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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 106

106 – Strike-7

“Then… I will accept it.”

William gulped and waited for the priest’s order.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

“If you were sick, you would be.”

Red light leaked out beautifully from the priest’s fingertips and then scattered again.

The light enveloped William, slowly sinking his consciousness deeper.


William’s expression crumpled. Forgotten memories slowly come to mind.

A group of vicious mercenaries burn everything in sight. We don’t know why we have to die, why they kill us.

Apparently, the people who laughed and chatted together until yesterday are burning like firewood.

A man whose legs were amputated crawls and falls down. I didn’t understand it then, but it was probably because I lost too much blood.

Those who giggle enjoy the desperate, painful screams of the dying, as if it were a mockery.

Buildings burn. When that warehouse was completed, the happy memories of the village adults and parents were still vividly remembered by William as a child.

The product of that effort, the blood and sweat of those who worked diligently, is shattering.

However, William remembered. The most painful memory yet is that I haven’t even started.


His parents can’t stand it and run out. Not to kill, not to live.

When one of William’s friends is frozen and unable to do anything, they run out of the house to hide him and come out to get him.

William, who had been hiding, watched it without doing anything.

A mercenary noticed it. The mercenary, who stopped for a moment and looked at them, raised his sword again at the voice coming from behind.

“This can’t be…”

I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t open my mouth. My legs were frozen and I couldn’t move.

A knife is stabbed in the stomach of the father who came out ahead to protect the mother. His back, which looked so gigantic when he was young, collapsed in vain.

Instead of running away, the mother grabbed the mercenary by the collar. The mercenary collapsed, probably taken aback, but soon grabbed his sword and stabbed his mother in the neck.

A bloody sword soars through life.


want to kill I want to crush it. I want to get rid of these filthy mercenaries, all the things that killed her parents and her village.

These feelings were the feelings I felt then.

At that time, he was hiding and prayed to Erinis. Ask for the strength to take revenge. Ask for the ability to kill them all.

But then, unfortunately, Erinis did not respond. The thought that I couldn’t help it now lingered in my head.

But now it was different.

Erinis’ warm and cruel voice echoed in William’s head as he prayed.

You endured well, you became strong, you endured. Warm words affirm his actions.

After the commotion was over, the surviving William fled. After fleeing to a nearby village, he somehow trained himself and learned skills to become an adventurer.

It wasn’t easy, but I met some nice people. He slowly built up his skills and career, and made a contribution in the battle against the demon king’s army, and was recognized for that, so he was able to receive a title and a fiefdom.

Now, his future is bright. Although it was a dangerous place, there was little chance of his own life being in danger if he handled it wisely.

Now, there was no need to dwell on revenge. He already had a lot. New people, friends, even party members like family.

But going back to the beginning, the reason I worked so hard wasn’t just to survive.

It was because the mercenary he saw then felt so strong, huge, and threatening that he had no choice but to become stronger in order to take revenge.

“I see…”

The fantasy is over. In front of William’s eyes was his office and the old priest.

But even though the eyes were shining through them, William’s head wasn’t looking at them. Emotions so intense shook his brain.

“What would you like?”

William let out a deep sigh.

“This… can’t be helped.”

I’d rather not know this. It would have been more comfortable if I had put it to sleep in my memory.

The moment I remembered, the moment I found out, I couldn’t be happier anymore.

If you are satisfied with the reality and give up revenge, your parents’ faces and the burning scene of the day will be in front of your eyes, and if you start revenge, you will have to give up everything you have now.

“Maybe I did something wrong.”

“No. This was… I needed it.”

it’s god The one who made a promise to the young William of the burning village was not Erinis, but the future William. William of the present, indebted to the William of the past.

“Yes. What should I do?”

The old priest smiled. William’s body glowed with a divine red light.

These are the eyes of those who are not silent in front of the injustice they have experienced. It is the face of a person who accepts his emotions as they are and is prepared to sacrifice something else.

Finally, he became an object that exists within Erinis. became a person

“No, do we have to find out where he might be? Well, don’t be afraid to ask for too much.”

Even so, the humility and will to not seek. He is a person who is fully qualified to receive Erinis’ love. The old priest smiled brightly.

“It has already started.”


“It can’t be.”

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Just as Aaron found it difficult to believe me, so did I.

“All the soldiers of the territory are here. No matter how stupid I am, I would have noticed if a large force had moved.”

“From the beginning, the people I was in charge of were mercenaries.”

“I came to visit you after being introduced by Leone. I contacted them first!”

But I couldn’t help but laugh. Individual pressure cannot overcome power pressure.

“I see. Then where would you like to see it? Whether they prioritize the Weather family’s instructions or your request.”

Leone speaks well. Even Wolfe deserves to be listened to if he has enough money. The people of the Poison Scorpion Mercenary Corps used a drastic method of changing their captain, so my influence will work to some extent.

However, if the request had already fallen, everything was uncertain.

“Leone didn’t seem to want this…”

“It’s a complacent idea for someone who has no responsibility. She’s beautiful, capable, and noble, but she doesn’t have a lord to serve. She’s playing mercenary while away from reality.”

“He’s a friend, and you’re quite bitter.”

“A pure person like her thinks that not committing evil is the proper noble’s ability, but the reality is a little different. It is the noble’s ability to create a cause with friends to cover it up even after committing evil.”

I gulped. There was only one evil she could commit here.

“Preparing the reason for the raid we’re going to commit, and creating people in the center who will tolerate it… I was doing that. It’s far more important than giving money to mercenaries and giving orders to raid. second.”

“But, like you said, Leone is reluctant to do that. If there’s no way at all, maybe just waiting a bit…”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t have any intention of persuading Leone from the beginning. That’s not even possible. It’s too wasteful to use the Swan Mercenary Corps as a throwaway.”

It’s a trap. There’s no way she would reveal her plans in such detail.

However, I was listening to Aaron’s story before I knew it. There was too little information to refute her story.

“The raid will be part of the Venomous Scorpion Mercenary Corps and the Red Wolf Mercenary Corps, and to prevent the chaos, the Gnostic Soldiers and the Swan Mercenary Corps will appear.”


Come to think of it, it was a bit odd.

When he approached Wolf, he even told him to move with a certain mercenary group, but the other two mercenaries did not know that each other was involved in the operation.

Apart from the swan mercenaries, the reaction of the poisonous scorpion mercenaries was too strange. The extremists who wanted to kill me right away just because I had a conversation with the Swan Mercenaries couldn’t cooperate with them, no matter how noble they were behind them.

I didn’t know at all. Since all of the gigantic humans called the poison scorpion mercenaries were outcasts, there was no need to tell them trivial facts, such as who they had to cooperate with.

“Is this… necessary? Really? Enough to risk the lives of people living in the present reality?”

“You seem to be an idealist too… On the contrary, I’d like to ask.”

Every time I was nervous, the teacup I drank was empty before I knew it.

“If we have to move on because it’s in the past, wouldn’t the one who did wrong first gain an excessive advantage?”


“This is an effort to regain our rightful territory, but it is also revenge for the ancestors of a family that has been destroyed.”

I couldn’t bear to say that. If she sympathizes with their ancestors, I have no right to call that an act of folly.

In the first place, I was not a person who could give someone a lesson.

“Should I forgive them just because Aldgild did wrong first?”

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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