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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 96

“When you say a massage parlor, do you mean the place that Kyung-Woo mentioned when we gathered to eat meat?”

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Lee Han-geon searched for memories and asked insinuatingly.

At the time, PD Seo Kyung-kyu introduced a massage parlor saying that it was a great place. At that time, the kid who wasn’t like that exaggerated so much unlike usual that I wondered, ‘Did he fall into a strange religion?’, so I remembered it separately.

“I bet. Was it when I saw you in Luxury Korean Beef Town?”

“The name of the massage parlor was Cheonma Massage.”

“Right. In particular, the Cheonma course taught by teacher Kang Tae-han is just perfect. Although I haven’t experienced it until other courses yet.”

Sung Jae-hoon said while turning his back with a light stretch. Originally, it was always stiff and stiff, but now it went back smoothly as if it had been lubricated.

Since they knew each other’s health conditions, Lee Han-geon stared at Sung Jae-hun like a strange figure.

“It would have been nice if hyung made a reservation with us at that time and went with us.”

“I have a schedule, what do I do? I can’t help it.”

Originally, everyone in the seat at the time tried to make a reservation on the same day, but there weren’t enough seats and there were scheduling issues, so it couldn’t be done.

“… By the way, then, are you saying that the things you said over the case at that time weren’t exaggerated?”

Then, as a thought came to his mind, Lee Han-geon asked in a questioning voice.

I didn’t remember everything Seo Kyung-woo said at that time, but there were parts that I thought were absurd. I wonder if he was worried that he was possessed by a pseudo-religion.

“That’s right, bro.”

Hana Sung Jae-hun nodded without hesitation.

“I also thought at that time that Kyung-woo hyung knows how to bluff, right? But when I went and got it… It was just the level of what it was.”

“Is that all real?”

“Yes, at first, at an oriental clinic, he puts his hand on his back as if he were checking his pulse, but from then on, the feeling just exploded! and come I thought, ‘Ah, this person is different~’”

Sung Jae-hoon let out a short exclamation and shook his head lightly from side to side. Just thinking about it makes me wonder.

“It’s not just the feeling, it’s really cool, and it loosens all the knots one by one… Is it because your posture has straightened out, or does it feel like your height is about 1cm taller than before?”

“You over-exploited, you guys.”

“If you don’t want to believe it, don’t. It’s a loss bro, what. Actually, out of personal greed, I want to become less famous in places like this. Just take some.”

Sung Jae-hun glanced at Lee Han-geon.

“Hyung, if you’re going to go, wear a tight disguise. There are still a lot of customers there, but if there is even a rumor that Lee Han-geon also goes there, it just makes things go crazy.”

“I saw you all on Instagram, so I just went, but what?”

“So from now on, I’m going to go separately.”

Sung Jae-hoon’s voice contained sincerity.

The sincerity of worrying about too many people flocking to the oasis I found by chance.

‘When you say that, I’m curious… … .’

On the other hand, Lee Han-gun seemed to be interested in Sung Jae-hoon’s reaction. Didn’t an old saying say that if three people persist, they can create a tiger that doesn’t exist?

When Kyung-Woo Seo said it alone, I thought, ‘It’s too exaggerated,’ but when someone else went there and said that, I couldn’t help but be curious.

‘In addition, the three of them looked really good in today’s shoot… … .’

Due to the concept of the program, there are a lot of things to do with the body, and since it’s been a long time, each member has one or two health problems.

For example, Jaehoon in front of me shows early symptoms of a herniated disc in his back and suffers from chronic fatigue.

but… Seeing that Jae-Hyung Son and Min-Woo Jo, who had received a massage together with Jae-Hoon, were running around as if they had rejuvenated, it seemed clear that at least there was something special about them.

“But hyung didn’t make a reservation at that time too?”

“It did.”

I didn’t make a reservation with the members at the time, but I did make a reservation for a day when my schedule was empty. I didn’t believe everything Seo Kyung-Woo said, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing a good massage parlor.


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Looking at the schedule on his smartphone, Lee Han-geon noticed that the word ‘massage’ was written on an empty time the very next day.

“Uh, is that so?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I was a little curious after hearing what you said.”

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Lee Han-geon said that and put his smartphone in.

On the other hand, Sung Jae-hoon thought about something for a while and then opened his mouth alludedly.

“… brother. If you have an urgent schedule tomorrow and can’t make it, please contact me.”


“I want to go there instead… … .”

The inner heart that is coolly revealed without hiding it.

He scratched his head with an embarrassed expression.

“I made a reservation, but the schedule is a little off, so I can only go in a month.”

“Is that enough?”

“I was trying to make a reservation for the weekend and it happened like this. Well, considering the teacher’s skill, it’s a good feeling to be able to make a reservation.”

haha. At Sung Jae-hoon’s voice, which contained a look of deep regret, Lee Han-gun burst into a short laugh.

“Originally, I just thought of a skilled massage parlor… I’m still listening, so I’m looking forward to it.”

“brother. I think I can tell you one thing with certainty.”

In response, Sung Jae-hoon raised his index finger and said.

“What my brother expected, it would be more than expected.”

Those who have received a massage from Kang Tae-han even once would not have heard it as an exaggeration.

* * *

“At times like this, here, from the shoulder blade, follow the muscle trunk… This point where other muscles meet. Just apply light pressure on this area.”

Cheonma Massage in the early morning before the business even starts.

Kang Tae-han, who came to the store early, was demonstrating a massage to a person lying on a bed in the break room.

“In this way, stiff shoulders can be relaxed as a whole, and the effects of the subsequent massage can be amplified by loosening the muscles.”

“Ohh… … .”

“Is this how it feels?”

The people gathered around it are other masseuses of Cheonma Massage. After Kang Tae-han’s demonstration, they, numbering about six or seven, began practicing by taking turns copying the demonstration or becoming opponents.

“It’s a little further in from there, where it engages with other muscles. Don’t press too hard, as pressing too deeply can cause contraction with tension.”

And Kang Tae-han was walking slowly among them, correcting their position or pointing out directly.

Kang Tae-han’s short massage class, held every Monday morning and Friday evening in the lounge for about an hour.

In the meantime, he taught the staff about massage techniques and tips, but it is Kang Tae-han who has set aside a time and is giving full-fledged lectures based on an idea he came up with the other day.

‘The reactions aren’t bad.’

It is not that we are forced to come out, but only those who want to participate can come to the store on time.

If you work in the morning or afternoon, you can go to work early and take classes, and if you work in the evening, you can take classes on Friday.

It was an autonomous form of class without coercion, and it didn’t matter if you wanted to listen to both.

‘Most of them are constantly coming out.’

I just did that, but if only two or three people showed interest and it was over, it would be useless, but fortunately most of the staff were steadily coming out and participating in the training.

It doesn’t come out simply because of the notice, but it’s a look that focuses with interest and passion in its own way.

Perhaps because they were selected by Director Hwang’s acquaintances or recommendations, there were many people who were both sincere and passionate. Kang Tae-han looked around and smiled.

This is Kang Tae-han’s shop.

It could be said that improving and developing the skills of employees is a desirable thing in itself.

“Hey… It’s hard to learn this kind of thing from anywhere.”

“Right. It’s because I’m trying not to tell you well.”

However, the level of satisfaction of the employees receiving the training was higher than Kang Tae-han expected.

Although the massage culture has become more popular than before, there is still a kind of artisan culture among masseuses, so it is safe to say that individual know-how, tips, and techniques are rarely shared.

“At the store I used to be in, the masseuses never once massaged each other’s shoulders.”

As a masseuse, I can fully understand his feelings, but sometimes it is to the point of being severe.

On the other hand, Taehan Kang, the president of this place, is not obsessed with such things, and not only sincerely answers related questions, but is also a person who is happy to teach techniques and even key tips.

It is a level that can only be said to be an exceptional case in the eyes of a person with a career as a masseuse. What’s more, the things they tell you are not small tips, but big things that are actually helpful one by one.

“Besides, you give me your time like this.”

As if that wasn’t enough, now I’m teaching them by preparing a separate class time like this.

But how could I not listen? Well, aside from moral aspects such as loyalty and gratitude, it is an opportunity to greatly enhance one’s capabilities as a masseuse.

“The boss is really… Even though you are young, the bowl is wide.”

“Yes? How old are you, boss?”

“Didn’t you say you were twenty-six?”

“Eh, are you in your twenties?”

“No wonder. If you look at the atmosphere alone, you don’t look like you are in your 20s.”

“It wasn’t just for a while… … .”

The man who was lying on the bed with his practice partner nodded slowly.

“What does age matter? Men are measure! And the vessel of the heart is important. I haven’t seen anyone in this industry who has such good skills and a broad mind as the CEO.”

“That’s right. My career is shorter than my uncle’s, but… What should I say, I can’t measure the end of my skills?”

As if sympathizing with the man’s words, the two people standing to the left nodded as well.

In fact, the reason why masseuses don’t want to tell you about their skills is because their bottom line is revealed… Kang Tae-han teaches core skills, and those skills are constantly popping up.

“Hmm, hmm.”

On the other hand, there was a person who was very uncomfortable with the conversation in his ears.

It is none other than Kang Tae-han.

There must be some distance between them, they seem to think that they can’t hear others, but unfortunately Kang Tae-han’s hearing is better than normal standards.

“Okay, let’s all move on to the next one!”

Kang Tae-han, who was having a hard time just listening, decided to cut off the conversation by focusing his gaze and changing the topic.

* * *

‘… Will this be enough?’

The man in the driver’s seat looked at himself in the mirror on the sun visor.

Wearing sunglasses and wearing a gray hood over it. It’s a mask that looks a little suspicious, but at least it will be hard to recognize who it is.


Satisfied with his makeup, Lee Han-gun, one of Korea’s representative entertainment MCs, nodded with a satisfied expression, got out of the car, and started heading to the store.


“Oh, hello… yo. this.”

An employee who bows his head and greets you first.

At that greeting, Lee Han-geon reflexively took off his hood and tried to greet him face-to-face… After a moment of hesitation, he finished the greeting by pressing down on the hood again.

“What did you come for?”

“I’m here to get a massage.”

“May I ask if you have a reservation?”

“It should be reserved for Seo Tae-wan.”

Seo Tae-wan is the name of Lee Han-geon’s manager. Of course, I didn’t make the mistake of making a reservation in my name after wearing a disguise like this.

“Yes, I checked. You can go over there to the locker room and change into these clothes.”

“Aww, I see.”

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Lee Han-geon politely accepts his clothes and walks to the changing room.

It was a behavior that seemed natural even to himself, and seemed like a normal person to anyone.

Meanwhile, after he disappears from sight.

“Was it Mr. Lee Han-geon just now?”

“It seem to be like that.”

When an employee glanced at him from the side asked in a quiet voice, Chief Hwang nodded in response.

What would you do if you hid your face? His voice and manner of speaking are the same as those seen on TV. They were two people whose ears perked up from the first time they heard the voice.

“But let’s pretend we don’t know for now.”

Saying that, Director Hwang opened the shelf below and checked it out. There seemed to be plenty of autographs and frames still to spare.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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