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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 176

“Ha, I’m so glad, I’m so glad.”

Coach Kim let out a sigh of relief and sat down on the bench as if to let go of the worries he had accumulated.

Of course, it is not so easy to replace the national team players. I don’t know if it’s right after being selected, but it’s even more so if the training has already gone on for a long time and you’ve got your breathing right.

Therefore, it was the position of the majority of the staff to expect the recovery of players who suffered accidents rather than replacing players if possible… … .

It was not enough that he had recovered miraculously like this, and even his skills and skills seemed not to have deteriorated that much, so it was a situation where a sigh of relief came out of him.

“I hope the other kids will receive it one after another.”

It is not only Jeong Ga-in who is injured.

Of course, even if Jeong Ga-in has fully recovered, there is no guarantee that other players will have this much effect. Even medicines and health foods that are originally good for the body have different effects depending on the person.

However, even so, the fact that this possibility has been opened is something that Coach Kim is just thankful for. It was because there was talk of whether or not we should consider replacing players from within.

“Come to think of it, what do the kids in the taekwondo and fencing fields do?”

“They were also waiting to see what the outcome would be. Since you’ve had this much effect, you’ll probably start sending them one by one after us.”

And coach Kim is not the only one who has been waiting desperately for this situation. The taekwondo and fencing teams that suffered an accident along with the archery team felt the same way.

Especially, the fencing team is the place to welcome this news the most.

Archery and Taekwondo still have quite a pool of candidates, so replacements could be considered, but fencing was virtually impossible to replace. Except for the representative players, it seems that their skills are too low.

“Really, thanks to that teacher, everyone’s breathing is a bit easier.”

Although I hadn’t met the masseuse yet, Coach Kim had a sincere appreciation. For him, it was literally a miracle.

These days, interest in the Olympics has faded a lot, and the feeling of promoting national prestige has faded. Even so, archery is a different story.

Archery has always had good results to the point of being overwhelming, and it has received a lot of interest and support compared to other sports.

Therefore, it was the responsibility of the national archery team to somehow achieve results and live up to those expectations.

In other words, should the minimum goal be a gold medal?

Should a catastrophic event occur in which the medal is lost unintentionally, an atmosphere is created in which a public apology must be made. In that sense, Coach Kim couldn’t help but feel deep gratitude to the masseur.

“It’s also thanks to Team Leader Wu.”

“Ah, that’s right. It’s also thanks to Team Leader Woo and Choi A-ram, who took extra care.”

When Jeong Ga-in, who was sitting on the bench, slipped in a word, Coach Kim said as if he had just remembered, then put his hands together and pretended to pray. It was a token of gratitude to the two invisible people.

‘… by the way.’

The story ended and there was a moment of silence.

In the silence, Ga-in Jeong checked her smartphone and started tapping the screen. It was like sending someone a KakaoTalk message.

‘It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.’

However, coach Kim felt a bit strange about that appearance. I’m Jeong Ga-in, who usually doesn’t show much expression on her face… Because he was smiling single now.

The situation where she laughs while chatting on KakaoTalk.

Well, it wasn’t until I saw Jung Ga-in for a very long time, but it wasn’t that I saw him briefly either. However, it was literally the first time I saw Jeong Ga-in like this.

Would you say it’s very unfamiliar, or unfamiliar?

It wasn’t unusual for Coach Kim to look at this curiously.

“… Who are you chatting with?”

In the end, Coach Kim cautiously opened his mouth.

It may be rude to ask such a thing. It’s a realm of my personal life, and being a coach doesn’t mean I’m qualified to ask these things.

He is also well aware of that fact.

Just curiosity won over manners.

“Um… So… … .”

On the other hand, both eyes of Jung Ga-in focused on the upper right corner at Coach Kim’s question. It was the most representative reaction that appears when thinking of excuses and lies.

“You are the masseuse of that store, Cheonma Massage.”

“Aha, is that the person you met when you were getting a massage?”

“… yes what Yes. for now.”

Hearing Ga-in Jeong’s answer, Coach Kim nodded as if convinced. If so, that’s well worth it.

Having blown away the aftereffects so neatly, isn’t it a benefactor? It’s a situation where she feels this kind of gratitude, but Jung Ga-in would be more than that, not less.

If you’re talking to someone like that, you’re bound to get a positive response.

‘It’s not a lie… … .’

Ahaha… Jeong Ga-in answered with an awkward smile. At least I didn’t lie. It was true that he was a masseuse at Cheonma Massage, and it was also true that he was the person he met that day.

She slightly averted her gaze and looked in the direction of the target for no reason, then put the smartphone she was holding into her pocket.

In fact, there would be no problem if I was just being honest.

A healthy young man and woman, even if they are national sports representatives. And the place where such people are gathered is the Jincheon Athletes’ Village. It’s just that I don’t talk about it openly, but the number of couples that happen between players is quite high.

Even Jeong Ga-in, who was not very interested in these stories, could immediately think of more than 10 couples.

Because of that, the staff doesn’t say much about it either. Of course, this is a facility designed to focus on training, but… How can the human mind be controlled?

In the past, it seems that even this part was controlled, but these days, it is an atmosphere where private life is left to individuals as long as they focus on training and maintain individual grades.

‘But how can I just say this?’

apart from that one.

Just the moment coach Kim asked, ‘Who do you chat with?’, Ga-in Jeong felt very nervous. It was just that it was too embarrassing to reveal this feeling to someone.

As the saying goes, a person who has eaten meat eats well.

Guys who have been in a lot of relationships are good at it.

In that sense, it is safe to say that Ga-in Jeong is a baby when it comes to dating. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt such a crush on someone of the opposite sex!


“… Yes?”

In the meantime.

Coach Kim, who was next to her, spoke to her. When Jeong Ga-in answered in surprise, he said in a worried voice.

“Would you like to finish today’s training and rest? The purpose was to check my skills right now, so that’s all you need to do.”

“uh… Suddenly?”

“No, looking at your face, I thought you weren’t feeling well. I’m a bit worried.”

What is it with your face that makes you react like that?

Jeong Ga-in held up her smartphone with a puzzled face and looked at her face with the front camera.

“… haha.”

Both cheeks were flushed red as if they had a fever.

This is a face that even Jeong Ga-in herself could only see when she had the flu or was sick. And, of course, she was in great health now.

‘I can make a face like this too.’

Since he was unfamiliar with himself, the coach would be shocked.

However, it wasn’t something I didn’t like. Ga-in Jeong, who was looking at her face reflected on the screen, unknowingly laughed.

* * *

“Hey, brother. You must be really busy these days.”

Taehan Banjeom located in Daejeon.

While taking a break during break time, a customer was rubbing freshly made soy sauce.

“I think there were a lot of customers last time, but looking at it earlier, it seems that there have been more.”

That guest is none other than Cho Won-ho.

He spoke in an admiring voice, and Kang Ho-yeon, who was sitting across from him, replied with a shy expression.

“What. It’s just thanks to the establishment of the store in a good location. Isn’t it all thanks to President Joe?”

When I was looking around to move the store, it was none other than Cho Won-ho who recognized the current location. It was Kang Ho-yeon who naturally tried to give credit to him.

“haha… Brother, why did the bosses who came here before fail because they didn’t have enough seats? It is true that the buildings here are good, but it is also true that they have been ruined before that. It’s just that my brother is good at it.”

It was Jo Won-ho who faced it again.

It was not a false statement, so it was difficult to accept.

Kang Ho-yeon scratched his head with an embarrassing expression on his face, and Jo Won-ho smiled brightly and picked up a large spoonful of ganjajang.


Noodles that fit neatly into the mouth.

The sweet and salty taste of freshly stir-fried ganjajang spreads in your mouth first, and the chewy texture of handmade noodles adds to the chewy taste.


An exclamation of admiration.

A satisfied smile soon appeared on Jo Won-ho’s face as he took a big bite.

“Hey, can you not stand in line like this?”

The rich taste of this stir-fried ganjajang.

However, the liver is also exquisitely harmonized, so it doesn’t feel too salty or burdensome at all. Cho Won-ho raised his thumb and opened his mouth as if to add.

“I don’t know anything else, but this ganjjajang and yojang are really exceptionally superior to other places.”

Personally, Jo Won-ho’s best menu.

At that, Kang Ho-yeon smiled shyly and said.

“I’ve been working hard on making Ganjjajang since before.”

“okay? Do you have any reason?”

“It’s Taehan’s favorite menu item.”

When Kang Tae-han was a student, the relationship between father and son was not so smooth… Still, when I came to the store from time to time, I was able to prepare at least one meal.

Ganjjajang was the menu I was looking for every time.

Maybe that’s why it’s a menu that went through a lot of development, and it’s a menu that I’m still obsessed with. I don’t know anything else, but I’ll make the most delicious ganjjajang, or something like that.

“… Also, Taehan is going to talk again.”

“President Cho often shows me pictures of my son.”

Kang Ho-yeon said with a laugh. Seeing that, Jo Won-ho also smiled and opened his mouth.

“By the way, it seems Taehan has uploaded another big thing lately. I heard you entered the Fermo Guide 3 star.”

“Oh, did you see that? I didn’t want to talk ha ha ha.”

While the story of Kang Tae-han came out, Jo Won-ho sneakily brought out the words. Then, as if he had been waiting, Kang Ho-yeon’s reaction jumped out. It seemed that the tension rose in an instant.

“I don’t know that kind of thing because I’m a gem disease, but that Fermo Guide is a great place, right? Well, there are a lot of articles coming out.”

“Haha, he’s on the famous side. Maybe.”

“Something like the Michelin stars of the hotel industry. Of course, Taehan’s store wasn’t directly named, but the article just said that it had a huge impact.”

Kang Ho-yeon is very excited and says this and that.

Seeing this, Jo Won-ho let out a small laugh.

‘My true. What would have happened if I hadn’t asked.’

Kang Ho-yeon showed a relatively calm reaction when he praised his store and menu, but he was shy when he was embarrassed.

But if you don’t like that kind of look, it’s the opposite.

Because I expected such an obvious reaction from the beginning and raised such a topic. Jo Won-ho had a heartwarming expression on his face as he appropriately agreed with Kang Ho-yeon’s story.

* * *

“… Can I do this?”

Choi Seong-hyun carefully points to the acupuncture point on the inside of his shoulder.

After acupressure on the location he found, he turned his head slightly to look at Kang Tae-han.

“great. You got it right this time.”

“Wow, really?”

Kang Tae-han nodded and said.

In response to that short and simple voice, Seonghyun Choi gave a voice close to cheering. It was because it was the first time I said ‘good job’ so neatly.

“Certainly, it felt a bit different from the previous one.”

As if to add confidence to his words, Chief Hwang, who had been practicing with him, also opened his mouth. However, he asked cautiously in a voice that was still mixed with doubt.

“But this is really… Is there such a thing as blood flow?”

To be honest, it was a concept that was difficult for Hwang to believe.

First of all, Kang Tae-han said the same, and Choi Seong-hyun said the same, and there is a difference felt while actually receiving a massage. but… Still ‘Is this right?’ What I want is the inevitable part.

Even though I was fully convinced when I thought of the miraculous achievements Kang Tae-han had shown, the common sense accumulated throughout my life caught my ankle.

“Because it is.”

To Hwang’s words, Seonghyeon Choi replied as if it were natural. It was because he was in a situation where he had already overcome the question of believing or not believing.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it or not. It’s not because the manager does the massage himself.”

“That’s true, but… … .”

Still, it’s a really strange feeling.

Chief Hwang nodded at Choi Seong-hyeon’s words, but still had a confused look on his face.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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