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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 118

118 – Witch Hunt-4

There are so many things that cannot be solved by force. Mainly, it’s about people.

Our party was clearly much stronger than William’s, but his anger could not be tempered. Even if he defeated him because of the lack of power he received, the result would not have been satisfactory.

Neither stopping the fight nor making peace was something that could not be resolved.

Even now, having gained the power of a hero, that hasn’t changed. Rather, it was more difficult and complicated than dealing with an easy-to-understand and dangerous enemy called the demons.

But now, the army of Weather, who came in, solved my troubles so easily.

He first gave up on a peaceful solution. He gave up on his own justification.

Without making any excuses, he suggested that we fight to see who is stronger with swords and soldiers at the fore.

There is no reason to lose. It’s such an easy and simple fight.


Despite the roar of the hideous, gigantic monster, I didn’t blink an eye. I could feel it if I strained my eyes.

That was just an empty shell.

“It’s more terrifying than I thought, Farseer…”

I laughed and remembered what she had said earlier.

Magic is deception.


Even after we fell apart because of the conflict, Farseer didn’t stop talking to me.

It was a conversation half mixed with cursing at my ignorance, but enough to gain knowledge.

The reason why she hated me so much and answered every single question of mine was probably because she couldn’t stand it without boasting about her knowledge and superiority.

When the warrior party rushed after seeing the skeleton soldiers filling the village, I had to follow them with a gasp.

However, Farseer let the warlock go.

“I didn’t know you would send that.”

“I’m just an unlicensed wizard.”

A wizard who summoned a skeleton and raised a rotten corpse.

The first time I saw him, he was fighting a monster, but the magician’s identity was undoubtedly suspicious.

“It’s not particularly evil. Wizards who are just learning magic tend to do things like that.”

“Yes? But that Magi…”

The disgusting magic that made my skin tingle stimulated the nerves throughout my body. If I, being dull enough to feel this sensation, could understand Celia’s endless frown.

“The devil is originally like that. Even if you can’t feel it after taming it enough, the source is extremely cloudy and disgusting. It’s magic that humans try to change the world with their own unnatural greed, so if you see that source, you can’t help but feel a sense of rejection.”

Farseer’s cold gaze fell. I grumbled at this, but she obediently gave me the rationale.

“If you’re not a properly trained wizard, of course you have to be like that. You don’t know what to do, but Magi seduces wizards, and the only magical material around is a corpse. It’s not for nothing that you’re wary of unauthorized wizards.”

“But what about Maggie?”

“The mere fact that it is spreading like that is proof of the insignificance of that learning. If you’re a proper wizard, there’s no way that thing would leak out. Just like a leaky canal or a keg with a broken bottom, the magic itself is clumsy.”

I didn’t understand it right away, but I could sense how it felt.

Black magic is not particularly suspicious and disgusting magic, but it is just failed and unrefined magic like a factory leaking pollutants.

“In the first place, magic is a trick. Most magic is no different than that.”


“Foolish thing. What material did you bring from the mountain earlier?”

I didn’t like the way she hit me on the head with her cane, but I couldn’t get angry right away.

“The toe of the frost giant… that’s it.”

“It’s a corpse.”

As I listened to her words, I felt something.

“Most magical ingredients are corpses. The life force of living things is too tricky to handle and ethically dangerous.”


“But corpses are appropriately imbued with the end of life, histories and traces, and magical symbols. You can draw power from the earth itself, but it requires a lot of infrastructure. After all, most magic materials are corpses. I have no choice but to go.”

There were not one or two things that were not understood in this world, but magic was even less understood. There was nothing I could do other than nod slowly at Farseer’s words.

“And, real wizards are no different. Just make the packaging a little prettier. So that others can accept it.”

“That… what do you mean?”

“It’s a simple matter. Would you accept it if I offered to resurrect the corpse of a knight who gave his life for the Empire and turn it into a Death Knight?”

I shook my head. Farseer gave a fishy smile.

“Then, what if we make a golem that inherits the power of a knight who pledged to serve the Empire for the rest of his life? Made of clean iron, with a stylish appearance.”


“It’s just a difference in appearance. It’s just burning the corpse, grinding the bones to extract only the essence and information, and then coating it on a piece of iron. Fundamentally nothing has changed, but people who see it feel different.”

Those who have seen unprocessed, rotting flesh and unrefined demons consider it evil and unnatural.

“Most magic is like that. Learning how to deal with a giant demon, learning to pretend is learning magic.”

I didn’t realize it when I first heard it, but now I understand.

The strength of magic is not simply its power and strength. That is the strength of magical power.

The true value of magic is not in the ability of a skilled magician.

Even if it’s a small force, twisting and twisting the shape makes the people who see it feel different.

“But this one is on a large scale, right?”

The warrior party members came forward and stood behind me, despite the monster’s mighty majesty.

“The magician who wrote this was excellent. The ability is infinitely insignificant, but the size of the magic is different.”

“But, so far…”

“There were a lot of things to draw from. This field is also my major.”

It was Parseer. It must have been a warlock hired by Weather that pulled out the golem, but by the time the magic was cast, it had changed infinitely due to Farseer’s modification.

“It wasn’t a big deal. It was just random magic, with no security or passwords of its own. It was easy to add my commands in the middle to inflate the form and put in the function.”

“What about that barrier?”

“I did it because I thought it would be necessary. It’s just noisy on the outside, and even if Pilbu passes through it, it won’t do any harm.”

It’s just a huge, balloon-like giant on the outside. The same goes for that monster and the strings of Magi that look like the vomit it spits out.

If magic can mimic that unnatural energy to appear harmless, it can also make it appear more dangerous and powerful.

And a strong enemy can stop human strife. A common goal can create a bond between them.

I shouted with my sword drawn. for everyone here to hear.

“Listen! The Warlock of House Weather created such a hideous monster!”

Weather’s soldiers were already confused enough. It was unnatural from the appearance. It was a monster that could not stop a human and ran away, but was summoned only after the command from the upper level was given and the retreat was completed.

It was a very natural and logical suspicion to think it had anything to do with the eldest son of the Weather family.

“Skeleton soldiers have already been revealed in the Weather family’s estate, and they even attacked the second son!”

And once the warlock showed up, it was all too easy to blame him for everything that had happened before.

I could feel the eldest son frown. It was a ridiculous plot, but ordinary soldiers couldn’t help but be suspicious.

He is the eldest son who believes in strength, throws away cause and cause, and puts in the army at the risk of confronting the imperial family head-on. It is even becoming clear that it is related to the black magician.

It was all the more unbelievable if such a person did not resort to cowardice to a competitor simply because of their kinship.

“As a warrior, I came to protect you from this terrible evil!”

Once again, a blue light shimmered at the tip of the sword.

It was clumsy and subtle because it took the shape of a shield that had not yet been fully developed, but everyone could tell that it was different from a normal sword.

“Judge for yourself what is right and who is right to fight!”

The weight is different. There is a difference between a nameless man calling himself a hero in a village that has just been invaded, and a man claiming to be a hero who has the ability to take down the entire Weather family army and yet hasn’t killed anyone.

“I will defeat this monster!”

Besides, even in front of such a huge monster, he did not waver at all and shouted while aiming his sword. Even though they were the same words from the same person, the weight was bound to be different.



I charged like a light and plunged my sword into the sole of the giant flesh monster.

Hoping this monster would carry all the rage and hatred and disappear.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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