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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 120

120 – Witch Hunt-6

“That’s… no way. No way!”

The eldest son’s rationality made it clear that the knight standing in front of him was the princess.

Regardless of her political path, the princess was an ideal being for those who wield swords.

Although her pedigree and talent were enormous, Eleanor boasted an absolute status with just that strength and effort. He couldn’t have known.

“That… could be her…”

Many people looked down on Eleanor. She was young, and when she first appeared in society, she was just a woman of dubious status.

Many people who liked to ridicule said that she was the emperor’s favorite concubine. No one, no matter how cautious, was sure that she would really be able to fight as a knight.

However, she casually challenged those who doubted her to a duel and won without missing a beat. terrifyingly overwhelming.

There were also people who did not let go of the string of doubt that they would not be able to establish a major in actual combat.

However, she led a minimal escort and almost single-handedly wiped out the empire’s cancerous beings.

It was accepted as an established theory that the emperor’s coercive reform policy could be effective because of her overwhelming fame and recognition.

“No. It can’t be. The princess can’t stay next to such a vulgar and rude person…”

But the cold voice of hers did not keep the eldest son lost in thought.

“Everyone here has heard what the Heir of House Weather told me.”

The eldest son bit his lip. that was the problem

The moment it was revealed that she was the princess, Weather’s eldest son took responsibility for what he said.

It was insulting that he was a lowly status. If he was simply ridiculed for being weak or disgusting, he might have a way out.

However, saying the word ‘lowly’ to the lineage of the imperial family was absolutely unacceptable.

The eldest son fell into deep self-reproach. It was a mistake to mention aristocratic status.

“I wonder what the head of Weather will think about this.”

It is not an acceptable or negotiable level of events. It was an insult to the royal lineage.

You could make an excuse that you didn’t know who the opponent was, but the princess heard it herself along with numerous witnesses.

There was no need to worry about the evidence of the soldiers of the House of Weather on his side or the lowly mercenaries, but William was a duly appointed nobleman, no matter how humble he was.

Moreover, considering that the princess would never be alone, it was all the more strange to think that there would be no imperial nobles of high prestige and status nearby.

Failed. A single word from him caused more failure than leading an army, losing a battle, and losing an ugly defeat.

I can’t help this. No matter how close the aristocratic faction was, it was not something they could take unlimited damage to each other.

The emperor will use this as a useful opportunity. Rather than treat this as a mere skit, it was clear that he would deftly escalate the affair with the younger heirs of the aristocracy and the disrespect of House Weather.

Old elders who value courtesy or nobles who are loyal to the empire itself will lean towards the emperor, and the cunning and insidious emperor will use it as a leash to control the aristocratic faction.

The events that took place from then on would not have been able to change direction with a clumsy force like the Weather family.

“It can’t be…”

In order not to commit such rudeness, the clumsy children of noble families had to start watching their mouths from the moment they entered the imperial palace.

But in a place like this, he couldn’t have imagined that the eldest son of the Weather family would have someone to watch out for. I let go of my mind.

“This isn’t real. That can’t be real.”

And the eldest son couldn’t accept his defeat until the very end.

He couldn’t admit that his mistake had damaged the Weather family and lost the possibility of him becoming the head of the household.

Wrong from the start. I don’t know from what moment, but it was clear that the whole situation was flowing out of sense.

He desperately rationalized himself.

That man is a bit stronger than a normal soldier, but that’s it.

That monster is all fantasy. The friendly mage just used a mean trick.

The eldest son had to believe that.

“Yes, there’s no way that huge monster could just be knocked down with a single blow of a sword. It’s fake…”

The eldest son had seen Eleanor in person, and the shiny white armor was also her symbol.

But with such a famous item, there could always be a counterfeiter.

It’s been years since he’s seen Eleanor, long enough to forget her exact features or the shape of her armor.

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Just because she claims to be the princess, it might be easily misunderstood.


The eldest son made a decision.

That’s nothing but bravado. Soldiers trembling in fear are not important.

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Just defeat the trickster with your own sword and this illusion will end.

His physical abilities seem a little better, but in the end he’s just a coward who hates killing people.

Kill it. Just like I tried to do at the beginning, just draw the sword and defeat him and that’s enough.

You don’t have to give up everything, and you can achieve family revenge.

“Don’t be fooled!!!”

The eldest son gritted his teeth and shouted. The soldiers around him were afraid, but this was the last way he could survive.

“That guy is nothing but a fake! Both the hero and the princess. He’s nothing more than a swindler who speaks absurdly!”

It wasn’t something one could openly talk about, but I knew the rough outline of the scandal happening in the imperial family.

There was no way that a real hero would be here, looking for not only the emperor, but also the nobles of the capital with their eyes on.

Even if that were true, there was no way the princess would be able to step out with her armor and sword in such a normal state.

“I’ll prove it myself!”

He kicked off his horse and made his way to the self-appointed warrior who was trudging along.

But the self-proclaimed hero approached him without any fear, leaving the others alone.

The eldest son forced the fear welling up in his heart, sped up his horse, and continued charging.


I didn’t bring a lance because I didn’t think he would charge directly on horseback. However, this longsword was enough for a con man.

The speed of the horse made the eldest son’s heart beat. The eldest son, who kept running, swung a sword that would cut open the body of the impostor.


reached In this position, it is unavoidable.

Thinking so, the eldest son, who put his mind at ease, did not feel the holy sword colliding with his own sword.

overlooked I thought that Pilbu’s sword would not be able to block the knight’s sword with the added horse’s acceleration.

And the cost of that carelessness was too great.


The horse, which kept running forward, at some point realized that its master, who had been riding on it, was gone, and howled.

It wasn’t just words that panicked. The eldest son, who was unkemptly rolling on the floor, realized that he had been pushed back only after a few seconds. Overwhelmingly inexcusable.

“Muh, what!”

And that self-proclaimed hero pierced the holy sword into the ground and approached him with his bare hands.

“Go away, go away. I am the heir to the Weather family. For swindlers like you…”

I didn’t even have time to get up. The eldest son, who had been sitting and running awkwardly backwards, suddenly realized that Enerel was right in front of him.

A smile hung on Enerel’s lips as she slowly tightened her eldest son.

“I’m very grateful for the results… But, am I a human too?”

“What are you talking about!”

“If there is someone you don’t like, there are times when you want to hit them, there are times when you want to kill them, and there are times when you feel resentful.

Enerel approached the eldest son while talking incomprehensible words.

“By the way, you really, really… seem like a person who likes to hit.”

“Get out of here! Poor bastard!”

“If he thinks he has an advantage, he puts the logic of power first, and if he thinks he has a disadvantage, he pushes his lineage. There is no respect for others, and there is no clear analysis of himself and his opponent.”

As Enerel suppressed his eldest son with a relaxed smile, he let out a scream of pain.

“aaagh! Stop it! If you admit your mistake and step back even now, I won’t hold you accountable!”

“Like this, to the end arrogant, despicable, without even giving a choice of reconciliation or mercy.”

The eldest son felt fear.

Die. It was a huge mistake to think that this was an illusion.

The lineage and military power that the eldest son believed in did not save him from Enerel, who was oppressing him right now.

“Sometimes, I just wanted to beat a real bad guy like this cool.”

In despair that he couldn’t win, the eldest son’s body froze at the fact that all the hypotheses he had built up just in case were just his own delusion.

“I won’t kill you. I won’t.”

Enerel’s fist, which stretched back, was fired at the eldest son.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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