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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 82

“In case, you didn’t go somewhere strange, did you?”

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Lee Han-geon asked in a slightly worried voice.

It was the fact that you would know once you receive it, and what Seo Kyung-woo said sounded a little similar to the words of pseudo-preachers.

“I knew I would say that.”

Seo Kyung-woo looked at Lee Han-geon as if he knew that and nodded a couple of times.

“When I heard it from someone else, I thought it was a long time ago, and I thought the same as you.”

“… Who did you hear from?”

“Why, Mr. Cho Chan-hyuk, did you come last time?”

“It did. Chanhyuk-ssi came and went through hardships.”

“But why is Chanhyuk sunbaenim?”

The sudden mention of the name of a famous actor drew more attention to Seo Kyung-woo. In that gaze, Seo Kyung-woo continued to speak.

“It’s nothing else, it’s a massage shop recommended by Mr. Chanhyeok, but he hasn’t had a headache since he’s been here.”

“… Chanhyuk said that?”

If it’s Cho Chan-hyuk, Lee Han-geon is also kind of friendly.

That’s why I know very well that he is a person who rarely exaggerates or utters empty words. Lee Han-geon, who was looking suspiciously at Seo Kyung-woo, quickly became curious.

“… Senior Joe’s migraine is no joke.”

“right. The last time you were filming, you collapsed from a migraine, right? But can it be any better?”

When Seo Kyung-Woo mentioned Cho Chan-Hyeok’s name, the members who were just listening and saying ‘something’ changed to a more sympathetic one.

In any case, it was true that the members were not in good shape to the extent that Seo Kyung-woo was concerned. If there is a massage shop with excellent skills, there is no good news.

“By the way, can I ask Chanhyuk once? I was on KakaoTalk with Chanhyuk a while ago?”

“Ayu, ask me, ask me. Hyung too, would you lie about something like that, saying that I have something to gain?”

“… Did you see it for real?”

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Lee Han-geon, who was pretending to open KakaoTalk, tilted his head and put the smartphone down again. I couldn’t believe it yet, but at least it seemed to be true that there were massage shops with excellent skills.

“Hey, that’s the case.”

“Oh, if you don’t want to believe it, don’t. bring me one more time It’s nice not to have a reservation.”

“No, not that.”

Son Jae-hyung, who had been listening relatively quietly next to him, spoke in a hint. Seo Kyung-woo waved his hand in disgust, wondering if he was asking if he was asking the truth this time, but Son Jae-hyung just shook his head slowly.

“So, what is the location and number of that massage shop?”

Isn’t there a saying that one hundred words is worth seeing?

Either way, you’ll have to see for yourself to see if it’s true.

Unlike the other members who were obsessed with whether or not Seo Kyung-kyu’s words were bluffing, it was Son Jae-hyung who had the idea of ‘I should go and see’ from the beginning.

“I keep listening to it, but everyone just says something, so what I really need isn’t coming out. First of all, let me know what the number is.

“Oh, wait.”

Only then did Seo Kyung-woo take out his business card wallet and rummage inside. Then, he took out a business card with the word Cheonma Massage written on it and handed it to Jaehyung Son.

“what. If you do this, won’t you lose your business card?”

“it’s okay. In the first place, I brought several copies to give to the members and other acquaintances.”

Then he took out six or seven business cards.

“… Then I’ll take one too.”

“I also have a bad back these days.”

“Thank you, it’s a case.”

I shook my head saying not to lie a while ago, but when I took out a business card, the members took it one by one. Seeing that, Seo Kyung-woo burst out laughing.

“Everyone, if you want to make a reservation, hurry up. I see that reservations are very tight. Especially for office workers during work hours or on weekends… How hard is it to get a reservation after almost three weeks?”

“… That much?”

“Oh, the location is also near the broadcasting station?”

The address on the business card is Dangsan-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu.

If you come out of the broadcasting station in Yeouido, it is a neighborhood that is so close that you can go by car or even walk.

‘Is it worth a visit?’

I would have thought about it a bit if I was in the Gyeonggi area or out of town, but this is enough to just stop by after the broadcast, or even walk there.

“… Hey, it must be popular. I’m still on the phone at this hour.”

“Yes, even on weekdays it doesn’t matter. Yes, then could you tell me some of the free days in order of closest?”

Son Jae-hyung tried to make a phone call, but when he heard that he was on the phone, he put down his smartphone. But at that very moment, I heard Lee Chang-ho, who was sitting next to me, talking on the phone.

“… You acted like you weren’t interested earlier, are you a cutthroat?”

“a. It’s not a line-up, bro. You’re saying something that could be misunderstood… … . Ah yes. Then, on Thursday morning, please. Yes Yes.”

From that moment on, everyone present took out their smartphones, and for a while, the drinking glasses on the table didn’t empty, and a situation arose where the members noticed each other because of store reservations.

* * *

While people flocked to Kang Tae-han’s Cheonma Massage and enjoyed a boom that exceeded expectations, many changes were taking place in the liner building itself.

More precisely, I would say that work is in progress.

Shops that were originally supposed to be opened began to open one by one after preparing for opening, and the places that remained vacant began to be filled with shops.

“It seems that the commercial district is good here. It’s not even activated yet, but people go around like this.”

“Then, shall we go ahead with the contract?”

“Yes, can I sign it there?”

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Little by little, the influence of Cheonma Massage was unknowingly involved in the decision to open new stores that filled empty rooms.

Even when most of the shops were not open yet, a considerable number of customers visited Cheonma Massage, and in conclusion, people continued to come and go to the building itself.

In other words, it creates a constant floating population.

When the prospective store owners came to look at the store, it was quite impressive to see people walking around like this even though the commercial area in the building was not properly activated.

However, the busiest place to work here is the Liner Hotel, which occupies the entire building from the 5th to the 19th floor.

“From the 8th to the 19th floor, check once more to see if all the room furniture is properly installed. They know that if a claim comes in later, things will happen.”

“Chief Park! Can you send one of the facilities team to room 1018? The condition of the air conditioner is very strange!”

At the end of the day, with only a few days left until the opening, the actual final inspection was in progress. Thanks to this, everyone from the support team to the room team, food and beverage team, facilities team, and PR team were busy moving in their respective areas.


Kwak Sang-young, the general manager of the role of leading them all… … .

“… Crazy.”

He woke up in a dark room, muttering to himself. It was as if he had discovered something outrageous, and he had a slightly dumbfounded look on his face.

“This is insane.”

He is sitting on the bed in Room 5 of Cheonma Massage.

After getting a massage, he fell asleep before he knew it and just woke up.

* * *

‘This… It’s more than expected.’

Originally, it was a word used to give favorable reviews, but in the current situation, it could be said to be a much higher evaluation. Because his expectations were still high.

In a situation where the commercial district wasn’t working properly yet, reservations were pushed back only by regulars… … . I came expecting to have such a high-level massage skill that is hard to get at other massage parlors.

However, the skill of Taehan Kang, the president of this place, was beyond that level. If ordinary massage is a merry-go-round… I’d say this is a rollercoaster.

It was not a level that was difficult to feel elsewhere, but a unique level that could only be felt here, which was beyond common sense.

“ah… In the end, I couldn’t even speak to the boss.”

I am the general manager of the hotel below, and I want to continue a good relationship with the teacher’s massage shop. For now, I wanted to say a light greeting with such a nuance, and continue a more constructive conversation… … .

“From the middle, my mind went white.”

Originally, when you receive a massage, you will have a small talk with the masseuse. It’s like having a small talk with a hairdresser at a hair salon.

After getting a massage like that, I tried to talk about it naturally by looking at the timing, but what is this? I spent 30 minutes without even realizing how the time was passing, in pain beyond my imagination and cool enough to turn my head white.

And when I opened my eyes, an hour had passed.

Besides, the body was indescribably light and refreshing. Would you say it feels like you just got out of an automatic car wash or just came out of the A/S… … .

It was hard enough to believe that a baker from Anpanman appeared while he was sleeping and put a new body on it.

“Are you awake?”

Had I been bruising for a while like that?

An employee of the store opened the door and came in and turned on the lights.

A light that emits a soft orange light inside a square box like a lantern. It was the excellent lighting that went well with the surroundings to add more style and atmosphere to the oriental interior.

“Take a break, have a cup of tea, and come out slowly.”

After saying that, the employee bowed politely, then went out again and closed the door.

Kwak Sang-young took a sip of the tea left by the employee after looking around the surrounding interior for a while. A sip of warm tea permeates your refreshed body after a good night’s sleep. My body loosened up, and I felt a gradual awakening from within.

“… nice.”

The past few days, busy days related to the hotel opening continued. Now, there are only things left to do at the team leader level, so I can afford to stop by the massage shop… Up until the day before, he had been concentrating on his work from morning to evening.

An unexpected and perfect break given to him.

Originally, I had planned to sleep as if I were dead during the holiday given right before the opening, but it felt like the fatigue was washed away so much that I didn’t feel the need to do so.

‘If you think about it from the customer’s point of view… … .’

Mr. A, an office worker who went on a business trip to this area and dragged his tired body into the hotel. After checking in, having a meal at the hotel or a nearby restaurant, I stop by the sauna on the 22nd floor after looking at the discount for customers using the hotel.

After washing my body refreshingly in the sauna with a view of the Han River and the night view of Seoul, I came out.

It’s definitely better than before, but the tiredness is still there. In the midst of snooping here and there with something regretful left… After getting a recommendation from the staff, you come here and get a massage.

And if you go through the same experience as you did. If the fatigue of the whole body is washed away, and the day ends with a body that is as light as a lie.

‘A really great end to the day… … .’

It will be a very attractive finish not only for office workers on business trips, but also for vacationers and foreigners who come to Seoul for the purpose of tourism.

‘… great.’

Kwak Sang-young, who drew a picture in his head while thinking for a while, nodded as if he had decided on something, and jumped up from his seat.

I strode to the door… I thought of something belatedly and looked back again.

“… Shall we drink all the tea anyway?”

The tea tasted better than expected.

There was no need to rush, and it was a waste to leave it behind, so Kwak Sang-young went back to his seat and sat down in front of the table.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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