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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 84

To enter into a certain partnership with the hotel side. This is something Kang Tae-han had been thinking about for a long time.

I don’t know anything else, but I thought that the sauna facility on the top floor would be very useful if we had a cooperative relationship with it even before it opened.

Because of this, Director Hwang had once said to Kang Tae-han that he would talk to the hotel once the hotel started operating.

‘It’s luck again this time.’

However, the hotel side first came up with a partnership proposal like this. It was also a direct conversation with the general manager, so the work would have been much easier and faster without having to go through various procedures.

“I’m glad that the director thinks positively too. Then we will proceed as is.”

By the time the coffee in the cup is slowly cooling down.

When the plan was outlined to some extent, Kwak Sang-yeong jotted down something on a piece of paper and said, while Kang Tae-han nodded slowly. From his point of view, it was as if one of his worries had been resolved on his own.

‘It’s a painting that helps each other.’

The hotel promotes Cheonma Massage’s basic massage course with sauna to guests, and Cheonma Massage offers it at a 20% discount. And part of the discounted price is paid by the hotel.

This is the big picture that has been mentioned so far.

The hotel side is good because it can provide higher quality service in conjunction with other auxiliary facilities, and it is good for Kang Tae-han because he can stably secure the guests of the general course. It’s a structure that helps each other.

“Actually, when I received the massage, I was a little worried because the teacher gave a very honest impression. But I was relieved to hear that the story was so well communicated.”

“Hmm… When I work, my impression is a little different.”

At Kwak Sang-yeong’s words, Kang Tae-han nodded.

It was like a kind of habit that Kang Tae-han was also aware of that the usual atmosphere and the feeling when concentrating on massage were very different.

“By the way, this time I have a story I want to tell you.”

The main point of Kwak Sang-young has been outlined to some extent and the story is finished. However, Kwak Sang-young was not the only one who came to the event with a purpose.

“Yes? Ah yes. Please tell me.”

After examining the situation, Kang Tae-han sneaks up on his point.

Then, Kwak Sang-young, who had taken a sip of the lukewarm coffee, put the cup down again.

“How about making a partnership with them so that customers who visit our massage parlor can use the sauna? Think about it.”

Kang Tae-han directly brought up the story.

Kwak Sang-young touched his lips and was lost in thought, then nodded slowly. It was a positive response.

“That’s good. The connection between each other will be better… In fact, when I came out of the massage, I was also hungry for the sauna.”

A picture of people who received a massage going to and from the sauna like water flowing. Saunas enjoyed while receiving a massage will be more satisfying, which will naturally lead to the reputation of sauna facilities and hotels.

‘It’s good to be able to solve the problem with this opportunity.’

Kang Tae-han is good at being able to naturally proceed with what he has been thinking about for a long time.

‘It’s nice that you proactively bring out an offer first.’

Kwak Sang-young is satisfied that he has found an alliance partner that is both helpful and communicative at the same time.

“Then let’s talk about this once again, just like what we talked about earlier in this meeting.”

“All right. Let’s hope for good news.”

The two each smiled contentedly and slowly shook their hands up and down several times.

* * *

“okay? Are you done talking about the sauna?”

After a while.

At the Galbi restaurant located on the first floor of the building, Kang Tae-han and two familiar people, Chief Hwang and Choi Seong-hyeon, gathered for a late meal.

“Yeah, somehow it got resolved at once.”

“Our Director Kang is good at business.”

“It’s just luck, huh?”

When Seonghyeon Choi handed over a cup filled with water and said, Kang Taehan shrugged and replied.

“If luck overlaps and overlaps, it’s skill.”

Director Hwang smiled and helped with a word. In his own words, the store and the investment he received were all thanks to luck, but at this point, it is hard to say that he was simply lucky.

“Did you take good care of your ancestor’s grave?”

“Did my grandfather wear makeup?”

“The grounds of the charnel house might be good.”

Director Hwang tilted his head at Seonghyun Choi’s words.

“Does the charnel house also follow feng shui?”

“Oh, I’m just joking.”

Seonghyun Choi shook his hand in disgust at the serious reaction. In the meantime, the ordered ribs were brought to the table with hot charcoal fire.

Just looking at it, the meat is soft and tender.

Seasoned ribs that already have a sweet and salty scent.

Although the price range is a bit high, the quality of the meat looked pretty good.

“Hey, this looks delicious.”

“I tried it once the other day, and the raw ribs here are really good. know? Galbi restaurant is a real restaurant where raw ribs are delicious.”

Director Hwang said as he put the meat on the grill. Then Seonghyeon Choi stared blankly at Hwang, who was holding the tongs.

“… what, why?”

“no… I wonder if the manager bakes it.”

“To do so. why?”

“Then it lowers my expectations.”

Seonghyun Choi looked at Kang Taehan with a sidelong glance and said. Kang Tae-han, who was looking at his smartphone, must have felt that gaze and said with a laugh.

“Hey, do you want to work that hard?”

“However… If the manager bakes it, it doesn’t taste good.”


Kang Tae-han didn’t say anything and nodded slowly. The last time Chief Hwang grilled pork belly, I still vividly remember being amazed at the meat that was seared on the outside but undercooked on the inside.

“This child? If you’re going to do that, you bake it.”

“… I’ll just bake it, chief.”

However, Choi Seong-hyun was a person who sometimes failed to control the water even for cup noodles, so Kang Tae-han quietly brought Chief Hwang’s tongs.

Chii profit… … .

Short ribs cooked on the grill. The grill pattern engraved in stripes on the soft lean meat looked appetizing just by looking at it.

“Certainly, Mr. Taehan bakes well… … .”

Grill over hot charcoal fire. In fact, it is the same as a direct fire, so the heat of the fire that comes up is inevitably different from place to place.

The scent of charcoal is well absorbed, but one is too strong and the other is too weak… In other words, an environment that can be said to be the highest level of difficulty in grilling meat.

However, even so, the meat on the fire plate was being cooked evenly and appetizingly without burning or undercooking. At this point, I wonder if I can cook better than the boss here.

“ah… Player Kang Joo-wan said he would return home after all.”

“If it’s Kang Joo-wan… Football player?”

“Yeah, I guess I decided to have a recovery period.”

In the meantime, Choi Seong-hyun, who was looking at his smartphone, showed the screen while speaking in a sad voice. There was an internet article about Kang Ju-wan’s decision to return to Korea and his recent moves.

“Rather than that, do you even watch soccer?”

“no? I just watch it from time to time when there’s a game that looks fun. About once a week?”

Seonghyun Choi shrugged and said.

“But if Kang Joo-wan is missing, the number of days I see him will be cut in half. Oh, I feel sorry for all of you.”

Kang Joo-wan was a player who attracted the attention of domestic soccer fans by showing great performance as a national representative, and was one of the most recognized players in the Korean soccer world, showing good results even after advancing to the Premier League.

I just wanted to win and win like that, but… He was injured once during the game and was carried away, and since then he has not been able to appear in the game, and even if he came out, he could not show the same skill as before.

At the same time, rumors of worsening injury and retirement went around, and even at the end of the season, there was even an article saying that he was returning home while the season was still in progress.

“What can I do… … . If you are a professional player, you have to run at the risk of injury yourself.”

“It is, but… Why did this happen to a Korean player, especially a promising prospect?”

Choi Seong-hyun expressed his regret with a grumbling voice. This may be true in all fields, but it was very unfortunate that a promising player was defeated without even reaching his full potential.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if our Director Kang could look at it?”

Seeing Choi Seong-hyeon looking sad, Chief Hwang glanced at Kang Tae-han, who was grilling the meat, and said, It also cured migraines, a chronic disease, and had already shown results in Hanha, so it was not a ridiculous story.

“Mmm, well.”

However, Kang Tae-han just shrugged his shoulders with a calm expression as usual.

“You’ll have to see the details to find out.”

Kang Tae-han himself knows more than other masseuses… No, it’s true that you can do quite a lot. However, that doesn’t mean that I can do anything, so I don’t have to give a definite answer.

“Well, how likely is it that Kang Joo-wan will come to our store in the first place?”

“But that’s something you never know.”

Director Hwang hinted at Choi Seong-hyeon’s words.

Choi Tae-joon of Hanha, coach Oh Jae-woon, national actor Cho Chan-hyuk… This is the amount of people who come to mind right away, but they are all people that are hard to meet.

Especially at the massage shop attached to the jjimjilbang.

However, I made people like that take a step… I wondered if there was something about Kang Tae-han that would attract a relationship.

If you ask me what that something is, of course I couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

“… Do you like the site of the charnel house?”

“Why is the story suddenly going back again?”

To Hwang, who suddenly mentioned a story that ended a long time ago, Choi Seong-hyeon said in an absurd tone.

“You just eat meat.”

In the meantime, Kang Tae-han said as he moved the grilled meat to the plates in front of each other.

“… Hey, well baked.”

“The raw ribs have a really good charcoal flavor.”

The meat is not only soft on the outside, but also has a great chew. Every time you chew, the gravy comes out in your mouth, and the subtle charcoal scent harmonizes with each other to create a deep savory taste.

“It tastes much better than the last time I came and ate.”

The taste of meat differs significantly depending on the person who grills it.

Director Hwang confirmed his skills once again, shook his head and gave a thumbs up.

* * *

“Wow… The store is really nice.”

A customer who has just entered Cheonma Massage and has just changed clothes. She looked around and burst into admiration.

From the interior to the size, it was because it was on a different level from the massage shop in the jjimjilbang I visited last time.

“Is Eunbi here?”

“Ah, brother! It’s been a while.”

When Kang Tae-han came out and spoke to her, she, Chae Eun-bi, waved her hand, expressing her delight with her whole body.

“Yeah, it’s been a while. Are things going well?”

“Don’t talk. Are your grades better than before?”

Chae Eun-bi said with a smile.

After passing the preliminaries last time, she was able to pass the finals without difficulty, and was able to obtain the qualifications corresponding to a regular member and tour pro.

The professional activity he had longed for started right away.

I gave up on my dream due to an injury in the middle, but even considering that time, I became a pro pretty early.

“I saw that it came out as an article.”

“Oh, did you see it?”

“You sent me a link too, but I didn’t see it.”

“Did I?”

Kang Tae-han, who was walking down the aisle earlier, burst out laughing at Chae Eun-bi’s pretentious appearance.

The link that Chae Eun-bi sent me saying that it appeared in the article. I don’t know much about golf, but it seemed that I had won a runner-up in a tournament of a certain size.

“By the way, the store is really nice. The last store wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I was surprised that this place was much better than I thought.”

Upon entering the room, Chae Eun-bi said while looking around for a while there. The sophisticated interior in an oriental atmosphere has a luxurious feel.

“The designer said he was good at it.”

“I guess so.”

Eunbi Chae nodded in admiration, then climbed onto the bed and lay down with her back exposed.

“So, what did you say there was something important about?”

Kang Tae-han asked, placing his hand on her back. Two days ago, it was Chae Eun-bi who had said on KakaoTalk that she wanted to get a massage because she had something important to do.

“… Oh, that’s it.”

Kang Tae-han’s hand went up, and Chae Eun-bi, who was languidly relaxed, responded a beat late.

“Actually, it’s nothing… I am going on an expedition to America this time.”

Contrary to what she said, it was nothing, she said in a slightly embarrassed voice.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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