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Secretly Married to a Wealthy Husband Chapter 1 – : Chapter 1: The Ruthless Little Mother

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Ruthless Little Mother

Translator: 549690339

E City

At the entrance of a small villa worth 5 million, luggage and clothes were strewn about everywhere. A man and a woman stood in the pouring rain, looking utterly miserable!

In the sweltering summer, a heavy rain was supposed to bring infinite coolness to this city. However, tonight, this torrential downpour, to Emily Walker, was like an icy, bone-piercing sword, mercilessly stabbing in her heart!

“Get lost, and don’t stand at the entrance of my house like a pitiful dog!” From the balcony on the second floor of the villa, another suitcase was harshly tossed down, coupled with a middle-aged woman’s ruthless cursing!

The figure standing in the heavy rain raised her head at the sound. She was about twenty years old. She looked at the balcony on the second floor, this villa, which was her home until today, but now she was driven out by the middle-aged woman in front of her!

Raindrops hit her chilly cheeks, it was unclear whether it was rain or tears, but her eyes, full of hatred, were stubbornly staring at the woman on the balcony, her once called Second Mother!

Looking at the sister and brother under the balcony, Elia Parker raised a cold sneer of triumph, and after throwing them a cold glance, she turned and went back into the house.

“Elia Parker!” The eighteen-year-old Wallace Carter looked at the woman who turned around and entered the house, his eyes filled with anger, he roared with hate!

But what returned to the sister and brother was the increasing merciless heavy rain!

“Sister…” Seeing his sister standing in the heavy rain, Wallace hated that he didn’t possess millions of assets, and didn’t have the ability to protect everything of the Carter Family!

Emily’s gaze always stayed on the balcony. Her cold eyes seemed to have made a silent vow. Her clenched fists plunged her nails into her flesh until she couldn’t feel the pain.

She swore that she would absolutely take back everything that belonged to her father!

Withdrawing her gaze, Emily turned and looked at the luggage thrown in the heavy rain, walked over, crouched on the ground, and packed the already soaked clothes into the suitcase.

Wallace also turned around, looking at another suitcase thrown into the middle of the road, and walked over without hesitation!

The next second, while Emily was still picking up clothes, she suddenly heard a rushing brake sound piercing through her eardrums. She involuntarily frowned and when she raised her head, she only saw her little brother being hit and thrown ten meters away!

She lifted her eyes in horror, staring frozenly at the motionless Wallace not far away. For an instant, she felt like everything had stopped, the air around her was pulled away and she felt a numbness in her chest, watching blankly not far away.

“Wallace…” Looking at her brother lying not far away, Emily tried to call out with a trembling voice after a moment, then she got up in a panic and ran there!

Her legs seemed to lose their strength, fell flat on the ground after a few steps, but quickly got up and continued to rush towards her brother, Wallace.

An intense pain seemed to tear her chest apart, making her almost unable to breathe!

“Wallace… Wallace…” Emily picked up her brother from the ground, but no matter how much she called, Wallace on the ground still kept his eyes tightly shut, without any sign of life.

She helplessly raised her head, wanting to ask for help from the surrounding people, but when she raised her head, she only saw the perpetrator driving away quickly!

Looking around, there was nobody to be seen, only private cars were still moving one after another in the heavy rain, but not a single car was willing to stop and help them.

Due to the accident and the storm, the following cars also gradually slowed down.


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Secretly Married to a Wealthy Husband

Secretly Married to a Wealthy Husband

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