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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 129

Body Care, a company famous for household appliances.

There, the new massage chair, The Meister, was receiving explosive popularity and attention to the extent that it could be said that it was making a new mark in the massage chair market.

“If I buy this now, when can I get it?”

“Sorry, customer. There is a nationwide out-of-stock phenomenon right now… As a rough estimate, I think we can deliver it in about a month.”

Its popularity is in short supply, and the sale is in short supply!

The speed at which they are sold in various places has caught up with the speed at which they are made in factories.

When it was first released, despite active publicity, it did not receive enough attention to outperform its competitor, Relax Home, but… … .

[The Meister, this is not really a joke.]

[A massage chair with the highest level of satisfaction, a real review from my own money.]

[Scratch it right away as soon as you experience it at a department store?! Vlog healing with a full-fledged massage chair.]

One or two people experienced it, and reviews posted after actual purchase started to become a hot topic one by one, and then, starting with a famous YouTuber’s Vlog, explosive reactions suddenly began to emerge.

In particular, the ratio of contracts or purchases after customers experience it for themselves is at an unprecedented high level.

Not only did it rank first in the statistics, but even when calculated with the average value, it was easily twice as high.

Is it because of these reactions?

“Hey, can I sit down and watch this right now?”

“ah… I’m sorry, but customers are a little behind now. For now, can you sign up at the kiosk here and come back later?”

“Do you get a number ticket for the massage chair experience?”

“Yes. It’s been said that the lines have been so long over the past few days that it’s getting in the way of going to the department store. We ask for your understanding, customer.”

It was common for people to wait in line not only at the massage chair experience corner in department stores, but also at body care stores across the country.

Nowadays, there is a limit to standing in line, to the point of distributing numbered tickets. In addition, in places like department stores, the experience time per person was limited to a maximum of 10 minutes.

“Whoop whoop.”

And Jang Tae-hyun, the chairman of Daecheong Group, who confirmed this current situation. Having just skimmed the report from Body Care, he leaned back against the back of his chair with a satisfied smile.

Massage chairs are one of the items that the market has been steadily growing for a long time. Originally, there was quite a bit of demand, but as people’s interest is focused on health and healing, it continues to increase.

In particular, it was attracting considerable attention as a filial piety product, to the extent that it pushed out cash, which was holding the undisputed number one in the ‘gifts parents want to receive’.

However, in such a situation, the market share was gradually declining and even the sales were not good, so I was feeling sick… … .

“It’s amazing, it exceeds expectations!”

Judging from the contents of the report, the body care massage chair business seemed to be completely mainstream in the market, not just being revived.

It was not simply the atmosphere, but the objective data itself, which was presented in actual numbers.

“I need to express my gratitude to Mr. Kang.”

Originally, I had high expectations.

Even though he was an important technical advisor, it was not an ordinary thing for the group chairman to recruit him directly. That’s how much I was expecting Kang Tae-han.

This was more than what he was expecting.

It wasn’t enough to regain the lead in the market, it was a level ahead of several generations.

“In terms of business… And personally too.”

Taehyung Jang raised his hand above his head for a moment and tapped the top of his head. The natural feel of hair transmitted through the scalp. The place that had been desolate for a long time had become a fertile land where grass grew.

It’s still a bit thin, but… Still, her hair grew smoothly, and she reached a situation where she didn’t have to wear a wig anymore.

When I went to work without wearing a wig for the first time in a long time, how thrilled I had been to feel the refreshing air at the top of my head. Jang Tae-hyun smiled with a happy face.

“Ah, yes.”

Then, as if he had suddenly remembered something, he lightly clapped his hands and lifted his body from the chair.

“How about sending a separate gift to Mr. Kang’s parents? If you’re a teacher, you might like that one better.”

There are times when you feel more moved when you take care of the people around you than you do yourself. Depending on the person, this may be more effective.

At that, Secretary Choi shook his head slowly and started looking for a document on the tablet PC.

“Although, the body care welfare team carried out a plan… At that time, he said that he had also contacted Taehan Kang’s father.”

“Five… okay?”

“Yes. But my father flatly refused.”

At Secretary Choi’s words, Jang Tae-hyeon made a puzzled expression for a moment, then slowly nodded with an understanding expression.

“… It seems that your father is also an extraordinary person.”

It happens sometimes when you go.

If you have been careful and have lived well, but a relative or close friend receives a gift without thinking and later gets tied up because of it.

Of course, I didn’t mean to send a gift with that intention, and since Mr. Kang wasn’t in a public figure in the first place, there would be no problem… … .

Father’s heart to prevent such a thing at all. That heart was vaguely felt.

“Here is the relevant content.”

“Um… … .”

Jang Tae-hyun, who was handed a tablet PC by Secretary Choi, was lightly skimming through documents. However, at some point, a small question arose.

More precisely, it is the name of the person responsible for the document.

“… Could this name have been a problem?”

“Which one?”

“here… The name of the person in charge of execution.”

The name listed there is Assistant Manager Kim Mi-young.

Of course it’s not the same person, but… It is a name that is synonymous with a suspicious person on the other side, to the extent that Jang Tae-hyun also received spam text messages with this person’s name on it a few times.

“I thought it was spam and quit.”

“… Aye, I hope so.”

“Is that right?”

Secretary Choi slowly shakes his head and Jang Tae-hyun nods as if agreeing with him.

But still, in case you don’t know.

It was Jang Tae-hyun who thought, ‘I’ll have to ask the teacher sneakily next time I go to get a massage’.

* * *

“After all, there is nothing special… … .”

A trail built on Bukhansan Mountain.

The man, who had been taking pictures there for a while, put down the camera he was holding and let out a small sigh and sigh.

“I need to do some scooping or something.”

Jung Chan-hyung works as a photojournalist at Cheonjiilbo.

He was here to take pictures of the promenade of Namseon Park.

The weather is gradually warming up as the days warm up.

The feeling that spring is coming is clearly felt, and perhaps that is why the scenery of the park is much fresher.

His job is to take a picture of this scenery and post it in an article announcing the news of spring… … .

If you like this job, honestly, no. It’s something someone has to do, but it’s not a big deal.

‘If this is the case, I’ll be at the end of my life.’

Anything is good, so you need something that stands out.

Something like that that deserves to be featured on the main page of Internet news. I was trudging down the trail while thinking about that.

‘… Well?’

A man and a woman walking from opposite sides of the road.

The man was the first person I had ever seen, but the woman felt somehow familiar. Where should I say I’ve seen it a lot… … .

‘Actress Yoo Se-ah!’

Eventually, he recalled the identity of the deja vu.

It is actress Yoo Se-ah. It wasn’t easy to recognize because he was wearing sunglasses and a hat, but the more I looked, the more convinced I was.

But the important thing here.

Being with a man next to you.

‘Looks like we’re in a relationship, right?’

He is the boyfriend of a famous actress.

It’s a story that deserves a lot of attention.

Of course, maybe not.

But maybe not? He thought it would be better to leave it as a picture for now, so he slowly lifted the camera hanging around his neck.

“… yes?”

However, suddenly the lens is foggy and I can’t see it well.

Was it okay until just now? Reporter Jung looked around the lens with a puzzled expression, then picked up the camera again. It was still cloudy, not a single thing was visible.

“Ah, then even with this… … .”

Reporter Jeong takes out his smartphone in his pocket in a hurry. But the moment you pick up your smartphone.

“100 million?!”

I felt something tugging at me, and then the smartphone slipped from my palm and fell to the ground.


A smartphone that is not yet fully paid for!

When I picked it up in surprise, not only was the screen broken, but the screen didn’t even turn on as if there was a problem.

“How do you do this… … .”

A sad groan leaked from his mouth.

After looking at his smartphone for a long time, he belatedly looked at the promenade… There was already no one there.

‘So I’ll stop once I’ve looked at it.’

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han was taking a walk with Yoo Se-ah.

He glanced behind him and shook his head slowly. Of course, it was not a coincidence that the camera lens, which had been fine, suddenly became foggy and the smartphone fell to the ground.

‘Is this the third time?’

Although we often forget when we are together, Yoo Se-ah is a famous actor with a high level of recognition.

That’s why I wear sunglasses and a hat in places where I can run into other people like this… … . Still, sometimes there are people who recognize Yoo Se-ah.

It doesn’t matter as long as you know.

The problem is people who secretly try to take pictures without permission. It doesn’t matter if it’s the person himself, but it could be a damage to Yoo Se-ah.

That’s why Kang Tae-han spreads his senses more widely than usual when he’s with Yoo Se-ah… If there is such a person, measures have been taken so that they cannot take pictures like before.

It doesn’t happen often, this is the third time.

Although he couldn’t see it, Kang Tae-han could vividly feel the man sighing while examining his broken smartphone.

‘It’s self-employed, well.’

It’s a bit pitiful, but I shouldn’t have done anything bad in the first place. Kang Tae-han shook his head and shrugged lightly.

“Oh, Mr. Taehan! Something like a bud has come up over there!”

“Where are you?”

“Hey there, there!”

On the other hand, Yoo Se-ah, who was walking down the street with a smiley face beside Kang Tae-han, pointed out what she had discovered with a curious voice. When I turned my head, there was something that definitely looked like a bud rising up.


“It looks like spring is really coming.”

Yoo Se-ah with a bright smile. Seeing Yoo Se-ah like that, Kang Tae-han insinuated.

“Do you like spring?”

“It is, but… I wanted to try going flower viewing with my boyfriend at least once. Whoop whoop.”

Kang Tae-han smiled at her words.

Then, a hand quietly extended to the side.

Yoo Se-ah stared blankly at the hand for a moment, then carefully held it together. The two of them walked quietly in that state for a while until someone came from the other side.

* * *

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

A cool laugh that made the party head leave.

The sound of laughter, which may not suit the luxuriously decorated hall atmosphere, was none other than the sound that came from Marchesi, the owner of Everton FC.

“Whoa, really, this is what my team is proud of, not me. You can’t help but be excited when you hear the story!”

This place is a small social gathering where officials from the Premier League are invited. It was not a particularly public place, but it was a meeting that was held steadily centered on some of the league’s owners.

And today, the main character who became the center of this gathering.

None other than Marchesi, the owner of Everton FC.

As Everton has been showing remarkable performance lately, it has often come up and down as a topic of conversation, and the more it did, the more excited Marchesi was.

“This Merseyside derby was a real shock.”

“That’s right. I honestly thought Liverpool would win this time too. Wasn’t it a natural thing from sometime on?”

“Isn’t football originally about not knowing what will happen? of course! It seems that this time, it was not luck, but the skills of our players were outstanding. Whoa ha!”

There is also corporate publicity, but Marchesi, who became the owner simply because he likes soccer.

So these days he was really enjoying each day. Would you say it feels like a dream come true? The feeling of a team that was originally a weak team making an outstanding performance and receiving attention was exhilarating.

‘I’m just grateful to Master Kang!’

Being the owner of a team is possible only with money.

Being the owner of a great team is something you can’t be sure of, no matter how much money you invest. Kang Tae-han, who made that possible, is bound to be grateful as Marchesi.

The club’s finance team said that it would cost too much to hire just one massage therapist… … . Hearing that, I almost hit the ground and regret it. If it had been, I wouldn’t have felt this thrill.

“Do you have any secrets?”

In the meantime, someone around him asked a sneaky question. He was the owner of Southampton FC, which has been particularly sluggish this season.

“Our team also wants to imitate Everton.”

“Ah, if you have any other secrets, please let me know!”

“Huh, if everyone wants it that way, can I tell you?”

Marchesi looks a bit drunk and excited.

As he threw a rhyme with an expression as if he could tell anything, the eyes of the people around him focused on him.

“That’s right! Active communication with the players!”

However, no matter how pleasantly drunk he is, he is not Marchesh who will talk about such things.

He raised his glass and shouted, and the people around him reluctantly lifted their glasses with sullen expressions. What he said was so basic that it was tantamount to saying that he would not tell me.

“uh? Are you serious? Hahaha!”

However, Marchesi invited Tae-han Kang after hearing from players that he wanted to get a massage, so it wasn’t just that he didn’t say anything out of the blue.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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