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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 1

EP.1 – 0. I have a disciple

He was a mercenary with a reputation. Before I knew it, I even had a grandiose nickname of ‘steel Jade’. That’s how I was able to rise to a fairly high position as an A-class mercenary. Normally, I would have aimed for S-class, the top of the mercenary world… . I am retired.

I didn’t really want to climb to a high position. I hated being powerless. I hated being weak. That doesn’t mean I want to be the strongest. It was enough to be just a moderately strong guy. Rather, not retiring from B-class was strange by my standards. It was a position that even B-class was considered to be quite strong. However, there are some guys who have managed to form a relationship to quit… . It was hard to stop.

After all, most of them die or retire, so I’m retired too.

It was a time when people were living in seclusion in areas where people do not come often.

“… Is this for real?”

“That’s right.”

An imperial knight came. Usually, knights ignored mercenaries, but that was also true for easy-going C-class or lower. Starting from B class, even if you are a knight, you have to be nervous, and from A class, you are at a level where ordinary knights do not dare to meet your eyes. In addition, the knight in front of me was thoroughly courteous as I was the age who had accumulated a lot of odds by fighting with the knights during my active duty.

Even so, I can’t help but feel dirty.

It doesn’t change the fact that they are uninvited guests who ruined my daily life in pursuit of a quiet life after retirement. In addition, the content that the uninvited guest brought was also very dirty.

“While I was living in seclusion, an oracle came down. That’s why we’re selecting warrior candidates and making them disciples of masters. Are you going to go in there too?”

“This is a special order from His Majesty the Emperor.”

In other words, there was no such thing as a veto. well you can understand If an oracle came down and the contents of the oracle were the devil, even if it were me, I would have worked like crazy. But anyway… .

“Hey, do you think that little boy is a candidate for the hero?”

“… It has been confirmed that he is an outstanding talent.”

I asked a question, but didn’t get a proper answer.

‘Looks like it’s “outside the line”.’

The eyes of the little girl whom the knight brought as my disciple, saying that she was a candidate for the hero, clearly crossed the line, a look that could never come out of Beomjae. When I was a mercenary, it was hard to see kids who didn’t know anything die right in front of my eyes. Even if this little boy entered the mercenary industry with his bare hands and started with nothing, he had a vessel that could somehow survive and eventually reach S-class. But that doesn’t change the fact that the girl in front of me is a kid. A little boy who needs to be by his parents’ side to the extent that it’s not enough to receive cuteness from his parents’ arms… .

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Just looking at it, it was clear that the emperor, out of fear that he might be killed by the demon king, was gathering all the little ones who could see the buds and doing this. Then, I gathered too many and started sending them to those who were classified as masters one by one, and eventually came to me, who was no different from the top ranks of the masters.

To put it simply, a lifetime of power means that an old bastard who enjoyed all the power, ate well and lived well, is doing this by taking children who are innocent and should be in their parents’ arms because their lives are precious. none.

“What is your name?”

“… Sera”

“Sarah, that’s a good name. i am jade In the future I will… .”

teacher? Master?

Rather than such an expression… .

“He is a protector.”

Yes, this must be the correct expression.


As I expected, the little boy had talent.

Truly a genius

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Just because I’m a teacher doesn’t mean that my pupils are covered with bean pods. Teaching mercenaries, the most important thing in training mercenaries not to die more accurately is to analyze and evaluate the mercenary’s level objectively. Wrong analysis and evaluation will only make that mercenary die on the next battlefield.

And since there was nothing different about this kid, no, this kid might have to fight the devil, so he analyzed and evaluated more strictly than when he was a mercenary. Even looking at it that way, the fact that this child is a genius has not changed, which proves the genius of this child.

But even so… .

‘… Lack.’

He collected as much information about the demon king as possible while blowing away half of his considerable retirement fund, which had been enough to allow him to live quietly in retirement. The information guild guys knew that what they were talking about was expensive, so they called it insanely high, and it was because it was difficult to find data about him as it had been a long time since the appearance of the demon king, so they had to spend money. The result of somehow grabbing the information guild kids by the collar and bargaining, collecting and analyzing the most plausible data… .

No matter how much a kid is a genius… .

It was difficult to defeat the Demon King.

Because the Demon King is literally a monster among monsters that humans can’t control.

What can be done only when far beyond human limits… .

Even an ordinary sword master cannot deal with it.

In an ordinary human body… .

In the usual way… .

You can never beat the devil.

Sarah is a genius. I have seen many superhumans on the battlefield, but Sera is a genius who is second to none. But even so, Sarah had a limit. Time is the limit. According to the oracle, in the not-too-distant future, the Demon King and his army will appear in the human world. Until then, the possibility of Sera reaching the level of a superman was very low, and there was no way that a child who had not reached the level of a superman could survive the battle with the demon king.

“Whoa! Whoa!”

Today, Sera does her best to swing her sword. But as a teacher, I know. That there was nothing in this child’s sword. Her sword has no will to live, no hope for the future, no hope for the future. There is not the slightest trace, not the slightest lingering aftertaste. It is just as sharp and vain as a cold knife.

A child should not wield a sword like this with such eyes.

However, even as a teacher, he is not given enough time to do anything for this child. Maybe a very short time in that child’s life, later ‘Ah. Was there anyone I could call a teacher?’ The time I was able to influence that child was so short that it wouldn’t be strange even if I wasn’t considered such a light existence.

‘The reason why a kid couldn’t be a kid is that there weren’t enough adults around him.’

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Just as no one despairs because they want to despair, and no one gives up because they want to give up, it wasn’t that a kid stopped being a kid because he wanted to. It just happened because there was no other way to do it. That would have meant that there were no adults around that little boy who could properly protect him. Even so, the state was labeling him as a candidate for a hero and forcing him to fight.

‘… It’s a disgusting story.’

I didn’t want to see something like this again, so I was hiding away from the world. Or is it God’s punishment for trying to be comfortable alone? Whatever it was, the fact that he became his guardian did not change.

Then you will have to take responsibility for it.

Because that’s what being an adult is.

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Just because the world is overflowing with trash without proper adults, doesn’t it mean that I don’t have to be a proper adult too?

I am the guardian of this little boy.


“What I do to you from now on is the secret of our family.”

It’s a lie. First of all, I am an orphan who lost my parents. I could only remember the name. It was common for people with no sex as much as Nanseini. Usually, if you want to earn some money, you buy a family register and give it a plausible last name, but I wasn’t interested in that kind of thing. Because I didn’t think it would change anything in particular. That’s why the story of the family is used to deceive the ignorant little boy. … When you say this, it sounds like you’re trying to do something bad to my boy. Rather, I’m trying to give him a huge gift.

“So, drink this, sleep for a while, and wake up.”

“… Yes.”

As always, the little boy silently drank the sleeping potion I gave him with an expressionless face and fell asleep. This is not because you trust me. It just didn’t matter what happened, so it could be like that.

For this child, reality will not be very different from hell. Otherwise, there would be no way that we would have lost so much of the things we should have as human beings. I don’t want to know what happened to this kid. Knowing didn’t mean I could do anything for her, and it wasn’t like I could go back and make things that happened to this child never exist. So I just do what I can for this child. How this child will use it is only up to this child’s will and discretion.

As a lacking adult, I just do what I can to a child who has been given a lot of things to do.

This is just a story.


Sara was bored.

Sarah was terrible.

Sarah resigned herself.

At first, there was a time when she had a sense of duty and was hot. However, as I repeat the death in the name of continuous failure… . In the end, nothing was left.

she was a regressor

Always returned to when she was considered a candidate for the hero. No matter how miserably you die, no matter how betrayed, no matter how great a failure… . Whenever she died, she returned to the moment when she was chosen as a candidate for the hero. At first, I thought this was a blessing. But it wasn’t until she repeated death and return that she gave up counting, and realized that this was a curse.

As she gained experience, she realized how to become stronger as quickly as possible. Through countless experiences, she figured out how to break through the Demon King’s forces. She came to understand every detail of someone who betrayed humanity for the sake of their own desires and joined the demon king.

And yet… .

She failed, died, and regressed.


No matter how much experience he accumulated, he couldn’t find a way to defeat the monster. No matter how you turn the situation to your advantage, no matter how strong you become, no matter how strong your friends are… . In front of the unreasonably powerful Demon King, everything just becomes futile. Everything just became meaningless.

Eventually she gave up.

If there’s any chance… .

‘It’s impossible unless you have 2 hearts to come to my body… .’

It shouldn’t just be a heart. It had to be at least the Aura Heart of a person who has risen to the ranks of a master, if not the level of a superman. But that was nonsense. If you reach the ranks of masters, you have already accumulated radish for a lifetime and have reached that level. It contains your own life. Who could give it just because a little girl asked for it?

Of course, she was no longer the dreaming warrior she had purely dreamed of. He was a veteran warrior who would do anything to achieve his goal. That’s why I also thought about taking it by force. However, she couldn’t even try because she realized that the aura heart that was damaged in that way would only become poison.

In the end, she had to repeat endless failures and regressions. But no one gave her a heart to come to her. Some thought she had insulted them and cut her throat on the spot, while others pretended to listen and took advantage of her and then vomited her. She just silently repeated the hellish infinite repetition like a machine. If you think about it, maybe one day someone will come out and hand over the heart to her?

But… .

She must have been a human being, too, and eventually reached her limit.

Now I’m starting to think it doesn’t matter what happens.

I was so tired that I just slept and wasted time, and I was burned to death by the demon king’s fire or stabbed by the demon king’s sword.

There was no more motivation left in her.

As if her true nature had been revealed, she, who had always been entrusted to superhumans as an excellent candidate, was put under a class A mercenary this time. He was clearly a person who rose to the ranks of a master, but the problem was that he was a mercenary. She went through countless mercenaries. They were a tribe that would do anything for money, calmly betray humanity, and even join the demon king’s army. Nothing is as meaningless as expecting something from a mercenary. That was the only truth she had learned while experiencing mercenaries to this day.

Still, this mercenary named Jade was a bit different. The mercenaries he knew used violence just to relieve himself in the name of teaching. He never used violence against himself and always calmly taught himself. And in it, I could feel the kindness that the disciple he taught did not die. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to feel it, but it wasn’t difficult to feel it because Sarah had accumulated countless experiences.

Was it because of that kindness?

She even pretended to do it in front of him.

In his eyes, it might look like a child is following along fairly well, but that was just ‘pretend’ by her standards. At that level, considering her current physical age, it wouldn’t be strange to be classified as a genius.

For her, this time felt like entertainment for the first time in a long time. What end awaits you this time? She was still just giving up on everything to the point of worrying about that.

Then one day.

Suddenly, Jade brought a herbal decoction full of sleep effects to her. It wouldn’t be strange for a grown adult to fall asleep immediately after eating this. Sarah has experienced this situation countless times. The person I believed to be a good person turned out to have an ulterior motive. Because that was the tragedy she experienced the most after living a long, madly regressive life. So it wasn’t surprising. At least I thought I would be killed by the demon king or the demon king army… . With that thought in mind, she drank the decoction. And pretended to be asleep.

The moment he drank the decoction, he detoxified everything with his aura. And he pretended to be completely asleep to the extent that even a superman would not notice it. No matter how many times she was stabbed in the back of the head, pain was pain. It was because I wanted to know what the hell this man was aiming for.

“I’m sure you’re asleep. Such a sleeping face is an absolute angel. I’m going to make a lot of men cry later.”

It was just embarrassing for Sara. Because of this face, there were times when I had to die because of getting caught up in all sorts of trouble. Considering that there were even scumbags who betrayed humanity and joined the Demon King’s Army to do all sorts of crazy things… . A few times he even burned his own face with fire. At that time, I realized that I was suffering from trouble again in my own way, and I quit after repeating the regression.

“It’s a way for a kid to have a kid-like face. Tsk tsk. Oh, if grown-ups couldn’t act like adults… . Whew.”

Apparently, it was when Sera thought that it was not because there was something dark about it that made her fall asleep.

That moment

Sarah felt the heat in her lower abdomen.

At the same time… .

“Cool! Whoops! Sigh. Sigh. Fortunately, I didn’t ask the kid.”

… Something unbelievable was actually happening.

He felt heat in his lower abdomen, and at the same time Jade coughed up blood.

Sera was able to easily figure out what was happening now with the experience and knowledge she had accumulated through numerous regressions.

‘Jade’s Aura Heart is being implanted into me… .’

Sera had been able to get what she couldn’t get no matter how hard she tried. That’s why she couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by this unbelievable reality.

“Little boy… . This world is filthy cruel I don’t know how many times I had to despair while shedding bloody tears. Even so, you still have a long life to live, right? Is it okay to put on a face that seems like you’ve already lived your life? No way. don’t be Are you able to do that until you become an adult? A kid just needs to smile like a kid and live with hope.”

The touch he gave me was so soft and warm.

that is

It was so warm, warm, and even sweet that Sarah had forgotten for so long.

It was human warmth.

As a result, she shed tears without realizing it.

“this. Do you have nightmares? Cool! Is it because you are forced to sleep with medicine? I just did it while sleeping… ? Ugh! Cool!”

Because of the teacher who was coughing up blood but worried that she was his disciple, she really had to feel indescribable emotions.

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

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My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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