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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 154

The Fermo Guide, called the Michelin star of the lodging industry.

In fact, Fermo was originally a gossip magazine that focused on stories from the entertainment and fashion worlds that had little to do with travel or tourism.

Then, once during the vacation season, there was a corner that evaluated and introduced hotels in famous Mediterranean resorts… That corner was a hit.

Originally, the corner was planned as a one-shot, but as the corner gained immense popularity, it continued steadily after that, and the scope of introduction also expanded to all over Europe and even the world.

Naturally, the number of people is increased, the list is getting longer and longer, and the data is steadily piling up… That’s what Fermo Guide has been doing so far.

Now, it has fully established itself as another standard for evaluating and judging famous hotels and accommodations, and Fermo magazine has also become more famous as a magazine that introduces tourism and resorts, not gossip.

Of course, there are some controversies, such as suspicion of partiality because the three-star list with three stars is concentrated in Europe, and that the evaluation criteria are tailored to Western-style hotels… … .

In any case, in this industry, it could be said that it was a credible, somewhat credible, and above all, the most recognizable standard that could never be ignored.

“Hmm… … .”

Alfred Leo, one of the evaluators of the Fermo Guide. Now sitting on a bed in a regular guest room at the Liner Hotel, he looked around slowly once again.

‘Certainly the scenery isn’t bad… … .’

His gaze lingered on the side of the window for a long time.

A large glass window and the Han River running through it. And the view of the city beyond.

It’s still quite a sight to see, but Alfred had enough experience to guess that this scenery would shine even more when the sun went down and the night view unfolded.

There are probably not many rooms with river views like this in Seoul.

However, if you ask, ‘Is it really a unique landscape even when the scope is expanded to the whole world?’, it is also ambiguous.

The scenery of the city along the river is a wonderful scenery that anyone would feel ‘pretty’, but it is not that rare.

Rather, I would say it has a bit of a sentimental feel to it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s a minus, but it’s a clear advantage of this hotel… However, it is true that it is far from enough to earn a star rating.

It’s true that it’s just a neat and comfortable place to rest, but there’s nothing special about it that deserves a separate mention in the guide.

At this point, Alfred’s impression was exactly this.

‘I’ll see you for a few more days anyway.’

However, this is an evaluation in the room to the last.

You need to take a closer look at the lobby you saw earlier, and you should try the restaurants and auxiliary facilities at least once.

Since a hotel is not simply a place that provides lodging, this evaluation is subject to change depending on the level of satisfaction with other facilities.

He stays here for 3 nights and 4 days.

How will your evaluation change during that period? This was the part that Alfred was also looking forward to.

‘under… But two nights is just right.’

Considering that there are still many places to visit, three nights is a bit long. one can’t help it

Originally, it is known that Fermo evaluators stay for 2 nights and 3 days, and it actually has been… Rather, there were many cases where people were speculated or identified because of it, and a policy was issued to avoid it for 2 nights and 3 days if possible.

This is because if you are identified as an evaluator, the service will be discriminated against, and it will be difficult to give a fair evaluation.

‘Thanks to that, I’m wearing a backpack like that… … .’

Alfred stared at the backpack on the table. At first glance, it looks heavy, and it is a large backpack that would be worn by backpackers.

Needless to say, he wasn’t even a backpacking traveler, and most of the things that filled that backpack were unnecessary.

Just something to wear for camouflage.

However, it was not light in weight, and he actually had to carry that backpack around throughout the trip. The backpack and outfit are fake, but the sweat and tired muscles soaking into the shirt are real.

“… I’m a little tired.”

Traveling is, in a way, a different life. Besides, he had already come here after spending a month in Japan. Even if you are accustomed to long-term travel while working as an evaluator, fatigue will inevitably accumulate.

‘I can’t help but look forward to the auxiliary facilities… … .’

A Korean sauna located at the top of this building.

Especially if you go after the sun goes down, it is said that the night view of Seoul while soaking in a hot bath is quite tasteful.

and massage.

I’m not sure, but when I did some research on the Internet in advance, I saw a review saying that the massage at the massage parlor here was amazing.

[It felt like my soul was being thrashed.]

That short sentence that was heard during the review.

It wasn’t just that sentence, but behind it were a series of absurd levels of impressions.

I was on a business trip abroad, and I was recommended by a client, and the ‘Cheonma Course’, where the director gives a massage himself, is so excellent.

Of course, just looking at it, it was obvious that it was intentionally exaggerated, but in order to evaluate it, shouldn’t you try it once? That’s why Alfred made a reservation a month in advance when he was in Japan.

‘Still, there must be some skill.’

Over two months of traveling abroad, I accumulated travel poison.

It would be impossible to resolve them all at once, but wouldn’t it be worth looking forward to? … .

With that thought in mind, Alfred lay down on the bed. Perhaps because he was tired, it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep.

* * *

“Keep it off!”

A gym with a quiet atmosphere with few people.

A woman’s voice resounded low, as if she was wringing out her deadly energy.

“Uh ha!”

“Come on, sister. Now, one last real thing.”

Boram Choi stretches out her hand holding the barbell all the way and exclaims with a sense of accomplishment. Her younger brother, Aram Choi, standing next to her, said ‘one more’ in a calm voice.

“Didn’t you say it was the last time?”

“That’s the end, and this is the real end.”

Then, after that, isn’t there a really, really last time? At the moment, I sneakily thought about it, but the current situation alone is too much for me to think of anything else.

“Keuh uh… … !”

A barbell that rises while trembling.

It is Choi Ah-ram who does not help until the end, although she puts her hand under her in case she misses.


“You worked hard, sister.”


In the end, Choi Bo-ram finishes with her own strength and puts the barbell on the stand. As if she was exhausted, her arms stretched out as she lay on the bench.

“Why is this so heavy… … .”

“I told you I wasn’t to belittle you.”

Even if it was a barbell, all she lifted was a bare bar with no plates attached. At the words of her sister, who looked exhausted, Choi Ah-ram smiled and picked up the stick.

“This pole alone weighs about 20kg, so it’s quite heavy.”

A person with some muscle would lift it casually, but it is a weight that can be heavy enough for someone who is far from regular exercise.

Contrary to what he said, Aram Choi was holding the barbell in one hand and moving it around like a dumbbell. Choi Bo-ram’s eyes as he looked at his brother showed a sense of astonishment.

“So how was it, was it worth it?”

“… no.”

Before doing the bench press, she had already gone through several exercise machines under Choi A-ram’s instructions.

Choi Ah-ram said that it was a level that he could do enough, but… Apparently, it was a level that could be achieved by ‘doing one’s best’. Choi Bo-ram no longer had the strength to roll the wheels of his wheelchair.

“Hmm, shall we reduce the amount of exercise starting tomorrow?”

“… no.”

However, Choi Bo-ram shook his head at his brother’s words.

Then he quietly opened his mouth.

“Isn’t this enough to get some exercise?”

“What… It doesn’t.”

“Then, even if it’s hard, you should try.”

Bo-ram Choi replied in a determined voice even while breathing heavily.

After going to Cheonma Massage.

There were no miracles like standing up for a moment like her brother, but she was able to have hope again. The long-forgotten sensation in the legs was revived.

It’s not an illusion in a dream, it’s not the phantom pain that comes to me from time to time… It’s the feeling you feel with your own legs.

“Because I want to stand on my own two feet as soon as possible.”

Boram Choi said so in a light voice.

However, the weight contained there was not so light.

The wish she had given up, the resolution that had been revived after a long time. Because he could roughly guess them, Choi Ah-ram’s mouth was covered with a complicated smile that revealed both sadness and pride.

“My teacher said that if you build up your muscles and stimulate them steadily, you can probably recover faster.”

“… It was like that for me too.”

When Choi Bo-ram spoke, recalling Kang Tae-han’s words, Choi A-ram nodded. Through active rehabilitation training, she was also able to accelerate her recovery much earlier than Kang Tae-han said.

“Then, shall we do one more set?”

“… that’s a bit.”

Aram Choi speaks to her sister with a smile. Then Boram Choi replied in a firm voice. Honestly, in this state, I was confident that I would die from being crushed by that skinny barbell.

“Rather than that, did you have any special conversations with Mr. Jaeman?”

It looked like they would order one more set at this rate, so Boram Choi quickly changed the topic. Choi Ah-ram tilted his head as if he didn’t know what he meant.

“Why Jaeman?”

“We had dinner together yesterday.”

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Lee Jae-man, an attendant of Chairman Jang Woo-young.

After running into each other both publicly and privately a few times, he naturally became friends with the two sisters… Everyone except Aram Choi probably knew that Ah-ram Choi had more than a simple friendship.

“Oh, it was delicious there. It’s pasta, but there was a lot of it.”

“… I see.”

However, there seemed to be no progress in the relationship.

Bo-ram Choi felt a bit sad at the younger brother’s cheerful reaction.

‘Is it because I’ve been exercising since I was young?’

If this is the case, do you have to tell me yourself?

I sometimes think that way, but there is nothing more ignorant than meddling in someone else’s relationship. Choi Bo-ram looked at his younger brother with a puzzled expression.

“But Jaeman always wears only a suit.”

“yes? uh, yes.”

I have no choice but to do that, since most of my meetings as President Jang Woo-young’s entourage. Choi Bo-ram nodded after pondering his thoughts.

“Yesterday I came in different clothes, but… It looked different.”


Choi Bo-ram’s eyes widened at his brother’s words. Unexpected, slightly unexpected reaction. However, she soon smiled.

‘… After all, each one has its own tempo.’

The younger brother might just be a little slower in the tempo.

Choi Bo-ram smiled and nodded slowly as if he had understood himself.

“It seems that you exercised more with your upper body than I thought.”

“… Oh, the muscles?”


Aram Choi nodded with an immediate answer.

Choi Bo-ram looked at her brother for a while… He closed his eyes and let out a small sigh.

* * *

“Ahhhh… … .”

Sauna located at the top of the Liner Building.

Sitting in front of the fan in the dressing room there, Alfred let out a long, small exclamation as if letting off the heat of a sauna full of his body.

‘I’m glad the bathroom is in good shape.’

He had just used two facilities.

The sauna you just used. And I used it earlier, the fitness center located downstairs.

And both facilities were great.

To be honest, I was forced to visit the fitness center because I had to evaluate it, but I was still highly satisfied, and there was no need to mention the sauna.

Of course, going naked in the bath was a culture that was still difficult to adapt to… In a way, this can be called an exotic cultural experience, and above all, the night view of the city while soaking in a hot bath was very good.

Although the river view from the room is quite common.

The river view while enjoying a bath in such a large hot tub can be said to be quite a powerful feature.

Of course, it’s not the first time I’ve seen spa facilities located on high floors like this, but most of them are luxury facilities that require high prices.

On the other hand, it’s less than $20 here.

It is not comparable in terms of cost-effectiveness, but it does not mean that the facilities are lagging behind or that the satisfaction level is low.

‘Let’s start by recommending a list… … .’

Alfred slightly raises his score from the previous evaluation.

Alfred thought it would be necessary to review by other evaluators after the recommendation, but at least according to his own standards, it was possible to get a one-star rating.

‘Should it happen soon?’

Alfred looked in the mirror and straightened his clothes, then turned off the fan he was wearing and headed to the shoe closet. He still had his next destination.

“Let’s see… … .”

Alfred scans the information board in the elevator. It didn’t take long for him to locate his next destination.

20th floor.

It was none other than the location of Cheonma Massage.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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