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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 140

“… Okay, let me help you with your work.”

Kang Tae-han’s natural, calm reaction.

Choi Seong-hyeon laughed involuntarily, then folded his arms and leaned back on the passenger seat. Then he slowly turned his head toward the window.

“By the way, I heard that you’re doing well… … .”

I didn’t know it would be like this.

The new store moved, and so many people came to visit.

There seemed to be five or six teams waiting in front of the store, and the parking lot was, of course, full. Considering that the peak lunch time is generally between 12 and 1, I was able to guess that it would be more crowded in the future.

“It’s been a few days since the new store opened.”

Kang Tae-han smiled at Choi Seong-hyun’s reaction and spoke in a low voice.

“Actually, I’d say you’re looking at some open suckers.”

“That’s right… And why am I on my way to work after being kidnapped at that timing?”

“Knapped. This friend speaks strangely.”

Kang Tae-han shrugged and drove toward the public parking lot in a nearby alley.

* * *

“hey… You look busy just by looking at it.”

The two enter the store and look around.

The tables were full, as expected, and the busy waitresses looked distraught.

“… Are you paying the hourly wages today?”

“I need?”

“I think I should get some of this.”

Seonghyun Choi speaks in a voice that is half serious and half joking.

As I passed the busy hall and walked toward the kitchen, I saw the head chef, Kang Ho-yeon, pulling out noodles by hand.

“It’s nice to see you’ve been corrected, too.”

A boom, a boom, a sound echoing through the hall.

It didn’t sound loud because it was soundproofed, but it felt like the heavy hitting sound and power were conveyed just by the momentum seen through the window.

On top of that, the solidly held base and the arm muscles visible under the short sleeves… It could be said that the expression ‘correct’ was appropriate.

“Father, I am here.”

“Child… It’s okay, so go home.”

“There is nothing to do at home.”

Kang Tae-han shrugs and laughs. Seeing this, Kang Ho-yeon burst out laughing and shook his head. Then he turned his gaze to Seonghyun Choi, who was next to him.

“Hey… Are you Seonghyun?”

“Yes, uncle. It’s been a while.”

“I almost didn’t recognize you because you were so tall! Nice to meet you!”

When I was in high school, my friend often came over to my house to play.

Kang Ho-yeon, who recognized him, showed a happy expression, but soon grasped the situation and put on a puzzled expression.

“… Did you come here after being captured by Taehan?”

“Ah, no. I just came because I wanted to see you and help you with your work.”

Until just now, he expressed resentment by talking about kidnapping, but in front of Kang Ho-yeon, it is Choi Seong-hyun who does not show such a hint.

“Let’s see, can I help serve in the hall?”

Seonghyeon Choi took the lead in picking up her apron and said before Hoyeon Kang stopped her. Since the situation progressed like that, it wasn’t really an atmosphere to stop.

“ah… Then will you please?”

“I also did a lot of serving part-time jobs.”

He skilfully tied up his apron and walked out into the hall, took a tray and went to an empty seat and began clearing the table.

“Sunghyun is really… I’ve become more confident.”

Kang Ho-yeon, who was watching the scene, quietly burst into admiration. His workmanship was the same, but his consideration and handling of himself were very mature.

“Seonghyun was always kind from the start.”

“You shouldn’t take advantage of a friend like this just because he’s kind.”

Kang Ho-yeon said as if giving his son a scolding.

Seonghyeon Choi said that he had come voluntarily, but he knew right away that it was a lie.

“If you say you used it, it’s strange to say. If I really didn’t like Seonghyun because of his personality, I would have turned him down on my own.”

“… It is, though.”

But it is true that it helped.

It was a situation where even one small hand was regrettable.

“Boss, are you done cleaning the noodles?”

“Ah, I’ll bring it right away!”

Sure enough, as soon as I stopped my hands for a while, a prompt came in. Kang Ho-yeon lifted a tray with noodles divided into servings.

‘Then I… … .’

With his father away, Kang Tae-han looks around in search of work. Perhaps because of the constant flow of customers, the work was overflowing.

‘I’ll take care of it, well.’

She replenishes falling ingredients, handles piled dishes, and organizes the order table so that it is easy to recognize.

Has it been that long?

“… what? Have there been fewer guests in a while?”

One of the cooks who had been working in the kitchen for a while asked in a puzzled voice.

“No, it’s been a full table since before, why?”

“Something… I feel like my work has decreased dramatically.”

All the dishes that showed no sign of shrinking were gone, and the cutting board, which could only get dirty no matter how much you organize it, was still clean from a while ago.

“… I know?”

A kitchen full of space.

Among the puzzled cooks.

“Originally, your son’s work skills here are amazing.”

A man said in a low voice.

He was the sous chef who had been hired about two months before them and had worked with Kang Ho-yeon at the previous restaurant.

“Occasionally he comes over to help with work, but every time, the store just has a lot of space.”

Then he gestured at the distant sink with his chin. There was Kang Tae-han, who was quickly organizing the dishes that had been piled up.

‘It’s comfortable because you can’t see inside the sink.’

The sink in a restaurant is much deeper than that in a normal home. Therefore, it is impossible to look inside unless you are watching from the side.

That means that Kang Tae-han can do whatever he wants.

While I was washing one dish with my hand, the next to me was washing and rinsing six or seven dishes at the same time.

Everyday application of empty space!

Of course, he didn’t openly use it when others saw him, but on the contrary, he was Kang Tae-han, who was using his inner strength whenever he was invisible.

* * *

“Whoa… … .”

Everton FC training center.

Godwin, who had just come out of the shower, wiped off the rest of his hair with a towel, then tossed the wet towel into a nearby basket and put it inside.

Then, as if checking the condition of the body, Godwin moves and lightly stretches the body parts. Soon after, he tilted his head with a regretful expression on his face.

“Still a bit… It’s sore.”

If you take a shower with water of the right temperature after exercise, it has the effect of gradually relaxing the tense muscles.

That’s why most of the fatigue disappears just by taking a shower, and the condition is restored. Originally, I would have been satisfied enough in this state, but… … .

“I want to get a massage today… … .”

Godwin, who was moving his body as a test, muttered in a low voice full of regret.

A subtle feeling of fatigue and stiffness that lingers throughout the body.

Originally, it was a part that I took for granted, but now I feel uncomfortable and regretful for no reason. It is because I experienced the body condition where these feelings disappeared neatly while meeting Kang Tae-han.

When you eat delicious food, you feel that the food you ate is tasteless, and when you use a comfortable bed, the bed you used to use feels hard.

“Is not knowing what medicine is?”

But that doesn’t mean that just getting a massage from someone will solve it. Only Kang Tae-han, a massage master in Korea, can quench this thirst.

If I hadn’t known, I wouldn’t have regrets.

Of course, thanks to meeting him, I was able to enjoy the best of times, but when I feel fatigued like this, Godwin feels regretful and even feels a sense of loss.

But since I can’t go to Korea every week and get a massage, the sense of loss is bound to be even greater. Godwin let out a short sigh and moved toward the break room.

“Oh, Godwin!”

Would it have been that long?

The man who was getting a drink from the vending machine spoke up.

“Bart, it seems like I haven’t seen you in a while?”

“That’s right. haha! Nice to meet you.”

Bart smiled and said hello, then immediately tossed the plastic bottle cap into the trash can. The drink was gone in just two sips.

“Oh, it’s amazing to look at, hama?”

“The drink you drink after exercise is also special. Rather, did you hear that?”

“What is the story about?”

Godwin asked in a sullen voice.

A voice that does not contain great expectations.

On the other hand, Bart said with a very excited face.

“This time the owner sent a lot of massage chairs!”

“… massage chair? You used to have some.”

Exactly, it was there, then it disappeared again.

Athletes bought Kang Tae-han’s massages with a longing for them, but all of them tantalized and had no particular effect, so they just moved them to the storage room at home or returned them.

“Didn’t you say that all of that was nothing?”

“People who have sat down before say that, but this time it is a little different. Marchesi bought it directly from Korea or something.”

“What would be different if made in Korea?”

Godwin still doesn’t think much of it.

But to Bart’s next words, he showed a markedly different reaction.

“that… What do you say? tech advisor? Anyway, it seems that Master Kang himself participated in the production of it.”

“… what? really?”

Are you saying that such a thing actually exists?

To Godwin, Bart’s words sounded unrealistic, like ‘knives made by King Arthur himself.’

“Can you? Why does the teacher make a massage chair?”

“I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be better to go and check for yourself to see if that’s possible?”

That’s what it says.

Godwin nodded, and started to walk with a wide stride, noticeably faster than before.

The break room we arrived at.

“Uh uh… … .”

“Huh… … .”

There were six large chairs that looked like the cockpit of a spaceship, and fellow players already sitting there, sighing like zombies.

“Godwin, Bart. Are you going to use a massage chair too?”

As I entered the break room and looked at the scene, Ybor, who was meditating next to me, spoke to me.

“yes? uh, right?”

Godwin nodded and answered even in the midst of confusion. Then Ybor checked his watch and turned to the massage chair.

“Merichi and Marco, it’s your turn to get out of the way.”

“ah… Can’t I just sit a little longer?”

“You guys were also conceded like that.”

Then, the two of them got up from their seats with expressions of deep regret. Apparently, it seems to be a system where people move out of the way in the order in which they sat first whenever they arrive.

“It is used for up to 20 minutes per person, and the person who has received it the longest has to give way to the person who has never received it in the middle. got it?”

“… Okay, why are you so organized?”

Ivor looks as if he is the manager of the facility. Seeing that, Godwin tilted his head and cautiously sat down on the massage chair and leaned his body against it.

‘It’s definitely a bit comfortable, but… … .’

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Let’s press the action button.

The chair stretches out to fit your body and supports your back comfortably. As if the large and grandiose appearance is not a bad thing, the first try-on feeling is different.

“Let’s see you somewhere.”

However, just because you lie down comfortably does not mean that stiff muscles will be released on their own.

Isn’t the important thing, after all, a massage? Godwin had a hard expression on his face with such thoughts, but… … .

“Oh oh… … ?”

A ball sensor made up of several plastic balls.

They come up from the tailbone, centering on the spine, and the feeling is somehow different.

I’ve never felt it in other massage chairs… … .

For some reason, it feels like I’ve felt it a few times somewhere, a feeling that subtly gives me a sense of déjà vu.

“Huh… … .”

And right after the ball sensor went up to the neck.

In response to the stimuli pouring in from all over his body, Godwin involuntarily let out a rough breath.

It feels like all of the sensitive parts that are clumped between the muscles are being penetrated in an instant!

“Whoa… … .”

However, if it is painful, it is not.

Gentle and consistent pressure at a level you can handle. I was a bit embarrassed at first, but after a while, I just feel comfortable.

‘This… It must be.’

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Let some time pass like that.

Godwin was able to recognize the identity of the deja vu he felt. Although it was only a movement of a machine, the basis was none other than the massage master, Kang Tae-han’s touch.

Of course, there are no delicate touches that seem to see through every part of the body and intense stimulation that makes one’s hair turn white… … .

Still, that subtle feeling of fatigue, which had not been relieved even after stretching after taking a shower, was slowly disappearing in real time.

Isn’t that enough?

It is a satisfaction that I have not felt in other massage chairs.

Godwin, like those who had sat here before, groaned from time to time mixed with drowsiness and slumped over in the massage chair.

‘There must be a reason why Ybor acted like a manager… … .’

If it wasn’t for that, there would be a scramble, and once they sat down, they would never have yielded. Godwin nodded slowly at the obvious picture.

“five things… No, I’ll have to buy ten… … .”

In the meantime, Bart, who was next to me, muttered to himself in a languid voice. When I glanced sideways, Bart’s facial muscles were all relaxed, as if he had become one with the massage chair.

* * *

“The broken place is recovering well.”

An orthopedic surgeon in Seoul.

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Looking at the white and black X-rays, the doctor nodded and said in a gentle voice.

“At this rate, a full recovery might be faster.”

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Like that gentle tone of voice, the rate of recovery from injuries was fairly quick. Hwang Ji-woon cautiously opened his mouth at the doctor’s positive words.

“Well, then… Will it be cured by this week?”

“Well… Anyway, it’s impossible until this week.”

“Then how long will it take?”

“No matter how fast, we have to see it by next week. Do you have any urgent business?”

“I have an important performance soon… … .”

Hwang Ji-woon, a musical actor who recently suffered a fracture due to a trip down the stairs.

He has been gaining a lot of popularity these days and is facing a new heyday, and this performance [Wheel of Twilight] was a stage planned around him thanks to his popularity.

A place that is bound to be important to him.

It was not unreasonable that desperation leaked out in his voice as he questioned the doctor. Doctor Hana shook her head with a determined expression.

“Even if the bones are all attached by this week… Violent actions are prohibited. Even more so, going to a performance is impossible.”

“… How can you not?”

“If you just walk around and sing, you’ll be fine, but that’s not it either.”

When the doctor asked, Hwang Ji-woon slowly nodded with a confused expression. Depending on the work, this may be the case, but the Wheel of Twilight is not such a work. Even more so, the main character.

“then… Maybe the performance is too much.”

“As a doctor, I have no choice but to tell you that.”

Hwang Ji-woon asks one more question in a mixed voice.

At that, the doctor shook his head and drove the wedge in again. Even when he spoke, his expression didn’t look very bright.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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