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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 169

169 – theorem-3

It was a mysterious space. As he said, this was a lake that flowed vertically and was a mirror made of smooth water.

“Here, what can I do…”

It smelled like Parseer. I looked around for a bunch of papers or records, but there really was nothing here except that lake.

There was no explanation, so I cautiously put my hand inside it just in case.


Memories seeped in.

I thought I would see something in that transparent mirror, but the purpose was completely different. Instead of sitting and watching, it felt like the video was directly embedded in my head.


It was not a happy memory. It was just so common that I can’t even remember it, it was a scene where Farseer harassed me.

-Why why! Why are you so stupid! Why, don’t you even think to understand me!

Her voice pierced my heart. I couldn’t remember what caused the quarrel.

-Making people like that is not the right solution!

– It was just a simple modification. You whine so much that those people can’t stand the cold, so I’m just preparing for it!

As I listened to her, I vaguely remembered it.

They were good people. Unbelievably nice people to live in such a barren town.

I saw their good. When supplies ran out and we couldn’t find a place to rest, they provided us with food and shelter.

-Isn’t winter coming to an end? There are already enough warming magic tools for us to use…

-You may end up fighting demons who can handle cold. I can’t waste such valuables in vain!

-Didn’t you kill the Demon Grand Duke who uses that ability on the way?

-Even if it’s not a large supply, there are plenty of demons who use such abilities. Using non-essential supplies for the lives of refugees is more dangerous and inefficient than you can imagine!

It was the end of the journey. I had already given up on them, and it was when they also put me out of sight.

He was able to confront her with such harsh words only because his life was at stake.

-If Eleanor’s sword becomes even a little dull, the lives of our entire party will be in danger. If we fail, all humans in the Empire, including those refugees, will die!

– Even so, people… like that!

– Didn’t you let me live? Squeeze out the magic you’ve been saving! Because of you! If only it wasn’t for you!

-Wouldn’t that be solved by using that magic tool!

-Do you think there will be no variables in defeating the demon lord? If things go wrong even a little bit, or if you can’t stop the demon king’s breath at once, you might have to spend another winter in this wasteland?

As a result, her troubles were in vain. Our party was strong enough, and although the demon king resisted as much as possible, we were able to defeat him in one shot.

There was no case to see the next winter, and there was no demon using ice magic.

But I couldn’t say that the worries were in vain.

Countless variables arose during the warrior party’s journey, and without Farseer’s paranoid preparations, none of them would have been able to be dealt with properly.

– So, did you solve it this way?

-It was the best I could do in a situation where I didn’t use any magic tools or materials!

If it wasn’t for the magic that turned all the refugees into chimeras, I wouldn’t have refused.

It had the shape of a human being, but its back was covered with white hair. The last time I saw him, he was eating the raw meat he had hunted.

– There is no problem with intelligence. No, I’m not sure about the side effects… but isn’t it a situation where you’re trying to figure things out right now?

It’s sad, but I was in a situation where I also asked for their permission. After learning that Eleanor is a warrior, they put their infinite trust in us.

Even after watching their family turn into monsters one by one, they had no other choice.

Going through this cold with bare body was close to suicide, and if you stay there, the demon king’s army that followed the hero’s trail will kill them all.

-If it’s that magical power, there’s a better way…

– I dreamed of eternal life and tried countless studies. This is the only magic I can do most easily and safely without consuming any magic materials.

At that time, I was filled with anger. I received so much from them.

More than they hated me, I didn’t like them either. I thought he was ‘a different person from me’, and I didn’t even try to understand or convince him.

However, I didn’t feel like getting angry right now.

Perhaps, this may be the last face of Farseer. Because when the guard went to the cellar, he said it was empty without a body.

Thinking so, I look into her eyes without realizing it. The lingering lingering feelings that he had suppressed covered his chest.

not guilty However, it is regrettable that I gave up too soon.

As if Farseer gave up on those people.

It’s the right choice. It is a choice they can make to prolong their lives right away, without caring about the rest of their lives.

The journey of the warrior party is a journey to kill the demon king, not to save the refugees. As for what was important and what was not, in the end she was bound to be right.


As I stared blankly at her face, I realized a very small fact.

The fact that I didn’t know that I was angry there.

– Even if there is a better way than this!

She, too, was worried.

He was just more anxious than I was. I was just afraid.

There was just something so important that the dying person’s life should be given a low priority.

I don’t think the day I understand her will ever come, but even so.

The distance between her and me seemed to be closer than I thought.


It’s pointless. It’s all meaningless.

She tried to kill me and did another evil deed. I killed Farseer with my own hands.

It was meaningless to go back and reminisce now.

-Why, why, why so stupid…

back for the first time After a moment of bewilderment, I remembered that this device was ‘playing’ my memory.

It wasn’t my memory. It was because the Farseer’s face was being projected at an angle that I couldn’t see with my own eyesight.

It’s probably some kind of magical video. When the saved video ends, it must have come back to the beginning.

Sensibly, I could see that this place contained countless memories of the Farsi language. But since I didn’t know magic, I had no choice but to stare blankly at this scene again.

This is the end.

The lingering thoughts continued to tickle my brain. I couldn’t take my eyes off Farseer’s face.

Not that she was nice, but we’ve been together too long. Feelings of loss filled his head.

Maybe I could have given it more time. If only I had hesitated a little longer before killing her.

I might have seen her once again.


Getting out was simple. It was enough just to gently remove the hand that was inside it.

The lake, which shook for a moment, soon became calm. I was left alone in her room again.


I didn’t think it would be this hard. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be so dazed because she died.

So, it was disappointing. What the hell are you up to doing this…


It was strange.

Whatever she wants, there’s no reason she has to pretend to be with me. Because time is infinite for her.

Wealth, honor, and power could be obtained in a much easier and simpler way than this. Even if she wanted to become the emperor of the empire, she had the option of waiting.

Waiting for my return, or at least waiting for 20 to 30 years to pass, when I am old and powerless.

And, even that didn’t make sense. The reason that was so important that she had to give up her long-cherished wish could not have been just such a mundane reason.

It has to do with me in some way.


He didn’t mean to kill me. Farseer’s magic was fierce, but she always pursued perfection.

I am not a woman who would risk her life in a clumsy trap that won’t kill me.

“This too…”

Farseer says he tried to hide this from me. But, why did he try to hide these meaningless memories from me?

No useful information here. If I looked further, I might be able to find something plausible, but at least the information I was able to get here was all about my memories with her.

In the first place, if she was still alive, I would be free to enter the Magic Tower and destroy the facility before arriving.

“Death… did you know you were going to die?”

If so, the request she gave to the people around her meant that it was an instruction to prepare for her death.

Of course, all of this was her deceit, and it might have been a clever ploy to get me into this place.

However, the memories contained in it were too ambiguous to think that way. If the purpose was to make me suffer or regret at the end, there would be no reason to show these memories.

It wasn’t that she and I hadn’t had conversations while laughing. Rather, showing those memories would have shaken my heart more.

I just killed Farseer, but I haven’t gotten any answers yet.

In the confusion that I do not understand the situation, a small hope springs up.

The scene I see right now is not that beautiful.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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