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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 110

110 – Stroke-11

Sword and sword collided.

“Do you really have to do this…”

William’s sword is heavy. I thought it was unusual, but it was more fierce than I imagined.

Eye to eye met in the state of sword facing. I couldn’t help but feel intimidated.

do not run out of power I thought it was nonsense, but his sword was crushing mine.

“Erinis gave me strength. Even if you are a warrior, you will not be able to stop me at this moment.”

In an instant, the force applied to the sword loosened.

he moved first As soon as I realized that this struggle was pointless, I lowered my stance and kicked my leg.

My sword cut through the air, and William made a valid hit.


“You’re pretty solid.”

However, it was not a fatal blow. Even though the power he possessed was enormous beyond imagination, the power of the hero I possessed did not disappear.

He couldn’t make a shield or a sword, but his body wasn’t so clumsy that it collapsed with a single kick.

And, I wasn’t alone here.


Nerwen’s arrow flew into William’s shoulder. A red light enveloped his body.

The arrow failed to pierce his body and landed unnaturally, but his energy visibly dissipated.


Dressed in shabby clothes, Eleanor swung her sword. It bounced off easily, but even he couldn’t ignore Eleanor’s sword.

He is the strongest knight. Although William’s swordsmanship was superior to that of a beginner like me, it was not as good as Eleanor’s swordsmanship, which had been trained through numerous practical battles with the best teacher.

“Kuh, cumbersome…”

William’s movements slowed noticeably. It didn’t slow down gradually, but the flow was cut off as if it stopped moment by moment.

It is the Curse of the Parseer. With the power of Erins, William wouldn’t be able to eat a clumsy ball of fire, but even against such an enemy, he could at least stiffen his body for a moment.

Celia’s blessing dwelled on my body and sword. My sword was fired at William, who had lost his balance.


It was an opportunity that would be hard to come by again. For William, who was unaware of the existence of the warrior party members, the sudden surprise attack must have been threatening.

It wasn’t even an avoidable trajectory. The holy sword shot toward the heart moved at a speed that ordinary people could not even react to.

Even if he used the power of Erinis, considering that his meeting with the priest must have happened recently, he would not have fully adapted to the power yet.

His hastily turned arm was entangled with Erinis’ sword and Farseer’s magic.

It was checkmate.


However, the holy sword did not pierce his body. Everyone in my party, myself included, stopped in bewilderment. Even William, who was hit and bounced back, gasped in shock and looked at me in disbelief.

William’s strength was not strong. It wasn’t that he used something bigger to stop me.

It’s just that my determination was lacking.


William rose again and raised his sword. The holy sword, which could not cut humans without my will, only gave a great shock to his chest, but did not stab him.

I didn’t want to cut. I didn’t want to kill people to protect people.

I’m not the one who deserves to die, and I’m not the one who wants to kill me.

My willpower is lacking. I didn’t have enough resolve to cover up his murderous intent.

“I don’t want to kill more. Please, let’s stop here. There must be a way to solve it without using a sword.”

“How is it? I’m curious too. Well, should we have a trial? This happened decades ago with no evidence. Half of Weather’s contracted mercenaries are legal plunder. Do you think the judge will listen to that?”

He refuted me as if he had waited. it got sadder

It means that William, even in the situation where he gained that power, thought of a ‘peaceful solution’ for a moment without being engulfed in pointless anger.

“Still, shouldn’t the truth be revealed? Shouldn’t everyone know that the deaths of those people were unfair and that the crime was terrible and cruel?”

strong. In that state, being able to have a conversation with that anger and swirling emotions in itself was showing William’s strength.

“Of course, with the help of a real hero, such a result could be obtained. But is it really meaningful?”

Think about it, listen to me, and think about it.

Even now, even though my hands are trembling, the red light is shaking and whispering to run.

“There can be no evidence left in the first place. No one who can be called a witness will be able to find anyone other than me. That is no different from killing him slowly with power.”

It’s been way too long. It cannot be dealt with without violence.

“Wolf was also reflecting on that. Solving a problem by dying and killing is…”

I don’t think William would have noticed this and lied to me. If he had already noticed the resentment or William’s change, he would have just turned his back and ran away.

“What do you mean by that!”

William swung his sword again. It’s still tolerable, but the destructive power contained in the sword gradually increases.

If it wasn’t for the other party members, I might have been crushed by that intimidating feeling. The hatred in his eyes burns.

Was it like this? People who saw me then

“I was weak at that time. I was weak enough to be damned! I was so small that I hid in a corner and watched my father and mother die through a small gap… I couldn’t do anything.”

In line with his emotional changes, the red lights flicker. Painful lights blinding.

“Now I’m stronger. Erinis finally allowed me to. Here is the enemy I gave up when I was young because I thought I couldn’t win, and when I grew up I gave up because I thought I couldn’t find it!”

desperate However, I cannot give up either.

It has nothing to do with my revenge, but I am also desperate.

“I know. How sad it is, how helpless it is that I can’t do anything.”

“You know? You who wielded the power of a hero?”

“Because it was only recently that I gained this power.”

Come to think of it, there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t choose. no one forced me

“When the Demon King’s army is moving nearby, but there is a village that has not yet been evacuated. Knowing that everyone will die if we leave, we have to leave. Is this enough?”

“Isn’t it enough to kill the demon king?”

“There are more people ahead. There were countless people who would die if we didn’t defeat the Demon King right away. And… I didn’t try to understand that.”

So I forced myself to do it. I begged, begged, and cheated.

“I asked the warrior who had returned from battle to fight more. I prayed that he would save the person in front of me even if he had to use the magical power of a wizard.”

I couldn’t mix with that. At first, the party members who treated me as harmless began to spit out their resentment toward me one by one.

It was a terrible time. Still, they couldn’t take away the hero’s power from Eleanor. Because it was more efficient for her to have it. Because I could have saved more people.

However, it is different now.

“It’s only now that I can get it.”

Those Nerwen, Celia, Farseer, and Eleanor are with me and follow my orders. In the past, it would have been unimaginable because of the time problem and the magic problem.

You failed, but you don’t have to give up. With more time and effort, this tragedy can eventually be prevented.

I am not without vengeance. Even considering all of this, the wounds I inflicted on the warrior party were unbearable, and I couldn’t bear to shake them off.

“I’m sorry. I can understand a little bit of how you feel. I won’t say I’m right. I know I’m not qualified to say this.”

Still, I had a desire to save. There was a desire to save people.

As much as he wanted to take revenge on the killer after seeing his parents die through a small gap.

I felt resentful of myself for not being able to do anything, so I wanted to protect those who remained.

I wanted to do something I couldn’t do back then. The most important thing to me is, of course, returning, and the actions I am taking now are rather the actions of delaying my return.

A stable back area is important, but this is overinvestment by any means.

“But no matter how much I think about it, I can’t. Seriously, I know this is ridiculous, and I know you deserve revenge, but I just can’t.”

Even so, I can’t run away from the people in front of me. I know that if I wait a little more patiently, I will go back to Earth and no longer have to see others suffer.

But I was far from patient. He was so hungry that he ate a marshmallow in one go.

I took a step forward and pointed my sword at him again.

“I will stop you.”

A blue light shone from the tip of the holy sword.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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