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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 107

“Hey, Godwin!”

The rest area at the Everton FC training ground.

Godwin, who had just returned from practice and had a drink, began to gather one by one the other players on the team.


“You bastard, aren’t you suddenly doing so well these days?”

“What have you done? Please tell me slowly and honestly.”

In fact, right after Godwin went to Korea, the other players on the team were worried about his condition.

For the past few days, he has been blindly immersed in basic footwork and dribbling practice, like a man possessed by something, without participating in regular practice matches.

In addition, somehow, unlike usual, there is a gloomy atmosphere.

He usually played the role of mood maker among his colleagues with his outrageous nonsense and his unique bright atmosphere, but it was natural for people around him to be concerned about his change.

“You seem to be worried for nothing.”

However, those concerns were overshadowed by Godwin’s crazy performance in the game two days ago.

In the first half, they didn’t show a noticeable appearance, but at the end of the second half, they were behind 2:1, and they almost put on a one-man show.

He broke through the entire defensive line by himself and scored a goal with an amazing assist. Shortly after, he cut a pass near the enemy defense line, dug in and scored a goal himself.

Originally, he had excellent skills and stood out from other players, but what he showed during the last 5 minutes of yesterday’s game was truly divine.

In addition, he made a big success in the practice match that just happened.

He used to be a good guy, but it felt like he had risen to the next level.

“haha. It’s not like that, it just took me a while to get used to. I decided to focus only on that.”

Meanwhile, Godwin scratched his head with an embarrassed face.

“adaptation? to what.”

“… to the sensations of my body.”

He smiled and pointed at his body.

After receiving a massage from Kang Tae-han and returning to England.

Godwin felt that his senses were sharper and even his reflexes and reaction speed were quicker, but rather, his soccer skills were far off.

The potential and expectations themselves were greatly raised, but… Because his body had not yet adapted to the new sensation, his feet often went one beat faster or brushed past the ball.

At that time, his skills were at a level where it was difficult to fulfill his role even in practice games, let alone league games.

Godwin had to adapt to the new sensation as quickly as possible, so he focused his attention on it for a while as if he were silently practicing.

“To be honest, even after entering the game, I was a bit confused until the first half… I definitely felt it in the second half. After all, I am a real fighter.”

Godwin tapped and patted his chest and said as if he was proud of himself even thinking about it. However, the expressions on the faces of the colleagues who were watching it were not at all like that.

“Does it still seem a bit strange?”

“Shouldn’t you do the doping test again?”

Colleagues responding with jokes to words that, at first glance, sound like jokes. However, Godwin just clicked his tongue and waved his finger from side to side as he watched them.

“Without faith, the truth cannot be seen.”

“So what is the truth?”

“… Oriental Massage Master.”

A voice that sounds meaningful at first glance.

Normally, I would have dismissed this as nonsense, but… Perhaps because of previous cases, the players quietly waited for Godwin’s next words.

“He awakened my potential with the power of the Force.”

“… What bullshit are you talking about?”

One person with a normal reaction.

He laughed and looked around, but… Other people’s reactions were different.

“The power of the Oriental Massage Master and the Force… … .”

“It was, it was too.”

“Did the mystery of the East really exist?”

Other times, Kang Ju-Wan had already made a similar claim before, and Kang Ju-Wan proved his growth with actual results in recent matches, not enough to overcome the slump.

Still, there were still a lot of opinions, and even if the effect of the massage was excellent, the general guess was that other factors worked in combination, but… … .

If you come up with the second actual case like this, you have no choice but to believe.

In Korea, at the eastern end of Asia, there is a massage master who ‘raises human potential’!

“I told you. If you go, you won’t regret it.”

At that time, Kang Joo-wan, who came in a little late and was listening to the story from behind, interjected and said.

“Considering the effect, the cost of the plane is not a big deal. It is said that fatigue accumulates from long-distance flights, but you do not have to worry about the condition of the game because he relieves it with massage.”

“Besides, the hotel right below has good facilities, so you don’t have to worry about where to stay.”

Godwin helped Joo-Wan Kang with a word.

At his words, Kang Ju-wan snapped his fingers and said.

“right. And the other facilities are pretty good too. In particular, the sauna on the top floor is quite quaint… Have you been there too? Godwin.”

“uh… sauna?”

Kang Joo-wan said, thinking that he must have been there, but Godwin reacted with shock at the word ‘sauna’.

“Oh, I haven’t been there.”

An unknown man standing in front of an electric fan with a very open look and drinking banana milk.

Godwin vigorously shook his head from side to side to clear his thoughts at the image that flashed in his mind, then answered in a dry voice.

“okay? that’s a bit unfortunate See you next time.”

“no… I will decline.”

Thinking that image would come to mind again, Godwin shook his head once more and replied in a firm tone.

“When will the schedule be as busy as the last time?”

“If you really only get a massage on the same day and come back, isn’t it enough to be empty for three days?”

Meanwhile, the other players who listened to the two were slowly dispersing while checking their schedules or checking the flight time.

Definitely more active than before.

It is also true that the two players who just guaranteed the effect of the massage were the two tops and twins who are currently leading this team.

One person might not know, but the situation where both of them praised massage as the secret to their growth… At this point, I had no choice but to go there out of curiosity.

“By the way, what did you eat that evening?”

Among the colleagues who slowly dispersed as if they were busy, Kang Ju-wan leaned back on the backrest and spoke to Godwin in a hint.

“Like you said, I did it with pork belly. It sounds awesome.”

Godwin raised his thumbs up in response to that question. Unlike the memory in the sauna, the memory of eating pork belly was a happy memory that I wanted to remember forever.

“I thought I could understand why you said it would feel different from the samgyeopsal you eat at Korean restaurants in England.”

“Oh, that’s definitely different.”

Kang Joo-wan nodded and replied.

“By the way, the teacher is good at grilling meat too.”

“… Teacher? who.”

“Who is this, massage master?”

Juwan Kang tilted his head at Godwin’s natural words.

“… Why is the teacher grilling your meat?”

“Oh, I happened to eat with the teacher.”

Godwin crossed his arms and said with a smug look. It was a face with a sense of superiority.

“I don’t know, but massage masters are barbecue masters.”

“… Is that so?”

Childish words full of jokes.

But why? Kang Joo-wan felt that sincere envy and jealousy welled up in his heart.

* * *

‘It was this way, probably.’

Kang Tae-han turned the steering wheel to the right as he rummaged through his previous memories. Now he was on his way to Yusea’s house.

Its purpose is none other than hospitality.

After talking on the phone and listening to the story, it didn’t seem to be a serious illness, but… Still, since I voluntarily gave up the long-awaited camping trip, I couldn’t help but worry that ‘the disease might be quite severe’.

“The last time I saw it, nothing special happened.”

Arriving at the apartment and going down to the underground parking lot, Kang Tae-han recalled the last time he looked at Yoo Se-ah.

A congenitally weak heart has always been a problem, but at least at the time, I didn’t show any particular symptoms.

‘I’ve been busy lately, so maybe my body hurts… … .’

The last time we met was about a week ago.

I said that I was going to be busy for a while because I had a filming for a leading role this time, so maybe my energy has weakened a bit in the meantime.

I don’t know much about the filming side, but there must be a lot of things that get exhausted when you’re on set.

“Well, I can only hope for a better recovery.”

Since Yoo Se-ah is said to be living with her mother, her mother is probably taking care of the sick herself.

If so, your role would be to ask how they are doing and give them a helpful gift.

After parking, Kang Tae-han picked up the paper bag he had put on the back seat and scrutinized the contents.

Herbal tea made with Kang Tae-han’s own ingredients, kudzu syrup in a small bottle, and ginger syrup, which is effective in treating small bottles, and so on.

The size itself is the amount that fits in a paper bag, but the weight felt in the hand is quite heavy, perhaps because they are all liquids.

‘This should be quite helpful.’

I looked around the health food section at the department store, but I didn’t see anything that would be very helpful, so I prepared these separately.

I had already looked at Seah Yoo’s constitution, so I chose the ingredients for herbal tea accordingly, and the cheong I brought with me also went through the process of picking out the energy.

Kang Tae-han prepared simply, but… To Seah Yoo, each one has the effect of restorative medicine. Before long, Kang Tae-han took the things he had brought and started walking to the apartment’s elevator.

The way to get there was not difficult.

I had taken Yoo Se-ah a couple of times in the past, and I had given her an address separately.

Kang Tae-han, who arrived in front of her house, carefully pressed the doorbell.

[who are you?]

“Hello, mother. My name is Kang Tae-han.”

Should I say that he is your daughter’s boyfriend?

The moment I thought about that for a while, I heard a slight hurried footstep from the inside, and the front door opened with a jerk.

“Oh my gosh, is the student Kang Tae-han?”

The one who opened the door was Yoo Se-ah’s mother, Han Joo-ah.

As soon as she saw Kang Tae-han’s face, she was startled and put her hands together around her mouth.

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

“I heard a lot about it from my daughter.”

Her words were no exaggeration.

The last time I asked her about her boyfriend, she boasted about her boyfriend enough to make me think I was just asking.

Exaggeration is rather suspicious.

I was just wondering what kind of person he was… … .

‘… He’s really tall.’

He was tall, but his shoulders were wide open, his eyes were sharp, and his tail was slightly lowered, giving him a gentle impression.

On top of that, this serious atmosphere where you can feel the depth.

‘Well, passed!’

She concluded with a thumbs up in her heart, then nodded once with a satisfied smile.

“Today is nothing else, Se-ah said she was sick, so I brought something that might help.”

“Oh… Anything like this.”

2nd pass! I haven’t looked at the contents yet, but Joo-ah Han once again put out a thumbs up in her heart at the appearance of bringing these things unlike children these days.

“Is Seah feeling better?”

“The fever rarely goes down, but I’m still sleeping well.”

“okay. Fortunately, the.”

Then I’m alone.

After finishing his business, Kang Tae-han bowed his head and stepped back. No, I tried to step back.

“uh? Are you going?”

However, Joo-ah Han caught him.

“Yes, it could be a nuisance… … .”

“Ah, if I just go back like this, what will I become? Come, eat some fruit, and see my daughter’s face.”

“… Will it?”

To be honest, the sea I wished for.

Kang Tae-han put on an embarrassing expression for a moment, then scratched his head a couple of times and nodded.

* * *

“Keuh uh… … .”

Tossing and turning on the bed, Yoo Se-ah let out a pained sound. Dizziness and headaches that come periodically. Every time that happened, cold sweat formed on her back.


However, it was difficult for her to tell whether this situation was a dream or reality. He had been waking up and waking up so many times that his mind was hazy, and the boundaries between them were ambiguous.

“Mom… Mom… … .”

Change the ice pack again.

I wanted to say that, but the words didn’t come out because my mind was hazy. Just whining over and over again like a child.

Was it around then?

A cool breeze crept over her head.

“ah… good night.”

It was the kind of coolness that I really liked, to the extent that the heat on my hot forehead was alleviated, and at the same time, it didn’t feel cold.

Is it because of that?

The headache that had been bothering her until just now gradually subsided, and the dizziness that felt like the bed was spinning calmly subsided.

“My mother’s hands are really weak hands… … .”

Yoo Se-ah is breathing comfortably for the first time in a while.

Feeling relieved for some reason, a faint smile crept across her lips. Together.

“Hmm, right now my hand is weak.”


The unexpected voice opened her eyes.

What she sees in front of her is none other than Kang Tae-han’s face.

That smiling face as usual, and this embarrassing situation… Yoo Se-ah’s fever, which had seemed to go down, began to rise again.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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