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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 197

A certain amount of exercise is beneficial to health, but exceeding a certain level is rather harmful to health.

Especially the more you get to the realm of pros, the more you approach upwards within that realm. This is because players with the best talent gather and compete, so they have to use their bodies to the limit in every game.

In the eyes of the public, professional players are very physically good and look healthy, but… In a way, it can be said that it is the minimum condition to survive in the professional industry.

Aside from technical aspects such as individual skills and performance in games, if you do not have basic physical strength, you cannot continue your career as a player for a long time. The body creaks quickly, and even minor injuries slow recovery.

However, is it safe for players with good physical abilities?

Not even that. In this world, no matter how diligently a player usually participates in training and prepares thoroughly to prevent injury, if he is unlucky, he can end up on the brink of retirement in an instant.

‘There’s no other guy who works as hard as that guy.’

Caliber Smith walking in front of him.

He is also one of those types.

In addition to his outstanding talent, he has enough effort to make his potential bloom. On the field, he is more eager to compete than anyone else, but after the match, he is not conceited or shows off to others.

Rather than being conceited, focus on your own feedback, and think about ‘wouldn’t there be a way to cover up for someone else’s mistakes’? I’ve never missed even the self-training… … .

I’m sorry to the other players I’ve watched so far, but honestly, I could say he’s the most humble and outstanding player I’ve ever seen, a truly exemplary player.

one… The career of Caliber Smith, who was so great, is now in an opaque situation.

The moment he was tackled in the last game, the moment he fell 10 meters and lost consciousness due to a concussion, all his efforts were destroyed in an instant.

Well, it’s something that can happen to any professional sports player. It is something that can happen in most sports, not just American football, and it cannot be said to be a special tragedy unique to Caliber.

‘However… … .’

But apart from that, I can’t help but feel sad. Not only as a team coach, but also as a person to person.

“By the way, do we go by private plane on our way back?”

In the meantime, Caliber, who was walking slowly, looked back and asked. Then the coach asked in a slightly puzzled voice.

“I guess so. But why?”

“Coming to think of it, it seems like it’s been a while since I bought my wife a present. Since I’ve been overseas, I thought it would be nice to buy some souvenirs at the duty free shop.”

Caliber said with a shy smile. Seeing that, the coach paused for a moment to think, then opened his mouth in a low voice.

“If it’s not a private plane, it might be difficult to accommodate you, so there’s nothing you can do about it. Even if you fly first class, there are limits to medical facilities on private planes.”

“I know. But, maybe it can be cured here? that… Did I say massage master? With his oriental power.”

Caliber’s way of saying that was quite playful. The coach noticed then. I didn’t mean it seriously, but I dared to bring up this story to change the slightly darker atmosphere.

“Haha, then should we go back walking on the water with Oriental power? Shopping at a department store is enough. On the way, I stopped by Tokyo for a bit.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Is this old age?”

… If so, there would be no need to keep showing a bitter look. As the coach continued to speak, Caliber smiled and agreed.

“Anyway, at least while we’re here, let’s focus on your recovery. I’m going to take a little break.”

“Not bad. By the way… … .”

“By the way?”

Caliber opened his mouth in a slightly questionable voice.

“I looked it up yesterday and found that you have to make a reservation at least two months in advance, on average three months, to get a massage directly from the director.”

“Hmm. They said it would take about that long.”

“So, did you make a reservation in advance?”

At Caliber’s question, the coach shook his head from side to side. A face that seemed like it couldn’t be. However, there was a hint of confidence in his expression.

“I told the travel agent everything in advance.”

“ah… Did you take care of that?”

“right. Isn’t it the job of travel agencies to do things like this? Because Duduk took care of the money.”

To ensure a comfortable trip for our customers, we pay close attention to every detail and plan our schedules. Isn’t that what travel agents do?

The massage parlor is very famous and seems to be crowded, but… Most problems would be solved with money, and the club would allow some expenditure for the recovery of the ace quarterback.

It’s not like moving with an official schedule, it feels almost like a vacation or personal trip.

It is enough for them to move according to the guide’s guidance with a light heart. I thought so.

“… You didn’t make a reservation?”


A phone call from a travel agency around that afternoon made the coach realize belatedly that he was taking it too lightly.

* * *

A hotel room reserved for us by a travel agent.

It was a luxurious room with a different feel from the furniture, and it was spacious enough for a large family to stay, but… The expressions of the two people sitting in the living room did not look very bright.

“First of all, let’s start with the conclusion.”

Then, the silent coach opened his mouth.

He had been talking on the phone the entire time he was moving from the airport, and since then, he had kept his mouth shut with a puzzled expression, but it was the first time he opened his mouth.

“… It seems that the Cheonma course, which is conducted by the rumored massage master himself, cannot be reserved.”

No matter how much travel agency you are, you can’t make the impossible possible. When tickets are sold out, there are three main ways they get tickets.

One is waiting for the cancellation ticket to come out and snatching it, which is the most basic method that anyone can do, and then there is a way to find a scalper or contact the person who made the reservation somehow to make a deal.

If all of the above fails, as a last resort, openly ask the store. How long can you make a reservation in advance?

However, it seems that there was no way to find a place. Whether the reservation management is more thorough than expected, there are no scalping transactions, it is difficult to find contact information for reservations, and people who have had a hard time contacting them do not want to deal… … .

such a story.

It was a failure that there was no way to do it, and they said that they didn’t know it would be like this. Did the president of a local conglomerate also make a reservation and visit?

Of course, that is only the position of the travel agency, and the coach argued for a long time in an emotional voice, but that doesn’t make the impossible possible.

What he got was a full refund and a promise to provide additional services in the future according to the prior contract.

Either way, it was an unnecessary part for the two of them now. I came all the way to this faraway foreign country because of the rumored massage, but what use is it if I can’t get it?

“… So what, did the plan just fall through?”

“At least, they said they made a reservation for the general course. It was impossible within the deadline we said, but if you extend the period… Did you say the Cheonma course? Anyway, he said that receiving it directly from the director would also be able to find a position.”

“If you extend the deadline, by how much?”

“Almost a month. It’s practically empty talk, what.”

Even if it were possible, it would be unreasonable to extend the period by one month, let alone a few days.

They say it’s a period of rest since the league hasn’t started yet, but that doesn’t mean there’s no time left.

“Five. Then what… I can’t help it.”

To conclude, it was a failed trip from day one.

It was a waste of time to travel abroad. Hana Caliber shrugged lightly and let out a smirk.

“Even in the US, there are a lot of things that are not going our way, but what about this far away country? In a way, this is also the charm of travel.”

At Caliber’s words, the coach stared at him for a while. It’s worth saying a little bit of blame… How could you react in this way?

“… I’m sorry, Caliber.”

“haha. Rather, we go to eat barbecue. In Korean barbecue, we put a fire on the table and cook it there.”

At the words of the apologetic coach, it is Caliber who naturally turns the topic to dinner. The coach was about to say something, but then shook his head and slowly stood up.

“okay. Let’s go.”

It was safe to say that it was already overturned from the beginning.

However, if I continued to keep the gloomy atmosphere, it would really be a waste of time. Now that this has happened, wouldn’t it be best to make it feel like a trip?

The coach, who understood Caliber’s meaning, began to prepare to leave, trying to hide his apologetic expression and depressed mood.

* * *

‘Uh… … .’

Evening as the sun slowly sets.

Under the orange sunset sky, Kang Tae-han was walking at a leisurely pace in the park.

However, somewhere in that expression, there was a hint of regret. To be precise, it feels like I am conscious of the vacancy of something.

‘Is this the first time I’ve ever walked this road alone?’

A large park located near Kang Tae-han’s house.

It is always neatly maintained, especially well-lit, so it is a place where quite a lot of people go around even at night.

The wind blows coolly and the size is just right for a walk around the park, so when Yoo Se-ah is at his house, he always visits the park when he says, ‘I want to get some fresh air’.

In other words, the road that I have always walked along with Yoo Se-ah.

However, now Kang Tae-han was alone.

Yoosea is currently in faraway India. It was nothing different, the schedule was set up and proceeded as soon as the on-site filming that had been blocked so far was cleared.

It has been about a week since Yoo Se-ah went to India.

When I was at Cheonma Massage or in my room, I didn’t feel anything special… As I was walking in the park with a sudden thought, a feeling of emptiness formed in one side of my chest.

‘I’m not particularly lonely… No, it’s lonely.’

Even the neatly manicured roads in the park now feel empty. Kang Tae-han, who was quietly contemplating what this feeling was, suddenly realized what this feeling was.

“It’s so new.”

People tend to become numb to their senses.

And while he was in Moorim, he spent a long time in solitude. The first good teacher was murdered, and it was a long time later that he met people he could entrust his heart to.

Perhaps because of that, I was completely numb to loneliness.

Did that feeling come back as we returned to the present? Or is it because the bond with Yoo Se-ah deepened? Kang Tae-han smiled at the feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time.

‘Should I go back soon?’

Originally, the purpose was to take a light walk, but it became an unexpected time for self-reflection. Taehan Kang, who had already walked around the park a few times while lost in thought, checked his watch and stepped out of the park.

“… Hmm.”

Would it have been that long?

Standing in front of the crosswalk, he was watching a somewhat displeased figure on the other side.

“Oh, how do you do this… … .”

The image of an old woman hurriedly picking up herbs and vegetables that had fallen on the ground. Maybe your back is uncomfortable, and your movements are very unnatural.

There was no one to help her.

It is not that there are no passersby around. No, rather quite a lot. Even so, I put earphones in my ears or just stared at the signal in front of me.

… Of course you can’t blame it.

Still, it can’t be helped that it’s a grim sight. Kang Tae-han had a bitter expression on his face and was just waiting for the signal to change. No matter how much it was, I couldn’t cross the road in a place where there were so many eyes.

Could it have been that one? Someone who came belatedly started helping the grandmother. However, he seemed quite uncomfortable to help someone.

“… Aigoo, bachelor! are you okay. I will do it alone.”

“Oh, no trouble.”

The man had a fairly rugged body, but he was relying on a brace to see if his body was uncomfortable, and his limbs were limp enough to be seen from a distance.

He is none other than Caliber Smith.

Do you think grandma will wave her hands and dissuade her?

However, even in such an uncomfortable situation, he steadfastly moved his hands and picked up each item one by one.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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