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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 113

“… … .”

After the car has completely passed.

A moment of silence passed around.

The child who missed the ball, the child who watched the car pass right in front of his eyes, and Jang Tae-hyun and his secretary who were watching it all stood still without saying a word.

In that silence, only Kang Tae-han took a slow step.

An expression of insignificance as if nothing had happened.

He walked towards the driveway, picked up a ball that had been lying on it, and handed it to the child.

“From now on, look around and move.”

“Oh, thank you… … .”

Kang Tae-han handed the ball to him and tapped him on the shoulder. As if the silence was broken, the child accepted the ball and carefully lowered his head.

“… what?”

“I don’t know, it suddenly appeared.”

The other children who were standing still next to him began to open their mouths one by one. They were unable to understand the details of the situation.

I just looked at the ball that had bounced off the road, and I found a car running late… When I looked at my friend who was going to pick up the ball in surprise, he was standing there as if it were natural.

“Then be careful on your way back.”

Kang Tae-han smiled at the last word, waved his hand lightly, and started walking down the street. It was an extremely normal gait for appearing out of nowhere and saving a boy.

“… haha.”

On the other hand, Jang Tae-hyeon corrected his sloppy posture until then and let out an empty laugh without even realizing it. He hurriedly ran and stopped, standing there blankly until Kang Tae-han left.

“Secretary Choi, have you seen it?”

“… No, I didn’t see it.”

He didn’t say anything about what he saw, but I could see what he was talking about without having to mention it. Secretary Choi shook his head slowly with a puzzled expression.

As a secretary, his main job is office work, but when he accompanies him 1:1 like this, he also has to play the role of a bodyguard. That’s why I always pay attention to the people around me and the changes in the situation… … .

“My gaze was distracted for a moment, but when I came to my senses, it appeared before I knew it.”

The reason for the distraction was to stop Chairman Jang from suddenly running out. Anyway, the most important thing to him was Chairman Jang’s safety.

However, that time was not very long. A few seconds to look long. But after that, when I turned my head back to the scene… Suddenly a young man appeared.

“It’s amazing.”

The two of them were taller than the children in front of them, and they were a little further apart, so their field of vision was a bit wider. However, it was not known when and where the young man appeared.

“Um… … .”

However, it wasn’t that there was no place to catch up.

Secretary Choi, who looked around once again, carefully put his own conclusions into his mouth.

“Maybe he got out of a parked car nearby.”

“… Five. I didn’t think of that.”

At Secretary Choi’s words, Taehyung Jang nodded.

Quite a number of vehicles were parked in a row at the border between the sidewalk and the road.

If that young man had come running from another alley, he would have shown his running skills close to the gold medal in Olympic track and field, but if he got into a nearby car and got out just in time… It seemed like that might be enough.

Of course, this must be a lot of coincidence, but at least this one seemed to be a possibility.

“Well, that’s not what’s important.”

Hana Jang Tae-hyun immediately shook his head from side to side and smiled. After the series of commotions are over, a group of elementary school students go on their way, chattering as if it was like that.

It was a situation where something terrible could have happened if he had done something wrong, but now it seemed as if nothing had happened.

If the young man hadn’t been here, an accident would have happened. Secretary Choi and himself were far apart, the car did not slow down, and the child was only staring at the ball.

It prevented such a terrible situation.

What does it matter how the young man appeared?

Rather than questioning how that was possible, it would be first to pay tribute to that great and exemplary action.

‘I’d like to see you personally once.’

Suddenly, the thought came to mind, but since the image of the young man had already disappeared somewhere, Jang Tae-hyun decided to leave it alone as a regret.

one after a while.

Jang Tae-hyun was waiting in the room after changing clothes at the destination, Cheonma Massage.


The moment I met eyes with the young masseuse who entered the room, I unknowingly let out a voice of embarrassment.

“Perhaps, that… that… … .”

An intense sense of déjà vu surges up as soon as you see the face.

Jang Tae-hyeon stammered on what to call him, pondered for a long time, then spat out a word belatedly.

“… A model citizen?”


At that title, Kang Tae-han tilted his head with an expression that he did not understand.

* * *

“What… Although I live an exemplary life.”

Kang Tae-han shrugged his shoulders with an embarrassed expression. It wasn’t something I particularly hated to hear, but the fact that it was a random name didn’t change.

“No, that’s not what I meant… Great.”

After cutting the front and back and taking it out, I felt that it was too much to think about. Jang Tae-hyeon let out a clearing of his throat and then opened his mouth again.

“In fact, I just saw a teacher helping a child on the street. It was a situation where I just saw the ball and jumped into the road and almost got hit by a car.”

Jang Tae-hyun speaks calmly and quietly.

Kang Tae-han, who finally understood what he was saying, nodded slowly.

“It happened.”

“Yes, that memory left an impression on me, and perhaps because of that, I immediately recognized the teacher’s face as soon as I saw it.”

At first glance, there was a mysterious atmosphere, so I wanted to say hello at least once to see what kind of person he is, but to have an opportunity to meet him by chance. Jang Tae-hyun smiled at the strange relationship.

“You did a great job.”

“Um… I’m ashamed of myself for saying that. I just did the obvious thing.”

Taehan Kang scratched his head.

“Anyway, I’m glad you said that.”

Then, I put my honest feelings into my mouth.

In response, Jang Tae-hyun momentarily exclaimed.

‘Is this what a person with clear energy is like?’

Of course, there’s no way he could see the energy of a person. It was just that his eyes and voice, speaking humbly, were clear enough.

Catching a child running into the roadway can be taken for granted.

However, there are not that many people who can move it without hesitation in a real situation.

And especially those who can sincerely think of it as ‘I just did what I had to do’.

‘… I can understand why my father called me a nobleman.’

Jang Tae-hyeon recalled the reason he had come here. I was worried that my father might have been swayed by a strange pseudonym, so I came to check it myself.

However, the moment he met this young man, Jang Tae-hyun realized that he had been worrying unnecessarily and at the same time was able to vaguely guess the approximate course of the situation.

I couldn’t guess the details.

Maybe something has changed mentally after meeting this young man. With the thought that it would be enough, Jang Tae-hyun nodded quietly.

It was difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what I was talking about.

‘It feels like a part of my heart is getting warmer.’

Seeing this young man face to face made me feel warm and warm.

‘Hmm… … .’

However, it just wasn’t what it felt like.

In fact, Kang Tae-han’s gigam was examining his body from the inside. That was the identity of the warmth he felt.

‘There’s nothing particularly strange about it… … .’

It is inevitable that the ability to detect will be lower than that of directly touching and expressing the senses, but since the ability has improved and is more sensitive than before, this was enough if no significant sense of difference was found.

‘There’s one stumbling block, though.’

Kang Tae-han put on an ambiguous expression for a moment.

However, he soon put on a shy expression and started walking slowly toward Jang Tae-hyeon.

“Then let’s start slowly.”

“Ah, yes.”

Wasn’t the original purpose to receive a massage? The misunderstanding was somehow resolved, but it was unnatural to refuse it, and there was no reason to do so.

‘You seem to have excellent massage skills.’

Not everyone is like that, but people who are sincere in one field are likely to be sincere in others. Especially if that’s your main job.

Jang Tae-hyeon embraced the anticipation he hadn’t had before, and quietly lay face down on the bed with his back shown.

“then… start.”

Kang Tae-han’s voice changed at that moment.

Before he could even feel puzzled by his voice, Kang Tae-han immediately grabbed him by the waist and began to press the blood points on either side of his spine.


Jang Tae-hyun’s waist wriggled wildly with a groan close to a scream at the intense stimulation that seemed to far exceed his expectations.

* * *

‘The body itself is not bad.’

Just as you can get a rough overview just by looking at your senses, you can find out quite a bit of information just by touching your body for the first time.

For example, whether this person is exercising or not.

Are you eating right or not?

In the case of this customer, he tends to pay attention to his own health care, and his muscles are still elastic and he is eating nutrients evenly, leaving his body with vitality.

At times like this, it is helpful to focus on activating bodily functions so that there is no future injury or clogging of blood vessels, rather than fixing something uncomfortable.

‘But the physical strength isn’t very good.’

spirit, so to speak.

Perhaps he is under a lot of stress, the condition of the blood vessels leading from the middle to the upper phase is rather rough, and in particular, some of the blood vessels where the heart is flowing are clogged with tableware, so the circulation itself does not seem to be smooth.

“I get a rough idea of what the problem was.”

“Uh, what do you mean?”

“Your… No, I’m talking to myself.”

Jang Tae-hyeon secretly asks questions even while moaning in pain.

Kang Tae-han tries to answer him… I slowly turned around.

The first thing he felt was a stumbling block.

More precisely, it was a sense of heterogeneity between the information visible to the eyes and the information felt through the senses.

You can clearly see his thick hair.

What I feel through my senses is… … .

‘The crown of the head is empty.’

Alopecia areata of a fairly large scale.

It was a well-made, high-quality item that was hard to notice with the naked eye, but the part visible from his top was a wig.

I checked it over and over again while massaging because it was possible that my sensing ability was wrong… The more you do, the more confident you are.

‘… He still looks young, unfortunately.’

Originally, he was Kang Tae-han, who spoke honestly about what he had checked without adding or subtracting, and was often called a fortune teller because of that… … .

I couldn’t say anything about this matter.

Because it was a shame he wanted to hide.

‘Especially, the psychological exhaustion in the upper part is serious.’

I don’t know what this guest is doing, but he must be in a position where he feels great responsibility.

As proof of that, the blood vessels near the Sangdanjeon were unusually dry… Naturally, the mental power was also depleted, and due to this, takgi was piled up in various places, creating a vicious cycle.


If it is the constitution, there is no way to do it, but this is a part that can be sufficiently corrected because there is a separate cause. Kang Tae-han nodded quietly.

“Would you like to lie down for a moment?”

“Yes? yes… … .”

At Kang Tae-han’s words, Jang Tae-hyeon quietly turned over and lay down looking at the ceiling. Although he was concerned about the changed tone, he was accepting it naturally without even knowing it.

‘Hmm… … .’

On the other hand, Kang Tae-han held the Cheonju (天柱) acupuncture points on the back of his neck with his fingers and gently lifted them up.

“Ohhhh… … .”

thousand weeks. Just like its grandiose title, Pillar of Heaven, it is connected to most of the blood vessels, and you can stimulate most of the blood vessels in the head just by pressing this point.

Sure enough, the elasticity that came out naturally right away.

However, if the moaning he had just uttered was caused by pain and stimulation, now it was caused by an indescribable coolness.

It feels like a dam that has been blocked for a long time has opened.

It feels like clear water pouring into a dry drain.

It would be a lie if I said that there was no pain, but Jang Tae-hyun couldn’t close his open mouth at this intense pleasure that seemed to come directly into his head.

Afterwards, the massage continues focusing on the neck and shoulders.

Starting with the main acupuncture point, it stimulates major acupoints such as Poongji and Amun, takes out the blocked takgi to empty the passage, and slightly stimulates the danjeon to revitalize the devastated blood duct of the upper danjeon.

Has it been that long?

“It’s hard to point out, but.”

By the time the massage is over.

Kang Tae-han opened his mouth implicitly.

“Perhaps in a short time you will be able to feel some effect, albeit weakly.”

“… Yes?”

Jang Tae-hyun, who shows a somewhat bewildered reaction.

However, Kang Tae-han put his hand on his blood transfusion and ended his speech unilaterally.

“If you like the effect, come back one more time.”

“What is that… … .”

Finally, the fading voice.

Jang Tae-hyeon fell asleep as if fainting.

The next day, it was only a few days later that Jang Tae-hyeon found a bunch of newly growing hairs on the top of his head.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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