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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 169

“What kind of guy is getting so many calls?”

Chief Hwang waved the freshly unplugged telephone line up and down three or four times, then tossed it around as if it was annoying. A sigh escaped from his mouth.

Of course, it doesn’t take a day or two for Cheonma Massage to be flooded with reservation inquiries. As popularity increases, it is natural for the phone to ring frequently, and the number of celebrities increases dramatically every day even mentioning them on social media.

However, the story was a little different today.

It’s a problem that the number of incoming calls itself is the best ever, but even the languages people speak are different!

Chinese, Spanish, French… Actually, I’m not even sure what language it is. I just made a rough guess based on the nuance, and I couldn’t understand it.

With his experience working at a bar in Itaewon, Hwang was the manager who had the ability to communicate with foreigners… That’s a story limited to English. When we inquired in languages around the world, there was nothing he could do.

“… Eh, I don’t know.”

Chief Hwang, who was staring at the phone line as if he was feeling uncomfortable inside, crossed his arms and leaned his back on the back of the chair. It was an expression that seemed to be a little bit like it was going to be.

“I feel like I get a lot of phone calls today.”

Seeing Hwang’s appearance, another employee who was working next to him insinuated. He also had a lot of work, so he looked pretty tired like Chief Hwang.

“Has it ever appeared on a broadcast somewhere?”

“If that was the case, I wouldn’t have had to receive phone calls from people from all over the world.”

Chief Hwang said with a smile.

“My shop was listed on the Fermo Guide.”

“If it is a Fermo guide… That hotel version of Michelin?”

“It’s a metaphor that the officials there might be offended to hear, but it’s not wrong.”

At the same time, Director Hwang picked up the smartphone he had put down in front of him and started searching for something. Then, as if he had found what he was looking for, he handed the smartphone to the employee.

“Five… Something is strange.”

What appears on the screen is none other than the official website of Fermo Guide. There were a lot of things written on it, including names, locations, and general reviews, but the most noticeable among them were the three yellow stars.

“By the way, this is listed as a liner hotel?”

“right. Fermo Guide is not a place to evaluate massage parlors, but a place to rate hotels.”

Director Hwang shrugged his shoulders and replied as if it were natural. Then, scrolling down the screen, he added,

“The important thing is the comprehensive evaluation part here.”

“… I can’t read English well?”

“Ugh. Well, to summarize… The hotel itself is not enough to receive 3 stars, but if you actively use other facilities, you can fully feel the satisfaction of 3 stars. It feels like this.”

And among the auxiliary facilities, ‘Cheonma-Ahnma’, that is, the part about Cheonma Massage was described at a particularly long length. as if specially emphasized.

The service is divided into three massage courses, and it is strongly recommended that you make a reservation and visit the highest level, the massage performed by the director himself.

‘This is enough… It’s like making a reservation first and writing down to visit.’

Originally, the more credible and authoritative the critique is, the more subjective and strong expressions are refrained from. It’s about paying attention as much as it affects the industry.

This trend is also true for Fermo guides.

However, the repeated use of strong expressions such as ‘must’ and ‘strongly recommended’ in such a place was quite unusual.

In addition, the word ‘the hotel itself may be lacking’ is put in front of it… It is the Liner Hotel that received 3 stars, but in reality, it is the same as what Cheonma Massage received.

“Looking at it like this, I can’t help but get a lot of calls.”

Whew. Director Huang let out a small sigh.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with increasing awareness. Even if it doesn’t help much right now, it can be a big help every time you increase the branches one by one.

It is true that there are some difficult parts right now. Wasn’t the phone paralyzed once? In order to cover all incoming calls, you may wonder if you would have to run a separate call center.

“I feel like something needs to be improved… … .”

“What improvements?”

The employee asked in response to Chief Hwang’s muttering in a low voice. Chief Hwang took a deep breath and opened his mouth slowly.

“Hmm… Shall we live according to the smart era?”

“What, are you trying to make an app?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Director Hwang snapped his fingers and said. In response, the employee burst into small admiration.

“Oh, can you make an app too?”

“Oh, what are you talking about? Of course you have to outsource it.”

At the words of the employee, Chief Hwang waved his hand.

However, it wasn’t a stupid sound at all. Outsourcing was also something that needed to be considered.

Still, it’s not like there aren’t places to catch up.

First of all, it might be possible to borrow the manpower of the Liner Hotel. As it was featured in this Fermo guide, it became a business relationship that was virtually inseparable from that side.

‘When Taehan comes back, let’s talk… … .’

In any case, it is necessary to change the structure of the current reservation system, which is done only through the phone.

Director Hwang leaned back and scratched his head, then began sending Kang Tae-han a message containing the contents.

* * *


Meanwhile, Yoo Se-ah, who had just returned from a hot spring, lay down on the bed as soon as she entered the room.

A white duvet on a white bed.

Just looking at it, it is obvious that it is new because it is spread flat.

Besides, it was still a bit cool since no one had touched it, so it could be said that it was the perfect condition to lay down the body that was heated by the hot spring.

“ah… it was good.”

The moment I lay down on the bed, I felt a pleasant exclamation that jumped out of me without realizing it. After that, Yoo Se-ah, who had been staring at the ceiling in silence for a while, muttered a short impression of the hot spring.

A hot spring formed round with large rocks.

It was a hot spring that gave off that kind of feeling, as if the image of an open-air bath was transferred to the image that usually comes to mind. It can be said to be somewhat typical, but personally, I was rather satisfied with it.

Of course, it’s not a perfect open-air bath, and it’s surrounded by wooden walls, but… Still, it was a structure where only the view was blocked by the blind walls and the wind was open, and the ceiling was open, so there was a sense of openness.

In particular, the natural wind while soaking in the hot spring was excellent… … . It was a truly special break for Yoo Se-ah, who had been physically and mentally exhausted from filming for a while.

‘Taehan… It’s a little late.’

One more here would be perfect.

Yoo Se-ah lifted her head slightly while lying down and looked toward the door. Of course, there was no such thing as Kang Tae-han entering the room.

Usually when we go to a jjimjilbang together, the man comes out early and the woman comes out very late, which is a problem… In this case, it was the opposite situation.

How can you stay this long with just one brushing tool? Yoo Se-ah suddenly remembered that thought and put her head back on the pillow.

‘It’s perfect if Taehan is there as well.’

You don’t need that many.

It would be so nice just to lie in the same space and on the same bed. and… If the situation is right, even a massage.

‘no! Taehan must be tired too, what a massage!’

However, when the thought continued to that point, Yoo Se-ah shook her head violently as if denying her thoughts.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to get a massage, but… Still, today the two of us came to rest together, didn’t we? I’m a bit reluctant because I feel like I’m only receiving too much.

“What is it, Se-ah was here first?”


In the meantime.

Yoo Se-ah raised her head again at the sudden voice of Kang Tae-han. Kang Tae-han came into the room and was looking at her.

“When did you come in?”

“Just before.”

Kang Tae-han replied with a grin, then took out the bottled water from the refrigerator and drank it. The feeling of the cold water flowing into the warm body was quite special.

“… Well, I came out a little late.”

Then he glanced at his watch and shrugged his shoulders with an embarrassed expression. At those words, Yusea shook her head.

“No, what… I didn’t make an appointment and went in, so it doesn’t matter. And the hot spring was so good.”

“Right. It was great.”

Kang Tae-han answered and took another sip of bottled water, recalling the thoughts of the hot spring he had been soaking in.

Certainly, it was a good hot spring.

However, the part where Kang Tae-han said he liked it was a little different from what Yoo Se-ah felt.

The hot spring water itself had a subtle energy.

Apparently, this phenomenon appeared when some of the nearby water veins of Gyeryongsan Mountain merged with the stem of the hot spring that was originally flowing.

Gyeryongsan Mountain is one of the most famous sites and spiritual mountains that have been nominated for the capital of a country just for its momentum and energy.

The last time I found a hot spring stem in the ground, I was in a state where I was simply spreading my senses, and I didn’t know it because it was hidden by the clear energy of the sun… I could definitely feel it when I soaked my body like this.

‘It’s like I’ve found a good place.’

It’s natural.

Reiki in the air and Reiki dissolved in water have quite a different feel. If I had to use an analogy, I would say it feels like carbon dioxide floating in the air and carbon dioxide in a soda.

It is not easy to feel the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but you can easily feel the carbon dioxide dissolved in the drink and carbonated.

The same goes for hot spring water.

It makes it much easier to recognize the existence of spiritual energy, so it is a space where you can get a lot of inspiration when you first practice qi or if you are still immature.

Of course, compared to pure spiritual energy, water can also be considered an impurity, and it cannot be said to be of particularly high quality… That’s the part that only gets in the way of those who have reached a certain level.

“I wish I could come with someone else next time.”

Kang Tae-han smiled and said so.

The person who immediately comes to mind is Choi Seong-hyun.

For him who is just beginning to feel aura, being exposed to this subtle aura would certainly be of great help.

Feel the spirit energy with your whole body and try to absorb it.

Wouldn’t it be similar to giving a child a tactile play?

“If it’s someone else, with a friend?”

“So are my friends… Or it would be nice to come with all the store employees.”

Of course, Choi Seong-hyun is not the only one Kang Tae-han has taken care of.

During the massage class, they pierce the blood vessels to open the way, recommend tea, and induce them to become accustomed to the spiritual energy naturally… This applies not only to Choi Seong-hyun, but also to all other masseuses.

If such people stay here for a few days.

It can definitely help. It may be possible to advance the time when feelings are opened, or it may be opened at all.

“Is this a group trip to the hot springs…?” … .’

it might not be bad

After thinking that far, Kang Tae-han smiled softly without even realizing it. The last group trip was pure welfare, but this time it might be a kind of retreat.

“… By the way, how long will you be there?”

“Yes? What.”

Around that time, Yoo Se-ah, who was only lifting her upper body from the bed, said to Kang Tae-han. When Kang Tae-han asked as if he didn’t know what he was talking about, she patted his side.

“Here, the side next to me is empty.”

Kang Tae-han looked at her and hinted at the terrace where the sun was still shining.

“Is it still light?”

“no! I don’t mean it that way!”

“Ha ha, just kidding.”

Yoo Se-ah shakes her hand in embarrassment. Kang Tae-han burst into laughter at Yoo Se-ah’s reaction and moved to her side.

* * *

California, located in the western United States.

It is a representative place that often comes to mind when thinking of a warm and temperate west coast area, and it is also a place with a pleasant natural and climatic environment.

and today.

On the vast plains of southern California, there, at a huge golf country club, many people were congratulating one person.

“Congratulations on winning, Chae Eun-bi!”

“Ahaha, thank you!”

Chae Eun-bi, who won the Ana Championship, one of the biggest leagues and major tournaments held here.

Having just entered the interview after receiving the award, she waved the trophy from side to side as if proud of it and burst out laughing brightly.

“How are you feeling?”

“Oh, good! So good!”

It was a common question, but Chae Eun-bi spoke in a very excited voice. It was a reaction that seemed to evoke her feelings.

“To be honest, standing here was my goal this year. If there’s a downside, is it a problem that this summer hasn’t even come yet and it’s already been achieved? ha ha ha.”

Chae Eun-bi shrugged and said in fluent English. The joke seemed to work, and laughter flowed through the surrounding atmosphere. The reporter also put the microphone forward with a smile.

“Like last year, a Korean player won the Ana Championship this year as well. Is there a reason why Korean female golfers are exceptionally good?”

“Well… I do not know? Is everyone eager to win? But one thing is for sure, I had a secret.”

Chae Eun-bi paused for a while and then slowly opened her mouth. In a way, it was the moment she had been waiting for the most.

“There is a massage parlor called Cheonma Massage in Korea. I received a massage here, which really helped me a lot. and… He even raised me up again.”

One day, when the moment comes when you achieve great results as a player and express your feelings about it… Then I will proudly express my gratitude. This was Chae Eun-bi’s own reward for Kang Tae-han, which she had been thinking about for a long time.

‘I finally did it.’

She had been waiting for this moment quite desperately, and it finally came true.

How influential will this interview be?

I’m not sure. However, I hope that it will become known to more people and be of help to Taehan oppa. Chae Eun-bi smiled with such a strange expression, as if she was embarrassed but proud of herself.

“Ah, you mean the Cheonma Massage?”

However, the reporter’s reaction was very different from the scene she had imagined for a long time.

“It looks like Chae Eun-bi is also a regular at Cheonma Massage!”

“… Do you know Cheonma Massage?”

Eunbi Chae tilts her head and asks a question.

At her words, the reporter nodded as if it were natural.

“Sure. Wasn’t it the first place this year to receive a Fermo 3 star and become a hot topic?”

… Apparently, Cheonma Massage had already become quite famous without her knowledge.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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