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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 233

“It’s so much better than I thought.”

Director Hwang walked around slowly and spoke in an admiring voice. The feeling of the building I saw the last time I came was virtually gone.

‘Honestly, it felt a bit old… … .’

This area is a rather old neighborhood as a whole.

It’s not a neighborhood that I’m particularly familiar with or have a relationship with, but in the past, there was talk of redevelopment going around, and I still remember it as a neighborhood where there’s not much talk about it.

As a result, the overall building has an old impression.

There are quite a few shops and it feels like the commercial district is active, but rather than being bustling, it feels like people from nearby neighborhoods often use it.

To put it in a good way, it retains the flavor of the old neighborhood, and to put it bluntly, it is a place that feels a little backward.

The three-story building in front of us was originally one of those buildings. There was also a signboard of the shop I rented in the past, so I even felt a bit sad… … .

But now it’s a completely different impression.

It feels like it has been completely overturned, leaving only the basic outline. To be honest, I even feel like, ‘This is how remodeling can go.’

“You seem to like it.”

“Yes. Maybe the director will like it too.”

Director Hwang replied in a slightly excited voice.

The slightly old building I had seen before was just appreciated by the recipient. In any case, where in Seoul can you rent a three-story building like this willingly, and even for free?

But to be able to remodel so neatly from there… There is no reason to feel bad for the recipient.

“Has the construction been completed all the way to the inside?”

“yes. Would you like to go in?”

“Haha, you look good when you pretend.”

At Kwak Sang-yeong’s answer, which was good at it, Chief Hwang smiled brightly. Kwak Sang-young walked in front as if leading the way, and Chief Hwang entered the building following him.

‘… The interior space is also wider than I’ve seen before.’

The impression has changed as well as the interior.

The last time I saw it before the construction started, it seemed a little cramped, but now it looks quite roomy, maybe because things have been demolished and the view is wide open.

Director Hwang walked around and looked around meticulously. Looking at the empty room, I lightly draw a sketch in my head about where to put what and where to put it, and how to divide and use the space.

The blueprints that were being roughly put together in his head.

Since I am not an interior specialist, it was literally just a rough patching up level, but this alone can capture a considerable business outline.

‘This is enough… It’s okay to gather more people than I thought.’

It’s not something to talk about out loud.

Currently, it is no exaggeration to say that Cheonma Massage is the most famous place in the massage industry. The popularity, awareness, and actual sales are just top-notch.

In fact, it deserves it.

Even if you just stay still, it is promoted here and there through SNS, and even if it is posted once or twice, certified shots of celebrities that would be enough to become a hot topic are uploaded almost every week these days.

As a result, the number of masseuses who wanted to come here was quite large. Even if you post a short job posting, the application will be closed in an instant.

Not too long ago, when I was looking for a new masseuse, Hwang was the head of the department, who mobilized his personal connections and went around asking around to find someone with good skills. … .

These days, just posting an announcement was enough for other businesses to be treated as veterans, and people like that lined up on their own.

In particular, this massage academy being prepared this time was rumored somewhere, and people’s applications were pouring in even before the announcement was posted.

However, even with so many people coming, the number of people who can be selected is limited, so I went through this and that and cut out quite a few numbers and narrowed them down… … .

‘If this happens, I can draw more.’

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Looking at it now, I think it would be okay to recruit at least 30% more than now. Director Hwang nodded slowly to himself with a quite satisfied expression.

“You seem to like it very much.”

Did you read that expression?

Kwak Sang-young, who was looking around at the side, asked with a smile. Chief Hwang answered right away as if there was no need to say anything.

“Isn’t that natural? They lend the building for free, but since they send it to us after it has been refurbished like this, I can’t help but smile.”

“haha… Well, our boss is also putting a lot of expectations on Cheonma Massage. I don’t think we can provide this much support, of course.”

Saying that, Kwak Sang-yeong secretly looked at Chief Hwang’s reaction. It seemed that he was paying attention to what kind of answer would come back in relation to this story.

Of course, the willingness to give up the building and renovate it was because this side also had its own calculations.

Jang Jae-yeon, the president of We Reach, a company to which the Liner Hotel belongs. When she met Kang Tae-han last time, she suggested an active connection with them if they expand the branch of Cheonma Massage. This is the part where Kang Tae-han also gave a positive answer.

However, in the end, it was an oral story.

Of course, Kang Tae-han wasn’t the kind of person who spoke lightly and picked it up, but… Still, it was true that the other person could feel a little uneasy.

That’s why I’ve made this additional suggestion to make a deeper relationship here in business.

Rather than taking a hostage, it was a simple strategy to induce a give-and-take, with the feeling of ‘We did this for you, but won’t you change your mind?’

“What sure… Only when the academy runs well will we secure talented people, and only then will the number of Cheonma massage branches stably increase.”

At the same time, Chief Hwang slightly turned his head to Kwak Sang-young. When our eyes met naturally, he smiled and spoke as if adding an important story.

“Well, the footstool and location of the store will be well prepared by Wearych, so it will be much more comfortable.”

Kwak Sang-young’s thoughts were of course also known to Hwang. Nothing is free in this world. There is no pure goodwill. Unless the other party is a saint, there is no benefit provided free of charge without any calculation.

However, there is no need to be wary of everything.

If you take a look at it in many ways and it will help you as a result, it doesn’t matter if you just accept it.

“I wish you all the best in the future.”

This is a part that has already been discussed with Kang Tae-han.

Director Hwang naturally reached out his hand to Kwak Sang-young.

“… That’s me, thank you! If there is anything else you need help with, please let me know.”

Kwak Sang-young held his hand and brought a bright smile to his lips.

* * *

“Uhhhh… … !”

Choi Seong-hyun stretches out with exclamations with his mouth.

He sat down on the bed where the guest had just been, loosened his shoulders with a big movement, and let out a small sigh for the last time.

“But how did it end?”

“I know. great job.”

Kang Tae-han responded in a calm voice to Choi Seong-hyun’s words. Unlike Choi Seong-hyun, who seemed to be tired, Kang Tae-han looked fine as usual.

“From the middle, I worked without a break.”

“What… It was a schedule where I had to massage all the national team players in two days.”

There was a reason why Kang Tae-han shortened the massage time to less than 10 minutes and even borrowed Choi Sung-hyun’s hand as soon as possible.

The title of national team is not something that can be won by anyone, but it is a name that means rarity in itself, but when all the athletes participating in the Olympics are gathered, it becomes a considerable number in itself.

However, Kang Tae-han couldn’t afford to leave the store for several days, so he had to split the time in some way to give massages to all the players here.

However, that doesn’t mean that the schedule doesn’t give you room, but rather, it was tight, so it was difficult to take a break.

It’s a situation where I can’t help but feel tired.

However, Kang Tae-han took a peek at Choi Seong-hyun’s physical condition, crossed his arms, and hinted in a playful tone.

“But despite being tired, I think I’m in good shape… You won’t have the stamina to be this tired anymore.”

Choi Seong-hyun, who showed explosive growth in handling the last time. He didn’t let go of training after that, and while gaining enlightenment, he seemed to have caught something, and the speed of training was also accelerated.

Thanks to this, it is now possible to do not only physical massage skills, but also work to such a degree as opening pores in places of blood points or applying some stimulation to blood vessels.

I would say that there is a reason Kang Tae-han accompanied him even though it was a pretty important event where he massaged the national team players.

Of course, it is just a beginner level with a lot of things to learn, but it has reached a level where at least simple symptoms can be entrusted enough, and can provide a little practical help to Kang Tae-han’s massage.

And as a result… As the ability to deal with the internal energy of the body also improved, Choi’s physical strength naturally became noticeably stronger than before.

To add a little bit of exaggeration, it should be said that it is at a level where you can walk around without incident even if you stay up all night for about two days.

“But hey, that’s how it feels, how it feels. And you don’t mind, but I still have to concentrate a little more to get to the bloodline.”

However, when it comes to being tired just because your body is in good shape, you have something to say. Choi Sung-hyun spoke in a gruff voice, and Kang Tae-han smiled lightly and hinted.

“You look really tired from what you’re talking about.”

“Then would you pretend to be tired?”

“Instead, I’ll buy you something expensive for dinner. Back to Seoul… Um, how about the beef restaurant I went to with the manager before?”

“Uh, the place where I ate the ribeye back then?”

“okay. there.”

“Hey… It’s worth following your friend.”

Upon Kang Tae-han’s answer, Seong-hyeon Choi immediately created a color scheme. 1++ Korean beef contains enough magical power to blow away a lot of sadness at once.

“Looks like you’re done.”

Meanwhile, a man opened the door and entered the room. none other than Woo Dae-seok, the team leader. As he approached the two, he greeted them politely.

“Hey, you worked really hard yesterday and today. I don’t know how much I can thank you.”

“no. It was a good time for me too.”

“Me too.”

At Woo Dae-seok’s words, Kang Tae-han and Choi Seong-hyeon also greeted each other and said so. Apart from Kang Tae-han, it was actually not a bad time for Choi Seong-hyeon. Thanks to that, I was able to see Ga-in in the athletes’ village.

“I want to personally take you to Seoul and treat you properly… I think it’s a bit difficult because I’m busy with work. instead.”

However, this does not mean that Woo Dae-seok’s heart is significantly reduced. He continued his story with a face that seemed to be half thankful and half mixed, then took out a white envelope from his inside pocket and held it.

“It’s difficult for me to give you much, but… Still, the cost of the meal you just mentioned should be sufficient. Please accept it.”

An envelope full of money.

That’s what they say, but it’s probably not a small amount. Kang Tae-han shook his head slowly and gestured to block the front of the envelope with his palm.

“I cannot accept this. I will only accept your heart.”

“As you accepted my heart, please accept it as well.”

“no. If it had been for the money, I would have gone on to other activities where I could earn a lot more.”

That statement is not incorrect.

However, even as team leader Woo, it would be embarrassing to send him back without giving anything in return. He asked cautiously with a puzzled expression.

“Then how should I repay you?”

“Hmm… I do not know.”

Kang Tae-han was lost in thought for a moment.

To be honest, he had already achieved what he wanted. Because the name of Cheonma Massage was deeply imprinted in the minds of the national team players.

They are literally elite athletes representing their country at the Olympics. As time passes, some of them will naturally grow into influential figures in the sports world.

Planting such awareness in such people is.

It means that you can secure awareness and influence that goes beyond simply attracting a few customers.

Would you say it’s an investment for the future?

And this kind of investment is more effective and efficient if you emphasize the image of good deeds.

“Then, instead of giving it to me, please make a donation somewhere. I think that would be more comfortable for me.”

So, Kang Tae-han naturally smiled and said that.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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