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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 199

“… ha ha ha.”

that evening.

In the park near the hotel, Caliber let out a small laugh. It was a laugh that came out naturally without even being conscious of it, as if joy leaked out.

“Baby, are you that good?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Actually, I wasn’t talking about it, but I was really fed up with that brace.”

Caliber said, shaking his head from side to side, as if the thought of it made him sick of it. He was now walking on his own two legs, without any help.

Of course, I haven’t fully recovered yet.

Although much relieved, the legs were still lame, and perhaps because of that, the gait looked quite awkward.

However, what does that mean?

Not long ago, no, just a while ago, I couldn’t even stand for a long time without a brace, but now I’m taking a walk in the park.

“To be honest… It’s been a while since I’ve been walking like this, so it feels a bit like a dream.”

Caliber muttered to himself in a slightly moved voice, glancing down at his own legs. To him, the current situation itself was a great blessing and a miracle.

‘It’s not worth it… It’s still hard to believe.’

Edwin, who was watching Caliber from behind, nodded slowly as if in agreement with that statement.

Just a moment ago, less than two hours had passed.

When a strange man approached Caliber, who was suddenly complaining of back pain, Edwin felt something unusual from him, but he didn’t know that it would have such an effect.

No, to be honest, I still couldn’t understand it.

Suddenly, it seemed to hit the back and back, but the bent man’s waist was straightened out, and the man’s body was pushed and pulled back and forth as if matching bones, and the limp in the legs stopped.

I watched the entire process with my own two eyes, but… No, it was even more difficult to believe because I had seen it with my own two eyes. There was no room for imagination that there must have been something else.

Needless to say, the medical care provided to players on NFL teams is substantial.

Of course, there will definitely be differences in the level depending on the team, but as the game itself is radical, almost all teams are spending a considerable amount of budget on the medical side.

In particular, the team they belong to, the Miami Heavy Knights, is a place known for its excellent medical services and welfare even within the industry.

But even so, Caliber couldn’t be of any help, and the team’s ace, who was having a hard time walking, had no other choice but to give painkillers.

It was nothing to blame. It’s not that they’re incompetent.

It’s just that it was the best. It means giving painkillers to relieve pain and praying for self-recovery through the body’s ability to regenerate itself.

but that… To think that he could recover this much by tapping and kneading his body for a while. It was natural that he was still dumbfounded.

‘Certainly famous people have a reason for being famous.’

Edwin took out a business card he had tucked away in his shirt pocket, looked down again and smiled.

A business card handed to the man who helped on the street. It was none other than the business card of Kang Tae-han, the director of Cheonma Massage.

To be honest, even though I came all the way to Korea, I didn’t have high expectations.

If there was just a little progress in Caliber’s physical condition, that was just a sufficient level of expectation. It was close to the idea that ‘it would be better to do something than to stay still’.

But what kind of skill is this?

Not only did it easily exceed expectations, but it was a level that far exceeded what he was thinking or could have imagined.

“By the way, I’m looking forward to it.”

Around that time, Caliber, who was leading the way, said. It was a voice that seemed to overflow with excitement beyond expectations.


“I thought this was a simple measure.”

“… It was.”

As the place is the place, I only took simple steps.

The man must have said so. Then he handed me one of his business cards and told me to come and find him as he would give me time if I contacted him.

“Since this is a simple measure, I wonder how effective it would be if I massaged it in earnest.”

Speaking of simple measures, doesn’t it feel like a relatively light, slightly tasting corner?

Of course, I didn’t know what and how much difference there was between a simple action and a full-fledged action, but from the point of view of Caliber, who was already feeling great satisfaction with the former alone, I had no choice but to look forward to it.

“perhaps… Really, maybe, at least once in a while, wouldn’t it be possible to fully recover and go back to the way it was before?”

There was a hint of excitement in Caliber’s voice, but at the same time he was extremely cautious. As if having such a wish is itself a dangerous thing.

At that, Edwin put on a complicated expression.

A very earnest wish… There are times when it is difficult to speak out. I can’t say it out of words because I’m afraid that I’ll get negative for having an undeserved wish, and I’m afraid that my vague expectations will turn into disappointment.

It was the same with Caliber in the meantime.

From the first time he lost consciousness, did he intuit the condition and seriousness of his body? He was never quick to say anything hopeful.

He often said positive things like ‘you might get better soon’ or ‘it’s okay’, but those were just words to reassure the people around him.

However, it is different now.

Although it is a cautious tone, it expresses a wish hidden deep in the heart and a vague hope. Perhaps it was thanks to that, even though her eyes, which had grown darker as time passed, suddenly had the same clear vitality as before.

“… Possible enough.”

Because I’ve been watching Caliber like that from the side.

And since he was also in a position where he had once retired as an active player, he could fully understand that feeling.

“Then I will train hard again, so know that. Maybe this will be my last vacation.”

“Yes? Aren’t you going through rehabilitation training step by step?”

“It’s going to be tough, step by step. How much is your ransom? I’ll stick around and manage the schedule and training menu, so let’s play a lot for now.”

Edwin was famous as a coach who took a lot of interest in the players to the extent that he often gave private counseling, but he was also famous for his intense training.

It was to the extent that there were rumors that the reason why I was interested in the players was that I was doing preliminary research to create an extreme training menu tailored to each individual.

“Eek… Saying that makes me a little scared.”

Caliber gave off a hint of disgust at those words.

One by one, both of them had a smile on their lips, which was a happy atmosphere unlike words. Edwin continued to walk for a while, following Caliber’s steps.

* * *

An island located east of India.

The island itself is not that big and is almost uninhabited, without even a village, but it is known as a filming location thanks to its ideally shaped coastline and unique atmosphere.

“Lights team! this way! One of them, come this way!”

“Chief of the filming team! Where is the filming team leader!”

And now, the Korean language was resonating here and there.

The schedule is finally set and the crew and staff arrive here and start preparing for filming.

As usual, overseas locations tend to have a tight schedule, but perhaps it was because of the long delay, everyone was moving quickly with a tense look.

“Oh, it’s a bit hot in this neighborhood… … .”

At least when the installation was over and we were nearing the final stage, a middle-aged man sitting in a chair under the shade spoke in a voice close to sighing.

“But how did you come all the way here, Director?”

“No, that’s right. I just said it was hot.”

At the words of the assistant director sitting next to him, the director scratched his head with an embarrassed expression and answered.

As he said, it was a filming that was miraculously completed to the extent that it didn’t matter how hot it was. The assistant director opened his mouth as if to add in a new voice.

“If it had been delayed a little longer here, I would have had to change the shooting plan, plot, and script, but isn’t it really fortunate? Ugh, just imagining it is terrifying.”

When you watch a movie, there are times when the whole movie becomes strange because of one element that seems insignificant at first glance.

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Lines that don’t fit the character, location that doesn’t fit the scene, strange OST, wrong historical research… From a strangely heterogeneous feeling in a small way, to a serious contradiction that breaks the immersion itself.

The scenes I came to shoot this time were like that.

The topography of the island, the season, and the atmosphere… If this feeling could not be captured, it would have been more natural to modify the direction of the story itself.

“… It’s still hot.”

“… right?”

However, that does not mean that the body is naturally comfortable. It was the assistant director who had just been scolding the director, but as time passed, he also fanned himself and opened his mouth as if grumbling.

“Are Dong-jun and Se-ah alright?”

Suddenly thinking, the assistant director looked back and said. A temporary waiting room for actors. The two main characters sitting there shook their hands and replied.

“Yes, we are fine.”

“There is nothing to do during the installation, what.”

It was difficult to get permission to shoot, but it is a place that is no different from an uninhabited island in the first place, and the environment is inevitably poor in many ways. It feels like there is no infrastructure at all.

In a situation where everyone is enduring it, the actors who are resting in the shade cannot grumble. The assistant director said in an apologetic voice at the words of the two.

“Actually, you should prepare something good to drink and serve a good meal… I prepared so hastily that I don’t have anything.”

Being an uninhabited island means that necessary items must be brought in from the mainland. It’s a situation where it’s hard to get something easily and bring it. Moreover, since the budget is tight, it is bound to be a poor environment.

“All you need is water, okay?”

“Thank you for saying that.”

When another male actor in the back waved a water bottle in his hand and said, the assistant director thanked him with an eye salute.

In the meantime, Yoo Se-ah, who was next to her, opened her mouth insinuatingly with a slightly questionable expression.

“By the way, actually my man ch… No, someone I know asked if they could send coffee or tea.”

“Coffee tea?”

It refers to a kind of mobile cafe that actors or acquaintances send to filming locations at their own expense.

I used to see it often in the past, but especially recently, things sent by fans have become more frequent, and it has become an element that can be seen quite often at the filming location. However… … .

“How do you send coffee or tea from Korea to here?”

“It wasn’t exactly from an acquaintance of mine, but an acquaintance in India asked if it was okay to send it. So, to be precise, it’s like an acquaintance’s acquaintance is sending it.”

“Hmm… It would be nice if coffee tea came. Good… … .”

If it’s not a really busy situation, it’s definitely something that the filming crew would welcome. Even more so in this situation. However, the assistant director tilted his head and said as if adding.

“Maybe he didn’t know that they were filming on the island? I don’t know if it’s inland, but even an Indian would have a hard time sending it to the island. To send it here, we would have to send a coffee boat, not a coffee truck.”

“Assistant Director, that makes sense. Or amphibious coffee tea. ha ha ha!”

The director, who was listening to the assistant director’s words, burst into laughter as he agreed. An amphibious coffee truck. He thought it was pretty funny.

“It must be a bit difficult, right?”

Yoo Se-ah scratched her cheek with an embarrassed expression and said. Since she was making a puzzled expression in the first place, she asked just in case.

It was about then.

“… But what is that big ship?”

“Isn’t it a cruise ship? The Indian Ocean is right in front.”

A large-sized ship visible in the sea far away.

It looked like a fairly average medium-sized ship, but it was a much larger ship than the one the entire film crew had been on.

The passing of such a ship was not a big deal in itself. However… … .

“Looks like they’re coming this way?”

“… uh? Iknow, right?”

If the ship was heading for an uninhabited island, and it was coming this way, the story was a little different. The staff who were slowly finishing up also discovered the existence of the ship one by one, and in a situation where everyone’s eyes were focused… … .

The ship finally moored at the island’s only proper facility, the pier, and began to load something.

“What kind of situation is this… … .”

“Aren’t you overlapping with another team?”

“It doesn’t look like filming equipment. Rather… food? look over there There is even champagne.”

While everyone was watching with puzzled eyes.

“Here, by any chance, who is Yoo Se-ah?”

“uh… It is me.”

A man dressed neatly in a white uniform approached the set and found Yoo Se-ah. When Yoo Se-ah carefully raised her hand and spoke, he greeted politely and opened his mouth in a polite tone.

“While staying here, I received a request to make sure Yoo Se-ah and the others can live without any inconvenience. I wish you well for the past few days.”

Yoo Se-ah’s lover, Kang Tae-han.

And Tarvin Marchesi, an acquaintance of Kang Tae-han and the president of the Elephant Group, who considers him a benefactor.

What he sent was not a coffee truck, but a coffee cruiser that provided dishes and drinks from top-notch chefs, along with all kinds of amenities.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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