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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 225

“Um… … .”

about an hour after that.

Sehu Kim slowly got up and rubbed his eyes, then sat blankly for a while and looked around. It took her a little while to figure out her situation.

“… When did you fall asleep?”

From the time I received the massage to the time I fell asleep, I have no memory of the time between.

And it was her first time experiencing something like this. I’ve never experienced the so-called ‘film breaks’ phenomenon, which is a common experience when you become an adult.

Feeling a bit embarrassed and confused.

But her embarrassment didn’t last long. More than that, a strange feeling was felt all over his body.

‘what? body… … .’

Vigor overflows from the body.

It’s a vague sense, so I can’t say exactly what it is, but the flow of something inside is spinning much faster than usual.

At the same time, a sense of exhilaration rises.

It’s not an exact analogy, but should I say it’s similar to the feeling of heat coming up in your body when you exercise to a certain extent?

However, the feeling is not unpleasant.

Rather, she could instinctively notice. I would say that the current situation is more ideal for health.

Involuntarily, she got out of bed and stood up. Then, shaking his hands and feet, he sneakily jumped a couple of times in place.

“Wow… what is this.”

The body is incredibly light, and even the muscles and joints move so smoothly. In terms of experience, it felt as if the shackles I had been wearing had been lifted.

And that wasn’t all.

Originally, when she started a new work, she used to live with chronic dizziness during that period because it took more effort to manage than usual… … .

Now, without any such feeling, my mind is clear.

Is the expression that my head is clear is too vague?

However, Kim Se-hoo did not know of any other expression that could adequately express what he felt.


“Ah oh… Big! Come on in!”

About that time, the knock sounded again.

Kim Se-hu, who had been bouncing around in place for a while, was momentarily taken aback, but coughed and tried to calm himself down before sitting quietly on the bed.

“You are awake.”

And the one who entered the room was an employee of Cheonma Massage.

He turned on the light and came closer to the bed, carefully putting the tray he had brought on the table next to him.

“Are there any places where you feel uncomfortable?”

“Ah yes. It’s so nice.”

Sehu Kim’s answer comes out immediately without adding or subtracting.

In response, the employee smiled as if he knew that. In fact, it was just a formal question to the customer who received the Cheonma course, if not to the other guests.

I’ve been asked the same question over a hundred times while working here, but the answer of the customers who received the Cheonma course was always the same.

Is that all? The facial expressions of the responders are also similar.

It is said that just looking at the face conveys the feeling of freshness. A feeling of ease, as if something had been brushed away, remains on one side of his face.

“I’m glad you seem satisfied.”

Of course, that was Kang Tae-han’s work, not the employee himself.

However, it was also true that seeing the reactions of such customers made me feel worthwhile to work for some reason. He smiled and opened his mouth.

“I prepared hot tea and simple snacks on the table. You can take a little more rest, then come out slowly.”

“Ah, yes. thank you.”

“It was nothing. Get some rest then.”

The staff who left those words and walked backwards.

Kim Se-hu, who remained in the room, stared at the closed door and then at the tray on the table.

It’s a pity that she took care of it like this, but she tended not to eat these snacks except for occasional occasions.

The reason is, of course, strict diet control.

It’s not that you’re suspicious of the other person or worried about hygiene, it’s just that. If you eat something like this, you will end up consuming a significant amount of calories without even realizing it.

And maybe it’s because I’ve maintained this lifestyle for a long time, but now I don’t really want to eat when I see this. I prefer coffee in the first place, but I don’t even like tea that much.

But why?

‘… Why does it look so delicious?’

For some reason, she felt an extremely strong appetite right now. Even the bitter scent of tea now made her mouth water.

Why the hell are you doing this?

Just a cup of hot tea and a few biscuits.

Chicken eaten late at night, pizza topped with cheese toppings, tender pork feet… I can understand something like this, but this is literally just a simple refreshment.


Then, all of a sudden, she realized.

The reason was because of a very natural phenomenon.

growl… … .

A warning roar from her stomach.

Although the sound was not loud, it was loud enough that anyone in the room could hear it. And, that meant only one thing.

“You are very hungry, right now… … .”

She rubbed her stomach with a puzzled expression.

However, knowing the cause did not lead to understanding. It was strange. It was after lunchtime that she came to Cheonma Massage. And she came here after having lunch.

In other words, it was not long after eating.

Of course, because of the diet management, I usually eat enough to leave about half of a serving, but even so, there was no way my stomach would go out already.

‘… Tea would be fine though.’

However, you can’t eat snacks blindly. If you give up on your appetite for a while, you will only suffer more unless you give up on managing your diet.

She pondered for a moment, then picked up the teacup beside her and brought it to her lips. I couldn’t eat snacks, but I felt like I was trying to appease my hunger with warm tea.

“… uh?”

But the moment you put the tea in your mouth.

I felt the warm warmth with the subtle scent of tea, and then the warmth began to reach the inside of my body.

One sip, two sips like that.

Is this what it means to permeate the body? Each sip of the tea added warmth, and that warmth eventually began to turn into vitality.

“Oh, I don’t know.”

And is it because of the vitality that springs from the body?

She also reached for the biscuits she had been ignoring, and quickly emptied the tray. Then, looking at the empty tray with a sad expression on her face, she slowly stood up.

“I need to eat something somewhere.”

Needless to say, a cup of tea and a few biscuits cannot fully satisfy your hunger. At best, it’s just a little soothing.

After all, this was just an appetizer to stimulate her appetite, so she went outside thinking about the menus she wanted to eat right away.

* * *

“Ouch… Wow!”

A short burst of energy after grunting for a while.

At that moment, the barbell with large plates on both sides rose from the bottom up.

It was lifted by a muscular foreign male.

Anyone could guess that the weight he was holding was quite heavy, just by looking at the slightly bent part where the plates were suspended on both sides of the barbell.

“Ugh! Whoa!”

Was it like that for a while?

The man, Caliber, who had been holding on in that state, let out a deep exclamation and exhaled a deep breath as soon as he placed the barbell on the cradle. At the same time, Denver Kim, who was assisting by the side, tilted her head and clapped her hands.

“Wow… This is real.”

NFL pro Caliber Smith suffered a serious concussion last year that forced him to retire.

Fortunately, the injury was miraculously recovered, and now it has reached a level where daily life is possible to some extent. This was what Denver Kim had also heard.

But… The speed of recovery after that is no joke.

Denver Kim counted with his fingers and checked the weights hung on both sides of the barbell once again. It was the weight that I put on while checking it myself, but I still thought about it.

‘It’s not like I weighed less… … .’

It’s a weight that Caliber couldn’t even afford until not long ago. Of course, I could have lifted it as much as I could during my active career, but now I still have to focus on rehabilitation training, because my body is not yet perfect.

And rehabilitation doesn’t happen that fast. It is not that players whose calling is worth spending years in rehabilitation treatment for nothing.

The more severe the injury, the more effort and time it takes for the body to return to its original state.

But what about the current Caliber?

I succeeded in lifting not only the weight I hadn’t been able to lift until a few days ago, but also the weight I added 10kg to.

Denver Kim’s job is a What Tuber, and among them, a Health What Tuber that mainly deals with contents related to exercise and health.

So I knew very well how great this was. Even if you are in good shape, it is difficult to raise several levels in such a short period of time, but a person who is undergoing rehabilitation training has done it.

“Caliber, is it really that great?”

“Whoa… haha. You said you would be me.”

Caliber got up from the bench he was lying on and sat down. He let out a sigh and said with a grin.

“I thought you were bluffing.”

“What is bluff? With a 10kg lift.”

“You know how many people end up in the hospital trying to lift that 10kg, don’t you?”

It wasn’t wrong, so Caliber responded with a smile. As if they had grown quite close in the meantime, casual conversations were taking place between the two, and a sense of intimacy was felt.

“Anyway what… At this level, you can go to a high school game right away. After all, do pro players have different recovery speeds?”

It’s still not enough to say that the physicality of the player’s days has returned, but this is still a considerable level.

It’s not just this bench press, it’s a conclusion I made after watching all of Caliber’s workouts today. Meanwhile, Caliber shrugged his shoulders with an embarrassed expression.

“Well, as much as the original stamina was good, the speed of coming back must be fast. However… In fact, shouldn’t it be attributed to Director Kang?”

There have been many things in between not long ago when I couldn’t lift the same weight bench press and now, of course, but the most influential part of them was separate.

It was no different, just yesterday, I had received a massage from Taehan Kang, the director of Cheonma Massage.

He had already experienced the miraculous effect of receiving a massage from him and freeing his body, but the miracle did not end there.

Every time I received a massage from him, there was a noticeable level of progress in rehabilitation training.

Perhaps if someone were to translate his rehabilitation training performance into a graph, a stepped graph would emerge with a steady upward trend and then a vertical rise at a specific moment.

That particular moment, of course, was the day I received a massage from Kang Tae-han. It was the third massage I received yesterday, but I could feel that my body condition changed significantly every time I received it.

“ah… That’s right. did you go yesterday? Cheonma Massage.”

And at Caliber’s words, Denver Kim nodded slowly. He still had doubts about this speed of recovery, but it was Denver Kim who was convinced after hearing the answer.

He also had the experience of resolving a long-standing problem thanks to Kang Tae-han. To put it bluntly, if it was Director Kang, I would have believed him even if he had raised a crippled man with a single gesture of his hand.

“By the way, what time is it now?”

“now? why.”

“I’m just getting hungry.”

said Caliber, patting his stomach. The stomach, which had been loosened by a long break, had strong muscles again.

“You said you were going to eat a huge beef rib today.”

“right. You can hold it with your hands and eat it like a caveman.”

At Caliber’s words, Denver Kim smiled.

After all, his main job is What Tuber. She works out together, but this is Denver Kim, who travels around unique shops with Caliber and shoots videos for What Tube.

I guess it’s like rowing a little when the water comes in.

In fact, American viewers’ subscriptions to his channel were increasing, and the number of views was rising day by day.

“A primitive meat! Are you excited just to hear it? ha ha ha!”

However, it seemed that Denver Kim was not the only one enjoying it. After hearing today’s menu, Caliber shook his hands from his seat and stood up with a big smile.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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