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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 220

“Ugh! This, your physical condition really looks like a lie!”

“It’s just completely at ease! It wouldn’t matter if I went out to play in the Champions League right away, right?”

That night, the accommodation where the Everton FC players are staying.

As in the daytime, the players gathered in one place had faces that were clearly divided.

On the one hand, he had a relaxed yet excited expression.

The other side was full of envy and envy.

The criterion for dividing the two classes was simple.

The former are Bart Foster and other people who received a massage at Cheonma Massage today. And the latter… There were other players.

“Wow… But I felt it the other day, but it really feels like my body is becoming a new one. There is no sign of fatigue in my body.”

They are now in a situation where they are on a break after the season, but in other words, they are players who were playing fiercely in the league just a short while ago.

The Premier League is where the best football geniuses from all over the world gather. Playing and winning there means pushing your body to the limit with all your might in every game.

No matter how much I could manage my condition with the help of a massage chair, it wasn’t an easy place to win easily with just that.

That’s how I played every game with all my might, and finished the season with an outstanding record of 3rd place in the league. Thanks to that, the mood was as high as ever, but of course, the fatigue from the past is piled up all over the body.

However, the players who received a massage today could not feel that kind of feeling at all.

It’s like it’s like having a new body. The throbbing pain in the knee has disappeared without a trace, and the muscles that were subtly irritating and stiff are as clean as new.

“To add a bit of exaggeration, I feel like it would be okay to just run back to my house in Liverpool like this!”

My body is as healthy as new, so my head is clear and my confidence is overflowing. The words that Bart Foster had uttered with enthusiasm were not empty words. At least with the momentum right now, it felt like it would remain that way.

“What kind of England are you running to? Are you going to go to North Korea too?”

“We can swim all the way to China.”

“There is no such thing as a triathlon… … .”

“Haha, is that so?”

The other players who grabbed Bart’s words and tossed them out one word at a time.

However, it is only the envy of those who do not have it after all. Seeing Bart smiling brightly, they made faces full of envy.

“ah! If only I hadn’t brought scissors back then!”

Among them, the one with the worst expression was none other than Godwin. It was worth it. He was the last person to get a massage here.

“If I used a wrapping paper instead of scissors, I would be number one!”

Godwin sighed as he thought of the rock-paper-scissors game he had played during the day. A situation like a lie in which everyone gave up their fists and only one person gave out the scissors.

Because of that absurd situation, it was Godwin who ended up in last place in the first round, but if you think differently, wouldn’t he be number one if he only made a report there?

Truly heaven and hell.

He must have felt sad about being last, but for some reason Godwin felt even more unfair and sad because the thought continued once again.

“But you brought scissors, didn’t you?”

“That’s why you’re last.”

“Ah-oh! Are you pouring oil on the fire?”

The other players smirking and teasing him. Perhaps it was because Godwin’s hot temper was quite funny, and a small sound of laughter leaked from the table.

“Why did you only make reservations for four people a day in the first place? Wouldn’t it be nice to just get it all straight in one day?”

“That is not good. But what if it doesn’t work?”

At Godwin’s words, Kang Ju-wan shrugged and let out a smirk. Of course, reservations require that the schedule be empty.

Even if the schedule was set almost three months ago, if the reservation is already full from that time, you will not be able to make a reservation at the time you want.

“From then on, today’s reservation was full?”

“Is that so? It was hard except for the afternoon time slots I had scheduled. At least two seats are new ones that were canceled.”

In particular, the hours when office workers visit after work, and the most crowded hours after 5:00 p.m., were literally at the level of picking stars from the sky.

“lets think. We also came all the way here to get a massage from England, so of course there are not that many people coming?”

“… That too.”

Godwin was shocked at the moment, but immediately understood Kang Ju-wan’s explanation and nodded. Considering Kang Tae-han’s skill, it was worth it.

Rather, when Kang Ju-wan made a reservation, it was before his name was listed in the Fermo Guide, so it should be said that he was on the side of the room.

In fact, in order to make a reservation now, it was actually a level that was so tightly filled that it would be faster to find a seat that had been cancelled.

“for a moment… So, it’s not like you can’t even book a massage for the start of the season… … ?”

Godwin put the thoughts that came to his mind at that moment into his mouth. More precisely, it was something close to worrying.

In a way, it’s obvious, but they were thinking of coming to get a massage from Kang Tae-han once more around the start of the next season.

start of the season.

There will be few moments when managing your condition is as important as this time. There was no specific plan, but all the players were implicitly agreeing that ‘of course we should do that’.

You won’t be able to receive it… Just thinking about it is worth lamenting. Not only Godwin, but also the other players around him were shocked and turned their attention to Kang Ju-wan.

“What… It would be impossible to make a reservation right now.”

Kang Joo-wan shrugged his shoulders and replied in a tone that said, “Isn’t it obvious?” The moment those words came out, a look of frustration appeared on the faces of the players.

However, Kang Ju-wan’s words did not end there. He smiled and opened his mouth, shaking his hands from side to side as if to say not to worry.

“So I made a reservation in advance. A week before the start of the league, the members here are the same.”

“Ouch! really? when?”

“When making this reservation, together. Originally, they said that double reservations are not allowed, but I asked the director separately and got permission.”

Godwin exclaims and Kang Joo-wan smiles and answers with a triumphant expression.

“The best! Mr. Kang!”

“As expected, the team’s top scorer!”

“Kang Ju-wan is the captain of our team!”

At the same time, the players cheered and praised, and Kang Joo-wan confidently crossed his arms and enjoyed the praise.

“… Oh, but where did the real argument go?”

In the meantime, Kang Ju-wan suddenly realized that Ybor was not there and asked insinuatingly. Then Godwin pointed to the room where the door was closed and said.

“Is Ybor in there from a while ago?”

“okay? Is something going on?”

“I don’t know… Did you say you could see a clue? He wants to meditate alone for a while. He asked me not to enter the room unless it was something special.”

Godwin said, recalling Yvor’s request to him. The way he said it as if he was asking God.

Everyone who had received a massage today seemed to be somewhat excited, but Ybor was especially so. Considering that he was usually blunt and didn’t show his emotions well, he was even more impressive.

“meditation? suddenly?”

“Not all of a sudden. You used to do it regularly.”

Just as he said, Ybor had been meditating ever since he first met Kang Tae-han. Not only after training, but also after the game.

“It does.”

Now, there is nothing too strange about it. Kang Joo-wan, convinced by Godwin’s words, immediately nodded and looked away from the door.

“Well, since Ivor is quite serious about meditation, he must have received some new stimulation from meeting the Oriental Master.”

“Oh, that’s a pretty interesting development, isn’t it? Now then, will Yvor also open his eyes to his new abilities? ha ha ha!”

A story that goes back and forth between the players in a playful tone.

However, they did not know. After just a few days, Yvor’s spirits actually opened up and he stepped into a new realm.

* * *

“Um, give me a soft tofu stew. One line of kimbap with tuna gimbap and cheese pork cutlet… … .”

A snack bar located near Yeouido Broadcasting Station.

The woman, who was carefully examining the menu there, looked across the street as if she had suddenly remembered.

“Would you like to share Rabokki together?”

“yes? I don’t care.”

“Then, give me some rabokki, too.”

She smiled at her junior’s answer.

She was none other than Yoo Se-ah, one of the most famous actresses these days. After ordering, she started pouring water into her cup with a smile on her face.

“Ah, senior! I will follow.”

“done. There was also a water bottle in front of me anyway.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Se-ah hands over the cup of water she just poured to her junior. Kim Se-hu, a junior sitting across from her, accepted the cup with an embarrassed expression.

“I… But, senior.”

“what’s the matter?”

“Did anyone else decide to come?”

“Well… no? There was no such promise.”

Yoo Se-ah tilted her head and asked again.

“But why?”

“no. just… You ordered a lot of food, so did you order someone else’s in advance? I thought so.”

Sehu Kim glanced at the checked bill beside him and said. One soft tofu stew, one tuna gimbap, one cheese cutlet, one rabokki, one galbitang.

Of these, the only thing she ordered was Galbi-tang.

If so, the other four were all ordered by Yoo Se-ah.

Of course, I ordered the rabokki after asking to share it, but in other words, I ordered the other things without asking that question.

Given the amount of orders, it was natural to think that someone else would come.

Even if an adult man ordered it, it seems like it would be quite difficult to handle, but it was ordered by a woman, an actor who needs to be managed.

“haha… That’s because I’ve lost my appetite for a while these days.”

At that, Yoo Se-ah scratched her head with a shy expression and said. I could understand at once what she was thinking when she said that.

“And lunch was a bit lackluster because of reading work!”

“I did. Because it was a sandwich.”

“that’s right.”

The two actors nodded as if they were sympathetic to each other.

But that alone isn’t enough of an explanation. Even considering that I had only eaten one meal, this order was quite large.

“Actually, I think my constitution has changed a bit lately.”

Perhaps feeling the gaze that still left questions, Yoo Se-ah scratched her cheek and opened her mouth insinuatingly. At her words, Kim Se-hu tilted his head and asked again.

“What is your constitution?”

“yes. what can i say… Do you have a constitution that doesn’t gain weight even when you eat?”

“That’s right… You have a legendary constitution, right?”

A constitution that does not gain weight even if it eats well.

It is such a magical word that everyone has heard at least once, but cannot experience it.

Of course, such people do exist.

Eating the same amount and doing the same exercise, but someone loses 5 kg and someone just maintains the status quo, such a difference definitely exists.

However, it is an innate area to the end, and it is not something that can be acquired just because you want it, and it is not something that can be changed just because you want to change it.

“Wow, I envy you. So, your satisfaction with life must have improved a lot lately?”

But suddenly changed to such a constitution?

To be honest, Kim Se-hu could only think that she was joking, so she responded in a joking tone.

“right? Thanks to that, I can control my diet more liberally these days. Maybe it’s because I’ve been eating well, but my complexion has improved, and I seem to be full of energy when I exercise.”

Yoo Se-ah’s words one by one were a little different from the reaction Kim Se-hu thought. How to say… Do you think it feels oddly realistic?

It wasn’t just a joke, but it felt like she was actually experiencing and feeling what she was feeling.

“I was so hungry yesterday that I had a can of beer with bossam at dawn… kuh! I do not know. Maybe it’s because it’s been a few years since I’ve eaten it, so it’s really special.”

‘Is this person acting?’

Seeing him speak such a lie so vividly, Kim Se-hu unknowingly came up with such a thought.

It’s not like we meet every day, but it’s Kim Se-hoo, who we’ve been seeing a lot with Yoo Se-ah lately, as we’re quite close and this time we’re in charge of the same project.

So, she already noticed.

Senior Seah Yoo said that far from gaining weight, she actually lost weight. Knowing that situation, it was difficult for her to believe Yoo Se-ah’s words.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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