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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 5

EP.5 – 4. The disciple’s wizard colleague came to visit

“I don’t like the taste of that time.”

When I was with my disciple, whatever food I cooked seemed to be quite delicious… . Even though it was obviously the same ingredients and the same recipe, it didn’t taste at all.

“’It’s important to cook well, but it’s also important who you eat with,’ but… . How big of a difference is that? It’s amazing.”

No, it’s not that I didn’t know.

When I heard the news that the guy I knew from my mercenary days had died, it felt like chewing rubber even on a delicious dish. And I wanted to forget about that, so I went into seclusion. It’s just that Sera reminded me of what I was barely able to forget as time passed after living in seclusion.

“You’re getting old and you’re homeless.”

I’m not very mature

The disciple must be working hard to grow as a candidate for the hero even at this moment, but the teacher feels bittersweet for that empty seat.

“Are you doing well?”

There was nothing the poor master could do except feel bitter about the disciple’s empty seat, worry about the disciple’s well-being, or pray for the disciple’s well-being.

“I have to eat well and go out… .”

But since he’s a kid with nothing to cover, he’ll eat well.


“It doesn’t taste like this.”

“no… . I’m sure I did it according to the recipe and the ingredients the lord said.”

“It must be a matter of the skill of the cook.”

“… … .”

Are you a chef now? .

Archmage William’s stomach was twisted. To be treated like this… . It was something I had never experienced before, even when I was a great wizard, a first-class wizard, a second-class wizard before that, and a third-class wizard before that. It was only natural that even a third-class wizard would be treated on par with aristocrats. That’s why being treated like this was something I hadn’t experienced in a long time, even if I searched my memory.

But I couldn’t say anything.

No matter what anyone says, this silver-haired girl is her master.

In the end, this girl completely dissipated that enormous energy.

As promised, the mana oath was fulfilled.

That’s how he came to serve this girl named Sera as his master, in a state as if he was wearing a leash.

Still, the candidate for the hero who saved the crisis of the system… . No, William was convinced that she was a hero. Anyway, since he was a warrior, I had no doubt that he would be a great person as a lord. It didn’t take long for that trust to crumble, though.

-Why do I cook?

– You never know what’s going to happen, right?

-No, it’s good to be careful, but I’m an archmage… .

-Didn’t you say you’re good at cooking?

-That’s right, I can’t leave my daughter’s food to people who don’t know what to do… .

-If you have the ability, write it. cook too

-… … .

It’s good to be cautious… . Because of the master’s prudence, he had to cook himself. He is a great wizard… . A great wizard treated like a cook… . It was William, the great wizard whose mentality was bound to be shaken in many ways.

No, let’s say you can cook.

It’s like having a great wizard as a chef.

Then usually… . Isn’t it normal to feel pressure or remorse?

“It doesn’t taste like this. I just can’t eat it. again.”

“Master, not that cook, but the Archmage… .”


“… … .”

“Who is your lord?”

“… This is Sarah.”

“Who has the command?”

“… This is Sarah.”

“Who should I follow?”

“… It is me.”


“… I will run.”


In the end, Archmage William had no choice but to quietly go to cook.

“… … .”

It wasn’t that Sara wasn’t without circumstances. It was because she had countless experiences of being poisoned by eating what the cooks were eating. There were all sorts of assassination attempts once he became a strong candidate for the warrior, but the most common method was to enlist the cook and poison him. Of course, even if you eat poison, you have the ability to easily detoxify it.

However, because it was not Sera’s hobby to eat poisonous food because she wanted to eat poison just because she said she would not die, she needed a cook who would not betray her. could be seen

In addition, William’s cooking skills were definitely excellent. Is it because, as a wizard, he has experience in making potions by combining various ingredients? But even so, Sera could not be satisfied.

‘Even though it’s the same ingredients and recipe, it doesn’t taste like Master’s.’

It’s not that we don’t know why.

Because Master didn’t do it

Master is not by my side

Master is not here now

But it was natural.

Master should not be here.

‘Master is in danger.’

He himself soon becomes a strong candidate for the hero. If that happens, the demon king, the demon king army, and even the trash that fell to the demon king will all aim at her. However, being a strong candidate for the hero means that he is strong. So targeting her directly feels burdensome. If that happens, he will target her surroundings, especially those who are easy to target, before her. Do you think the demon lord, demon lord army, and traitors to humanity will care about honor or how petty they have committed? Because he doesn’t care about that, he is a traitor to the demon king, demon king army, and mankind.

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Just because she is not yet a strong candidate for the hero, if she does something reckless with peace of mind, all the damage caused will be seen by her and her surroundings. So you have to be careful and more careful so that this doesn’t happen. To that end, I have already done special work in Master’s hideout. As an A-class mercenary, the techniques were so difficult that even an experienced master could not notice them, so it was perfect.

‘Come to think of it, it’s time to shake the balance of the body.’

The elf’s breathing method was used to provide first aid, but that alone was not perfect. It was natural. I lost my center of gravity, but it was obviously unreasonable to say that it was perfectly satisfied with just one breathing method.


“Yes, lord.”

“Immediately head to the place I said. Go and see if Master is okay.”

“Yes? What about cooking?”

“I have no appetite.”

“No, even so, you haven’t eaten properly for several days.”

“Even if I don’t eat for a week, there is no problem with my physical health.”

That’s what William knew. Considering his master’s ability to deal with the formidable Aura, controlling his metabolism would be as simple an act as eating a meal. Of course, that didn’t mean that all sword masters controlled their metabolism and lived without food. As long as the body does not suffer, it is because the mental energy must be consumed for it. However, what kind of life did his lord lead? Just like someone who has had the experience of being trapped many times in a place where no water or food can be expected.

It was absurd, but if it were your own master, you wouldn’t know. There’s nothing strange about weird things getting weirder.

“I’ll eat something like fruit, so you go quickly. I’ll take care of Elia’s medicine.”

“If so… .”

Anyway, he was in a position where he had no choice but to let go if his master asked him to. Curiously, his daughter Ellie followed her master very well, so there was no problem. It’s really strange. The child who behaved foolishly when he asked to take medicine said that he used it and said he didn’t like it, but when the master took care of it, he laughed and ate well. As a father, it was a bit depressing, but as a parent, I was just happy to see my daughter getting better. So just do what the lord tells you to do.

“And this is a letter.”

“ah. Yes… .”

Could it be that you’ve been asking for so many papers so far, and it’s not for that one letter? Of course, I wondered if he was doing some kind of magic research… . However, if you have studied magic, it is normal to have a change in magic power, but seeing that there is no such thing at all… . William’s brilliant mind was able to deduce without difficulty that it was clear that countless papers had burned and vanished, and as a result, only that one letter was left behind. But I didn’t have to say anything useless. It was because he had a brilliant mind as much as he had a brilliant head.

It was clear that the moment he spoke here, he would witness the master’s tremendous Aura Blade.

“I’m coming.”

So William made up his mind to leave quickly.

“By the way, if you go to Master and talk nonsense about your master, you will die.”

“… I will take good care of you.”

Because my life is precious.

Archmage William realized that what he thought was an easy errand was a very big mistake. It was a very difficult mission that cost my life.

William immediately started using disguise magic. It was because it was clear that the situation would be strangely twisted if the archmage, who looked old and experienced, visited. William began to make a desperate effort to make him look as young as possible and make him look like a moderately positioned wizard.


“Are you an acquaintance of my pupil?”

“Yes, to be precise, I joined the candidate’s party. However, the candidate was worried about Master’s health. If you can’t concentrate on your work, misfortune can happen, so I came here to prevent it in advance.”

I had no choice but to scratch my cheek. It was clear that the archmage was in front of me, seeing as he simply used teleport magic, which boasted a high degree of difficulty. However, there was no way that a person who became a great wizard would come to a place like this and come out in such a low profile. That’s also how the archmage is treated. It was the position of the great wizard that no one could say anything about, even if he put his weight on his shoulders in front of members of the imperial family.

‘There’s no way that young friend is a great wizard, so he must have used an artifact?’

If you use the artifact, even if you are not a wizard, you can use teleport magic naturally. The problem was that only high-ranking nobles with enormous wealth could use such enormous artifacts, so it was also absurd that a person with such an artifact would show such a low profile in front of him.

‘If only the Aura Heart was intact, I would have been able to figure it out with energy. It’s impossible now.’

However, if he had any dark feelings, he would not have had a conversation with himself with such a low attitude. It’s enough to just attack right away and torture to get the information. It was clear that at least the other side was friendly to him. In other words, as he said, there was a high possibility that he was Sera’s colleague.

“Being a teacher and catching a disciple’s ankle. What an ugly teacher.”

“It can’t be, can’t it?”

“Thank you for saying that.”

It seemed that a good-natured friend had entered as a disciple’s colleague. All the wizards I’ve experienced were arrogant, but I can’t believe there is a wizard with such good character. It really couldn’t have been more fortunate.


Archmage William was genuinely surprised.

‘My hypothesis that there are two hearts to come to the lord was correct.’

Although William thinks that he should be careful of hasty thoughts or judgments about his lord when serving him as his lord. Even so, his essence is a wizard no matter what anyone says. The study of the scene that unfolded in front of my eyes continued to progress in my head. One of these hypotheses is

anti aura

It is not an official name. In the first place, it was because until now, it was impossible to confirm that magic or mana was extinguished by any phenomenon. So, the only people who knew about this anti-error phenomenon were Sarah, the user of it, and William, the witness of it. That’s why this anti-error could not be left anonymous for the time being, so William put it on temporarily.

William made several hypotheses about this anti-error phenomenon. One of them was to apply the energy created by colliding two Aura Hearts. It was a hypothesis that started with the possibility that a new phenomenon might occur if two Aura Hearts with the same nature collided inside the body, while externally, if two Auras collided, they would just cancel out. However, it was so unrealistic that William did not consider it a highly probable hypothesis.

However, the moment he saw Sera’s teacher, Jade, he had no choice but to realize.

That is, the hypotheses with the lowest possibility are heading toward orthodoxy.

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

용사 제자가 돌아왔다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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