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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 16

16 – reject-8

“There, stop.”

“…You mean me?”

I didn’t feel well. It wasn’t long before he had a great fight with the hero.

It took time to even utter a word. I didn’t have the energy left to keep my composure.

“The day you met alone with Her Highness, what happened?”

I was silent for a while.

It was here. Since he looked young, he must have been a minor or a few years old.

“I’ll have to explain why Her Highness, the princess, was upset after meeting you.”

“There is no particular reason.”

According to her plan, I had to keep the secret. The princess who clings to me in an obscene way. At that time, a woman who would become emperor had to accept it reluctantly,

But to consider all those matters, I was too exhausted.

The fact that I am a real hero is not something I can proudly say, but it is something I have already promised to protect.

However, it was none of my business what the princess was thinking. It’s overdue.

“It’s just that I rejected her proposal.”

The woman here snorted.

“She seems to feel like she’s become something because she’s from the Leodrin family… but no doubt. Her Highness the Princess is not someone who should be framed by rogues like you.”

It just seemed like he liked the princess too much. She was popular all over the place, so it wouldn’t be strange to ask her to say that.

“Oh, yes. So, what should I do?”

“Apologize with your life to Her Highness, the princess.”

It couldn’t be done. It wasn’t my fault in the first place.

The warrior party members harassed me to the extent that I couldn’t even speak during the adventure, but for some reason, after the adventure ended, they showed a low attitude.

From a saintess who wants reconciliation to an archer who wants my scent for reasons I can’t understand.

No matter how much I hated them, I couldn’t harm the crawling opponent right away.

All I could do was wave my hand away, as if watching a disgusting insect appear in the room.

However, the princess did not. It was as if I thought I was a person who had to follow the Empire’s decision unconditionally, so it was shameless enough.

“You, who do not know the hero’s adventure or dedication…”

He didn’t seem to be good at swordsmanship. My body wasn’t built properly yet, and I didn’t have enough to live.

It might be extenuating that the comparison target was the strongest of the knights, but even taking that into account, it didn’t look like a competent knight.

“I-I don’t know that?”

The existence of the ‘porter’ itself was unavoidably spread here and there, but very few people knew that it was Leodrin Enerel.

“If someone like you spreads rumors, the truth will soon come out. Then, it will not just be my warning, it will end with the dew of the executioner.”

It seemed that he had no intention of understanding. I thought it would be a waste to say more to someone who didn’t listen to me.

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Just as I was about to pass her, the knight grabbed my shoulder.

“Where are you trying to run away from?”

She grabbed my shoulder with a strong grip.

hate. I hate hearing about the hero, and I hate having to fight with other people because of her who invaded and made arbitrary demands.

“Let go.”

“If you won’t listen… I’ll challenge you to a duel.”

Could the warrior have sent this person? No, if he was that person, he would have come to me personally and harassed me if he bothered me, I wouldn’t have sent such a clumsy person.

She was only dressed as a knight, but at the core of it was a noble lady. It wasn’t a world where the female knight didn’t exist, but at least it wasn’t the girl in front of me.

“Tell me! What kind of rudeness did you commit to the princess and apologize!”

I wanted to give up everything. The mind is loose.

I approached the guard, who was at a loss for what to do, and took the knife from his waist.

“I’ll borrow it for a minute.”

“Yes, sin, sorry!”

The thoughts swirling in my head disappear.

There weren’t many enemies who picked up a sword in real combat. Most of the time, I picked up the sword when I became a warrior’s punching bag.

When I picked this up, I had never thought about it. If I did that with my clumsy brain, I’d soon become a body that couldn’t think of anything except the pain I felt in my body.

hate. I don’t like the feeling of grip on the sword. Just holding this makes my whole body tremble. Just thinking about what will happen in the future makes my whole body shake.

“Let’s do it. A duel.”

I held out my sword to her without any expression.


The escort looked at the two men, their faces turned white, with their swords pointed.

‘It’s a big deal…’

Originally, it was the guards who had to raise the sword for the baron’s safety.

However, this time the opponent was not easy. Her swordsmanship skills were mediocre, but her family was not forgiving.

Of course, the Leodrin family was not a family that would be pushed out of rank by anyone. However, the guards, who were not formally affiliated with the family, could have been caught in a fight between whales and shrimp while recklessly blocking that woman.

‘It’s dangerous…’

Since Baron Leodrin was favored by the Emperor, he had to call someone else somehow. It happened inside the imperial castle, so the problem was that there were not two escorts.

Even if her skills were at a mediocre level, it meant that as a knight, she was at a mediocre level. If he was an untrained aristocrat, he was not an opponent that could be defeated with a sword.

“Come. I’ll drag you in front of the princess and make her kneel down and apologize.”

“Wouldn’t you like to talk about it right now? If possible, leave out that… person.”

“Be polite to the princess, you fool!”

It was beyond her level, but if the baron were really in danger of dying, at least she would have to throw her body away.


the sword flies It was a diagonal line.

Compared to the swords I had seen, it was slow enough to make me yawn, but seeing and recognizing it was different from avoiding it with my eyes.

After hesitating for a moment, I belatedly raised my sword and attacked her.

“Huh, huh!”

She slashed her sword with a spirit, but she lacked the physical strength to pierce through my sword.

No matter how you think about it, she is not a knight. She was just a young lady who pretended to be a knight and learned proper swordsmanship.

It’s embarrassing to say that my body has also been trained, but at least it wasn’t to the point of being pushed by a woman with that physique.

Like it or not, I had no choice but to have muscles attached to my body. The archers, the best hunters, accompanied them on their journey, so meat was edible for most of the journey, apart from being tasteless and disgusting.

If there were even the slightest flaws in her body, she would have been beaten to death by the hero before being killed by the monster. Her training was that harsh.

A knight among knights who even gained the strength of a hero, wields his sword almost every day with half-killing intent.

Compared to her, this person’s sword was too light and weak.


A flash of mana gushed from her sword. My sword struck from the top, and the sword she raised cut through the steel.

However, the trajectory of the sword she held was not a trajectory that could affect my body.


I kicked her in the stomach with my foot. She collapsed on the floor, missing the sword, holding her breath and gagging.

“I am sorry.”

I approached the fallen woman.


“I know it’s immature to vent my anger on the wrong place. I know that hurting you won’t help me live a healthy life.”

“Not me… Apologize to the princess…”

“What will happen from now on is entirely due to me not being able to control my emotions and not being mature in my mind.”

The woman’s face turned pale as she fell to the ground, perhaps noticing that I had no intention of listening to her.

My fist struck her in the stomach.


fist in the side My flesh is crushed, and I feel the sensation of something breaking deep inside my body.

“Keu, keuh, uhh!”

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a position to hit someone. It’s not a pleasant sensation.

“Let go, let go! Do you know who I am?”

I hate the way she cries, the way she tries to use her family name in this situation, and the reddened skin.

The moment when she was slacked to the point where she couldn’t say anything after hitting her again and again.


In an instant, she disappeared.

No, it didn’t exactly disappear.

Where her body was, there was a small frog.

“Muh, what happened? What the hell…”

“I didn’t do it.”

The guardsman screamed in surprise. I was looking around, looking for the person who might have done this.

Of all the people I know, there is only one person who can do this.

However, that person is someone who will not commit this unnecessary act.

Turning a person into a frog is, of course, harder than killing a person or summoning a frog.

And of course, it’s more efficient to pierce someone’s heart with something sharp than to kill them.

Rather than making a frog, it is more efficient to just have a servant tell you to catch a frog in the river.

It was all her knowledge. That magic is a discipline full of absurdity and inefficiency.

“It’s a gift. Do you like it?”

Then the sorceress stepped out with a leisurely gesture and gently placed the cheek-inflating frog in her hand.

It was Parseer.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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