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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 123

For humans, there is a way of expressing opinions that can be used even if the language is not communicated. Basic gestures like waving when you meet, or rubbing your stomach when you are hungry.

The fact that Marchesi is raising both hands now could be considered a category of such gestures.

An act I did without even realizing that my life could be in danger. Besides, just looking at him, his body stiffened with tension was perfect for someone unfamiliar with the situation to misunderstand Kang Tae-han as a robber.

“Uh huh, if you’re that nervous, use it.”

On the other hand, Kang Tae-han put a slight rebuke in his mouth. Korean words that are spoken softly as if talking to oneself.

Marchesi couldn’t understand what he said, but the nuance of pointing out his actions was fully conveyed. The moment I was about to lower my raised hand… … .

“Relax and stand still.”

Marchesi did not need to relax.

When Kang Tae-han lightly tapped the cervical vertebrae with the blade of his hand a couple of times, the strength and tension in Marchesi’s body were released like a lie.

‘Oh, my God… … .’

The senses of the body change on their own.

A strange experience for the first time. A little frightened by it.

However… More than that, a comfortable feeling and a strangely comfortable feeling wrapped around his body.

It felt as if Kang Tae-han’s palms touching his body were firmly supporting his body. Until then, I hadn’t felt fear before, but my body balance was stable, as if I was standing with my back leaning against a solid pillar.

“I feel a little better now.”

The body that had been stiffened slightly loosened up, and the hand that went up came down before I knew it. Kang Tae-han nodded with a satisfied expression and started moving his hands again.

A hand moving around as if sweeping the entire upper body.

Grabbing both shoulders, twisting them lightly as if squeezing water out, slightly twisting the angle of the chin, and pressing down on each disc in the spine… … .

‘How can this… … .’

That’s how his hands pass through all over the body.

Every time that happened, his body resonated with a popping sound, but Marchesi couldn’t keep his mouth shut with his eyes wide open.

Now, he is relaxed and is accepting Kang Tae-han’s touch. I was able to feel it properly now that I had been taking all the strength out of my body like this. This cool feeling that flows through your body.

It feels like cold bottled water is flowing through the nerves. However, it didn’t just end with a cool feeling, but at the same time, I felt that vitality returned to all parts of my body.

‘this… A true massage?’

If so, he knew all along.

What was all the massages I’ve been getting at resorts from time to time? Compared to the feeling he was experiencing now, he could affirm that it was only at the level of children’s tactile play.

‘Truly the oriental Mr…. No, Master!’

The first impression of fear was changed to wonder, and then to amazement and admiration. Marchesi exclaimed through his gaping mouth and slowly tilted his head from side to side.

one at the same time.

On the one hand, one curiosity bloomed together.

Even if you’re only standing like this, if it’s this much.

‘What will happen if I get the right angle?’

How can I feel better

How healthy can my body be!

Intense curiosity on a level close to desire.

However, I was a little hesitant to ask this directly.

Actually, this place was called to say hello to Kang Tae-han, so it was hard to see that getting a massage now was an act of respect for the other person.

At what timing should I speak to make it feel as natural as possible and not rude?

The moment I was thinking about that… … .

“Hmm, in order to solve the clumps here, I think it would be better to change your posture… … .”

As he let go of his kneaded hands, Kang Tae-han spoke to him in English. He then began to look around for a moment, then nodded slowly as if he had found something suitable.

“If you don’t mind, would you like to lie down over there for a while?”

Kang Tae-han pointed at a spacious sofa nearby.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Hearing those words, Marchesi’s face brightened noticeably.

“yes! Wow!”

Marchesi immediately replied and nodded vigorously.

In response, Kang Tae-han smiled and pointed towards the sofa, and Marchesi walked away with a smile on his face. In the meantime, Kang Tae-han added a word in English as if he had suddenly thought of it.

“Well, it may hurt a little more than before.”

“That’s it, no problem! ha ha ha!”

How painful would a massage be if it hurt!

He was already a person who could entrust everything to Kang Tae-han’s hands, and it could be said that it was a part that he was looking forward to. It meant that the full-scale massage would begin.

‘Hehe, then let’s try it.’

Marchesi lay face down on the sofa with a thrilled heart.

Then, Kang Tae-han’s hand immediately rose above his waist.

Full-fledged, completely different feeling from standing… … .


At that moment, his head was raised high into the sky and his screams echoed through the wide hall.

Since I have never received a proper massage, the knots have never been loosened, and that is why each of the knotted points is hardened to a considerable degree.

And, of course, if you point this out… … .

“My, my gaaa!”

I can’t help but scream

Marchesi writhed in pain beyond imagining and let out a desperate scream.

“Didn’t I tell you that it can hurt a little?”

On the other hand, Kang Tae-han put his hand around Marchesh’s neck with a calm expression. Such a desperate scream was rare, but to him this reaction itself was not unfamiliar.

“If you shout too much, you might choke… … .”

So it is natural to take action against him.

Thumbs pressing down on the back of the head.

Then Marchesi’s screams, which had been screaming at their fullest, gradually faded and stopped naturally. To be precise, I couldn’t put enough strength into my neck.

I just lost my voice.

Of course, the bodily sensations were still there.

Kang Tae-han’s massage continued after that.

“… … !”

… It is a silent clamor.

Marchesi didn’t scream at all, just expressing his pain by stirring his limbs in silence.

* * *

In-house regular meeting of body care.

In the center of the meeting room, where the general manager, executives, and president were present, a prototype of the newly developed massage chair was placed.

“Ummm, is this the first prototype of the new lineup?”

“Yes that’s right. president.”

At the words of the middle-aged man sitting in the most prestigious seat, the man standing on the podium, the development team leader, nodded and said. His face looked strangely bright.

“First of all, the appearance seems to have been well chosen. It has a sophisticated feel, but it also feels differentiated from existing products.”

“That’s right. At least the design suits the luxury product line.”

As one executive voiced his impressions, the others added their own words one by one.

It is safe to say that this development project depended on the company’s fate. In particular, for those who promoted it, it could be said that future work life and contract renewal depended on it.

“Isn’t the substance more important than the appearance?”

Not all of them had positive reviews.

A voice that points out important parts in a calm voice. He was Executive Director Hwang, who was on a different line from Executive Director Kim, who had just received favorable reviews.

“In the end, the reason we fell behind our competitors was because of our internal software. If there were no major reforms in that area, wouldn’t it be a step back?”

However, what he pointed out was not incorrect.

A massage chair is, after all, a functional electronic product, not an ornament. After all, until you check the effect, you can’t give a proper evaluation.

“What about that part? Team leader Song.”

“Very good.”

A short and plain answer. Thanks to that, there was a moment of silence in the conference room. After that, I waited for an explanation to follow, but I finished the answer with that short answer.

‘… what?’

In the end, it was Executive Director Hwang who was rather flustered.

An attitude as if there was a corner of firm belief.

I heard that the president directly supported the development team this time, but I wondered if that was the case.

“Are you in very, very good shape?”

“It’s difficult to pinpoint and say… It can be seen that the software as a whole has gone up a notch, especially user satisfaction.”

Then he sneakily reached for the massage chair and pressed the off power button.

“Would you like to experience it for yourself?”

“… yes?”

A confident look.

To be frank, Executive Director Hwang was not a person who viewed this project so positively. Rather, he was the one who wanted to quickly give up the massage chair business and strengthen the existing air purifier line.

“… Heh heh, indeed.”

To recommend such a person to experience right away.

I was a little dumbfounded because I was embarrassed, but it soon led to curiosity and sympathy. Executive Director Hwang burst into laughter and stood up from his seat.

“Okay, let’s sit down somewhere.”

Executive Director Hwang slumps forward and sits down on the massage chair.

First of all, the comfort as if you were lying on a luxurious sofa embraced your whole body. However, this is the same part as the existing product. In the end, as he said, if there is no functional improvement, there is no meaning.

“Then, let’s begin.”

On the other hand, the development team leader presses the button as if he had been waiting.

Then, with a gentle mechanical sound, the chair slowly began to move.

‘… Well?’

First, the sensor taps the body lightly to recognize the shape, and the backrest, footrest, and various massage machines start to move accordingly.

A system that transforms the machine according to the user’s body and proceeds with the massage. That in itself is nothing new that most modern products have. Together.

“Oh oh… … ?”

It really fits your body! That’s right.

I couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but with the feeling that it fit my body perfectly, I felt extreme comfort that I couldn’t feel in other massage chairs.

After the machine is modified to suit the user.

After the blow, which seemed to touch and touch lightly, passed through the whole body, the full-scale massage began.

A massage that is tailored to you and relieves you of the pleasant pressure you feel all over your body and the exquisitely tired points.

At the same time as the massage rollers coolly run down the spine, the massage balls gently press the places where the wings of the shoulders are stretched and clumped together.

“Ohhhhh… … .”

In the meantime, when the massage ball at the bottom pressed the middle of the sole coolly, Executive Director Hwang let out a languid moan without realizing it.

‘This is good… … .’

After all, a massage chair is just a machine that simulates a massage.

Occasionally, there are people who say that, and Executive Director Hwang was the one who agreed with that to some extent. No matter how good a massage chair is, in the end there is a limit to mechanical reproduction.

But, this… … .

It was different. It feels different from the existing massage chair.

If the existing massage chair feels like a 100-point massage transplanted up to 50 points, would this feel like a 1,000-point massage transplanted up to 500 points?

I don’t know if that’s an appropriate expression, but the thought came to me intuitively. It feels different from the base technology.

“… What?”

Just like that, three minutes passed.

When we got to the stage where the course was progressing properly, the development team leader stopped the operation of the massage chair. For the purpose of the experience, it was judged that this was enough.

“How was it?”

The conclusion was, in fact, already out there. Executive Director Hwang’s expression while sitting in the massage chair was, in fact, very satisfied.

“… Hmm.”

Executive Director Hana Hwang put on a polite expression and drool quietly.

“… Would you like to receive a little more?”

In those words, there was also a heart that did not want to express satisfaction openly, but on the other hand, it also contained an honest desire to get a little more massage.

* * *

“Master Kang! Does the food suit your taste?”

“Yes, very nice.”

Kang Tae-han said as he lightly wiped his mouth with a napkin.

As if those words weren’t false, the dishes in front of Kang Tae-han were being emptied as soon as they came out.

“I especially like the dish I just ate. The scallops were soft, and the accompanying sauce was also very good.”

“ha ha ha! Fortunately, the. In fact, the head chef hastily changed the menu because he couldn’t find good caviar today.”

Marchesi laughed and placed his clasped hands on the table.

It’s dinner time now.

Those who had gone sightseeing in the city hadn’t returned yet, but those who had stayed in the resort were all gathering and having a meal.

However, there was one person who was not in the party.

“Oh, would you like another glass of wine?”

It was none other than Marchesi, the owner of the resort.

He sat across from Kang Tae-han and ate together, chatting casually as if they were old acquaintances.

“Something, the director and that person seem to be very close?”

“Rather than seem friendly… It feels like that person wants to actively get close to the director.”

“Isn’t that the owner of the resort you invited this time? Owner of Premier League Everton FC.”

“That’s right, this is the guy from here.”

Meanwhile, the staff who were eating at other tables were agitated by the appearance.

The owner of an overseas soccer team is a so-called conglomerate. Talking with such a person in a friendly way… That in itself is enough gossip.

“Well, maybe the director gave you a massage?”

In the meantime, Kim Seong-hoon secretly presents his hypothesis.

“ah… is it? Well, I heard Chairman Jang Tae-hyun came and went to our store a while ago.”

“Yes, I actually saw it.”

“I can’t stand our director’s massage… … .”

Then, the staff who had been agitated until then started nodding their heads one by one, saying that it could be enough.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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