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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 127


“… what?”

A beep reverberates through the arena.

45 minutes after the start of the game, it was the signal that practice was over. Then, some of the players who had been concentrating and running around for a long time showed a curious reaction.

“Are you finished already?”

“… Are you still fine?”

Players are people whose games they have played so far easily exceed double digits.

Therefore, you can experience how much time has passed without looking at the watch. You can roughly figure out how tired your body is with just that.

“I could feel something different at home, though.”

The athlete, who was moving his limbs as if stretching as he walked to the meeting place, tilted his head with a questionable expression and muttered to himself.

Even though it’s a practice match, running around for 45 minutes is bound to make your body feel stiff. Unless you really ran lightly with all your strength.

The situation where everyone was excited and ran around like a real game. In fact, it’s like running through the entire first half, so it’s only natural that your body should be somewhat tired… … .

“Once I played a match, I felt so much better.”

It didn’t feel like that at all now.

Is it a feeling of lightly relaxing? Far from being exhausted, I sweat pleasantly, and on the contrary, I feel that a slight sense of exaltation remains.

“right? I was different today too.”

“I got a feeling from the training session earlier. I can barely lift the weight, which is usually a bit heavy.”

“Did I tell you? You are a massage master.”

As if testifying, the players talk about the benefits and experiences they felt. Godwin, who had been quietly listening to these stories, patted his chest as if to watch it, and put on a triumphant expression.

“Um… Have you all gathered?”

On the other hand, unlike the players who were excited about the results they experienced in the match, the coaching staff showed a look of bewilderment.

Because all of a sudden the players changed drastically.

Originally, based on the accumulated data, improvement measures should be found based on the points that have improved a lot and the points that need to be further supplemented in the future.

Even compared to the appearance in the previous game, the difference was clearly felt, and depending on the individual, there were players whose skills and playstyle itself changed.

“For now, everyone has worked hard… Let’s break up and take a break, then get back together and talk.”

“Yes? Any problem?”

Normally, the feedback goes in right here.

Someone liked which one, someone said the feedback from the last time was still not reflected, let’s do it in a certain way from now on, let’s do it this way in the next game… … .

But now that they had disbanded and asked to talk again later, it was obviously a strange situation.

“Hmm. No, it’s not really a problem.”

After clearing his throat for a while with clearing his throat, the head coach paused for a while and then spoke honestly about the situation.

“There are so many things that have changed all of a sudden. So, the training menu and the tactics to be used in matches must be changed… Since the scope of change is so large, should the staff also say that they need some time?”

As players’ physical abilities and levels change, the team’s direction and tactics must also change accordingly.

However, this is originally a gradual, natural process that takes time and effort… This time, the atmosphere has changed so much that even strangers can feel it, so it takes time for the tactics to follow.

* * *

In the end, the players disbanded immediately without any further discussion. As they walked towards the break room, they often ate and laughed, even though they made faces of bewilderment.

“… Heh heh, indeed.”

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a head coach do that.”

“Perhaps the coach will say that, too, that he has never done anything like this.”

A radical change to the team.

However, the direction of the change was very positive, and the atmosphere of the players is also bound to be full of energy.

“By the way, wasn’t today’s match really fun?”

“That’s right, honestly, I didn’t think of it as practice in the middle, I just ran around like I played soccer when I was a student.”

“Hey… I didn’t know massage could be so effective. If I had known, I would have received it consistently from long ago.”

“Hey, it’s because someone like Master Kang did it himself, so it’s like this. Don’t you know that?”

“Well, after hearing that, you’re right… Well?”

The moment you open the door to the break room with such a lively atmosphere.

The players who entered first stopped involuntarily at the sight in front of them. There was a very strange figure unfolding there.

“… What are you guys doing?”

The first to speak was Godwin Belster.

In the break room, there were three people who were excluded from today’s practice game, including team captain Yvor Gibson, and they were sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat they had obtained from unknown sources.

“Can’t you see?”

One of them, Herethra Bimoch.

With his eyes closed and immersed in quiet meditation, he opened one eye slightly and spoke in a sullen tone that seemed to be lightly scolding.

“It’s called deep breathing.”

“… what is that?”

Eresra confidently said such a thing even though she did not know it just a moment ago. In response, Godwin asked with an absurd face without realizing it.

“It’s about deep breathing… It is a training method that Master Kang personally taught me.”

Then, Ivor, who was sitting quietly with his eyes closed, opened his mouth in a low voice. Perhaps because of the atmosphere in the quiet room, a mysterious feeling was created.

“Accepting external energy through breathing and arranging internal energy… It’s such a delicate training method.”

“Ohhh… … .”

Ivor said something plausible about where he picked it up. Then the other players who were listening to him let out their exclamation.

If Ibor had said it alone, it would have been dismissed as strange, but since it was told by none other than the oriental massage master, Kang Tae-han, I have no reason to believe it.

‘What is that… … .’

Joo-Wan Kang arrives at the break room belatedly after walking from the back. As he listened to Ybor’s words, he laughed out of embarrassment.

The depth of deep breathing is deep.

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Literally just means to breathe deeply.

Of course, it has the effect of calming the heart and calming emotions, but… It would be absurd to talk about external energy and internal energy just by taking a deep breath.

“What, what are you doing? Let me know too!”

“Can I just sit back and close my eyes?”

“Now, the important thing is not the posture, but the inside, the heart.”

However, the reaction of other players was not.

Some of the players sat down on the bare floor and imitated Yvor’s stance, who gave them advice like some kind of prophet.

‘… Since it’s fun, should I just leave it alone?’

Watching them like that, Kang Joo-wan smiled and sat down on a chair nearby.

It was quite a spectacle to see Ybor, who usually had a naive side, making strange noises like Comte. It makes me laugh just by sitting and watching.

* * *

“ha… It’s over.”

Meanwhile, Korea’s Gimpo Airport.

Employees of Cheonma Massage, who departed from the private plane terminal for England, returned to the same place and were walking through the terminal.

“It’s a bit unfortunate.”

“It was great though.”

“That’s why there are regrets, too.”

3 days and 2 nights like a dream spent at a luxurious resort.

It wasn’t a generous schedule, but thanks to the convenience of the resort, I was able to spend a very dense time.

Tourism is tourism, healing is healing… … .

That’s why I left with a feeling of ‘I wish there were more’, but a big regret means that I enjoyed it that much. In fact, even the staff who said they were sorry had bright faces.

“Still, this was very disappointing.”

“Like what?”

“There was no duty free shop.”

The private plane terminal is a separate space away from the general airport terminal. There is a waiting room for VIPs, but there is no duty free shop.

“Heh heh, I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t been on a private jet. It is a valuable experience.”

“… Well, that’s it too.”

At the words of the staff, Director Hwang laughed and said, and the employee who mentioned the duty free shop nodded slowly. This is not an experience that anyone can have.

We walked through the terminal side by side like that, and finished immigration procedures.

When I got on the bus prepared in advance, the bus arrived at a park near Yeongdeungpo Station before I knew it.

Each person took out their luggage from the luggage compartment and checked again to see if there were any items left behind… However, at some point, everyone was hesitantly looking at them.

Seeing that, Chief Hwang smirked, tapped Kang Tae-han on the shoulder, and said a few words.

“Director, please say something.”

To be separated like this, the feeling of tying and severing is ambiguous.

Just as a closing speech is needed at the end of an event, someone has to wrap things up. If so, it would be most suitable for Director Kang Tae-han to do it.

As he himself knew it well, Kang Tae-han scratched his head with an embarrassing expression and cleared his throat with a clearing of his throat.

“Well… Did everyone have a good time?”


“It was great, Director!”

When Kang Tae-han spoke in a low voice, an enthusiastic response erupted from the staff.

I would be grateful if the store took care of my vacation, but to travel to a luxury resort abroad? The staff knew very well that it was an absurd situation.

“It was great… … .”

On the other hand, Choi Seong-hyun looks down at his chest with a voice full of emotion. A bag of soccer balls was cherished in his arms.

It was a soccer ball he bought just in case when he was leaving the country, and Seong-Hyun Choi got the autographs of each and every Everton player on it.

Truly, Choi Seong-hyun is invaluable… No, it was a treasure that any Everton fan would want to have, regardless of domestic or foreign countries.

“I’m glad then.”

At the reaction of the staff, Kang Tae-han smiled and nodded. It was a smile full of joy.

“Then, I hope everyone goes back and gets rid of the poison… We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.”

And Kang Tae-han nodded lightly.

At the same time, applause and cheers continued from the staff, and only then, one by one, they greeted Kang Tae-han and began to return home.

A vacation at a luxury resort in the UK, even mobilized by a private plane.

At first glance, it sounds like nonsense, and the staff welfare vacation of the scale, which the parties were concerned about, ended like this.

* * *

[Hello, football fans across England. Today, I greet you at Anfield Stadium, the home stadium of Liverpool FC.]

a few days later

At Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, more than 40,000 spectators were filling the stands literally.

[Wow, a lot of audiences came today.]

[Because it’s a game I’m looking forward to.]

Today’s game is the Merseyside Derby.

Refers to a match between Liverpool FC and Everton FC, both based in Liverpool.

However, it is true that there was no reaction even if it was a derby match. To be honest, it’s because the difference in weight class between the two teams has widened for a long time.

Everton is also a traditional team that occupies the middle and upper middle ranks in the Premier League, but… … .

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Liverpool is a major club at the top of the league, and it is a team that is often active in the Champions League and is one of the top teams in all of Europe.

[In fact, it is clear that the Merseyside derby has been a one-sided game for a long time… Today is different. Isn’t it?]

[That’s right. You can feel something different just by looking at the atmosphere of the audience who filled the stadium today.]

However, Everton is different this season.

Originally, it was evaluated that the attack was too weak, but as the form of Kang Ju-wan, Godwin, and 2-top improved, it became to the point that that part was picked as a strength.

In fact, Everton’s ranking was gradually rising as the season progressed, and in fact, there were even talks about whether or not he was the main character of this season.

A Merseyside derby against such circumstances.

Objectively, it is true that Liverpool is still evaluated as a stronger team, but it is also true that Everton is the most worthy of confrontation these days.

Everton’s fans have no choice but to look forward to it, and Liverpool’s fans can’t help but watch it with a sense of nervousness.

It felt like a proper derby match for the first time in a long time, and the atmosphere in the stadium was really heated up.

[Now, the game has started.]

[Liverpool’s first attack, the pass is sharp from the start.]

The game starts with anticipation.

As soon as the referee’s whistle blew through the pitch, Liverpool started attacking.

They were also conscious of today’s game, and they were full of energy from the momentum.

[The tempo is fast from the beginning. Unlike the usual one-sided Merseyside derby, it means that the players of both teams are conscious of each other… Eh!]

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Liverpool, who were smoothly pressing their opponents.

But the moment he digs deep into the dribble.

“… What?”

In a split second, the defender who was marking him took the ball and started running to the other side.

[Ah, Ledley, you gave the ball away so easily! Yvor driving the ball! Move on to the attack quickly!]

The defender who took the ball was Ivor Gibson.

The caster said that the ball was taken away easily, and in reality it felt like the ball was taken too simply for a third person to see… … .

‘… What is it?’

From Ledley’s point of view, who lost the ball, it was really unfortunate. Ivor’s judgment and movements were sharp, because he hadn’t made a mistake.

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Ledley chased after Ybor and tilted her head.

‘Certainly, the body is much lighter in actual combat.’

On the other hand, Ivor looks relaxed.

The current self trained through deep breathing is the strongest.

He glanced ahead and fired a long pass straight into the empty space.

[ah! Ybor, were you in a hurry!]

[The judgment was good, but it seems that the adjustment failed.]

An empty space where no one is heading.

Kang Joo-wan was the only player around Hana who could receive the ball, and even that was quite a distance compared to Liverpool’s defenders.

In fact, a long pass that is no different from a mistake.

However… … .

“You made a bunch from the beginning.”

A word spoken quietly.

Contrary to what he said, however, Kang Joo-wan quickly ran to the ball and began to overtake the defenders standing in front of him in an instant.

Everton players receiving Kang Tae-han’s massage.

Of course, Kang Joo-wan is included.

I feel like I’ve been oiled once more on my body that has been overhauled. Kang Joo-wan rushed forward with a lighter and softer body than before, and caught a long pass with neat trapping.

[Wow! Mr. Kang, I got the pass! I received a pass across the defensive line with a mad dash!]

Caster’s voice was very excited.

Not to mention, now there was only one goalkeeper between him and the goalpost. The defenders ran behind, but they couldn’t block the shot.


A kick that strikes with great force.

The ball flew at great speed and passed the goalkeeper’s fingertips… The goal went in cleanly.

[Goal! The goal that goes in as soon as the game starts!]

[Kang Ju-wan and Ybor’s ridiculous play! great! Both players are great!]

Everton’s opening goal from the beginning of the game.

From there, the momentum of the game began to move steeply towards Everton.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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