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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 116

“It would be nice in many ways, but… … .”

For all players to travel to Korea, the process will inevitably be somewhat complicated, and the schedule will inevitably be tight. Because we were physically distant.

One, what if you could bring the other person here?

In many ways, it was true that there was room in the schedule.

“I don’t know if it will turn out the way you want.”

Albert, lost in thought for a moment, hinted.

Previously, the team had already tried to make a reservation at the store.

However, the massage master’s reservation Godwin said was a level of luck if you could make it within three weeks, and it wasn’t like they made a separate reservation just because they gave you an extra fee.

“You seem to be a person with clear standards when it comes to reservations and work. Some of the players personally offered quite a lot for their bookings, but they said they were turned down.”

“Hmm… Hearing that makes me more trustworthy.”

At Albert’s words, Marchesi nodded with a more interested look.

He was a businessman before being the owner. A reservation is a promise to a customer, and a promise is the basis of credit.

Of course, from his point of view, it was rather a hindrance… Still, one of Marchesi’s theories was that there is no proper human being among those who take credit lightly.

“But Albert, let’s change our perspective at times like this.”

“… You mean perspective?”

“okay. Not exactly from our point of view, but from the other side’s point of view of our proposal.”

At Marchesi’s words, Albert put on a questionable expression. I still had a hard time understanding what he was saying.

“What does it mean?”

“It’s not just about presenting the other person with a purely business aspect.”

Marchesi said as he raised his whiskey glass.

No matter how sincere a person is, rest is necessary, and there is always a time to rest. It is to attack at that time.

“Invite him to a nearby resort. The schedule is tailored to the person’s standards as much as possible, and in reality, the focus is on recreation rather than the original purpose.”

“… You mean on the recreation side?”

Marchesi shrugged at Albert’s words.

“At the same time, we also present some conditions on this side. That way, you can move away from the traditional negotiating table and tell the story from a different perspective. Wouldn’t it be?”

If you ask, ‘Could you come to the UK on a business trip?’, of course, you will get ahead of the reluctance, but if you invite them to a luxurious resort, you may feel relaxed.

There, as a condition, to slightly present the original purpose.

Of course, it is true that it is somewhat far from the original purpose because it is a combination of both conditions, but it is much more sophisticated than negotiations that are simply pushed by the amount, and it is a method with a much higher success rate depending on the opponent.

“Let’s adapt the schedule as much as possible to that person. Do you know when your day off is?”

“It seems to be off on Wednesdays and Thursdays.”

“Hmm… I’ll have to talk about the details, but if I think about it to the fullest, I can make it from Tuesday evening to Thursday night.”

Marchesi took a sip of the whiskey he was holding.

It’s your own private plane, and it’s always on standby, and you don’t have to worry too much because the resort is off-season right now.

“Let’s throw a party together. The players are also invited to the resort… You don’t have to get a massage at the club, you can get it at the resort.”

That way, the travel time from the resort to the club can also be reduced. In Marchesi’s head, plans were being made that matched the massage master’s schedule as much as possible.

“You are more active than I thought.”

“Yeah, there are the champs the coach said… Isn’t there a Merseyside derby next month?”

Marchesi smirked at Albert’s words.

Merseyside Derby. Refers to a match between two teams based in Liverpool, Liverpool FC and Everton FC.

In other words, it feels like splitting a regional representative team.

As it has a separate name, it has its own meaning, and the enthusiasm of the cheering is stronger than usual, but… Honestly, even before he took over as owner, the balance between the two teams had tilted slightly.

It was true that Liverpool had become the so-called major clubs in the league, and Everton were a bit behind them.

In fact, recent Merseyside derbies have mostly ended in Liverpool’s one-sided games, and the odds have long since tilted in that direction.

“Honestly, I think there will be a picture worth trying with only Juwan, Godwin, and two tops… … .”

Marchesi smiled.

“This time, I want to win a landslide victory, so that something like the Merseyside 2nd Army won’t happen again.”

“… That’s a good idea.”

At Marchesi’s words, Albert nodded with a light smile. In this rivalry match, he couldn’t help but be conscious.

“And I was a little curious about how well he was doing massage, so he was called a master.”

On the other hand, it was Marchesi who also spoke of extremely plain curiosity.

* * *

“Mr. Choi, are you there?”

“Yes. What’s going on?”

“If you have some time left, could you come over for a while… … .”

Seonghyun Choi, who was resting on the sofa, got up right away. Looking in the direction the voice came from, I could guess what was going on.

“This is what I learned from the director today, but there are still a few things I don’t understand.”

The direction the voice came from was where the resting bed was.

However, it would be rare for a person taking a break to find him, and sure enough, it was a question about massage techniques and tips.

Kang Tae-han was away for a massage.

Of course, Choi Seong-hyeon was taking a break after the massage, and he didn’t have to accept these requests one by one… … .

“Hmm, can you show me which part?”

Since the days when I worked part-time in the past, one of my friendliness is Choi Seong-hyun, who has been good. He took a step forward with a rather interested expression on his face.

“This way, I’m looking for a lump in the waist… … .”

Then, the man began kneading the waist of a fellow masseuse who was lying down like a training aid. However, frequent groping in obscure places was still clumsy.

“You follow the muscle line well, but it’s a pity that the blood is pointed out at the end.”

“that… Are you running?”

“Yes. There is a trick the director told me to use at times like this… … .”

In a private setting, of course, we speak informally to each other, but when talking to others, it is Choi Seong-hyun who always puts the director’s voice on.

Choi Seong-hyeon approached slowly, grabbed his waist lightly with his hands, and began to carefully sweep the surrounding area with his thumb.

“When I put a little pressure on my surroundings in this way, I feel that my muscles are a little more rigid around the knotted area. Of course, don’t hold on too hard.”

After catching the point so quickly, I press the point firmly. Then, the head of the lying man was slightly thrown back, and a light sigh erupted.

“Aha… … .”

“Would you like to try it?”

“Yes. Please take a look.”

After Choi Seong-hyun’s demonstration, the man followed suit, and although it was still clumsy, it was clearly improved. He smiled proudly as if he felt that too.

“You are learning right away.”

“haha… Thank you, Mr. Choi. It must have been troublesome during the break.”

“Ah, say something. I also learned from bothering the director a lot when he was resting.”

Sunghyun Choi shook his hand and said in a natural voice.

It was quite natural to hide your skills among masseuses in the industry, but… At least Choi Seong-hyeon had no such intention.

It’s a skill he learned from Kang Tae-han, and he sincerely thinks that it makes no sense to show condescension with this.

As much as he received help, he deserves to give as well. So, when masseuses at the same massage parlor asked questions like this, Seonghyun Choi was trying to help as much as he knew.

“Hey, that’s great.”

“What, when did you come?”

When I went back to the sofa where I was sitting, Director Hwang, who was sitting next to me, clapped his hands lightly and burst into small admiration.

“It’s been a while. More than that, did you do well?”


“The lesson you just did.”

Chief Hwang smiled. His voice, as usual, was half-joking, but there was also a certain seriousness to it.

“You definitely have some talent.”

“Yes? Oh, it’s been a long time.”

Seonghyun Choi shook his hand and said.

At first, the goal was to imitate and catch up with Kang Tae-han, but… I couldn’t even dare to catch up now.

Choi Seong-hyeon’s skills improved noticeably during the training, but the deeper the learning, the more difficult it was to judge Kang Tae-han’s skills.

In fact, helping other masseuses also serves as a self-review. After all, he himself is in a position to learn together, and sometimes he himself realizes something anew when he informs others.

‘There’s a reason Taehan said he has talent.’

On the other hand, while watching Choi Seong-hyeon, Chief Hwang recalled what Kang Tae-han had said before.

Kang Tae-han said when I asked if it would be too much to put Choi Seong-hyeon on the artisan course when he just moved the store.

At that time, I just passed it with the mindset of ‘Taehan must have an idea’, but thinking about it now, it was just as he said. Even from his own perspective, Choi Seong-hyun’s growth stood out, and he was playing a central role.

Of course, in terms of massage skills, Seonghoon Kim and Taejin Hwang were still a bit ahead, but… In this way, Seonghyeon Choi was better at teaching other masseuses or leading the atmosphere.

“Because the name of our store has a bit of a martial arts feeling… Ambassador, no, should I call you Elder Choi?”

“What is that… Then change the director to an elder.”

To Hwang, who jokingly threw out a word, Choi Seong-hyun replied with an expression of absurdity.

* * *

“Five! Meeting all celebrities in a place like this is amazing!”

A middle-aged man standing in a parking lot waiting for someone.

He waved his hand loudly and spoke in an exaggerated voice as the person he was waiting for got out of the car.

“Ah, Mr. Joe. What kind of celebrity are you talking about?”

“Haha, brother! Are celebrities any different? Everyone who appears on TV is a celebrity! Ha ha!”

The person who just got out of the car was Kang Ho-yeon, Kang Tae-han’s father.

And the person who greeted him was Jo Won-ho, who runs a golf course in Gongju and Daejeon.

“I haven’t even filmed yet, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“Then can I call you a prospective celebrity?”

“Ugh, don’t do that.”

Kang Ho-yeon was invited to a cooking program by a broadcasting station. When I talked about it on the phone not long ago, Jo Won-ho liked it as if it were his own, saying, ‘Are you finally seeing the light?

The current reaction is also an extension of that part.

As if he didn’t hate such a sincere reaction, Kang Ho-yeon, who was waving his hand, could guess that he was quite embarrassed by looking at his face.

“Hello, Mr. Joe.”

“uh! Taehan, long time no see!”

And Kang Tae-han, getting out of the driver’s seat and saying hello.

He smiled and waved at Kang Tae-han.

“Rather than that, what is the boss? I told you to call me uncle!”

“haha… … .”

He and his father often stopped by the store to eat and went, and it seemed that they met periodically while playing golf, but it had been a long time since they had met Kang Tae-han.

Maybe it’s because they’re so good at sticking together?

Kang Tae-han laughed involuntarily at the light-hearted appearance, which did not feel awkward at all.

“Did you remember that?”

“then! You know I’m telling anyone to call me uncle? Because Taehan is you, I told you to do that.”

“Don’t bother our Taehan too much. As soon as I came down from Daejeon today, I will drive right away and I will be tired.”

“Oh, brother! If you only take care of your son like that, will I be a little sad? ha ha ha!”

At Kang Ho-yeon’s words, Jo Won-ho trembled and laughed once, then pointed inward and started walking in the lead.

“Hey… The scenery here is pretty good.”

“Yes? There is also ample parking.”

They are located at the foot of a shallow mountain near Yuseong-gu, Daejeon.

An open golf course could be seen right in front of it, and if you looked up a bit more, you could see the ridges of tall mountains lined up like a folding screen.

Although it is a bit small for a golf equipment, it is still a charming place with a location close to the city center and outstanding scenery.

This time, Jo Won-ho reclaimed land for new expansion, and right next to it, buildings to be used as pensions were in full swing.

“Do you think people who are not interested in golf can come? Forest bathing… What is that, a healing feeling.”

“Yes? First of all, the concept was set as a place where families and couples can rest on weekends even if they are not golfers.”

Jo Won-ho pointed to the area where construction was in full swing and said. It wasn’t finished yet, but it felt quite like a mountain cabin or a villa.

“Taehan, how does a 20-year-old look?”

“Um… It’s good.”

Kang Tae-han put his honest feelings into his mouth.

Even if you put aside the question of whether you have the right to speak as a representative of a typical 20-year-old.

“The surrounding mountains are nice, and the wind blows well, and there is no topography to block the sunlight even though it is at the foot of the mountain.”

“Oh, it’s pretty serious, isn’t it?”

Jo Won-ho burst into a playful exclamation as Kang Tae-han looked around and pointed out one by one.

“and… … ?”

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han was walking slowly and looking around.

In the meantime, he turned his gaze involuntarily to a certain energy he suddenly felt. More precisely, he turned his head down to his feet.

‘Intense cheer?’

and… A fairly thick water vein that holds that energy.

Kang Tae-han unknowingly showed a look of bewilderment at the aura he felt from under the ground.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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