.

“Returning you to your world, so that you no longer suffer because of me and others, so that the people of this world do not feel meaningless guilt just because you were summoned as a hero!”

Arrows are fierce. He bounced arrows several times and avoided them, but he could not avoid all attacks.

Even after chasing her with the momentum to run to the end of the forest, Nerwen was barely caught. Her offensive opportunities were endless, and I allowed her to attack bit by bit.

The clothes were all messed up. It’s just that even a tree branch that wasn’t properly powered couldn’t tear my body, which had the strength of a warrior, but it was easy to tear the slightly hard clothes to shreds.

“You too… Please, please, please, get out of this world and find your freedom!”

was crying

During the trip, Nerwen, who didn’t seem to show any emotions to me for the rest of her life, was revealing her true feelings without hesitation.

There is no end to this.

The power of the hero is focused on the warrior who fights with a sword. Even if its power is absolute, the battlefield where it can exert the highest efficiency is fixed.

Unless the power of the Holy Sword is released, it is not possible to fire a beam that can annihilate countless soldiers at once.

There is no such thing as wings. In order to hunt the harpies flying through the sky, you have to put down your holy sword and rely on your own archery skills, or jump up to a high place with superhuman leg strength and wield the sword while struggling.

If it was a hero’s ability, he wouldn’t be embarrassed by an ordinary harpy, but there was a limit. Now, Nerwen’s existence was like that.

Narrowly, she moved a little faster than me.

Leaves and branches were obstacles to me. It obscured the vision, slowed down the pace, and consumed a little more time to avoid and pass through.

However, to her, trees were a stepping stone and a place to live. With her lithe body and sense of balance, she moved through the forest stepping on thin branches as if they were weightless.

“driving me crazy…”

However, her arrow did not fatally wound me. A proper arrow could tear through my skin, but I wasn’t going to stop at this point even without a healer.

not yet disadvantaged You can hold out longer, and one day catch up.

By the time her stamina was depleted, her speed slowed down, and I was able to chase after her.

“driving me crazy…”

I strengthened my legs and chased Nerwen with all my might. If I didn’t overdo it here, I thought I would play tag like this for the rest of my life.

Arrows keep flying. One arrow was pierced into each shoulder, leg, and forearm. Even that, after hitting countless arrows, was an arrow that penetrated my defense and evasion and stuck in my body.

After reading a pattern with difficulty in her movements, I jumped to the next tree branch where she could move instead of where I could feel Nerwen’s presence.

I’ve tried this method many times, but this time it was a little different. After repeated battles dozens of times, I felt sure where I should go and where she would be.

“Uh, uh!”

However, it got too close. She, who ran away with all her might, and I, who pursued her with all my might, neither of them thought that they would bump into each other.

In an instant, their faces came closer. Nerwen holding the bow and me seeing her face right in front of me, neither of them responded immediately.



Nerwen and I fell in an instant. I fell forward and rolled on the ground, and Nerwen bounced up and moved in the opposite direction.

I couldn’t cope with the speed. The moment I saw her face right in front of me, the acceleration attached to my body was tremendous.

If he had swung his sword at that speed, he would have killed Nerwen.

Thinking back, he could have captured Nerwen if he had let go of his sword and then punched or rolled on the ground hugging her body.

However, my experience was insufficient to make such a judgment instantaneously.

“Oh, really…”

Nerwen also had a chance. Apparently, the moment I rushed in, her arrow was aimed at my head.

If I had just let go of the bowstring, her arrow would have pierced my head. No, even if it couldn’t be pierced, it could have inflicted fatal wounds.

Neither she nor I could. It was a ridiculous battle that wasn’t even worth fighting.

I had no intention of killing Nerwen, and Nerwen had no intention of killing me either. They were only struggling with each other, but they weren’t really fighting.

“It’s funny.”

Before I knew it, Nerwen’s arrow flew by. I shook off my annoyance and gently swung my holy sword to knock out her arrow.

No matter how you think about it, this was her true intention. Nerwen was in love with me.

She wasn’t forced to follow me, not because she was afraid of my strength, or because of her impulses.

At least, for this moment it was. She shot an arrow at me for me, for my life and my feelings.


He did not forget what Nerwen had done. I didn’t forget her eyes.

I did not forget what he said as he glared at me with eyes full of contempt and anger.

However, the moment she just met her eyes, the eyes and face she showed me were so desperate and vivid.

Like. It seemed alive.

“Hey, come out!”

It was not something that could be resolved by fighting like this. If Nerwen was this desperate, then I had to use whatever was available to me.

At my shout, Nerwen stopped pouring arrows and fell silent.

“Let’s stop. It’s hard.

Nerwen, who had been wary of it, appeared cautiously. His body was exhausted, and his face was sorrowful.

“And you, do you have anything to say to me? Is it right to suddenly come and shoot arrows first?”

It was a dark night. The little moonlight was blocked by the leaves, and the light shining on her was very weak and weak.

The tiny light flickered briefly as it touched the water dripping from Nerwen’s eyes.

“I’m sorry. Everything. What I did, what you suffered. Everything… So, please go back… freely, where no one knows you…”

My mind became sober. Was she thinking of me this much?

Considering what she did, it seemed like this was not enough, but she was still crying. Even if it was Nerwen, it couldn’t help weakening my heart.

Unfortunately, I had no intention of having a casual conversation with her from the start.

“I apologize… I will…”

Tears streamed from Nerwen’s eyes, blocking her vision. Nerwen’s legs trembled as if they were about to collapse at any moment.

It is now.


I jumped at her like a flash. No matter how fast Nerwen was, there was a limit.

Not above the tree, but below the ground. Tears obscured my vision, and I even lost my movement for a moment. In this situation, avoiding my attack was impossible for her, who had already reached the limit of her physical strength.

After rolling on the ground a few times hugging Nerwen, I was finally able to see Nerwen’s face up close.


The Nerwen covered in my body was looking at me with an incomprehensible expression.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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