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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 142

“… What is this?”

“First of all, it looks like a chair.”

Two men found a massage chair in the room.

They began examining the chair curiously. It was a very unfamiliar type of electronic product, but I could quickly figure out its purpose.

“It says premium massage chair here. It’s probably like a massage chair with a massage function.”

“Ohh… That’s why it looks so big.”

“But the massage chairs I knew weren’t this big… … . It looks like a fairly serious thing.”

There are three identical massage chairs in a row.

The size of the chair itself is quite large, so it feels like a space reserved for experiencing massage chairs rather than a space reserved for chatting.

“Why did you bring this to the party?”

“Isn’t Marchesh’s party often prepared for unexpected events like this? ha ha ha!”

To be honest, it’s something that doesn’t go well with the party hall.

The two of them seemed likely to return to their seats after completing the investigation of the discovery, but… … .

“… Still, the host has prepared some sincerity. Shall we use it at least once?”

“Hmm, hmm. Will it?”

Still, I can’t help but be interested.

Originally, the people who participate in the party are divided into two categories. One is a person who literally came to play and a person who joined because of work even though he was reluctant to do so.

And these two belonged to the latter group.

Of course, it wasn’t that they didn’t feel any fun, but even so, just standing in a busy party hall was tiring for them.

My legs feel sore for no reason, and my shoulders and neck feel a little stiff, that kind of tired feeling.

So, I didn’t have high expectations for this massage chair, but it was natural to be curious to some extent.

“Then, once… … .”

Until then, there had been conversations between the two of them, but… It wasn’t even that important a story, and wouldn’t it be enough to share a story while sitting in a massage chair?

The two of them laid down on the massage chair almost simultaneously, regardless of which one came first.

“Huh… It’s definitely comfortable.”

“Iknow, right. It’s comfortable.”

The stage in which the chair takes shape according to the individual’s body.

It seems soft at first glance, but it feels like it supports your weight firmly from the inside.

“It seems to be controlled with this remote control.”

“Let’s see… … . Vitality mode would be nice.”

“I’ll try it in rest mode.”

I don’t think it would be bad to fall asleep here. I would say that this try-on feeling alone is quite satisfactory.

However, that is literally just a function as a chair. Let’s select the required function with the remote control and start the full-fledged massage.

“… Ohhh?”

“Uh oh oh oh!”

Exclamation and exclamation escaped from both of their mouths.

Dozens of plastic rollers that start acupressure at the same time from the large stem to the detailed acupuncture point according to the detected information after the sensor passes over the body.

Before he knew it, the muscles that had been clumped all over his body were loosened one by one, and a tingling stimulus was coming in to the deep inside.

“Whoa… … !”

This cool feeling running through the whole body.

It feels like water flowing into a dry river. The nerves that had been asleep were awakened all at once, and fresh stimuli that had not been felt before flooded in.

“Sah, that’s a lot?!”

Vitality Mode, which stimulates the muscles and nerves of the whole body to invigorate them. At first, I wasn’t expecting much, but the man involuntarily let out a voice mixed with admiration at the feeling of literally awakening his vitality.

“… Arnip?”

No answer comes back from one side.

Just a quiet atmosphere. Slightly worried, the man turned his head to the side while calling his companion’s name.

“… Whoa.”

Then, with her eyes closed, the image of her companion lying down as if leaning on a massage chair came into view.

Her face was completely relaxed, and her body was limp, as if at first glance it might have melted into a chair.

At the same time, a moan escaped from his mouth in a very small voice.

The image of her lying down comfortably as if she had become one with the massage chair was enough to be called modern art that directly expressed the concept of comfort with her body.

‘That’s… Did you say it was a rest mode?’

At first, I was quite taken aback by the appearance.

Thinking that he could use the same function, the man picked up the remote control.

Soon after, unlike the vitality mode that awakened the nerves of the whole body, the gentler touch of the massage began to relax his body.

* * *

“Mr. Marchesi, there’s something a little strange about it.”

“Well? What’s the matter?”

A party where a good time was going on.

There, a woman approached Marchesi and said cautiously.

“I think there are fewer people at the party.”

“… Aha.”

The parties and banquets held by Marchesi always have a large number of participants. It is not only because he is the chairman of Elephant Industries, but also because Marchesi himself has a good reputation in the social world and a strong personal network.

That’s why today’s birthday party was held on a fairly large scale, and it was crowded with a lot of celebrants… … .

If you look around now, there is no sense that it has become a bit empty. Anyone could tell that the number of people in the venue had decreased considerably.


Marchesi lightly looked around at her words.

But he nodded slowly a couple of times and then emptied the glass of champagne in his hand. It was a reaction that seemed not even surprised, let alone embarrassed.

It was too natural to pretend that nothing was wrong, or rather, it was a reaction like he already knew everything.

“Anyway, everyone seems to be a bit tired today.”

“haha… Maybe.”

Still, the woman added a word as if to appease Marchesh. Then Marchesi scratched his cheek, then smiled and said:

“Probably everyone is having a good time.”

It is true that people are missing from the central party hall.

But because of that, Marchesi was able to laugh rather. Because it was proof that everything was going according to his plan.

“… It seems you have prepared something?”

“This party hall is spacious and spacious, but the advantage is that there are many rooms so that each person can have a private chat or relax.”

I hadn’t looked into the rooms yet, but I could see roughly what the situation would be like. In the first place, not many people went out through the front door connected to the outside.

“In each of those rooms… Should I say it’s the newest thing? We prepared some surprises for our weary guests. Wahahaha!”

The Meister.

It is a product worthy of being called a revolution in the world of massage chairs, incomparable to any other existing products.

Of course, the massage chair in the party hall might feel a bit out of the blue.

Once you sit down and start tasting, whether it’s just because you’re just tired or out of curiosity, you’ll quickly fall into an inescapable comfort.

That’s what happened, and that’s the current situation.

Marchesi, who hadn’t checked it himself yet, but was virtually convinced, laughed cheerfully and grabbed a new glass of champagne from the waiter’s tray.

‘It’s time to come back soon.’

I was looking around while thinking about that.

Sure enough, a man returned from the hallway to the party, looked around, and as soon as he saw Marchesi, he began to walk fast.

“Mr Marchesi!”

“Oh, Arnip! my friend! Is something going on?”

“that… nothing else… … .”

He looked around, took a step closer to Marchesi, and spoke in a small voice.

“The one in the rooms… A big massage chair.”

“Ah, The Meister.”

“okay! Could you personally buy some of that?”

Marchesi smiled from an angle invisible to Arnip. I was so proud and happy that the situation was going as expected.

“Um… That’s a little embarrassing.”

However, as if he had never done that, he slowly shook his head with a troubled expression on his face.

“Because that item is not something you can get even if you want to. It’s something I borrowed with difficulty at the request of a customer. It’s kind of like a rental.”

“that… okay? Where are you selling them?”

“It is an imported product from Korea. This time, we decided to bring the goods to our company’s department store… … . They say it is in short supply in their home country, so I think it will take some time to start selling properly.”

Marchesi naturally explained how to drink even when he was drunk. It’s because I expected this situation from the beginning.

“is it… … . Then I can’t help it.”

Arnip nodded slowly and said.

Contrary to the answers and gestures that seemed to be understood, his face was an expression of deep regret.

in such a situation.

“However… If my valued business partner wants it, of course I will have to make arrangements for it.”

“Is that okay?”

“I have a few items that I have personally received, and I will send you one.”

Things that are hard-earned are more valuable than things that are easily obtained. It’s something I was going to give as a gift anyway, but it’s a Marchesi with a little bit of seasoning.

“Oh, by the way.”

Then he lowered his head slightly and said as if adding:

“As I just said, it’s because the goods haven’t arrived yet. It is a secret to others.”

“Oh, yes, of course!”

sure answer though.

Nothing spreads as well as rumors. Besides, Arnip is a person who is known for liking to brag to those around him.

But it doesn’t matter. Starting from this party, word of mouth spread among people, because that was what Marchesi intended.

“… Hmmm. Mr Marchesi. Could you please give me some time now?”

Right after Arnip went back like that.

As if waiting for the story to end, another person spoke to Marchesi. For some reason, it was clear that he had the same business as Arnip.

“Cage! Sure. what happened?”

And Marchesi, who skillfully greets you with a welcoming face.

It wasn’t too long ago that luxury massage chairs imported from Korea started to become popular among the upper class in India.

* * *

“I don’t think I’m bad, do I? Mr. Taehan.”

“Hmm… … .”

Cheonma Massage’s office.

Near the end of lunchtime, Chief Hwang and Taehan Kang were sitting face to face talking.

“It’s a chain store… … .”

More precisely, a discussion of the future direction of the business.

Kang Tae-han, who had been thinking for a while about what Chief Hwang had just said, tilted his head and opened his mouth quietly.

“By the way, do massage parlors often open chain stores?”

“Honestly, not too many.”

A store that shares the same brand signs, sales know-how, and secrets, and operates by receiving products from the head office.

It is a form that is easy to see in any industry now, but it is inevitable to introduce it to the massage industry.

In the end, satisfaction with massage parlors varies depending on the individual masseuse’s skills, so even if they have the same signboard, the satisfaction level will inevitably vary from shop to shop.

but… Here, in the case of Cheonma Massage, it is a little different.

It is because Kang Tae-han is conducting the training of masseuses more systematically than Director Hwang thought.

“Still, if Mr. Taehan systematizes the curriculum in earnest… I think it’s worth a try.”

A masseuse with good skills is promoted to the artisan course, and when it is judged that the skill has risen enough, it goes up to the next level again. And from there, they give permission to open chain stores.

It is possible to open a chain store, but only those who have been recognized for their skills based on internal standards can get permission.

It’s extremely simple, but that’s why it’s clear at a glance.

“… Does it feel like a branch of a munpa?”


“No, nothing.”

The first thing that came to mind at Director Hwang’s words was the concept of a Munpa branch in Moorim. Kang Tae-han put out the words that came to his mind and then slowly shook his hand.

“That’s not bad. We’re going with a martial arts concept.”

Chief Hwang wondered what that meant, then snapped his fingers and said as if it was a good idea.

“… You must hear this well.”

“No, it looks really good. After all, the name of our store is Cheonma Massage, right?”

Kang Tae-han scratched his head with an embarrassed expression. I felt even more embarrassed because Director Hwang seemed to be speaking from the bottom of my heart.

“Anyway, it’s not an urgent agenda right now.”

“right. Because I need some time.”

Director Hwang nodded at Kang Tae-han’s words.

In order to execute that plan, shouldn’t the number of competent masseuses be secured?

“I’ll go get some guests then.”

You don’t have to decide right away, and you can’t decide.

Kang Tae-han slowly rose from his seat.

“Is it time for that already?”

“Looks like the guest came a little early.”

Kang Tae-han walks out with a smile.

Sure enough, I ran into an employee who was coming to guide me in the hallway.

“Director, the guest was directed to room number 2.”

“Room 2, okay.”

Kang Tae-han nodded at the employee’s words and started moving again. Soon, he stopped in front of a door with the number 2 written in Chinese characters.


Knock with a light tap.


Soon after, when he heard an answer from inside, Kang Tae-han slowly opened the door and went inside.

The next moment, Kang Tae-han let out a low saliva at the sight of the guest sitting on the bed.

‘This… Another rare guest.’

The guest is none other than musical actor Hwang Ji-woon.

Kang Tae-han didn’t recognize him, but the thick cast on his leg caught his attention.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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