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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 125

“But, why are you here?”

The two of them were standing side by side on the railing of the terrace.

Seonghyun Choi asked as if he had suddenly remembered.

“I’m just there to see the players… You’re not really like that.”

Seonghyun Choi is a fan who watches every game of Everton FC. Although it is a view from a three-story high terrace, it is meaningful just to see the players.

But, if not, there is no reason to see it. Kang Tae-han is not an Everton fan, and he himself said that he did not know the faces of the players.

But aside from that, Kang Tae-han had been standing on the railing of the terrace with Choi Seong-hyun, watching the players from before.

No, not just watching… Should I be looking at it carefully?

“What is it? I thought it would be better to look at the faces of the customers for now.”

Kang Tae-han smiled at Choi Sung-hyun’s words.

Kang Tae-han is looking at the players one by one. However, there was another reason.

‘Hmm… First of all, it doesn’t seem like there are any serious symptoms.’

To know the condition of the players in advance.

Check the outward appearance with your eyes, and once again take a look at the overall condition with your senses.

Of course, there are fewer details than checking up close, and it’s hard to know the details… Still, you can figure out if your body is healthy and if there is a problem, which side is the problem.

Today’s massage is a little different from usual.

In other words, should I say group guests? It feels similar to when I went on a business trip to Hanha in the past, but time is tighter than that time.

So, plan ahead for how long it will take.

‘What about this… … .’

Kang Tae-han, who drew out a rough estimate, nodded slowly with the feeling that it was worth doing. It didn’t seem to take as long as I had anticipated.

Everyone has a lot of fatigue accumulated in their bodies as much as they make exercise a business, but… Because there seemed to be no one who needed immediate action or that it would take a long time.

Of course, if Kang Tae-han had done it alone as he initially thought, the time would have been quite tight, but… That part of the problem was easily solved.

“Five… Did you decorate it more plausibly than I thought?”

“Hey, I’m going to try all the massages in a place like this.”

Kim Seong-hoon and Hwang Tae-jin enter the hall just in time.

The initial plan was to give Kang Tae-han a massage alone.

Then Seong-hyun Choi voluntarily decided to help, but as if he had heard the story, two people came to visit last night and said that they wanted to help too.

‘Even though it was originally a vacation day.’

It’s the boss who makes me work on vacation days. Isn’t it really the villain itself? That’s why I was kind of considerate… It seems that it was useless consideration.

When he came to Kang Tae-han the day before, he said, ‘We’re not such dishonest guys.’

“Thank you both for coming out this morning.”

“a! Don’t talk like that, Master.”

“In the first place, thanks to the director, I even got on a private plane.”

Two people shaking hands with a new look.

In this way, the hands of three artisan courses were added.

“But what can we do specifically?”

“Well… First of all, I will figure out the situation and take action, and then you two just need to do the finishing touches.”

Kang Tae-han personally handles the parts that have problems or abnormalities in blood flow, and the finishing stage, which becomes a relatively simple task afterwards, is handled by three artisan courses.

Should I call it the division of labor in massage?

Of course, even if it’s finishing, you have to be able to handle muscles and joints, and you need a certain level of skill… … .

If it were these three people in charge of the artisan course, I could trust them enough. It was because there was something Kang Tae-han taught and watched.

“Is there anything else to prepare?”

“I don’t think there is any. In fact, our hands and a bed are enough.”

A comfortable place for guests to lie down and a masseuse.

It’s really a minimum condition, but if you have these two things, there’s nothing you can’t do with a massage. Kang Tae-han smiled and said while stretching lightly.

“Okay, let’s finish this quickly and go back to vacation.”

“Haha, good!”

“Just let me do it.”

At Kang Tae-han’s words, the two nodded confidently.

“uh? uh… OK!”

On the other hand, Choi Seong-hyun, who had been on the terrace until then and returned alone belatedly, uttered a powerful voice as if giving a command.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the lobby of a resort hotel.

“Now, listen to me for a second.”

pair, pair.

Among the Everton FC players, a man clapped his hands to attract attention, and spoke loudly as if giving an announcement.

“Even though we’re here for a massage, we don’t have to sit around and wait. And there are quite a few facilities here.”

A promenade where you can enjoy the scenery, a swimming pool filled with warm water, a pleasant fitness center… etc. The staff pointed to the representative facilities and said.

“Are you saying I can come over after playing?”

“Exactly. Since I came here to relax with a massage, let’s not be stuffy and relax from now on.”

The staff nodded with a satisfied face.

“Don’t go too far so that when the call comes in instead, you can come right away. In that sense, playing golf is forbidden. And the calls will be made to each cell phone.”

“What if I don’t hear the call?”

“That person couldn’t get a massage and went home, well. Go to Korea and receive it separately.”

At that, several players took out their smartphones, checked once in a while to see if they were on silent or vibrate, and raised the bell.

“Anyway, everyone see you later.”

The man then started walking outside.

“What about you?”

“… I want to go to my room and lie down for a while.”

“Bart, did I stay up all night?”

“I’m going to take a walk in the woods for the first time in a while.”

The players who had gathered from that point began to disperse. Some at the pool, some at the bed in the room, some at the promenade… … .

Has it been that long?

There was an athlete running on a treadmill alone in an empty fitness center.

“Huck, huck.”

Everton FC captain Ivor Gibson.

He went straight to the fitness center without stopping anywhere else. It was because the morning training, which was originally done every day, was skipped due to this massage schedule.

Of course, even morning training is a simple warm-up process, but it was one of the routines that make up the day for him anyway, and running like this now could be said to be his own supplement.

“Whoa… … .”

I’d say it’s a style that’s unmatched sincerity.

However, Yvor had a reason to do this.

Because now I feel that my physical condition is worse than before.

Team captains are mostly experienced and long-stayed players, and naturally, older players are chosen.

And Ybor’s age is also not small.

It’s not unusual to think about retirement. As a result, his physical ability gradually deteriorated, and he was acutely aware of it as each season passed.

Do you feel that it is getting rusty?

So, for him, training is not to grow further, but to maintain the status quo. Even if you train like this, it is only possible to maintain the status quo.

‘Maybe he’s feeling impatience.’

To be honest, Everton FC was not a very good team during his career. It was a weak team even before he joined the team, and that trend continued for a long time.

Then Godwin came in, and Kang Joo-wan came in, and the team started to breathe, and recently, it has become enough power to stick with major clubs.

Perhaps the years spent with this line-up will be a new heyday for Everton. Ybor thought so sincerely.

so that.

I want to play for this team a little longer.

My skills have been in the decline for a long time now, and I felt out of breath during the game, but I still want to play with this team in their prime.

When he is still on active duty, even a little more.

That’s the captain of Everton, and as a fan that the first team I cheered for was Everton… It was a small greed.

‘… Still, there was no need to upset the atmosphere.’

After running for so long.

Ybor sat on a bench, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and recalled the events of the previous day.

Anyway, today’s massage is what the other players were looking forward to. Even if the effect of the massage did not meet his expectations as he thought, the effect itself would provide entertainment and relaxation to his colleagues.

Do you think he acted inappropriately as a claim?

Apparently these days, I spend a lot of time indulging in my own worries, so it seems that I have been negligent in counting the positions and opinions of other players.

‘Later, I have to turn a glass of beer at a pub… Well?’

While I was having such a self-reflection time.

My smartphone, which had been placed on the treadmill, started to vibrate. It was a call to come for a massage.

“… Let’s go get it for now.”

I wasn’t expecting the kind of dramatic effects Godwin said, but at least it would be relaxing. With that thought in mind, Ivor put a sweaty towel over his shoulder and headed for the shower.

* * *

“Here, please finish.”

“Yes, Director.”

Kang Tae-han said as he removed his hand from his shoulder.

Then, Hwang Tae-jin, who was waiting for him, answered and started to walk quickly.

“Here and here, let go of even the parts that are stuck together… From the bottom to the top, start at the waist and finish around the neck.”

“All right.”

Kang Tae-han, pointing to each branch and giving instructions.

There were no specific details, but Hwang Tae-jin answered with an understanding look on his face, nodding his head slowly.

“Uhhhh… … .”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Kang Tae-han looked at his hand first.

Then three people from the artisan course took over.

After the massage, Kang Tae-han visits her again and points out a blood transfusion so that she can have a deep sleep.

A system that proceeds through a series of processes.

As expected by Kang Tae-han, there was no problem, and the moaning sounds of the players receiving the massage leaked from between the partitions temporarily erected in the hall.


At that time, Seonghyun Choi, who was waiting, called Taehan Kang.

“The next guest is here.”

Choi Seong-hyun uses honorific titles differently than usual as he is at work. Even so, the fact that his lips had been twitching since earlier gave a rough idea of how good he was feeling right now.

‘I’m excited.’

As an Everton fan, his behavior is understandable.

Kang Tae-han burst out laughing and then slowly walked towards the partition Choi Sung-hyun pointed at.


“Nice to meet you.”

The player lying there is Ivor Gibson.

Kang Tae-han smiled and greeted Ybor as he greeted them first.

“Please take good care of me.”

Ybor said quietly, lying flat on the bed. Looking at him like that, Kang Tae-han opened his mouth in a low voice.

“It must be your first time getting a massage.”

“… Yes, that’s right.”

Can you tell right away?

Is it really something different? Yvor sighed in admiration and nodded.

“How did you know?”

“Yeah… I need to get a massage, but I’m lying in an upright position. Could you please lie down?”

“… Aha.”

I heard and saw it.

When Ybor turned over with an embarrassed expression, Kang Tae-han slowly approached him and placed his hand on his back.

“Hmm… … .”

Kang Tae-han, who spreads his senses lightly and checks the inside.

I had taken a rough look beforehand, and now it was a process of focusing on identifying the areas where there seemed to be anomalies.

So it doesn’t take too long.

From the outside, it was at the level where I put my palm on it for a few seconds and then removed it.

‘… what.’

However, even in that moment, Ivor felt something. A warm feeling, like running hot water, passed lightly through his body.

‘… Ay, no way.’

The concept that immediately popped into his mind was the Force.

It is a mystical power that appears in a movie that I loved as a child with an avid level. However, there was no way that could happen in reality, so Ivor shook his head.

“You must have been out of breath often these days.”

“Yes? Yes… … .”

Ybor put on a puzzled expression and nodded slowly. I was a little taken aback by the sudden question, but it wasn’t wrong in itself.

As we get older, we are experiencing physical decline.

Among them, the part that touched me the most was endurance and lung capacity. Because of this, as if he had just run on a treadmill at the fitness center, he was always preparing a training menu centered on aerobic exercise.

“When you run out of breath, your body loses strength as well.”

“… Right.”

“It seems that the diet has also changed to a vegetarian one… Well, thanks to that, my body would have become a bit lighter, but since my strength was lost as well, I guess it wouldn’t have been a big success.”

… What is this person?

Ybor slightly lifted his upper body, and looked at Kang Tae-han’s face without realizing it.

Until just a while ago, he just looked like a young and healthy young man, but now he gave off an extraordinary impression.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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